how to use effect better Photoluminescent highlighting high-efficiency Photoluminescent film

Partssun Photoluminescent film Factory according to the pleasant cooperation with different customers for years, summarizes the noctilucent film in a part of the market experience, the use of the Photoluminescent film and adding quantity, can say is that there is no accurate data and standard, the use of the Photoluminescent film is according to the actual needs of customers, according to different purposes, different ideas, different requirements, produced a variety of USES, each customer has their own different usage and add quantity, there are many reasons, the main reason is cost control problems, Photoluminescent film is according to its Photoluminescent intensity, the length of the afterglow time, and determine its quality, the following content for your reference.

Photoluminescent film for injection: Photoluminescent film and plastic material ratio, is generally in 2%-10%, according to the color of the product, light color less plus, dark color more principle. First add the diffusion oil into the raw material and stir for one minute, then add the Photoluminescent film and stir for one minute, then add the color film and stir for two minutes. The stirring time should not be too long. Long-term Photoluminescent film is more bogey and iron friction, too long time will make the raw material black. Two, injection molding machine: injection molding machine to clean, the temperature should be adjusted to the lower, can be injection molding, the material in the injection molding machine time should not be too long, so as to avoid burning, different machines injection molding products, there are differences, new machines and old machines, domestic machines and imported machines, which need to be slowly adjusted to solve. Three, noctilucent film: long-term noctilucent film in injection molding due to various reasons, injection molding technology, injection molding machine, dissolved material temperature may cause blackening, short-term noctilucent film (zinc sulfide noctilucent film) in injection molding blackening performance better. If there is no special requirements also choose short Photoluminescent film.

Photoluminescent film for printing: in order to reduce the Photoluminescent film in the coating, Photoluminescent film precipitation problem, you can use high viscosity resin, and add anti-settling agent, need to stir evenly before use, you can use thinner to adjust the viscosity, can not use heavy metal compounds as additives. The printing background is mainly white or reflective color, which can improve the brightness and Photoluminescent time of the printed pattern. Coating and ink coating thickness is better than 100, if can reach 130 ~ 150, the effect is good, (80 mesh screen printing, two times to achieve this thickness). Photoluminescent film recommended dosage for the total weight of 10% ~ 70%, the more the better the Photoluminescent effect. According to different printing materials, choose different types of transparent substrate, such as printing metal material, it is necessary to choose special ink for metal, such as printing PVC material, it is necessary to choose special ink for PVC, the higher the transparency the better the effect. If water – based paint and ink are required, Photoluminescent film shall be wrapped in a special microcapsule.

Photoluminescent film for paint: a, resin and varnish: the selected resin should have better light transmittance, at the same time because the Photoluminescent pigment is weakly alkaline material, so the resin is better for neutral or weakly alkaline, if the water-based resin manufacturing water-based paint, Photoluminescent pigment need surface water resistance treatment. Available resin and varnish varieties: epoxy resin (E440), polyurethane resin (or varnish), amino varnish, polyester resin, acrylic resin, hydroxyl acrylic resin, acrylic polyurethane varnish (two components), light color alkyd varnish, fluorocarbon resin, etc. Two, the choice of additives: Photoluminescent coating additives are mainly dispersant, anti – settling agent composition, can not use heavy metal compounds as additives. Should use the mixture of coating glass or enamel container, noctilucent film’s particle size as small as possible, in about 30-60%, compound coating, grinding, should use the high speed stirring method, relative weight of luminescent material is 3.6 ~ 4.0, it is very easy to sink, the mixture of coating by using anti-settling agent, can improve the storage life of Photoluminescent paint.

Photoluminescent film in ceramic products use method: first, the general use of 110 mesh Photoluminescent film is better. Two, can generally be used as luminescent film for ordinary pigment, according to the actual production process time, choose suitable for oily ink filters fully mixing of additives (do not use metal dissolution, so as to avoid long time will be black), after fully combined with 80 mesh network printing (sieving in advance is better), to be Photoluminescent intensity and long time, can be printed a few times more, generally for two to three times for the better. Three, if must and dissolve block or transparent glaze mix use, Photoluminescent film in dissolve block or transparent glaze proportion is generally 1:1 or 6:4 or 6:10, the main body can be made according to the desired effect of debugging. Four: burning finished ceramics often meet the problem is: bubble, this problem is generally additives or dissolved block and transparent glaze chemical stability of the mutual combination of problems, can change the proportion or change the additives. Can also add antifoaming agent to eliminate. Five, luminescent film and ceramic color mixture infiltration use.

The application method of Photoluminescent film in glass: first, the application method can refer to the above methods. Two, can adopt cold spray or spray method to achieve the desired effect. Above usage only for reference, welcome to inquire!

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