Which country is best for Europe?

Aliexpress Rolex watches are famous, but the domestic price of a good Swiss watch is very expensive. So many of them choose to buy watches abroad, especially in Europe. So which country is best for Europe? Here’s the home of the wristwatch.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

The Swiss buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
Many of the people who visit Switzerland also buy Swiss watches, and while Swiss watches have great promise in terms of quality, they do not have a great advantage in price. However, Swiss watch stores are very large. Many of the most difficult watches can be found in Switzerland, and they can be replaced by official watch bands and dial in Switzerland. If you need to customize a watch, you can do it in Switzerland.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Germany buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
German watches are less popular in other European countries than in Switzerland, and are generally sold only in the capital. Competition is not necessarily high, so it is highly recommended to start German watches in Germany, basically all over the street.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Buy Aliexpress Rolex watches skills
The first is pricing, which is the uniform price of goods in the country. The price tag is basically the same across Europe. In theory, the whole of Europe is basically flat. The price that everybody feels is not unified mostly because commodity price is certain after the exchange rate fluctuation causes. So if you want to buy cheaper goods in Europe, you have to find a currency that is relatively weak. The second is the discount, go to Europe to buy a watch, the language exchange is not fluent, once go up, ask others the lowest price is how much, generally won’t get very good discount. So its good a chat, generally will have relatively good prices, though cannot be compared with regular, but cheaper than domestic is definitely not a fragment, compared to Japan, Hong Kong also has many advantages.

Launch the Defy Lab wristwatch when you start a new chapter of Swiss watchmaking history

True power is writing about the future of the brand and opening a new chapter in Swiss watchmaking history. Since 1969 with lend tabulation technology, released the first El Primero automatic timing clock (oscillation frequency up to 5 hz, timing accuracy up to 1/10 of a second), Replica Patek Philippe through basic research, a breakthrough innovation, introduced a Defy Lab wrist watch.

Replica Patek Philippe

The watch is not only a groundbreaking new oscillator – it is the invention of the challenge as the 17th century Christian huygens to lay the working principle of mechanical clocks – also material Aeronith application innovation. It’s not an alloy, but a foam metal hybrid, 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminum and 10 percent lighter than carbon fiber. The production process of this hybrid material involves cutting-edge technology, requiring the aluminum to be heated to the melting point first. Alu 6082 is often used in the naval field because of its excellent corrosion resistance. This innovative watch has been successfully developed, thanks to the expertise and synergies accumulated by brands in LVMH’s watch division, and thanks to Guy Semon’s leadership.

Defy Lab is the first and only mechanical wristwatch that has revolutionized the principle of three centuries ago. Since 1675, Christian huygens has been unchallenged in the form of a wire-playing mechanism proposed by the Royal Academy of sciences in the form of a clock. Although it has been improved, it has been optimized to a maximum extent, but it has never been more challenging than it is today, and it is thought to be eternal and constant.

The new oscillator is made of monocrystalline silicon, and its details are more refined than the human hair, which is used to replace the spring wheel. The normal speed governing body contains about 30 components, which need to be assembled, calibrated, set, tested and lubricated. The thickness is usually 5 mm. In contrast, the new speed regulator contains only individual components, which are only 0.5mm thick. New Caliber ZO 342 machine vibration frequency up to 15 hz, oscillator swing is + / – 6 degrees, with nearly 60 hours power reserve, its vibration frequency is three times as much as El Primero machine vibration frequency, the power reserve is more than 10%. The striking frequency has made it almost 10 times more accurate, with an average daily differential of 0.3 seconds.

When the general mechanical wristwatch runs 24 hours, its accuracy decreases with the loss of energy. The new oscillator can maintain the same precision at 95 percent of the power reserve, far more than 24 hours. No more contact means no more friction or loss, and therefore no lubrication. In addition, the new oscillator is insensitive to temperature difference, gravity and magnetic field, eliminating the key weakness of the conventional spring wheel component due to the above situation, which leads to the reduction of accuracy.

The wristwatch has been certified by triple certification, including the Besancon Observatory, which represents the precision timepiece certified by the international bureau of weights and measures, which marks a snake-head badge. In terms of thermal performance, the range of iso-3159 is also expanded. The daily error of the wristwatch is only 0.3 seconds, and the deviation value at different temperatures is also certified, twice as high as the standard. Finally, the wristwatch meets the iso-764 standard, which can withstand a magnetic field of 1,100 gauss, which is 18 times higher than the standard.

The significance of this watch not only reshapes huygens’ principle with another mechanical mechanism, but also opens up a whole new vision of mechanical tabulation to new dimensions. It is also the first wristwatch in the industry to be fitted with the Aeronith case (44 mm in diameter and 14.5mm in thickness). The first true force Defy Lab limited 10, each appearance and color are unique, watches are exclusive gift box as a memorial activities, including personal invitation and attend the press conference of visiting Patek Philippe factory personal invitation. The client will receive a pre-order wristwatch, and will be hosted by Jean Claude Biver, CEO of LVMH group’s watch division, Julien Tornare, CEO of real force, and Guy Semon, general manager of tagtag. It is reported that the Defy Lab watches cost 29,900 francs, or about 200,000 yuan