Is Omega getting more and more valuable

The biggest thing in the watch world these days is the ongoing fuyesi auction. Every time a vox auction is held, some “world-shaking” watches are sold. In this auction, the watch that deserves the most attention is actually Replica omega. Because the most important watch in this auction is elvis’s omega. So let’s talk about omega today.
Elvis’s omega
In fact, omega has performed “pretty aggressively” in recent times. Especially this elvis omega watch. According to each big auction records, the elvis Presley omega for $1.8 million (about 11.4 million yuan), in the list of world famous watches value, no. 3 (ahead of omega is patek philippe platinum 2499 calendar timing, so small elvis Presley the omega three stitches the watch how cattle).

The elvis Presley’s omega is quite much, but the omega but there is another “hidden killer”, is wearing the super when Apollo, once appear, this watch so ranking is likely to rewrite again.
Here are three of the best ones, you can feel it

Omega ranks first in value, with elvis Presley’s omega (about 11.4 million yuan)

Currently the highest value of omega, elvis’s omega.
The most valuable of the current omega watches is elvis Presley’s omega. Is this watch 18 k white gold case, the size of 32.5 mm (see now, is a very small replica omega), 44 diamond bezel set, dial omega, TIFFANY double standard, manual winding, using the omega 510 movement, from about 1960 years. The watch is supplied by omega to its American agent with a case made in the United States. The watch commemorates elvis Presley’s worldwide record sales of 75 million copies. On the back cover of the watch, 75 million albums are also inscribed. One of the reasons the omega is so valuable is that elvis actually wore the watch and left a photo.
Omega ranks second in value, omega steel shell tuofei wheel (about 9.06 million yuan)

At present, the second highest value of omega, omega steel shell tuofei wheel, tuofei wheel on the back of the core.
Omega ranks second in value for a topfera watch. You know, although omega does not focus on complex functions, but to this day, omega is still the production of tourbillon, omega is now very famous for the meso tourbillon. Omega has a history of producing tufeidas, and one of the most important reasons is to compete at the observatory. In 1947, omega designed the 30 mm tuofeizhou core for competition and produced 12 cores. What we need to be aware of is that omega, the 30mm tourniquet core, does not rotate every 60 seconds like today’s tourniquet, but every 7.5 minutes. The second most valuable omega flywheel was a test sheet at the time, made of steel. Built with an omega 30mm tourmaline core, the case has a diameter of 37.5 mm (a large diameter in an antique watch) and was produced around 1947

Although omega super constellation, hippocampal these replica omegas fire in this country, but super abroad very fire, and super and omega value higher watch one of the main reason is the super landing on the moon. Early superpowers were divided into four generations. The first of these features was the broadsword pointer (an arrowhead like hand), and the timing button and crown had no shoulder guard. Now in the omega shop in the sale of manual moon landing superpowers, are in accordance with the fourth generation model production. At present, the most valuable super power is this first generation super power ck2915-1. The first generation is also the rarest. This watch about production in 1958, using 321 manual timing movement (patek philippe CH27 stopwatch and omega 321 related), 38 mm watchcase size and appearance in good condition, in addition, in my impression that wearing the Apollo moon landing supremacy was lost, if any, is the sky-high).
Why can omega surpass many top brands?
As we can see, the strength of omega is very great, seconds kill a lot of top brands positioned higher than omega. There’s a reason for that.
1. Omega (including rolex, etc.) is a luxury watch with real history and historical achievements, with no break in the middle. Many of today’s top brands, although very high positioning, but a lot of modern packaging brands, in fact in the history of little action and fame. Some brands claim to have a long history, but even without antique watches, there is no such thing as a high value version of history.
2. Omega (including rolex) is a luxury watch with a large production volume, which is well known in the world, from the masses of people to celebrities and leaders. Due to the large production volume and high popularity, once there is a single copy, special version, rare version and celebrity version, the value will soar immediately. Some brands are often limited to a limited number of products, but do not reflect the value of a rare edition.
The auction is good. Does it have anything to do with our buying watches?
I know some fraternity brothers who say there is “water” and “trust” in the auction. I admit it, and I know what’s going on inside individual auctions. There must be some individual cases, but the vast majority must be true. Usually the auction performance of good brands, are also recognized by the players.
The auction price will affect the secondary market price of the watch to some extent (because the auction is a kind of second-hand transaction, which is to resell the watches that have been bought). So auction performance good brand, in the secondary market trading, recycling will be better. That is, the stronger the ability to retain value, the stronger the ability to recover liquidity, so that people buy a watch when confidence is sufficient. Unlike some watches, no one wants to collect them (including some from top brands). For example, the omega in the market now has a high reputation, large circulation and strong ability of recycling and realization. It is a very good watch. Although we always see rolex, patek philippe have the situation of super public price at ordinary times, actually a few special version of omega is also super public price. For example, the omega snoopy super bar, the public price of 49,300 yuan, the auction transaction price of about 66,000 yuan, in the market is also a replica omega difficult to find, super public price. In recent years, the upgrading of omega has been very strong in both the primary market and the secondary market (including auction).