Luminous ink for Photoluminescent filmdescription

Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film is the use of luminous powder from the deployment of light-storage type self-luminous ink, light absorption 10-30 minutes after 12 hours of continuous light. It has the characteristics of high brightness, long luminescence duration and infinite cycle of light-absorbing, light-storing and light-emitting processes. Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film safety and environmental protection does not contain any radioactive elements.

Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film properties: in the daytime, such as translucent rice white paint, light absorption 10-30 minutes after the continuous light for more than 12 hours.

Luminous ink for Photoluminescent filmcolor: yellowish green, blue green, sky blue, water-based Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film(for cloth)

Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film printing method: only suitable for screen printing and pad printing, water transfer printing, spray gun spraying, direct brushing

Luminous ink for Photoluminescent filmsubstrate: paper, cloth, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, etc

USES: bar, nightclub, living room, building decoration, transportation, military facilities, fire emergency system, traffic signs, etc.


1, Luminous ink for Photoluminescent film before use, please fully stir, do not use metal containers and metal mixers, and avoid high-speed friction.

2, open oil water (dilution: Luminous ink for Photoluminescent filmfor oily ink, the use of the appropriate diluent dilution. (water-based ink can also be customized and diluted with water)

3, screen: luminous Luminous ink for Photoluminescent Vinyl film containing luminous powder particles, screen size between 100 mesh ~150 mesh. (paper mesh 150-180 mesh)

4, the printing area: depends on the printing area, about 20 ㎡.

  1. Toxicity and safety: luminescent ink is slightly irritating to skin and respiratory tract, so it should be sealed when handling, and the environment should be well ventilated when printing. When the ink is completely dry, it will not have any odor or irritation, and it meets the standards of safe toys and food packaging

Buyer’s note: after receiving the luminous paint, remember to mix well before use, because the powder will precipitate during transportation

Luminescent paint is the use of light before the use of luminescent paint so after the use of luminescent paint should be in front of the time to the dark use can not be said that the day after the use of good light at night until after the use of luminous time

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