Which industril lines Photoluminescent film materials used

The light-storing Photoluminescent film materials can be mixed with various resins, especially in polyolefin resin. Luminous plastic masterbatch can use extrusion, injection, rolling, stretch film, various molding methods processed into hair plate, Photoluminescent film glow stick and different USES of light-emitting products, can be applied to such as: electrical switches, fire equipment, highway, parking lot, all kinds of signage, bicycles, shoes and hats, toys, etc., luminous plastic products will provide great convenience for the life.

Polymer electro transparent luminescent film materials also have many superior properties and are used in various industrial fields. In the wire and cable processing and manufacturing, the use of its glow in the dark adhesive sheets properties, you can create a warning or decorative role of the product. Such as airport environment, street environment decoration. Especially in the case of no external light source such as cable tunnel, electro Photoluminescent film products can show their “active” characteristics.

Problem solving of plastics Photoluminescent film materials in processing

When plastic Photoluminescent film vinyl materials are processed by heat, they often turn black easily, which affects their Photoluminescent film performance. It can be overcome through equipment selection and process condition control.

First, the selection and improvement of processing equipment. Through the adjustment of screw structure, it can reduce the shear and friction of materials in processing and reduce the blackening degree of materials.

The best way to reduce the length-diameter ratio of screw is to select a screw with a length-diameter ratio of 20/1, which can reduce the retention time of material in the cylinder and reduce the possibility of blackening of the product.

2) to reduce the friction of the radiant material; 2) to modify the form of the screw module; 2) to replace the five pairs of engagement blocks with the thread blocks; and 2) to rearrange the composite components;

Second, the control of processing conditions

The temperature of the second stage of the screw is appropriately raised, so that photoluminescent reflective tape material enters into the viscous flow state soon after entering, and the luminous material is rapidly wrapped up to reduce the friction of the screw and prevent blackening.

2) lower the rotation speed of the screw; it can overcome the shortage of material plasticization caused by the reduction of the length-to-diameter ratio; it can also reduce the friction of materials in the screw; and prevent the products from turning black;

Looking forward to

As a new functional material, polymer electro Photoluminescent film materials have made a lot of remarkable progress in just a few years. At present, the rapid development of polymer electroPhotoluminescent film devices is enough to make people full of confidence in their future. I believe that in the near future, it will certainly add new colors to our production and life.

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