Use and properties of Photoluminescent Pigment

I. characteristics of backstage Photoluminescent Pigment:

  1. Short light storage time, high brightness, long afterglow, rich color variety
  2. Extremely stable physical and chemical properties, extremely strong environmental adaptability and extremely long service life
  3. Non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, non-combustion, non-explosion, free from other harmful heavy metal elements or chemicals
  4. Small particle size, uniform particle size distribution, easy production and processing
  5. A number of independent intellectual property protection systems have been established for products made of this material.
  6. The density of rho material 3.6 gcm37. Under the condition of 60 ℃, 600 ℃ keep good stability
  7. After being treated with color film, Photoluminescent Pigment has weak influence in strong acid and alkali environment, and is suitable for water-based coating
  8. Rare earth long-afterglow luminescent material long-term Photoluminescent film is more taboo than metal friction
  9. Jingcheng Photoluminescent Pigment CAS no. 12004374

Mixture 4SrO.7AL2O3: Eu (Eu is rare earth element)

  1. Product thickness: 40, 80, 150, 200, 400, 600 (25-30 micron), 800 (20-25 micron), 1000 (15-20 micron), 1200 (10-15 micron), 2000 mesh (3-5 micron)
  2. Excitation conditions: sunlight, general lighting, ambient stray light can be used as the excitation light source
  3. Chemical stability: good chemical stability and weather resistance
  4. Luminous time: light absorption can be luminous for more than 8 hours
  5. Storage method: store in a sealed and dry place with ventilation
  6. Safety performance: this product is non-toxic to human body, harmless, non-radioactive and pollution-free to the environment

Second, the classification of Photoluminescent Pigment

1, common Photoluminescent Pigment color rare earth luminous material yellow green Photoluminescent Pigment because of the common Photoluminescent Pigment price is cheap, the dosage is large, the use is wide. .

2, scene color noctilucent powder color: pink, orange red, orange yellow, violet, red, yellow, turquoise, sky blue, purple, green color noctilucent powder price is more expensive, less dosage

The long-term Photoluminescent Pigment can absorb light for 3-15 minutes and emit light for 6-15 hours, which is suitable for all walks of life. Short effect Photoluminescent Pigment absorbs light for 3-10 seconds, can emit light for 30-60 minutes, injection molding is not easy to blacken, suitable for making luminous toys, luminous clothing, luminous signs, luminous paint, luminous ink paint.

3, from the use of media points we have a variety of special Photoluminescent Pigment: such as oil Photoluminescent Pigment, coating waterproof Photoluminescent Pigment, injection molding Photoluminescent Pigment, printing Photoluminescent Powder, ink Photoluminescent Pigment, paint Photoluminescent Pigment, silicone rubber Photoluminescent Pigment

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