Strong launch of Photoluminescent Film paper

Here strongly launched “Photoluminescent Film” photographic paper, which is a kind of processing method using ultra-fine particle Photoluminescent Film powder evenly pressed on the surface of the film, which can be successfully printed by various inkjet printers. Photoluminescent Film is a kind of light-induced accumulation type spontaneous light material, which absorbs visible light for 5-10 minutes and can continuously emit light in the dark for 5-10 hours or more.

It will always emit light and can be recycled indefinitely. It is the only high-tech product that does not consume electricity and can emit light at night and display the content. It can be directly printed with high resolution. Can produce personalized wedding photos, decorative paintings, calendars, all kinds of trademarks, big Photoluminescent Film, documents, business CARDS, photos, greeting CARDS, images, albums and so on. The appearance is clear and delicate, and the Photoluminescent Film effect is remarkable, making your photos as bright as night, making the night more charming and moving, and making our beauty treasure all our life day and night.


  1. Short light storage time, large light receiving area, high Photoluminescent Film intensity, long afterglow time.
  2. It is light yellow when it does not emit light, and will emit green light when it absorbs light.
  3. Strong environmental adaptability, 15 years indoor shelf life, 8 years outdoor, not easy to age under strong ultraviolet radiation, long service life.


  1. Suitable for various inkjet printers, can print documents, business CARDS, photos, greeting CARDS, images, picture albums, etc.
  2. Glue is attached on the back, which can be pasted directly, suitable for direct printing or printing.


  1. Functions of consumables: direct high-resolution printing and inkjet printing of consumables by light storage, spontaneous light and night light.
  2. Check whether the printer nozzle works normally before printing (it is recommended to print test paper first to confirm the color)
  3. Print Settings: please select for the best effect

Ink-jet slides, transparent film;

<2>. Print photos and other functions.

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