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The Case of Omega seamaster 300

What is the case?
Watchcase, often referred to as the watch body (header) shell part, its role is the inner parts of tolerance and to protect the watch, the clock (movement, dial, etc.), it is closely combined with case parts are: Omega Seamaster 300 mirror, bottom cover, crown, buttons, etc.
The classification of the watch case
Case classification, is usually based on the material, the more common are: stainless steel, tungsten steel watchcase, ceramic watch case, titanium alloy case, aluminum case, copper watchcase, zinc alloy watch case, plastic case, etc.; In addition, less common and wooden case, iron case, fiber watchcase, silver case, pure gold or K gold case, etc.
If you want to decide according to the design of case classification, there are: round watchcase, square case, bucket atlas, egg-shaped casing,…

Watch button of Omega Seamaster 300

What is the clasp?

Clasp is much by stainless steel, titanium metal, wristwatch is among the activities of strap portion of the device.

Watch button

The composition of clasp

Hooks and eyes of surface and chassis, side and one end of the chassis respectively connected to the band, the buckle surface into a slot, buckle bottom one

Button clasp round each other with the nail on the chassis lock; Chassis consists of the bottom of the frame, long arms and a short arm, one end of the long arms and short arm and rack bottom rotational connection, and the other end of the long arm band connection, the other end of the short arm and the surface connection. Firm clasp, it is not easy deformation, integrity, strong, beautiful and elegant, easy to repair, etc.

Watch button type

Currently popular clasp on market basically has the following several kinds: folding buckle, pin buckle, belt buckle, dark buckle, folding safety buckle, hook buckle, hook. As shown in figure

Folding clasp

Pin buckle

Belt buckle

Dark buckle

Fold the safety clasp

The fastener


The dial of omega seamaster 300

The dial
What is the dial?
The dial, is mainly used to display the time, at the same time to watch the overall appearance and material design. Dial can be designed into different shape, also can design for different materials, the time scale can choose simple paint printing or printing.
The dial
The dial material
Common dial material can be roughly divided into metal fritillaria, enamel, pearls and four kinds of carbon fiber dial.
Metal can be divided into 925 sterling silver dial and the lacquer that bake again dial, dial in brass as the main material of the lacquer that bake, is the most common one. Enamel dial is generally used for advanced Omega Seamaster 300. Pearl mother of pearl dial with female Omega Seamaster 300 collocation, most often use this kind of shell materials dial, can feel the color because of different viewing angles of changing. Carbon fiber is used to dial to make history is not long, but because of carbon fiber of soft music, light weight, and has excellent properties of carbon, such as corrosion resistant, heat resistant, so often used in activity.
The dial scale
When the scale is mainly on the dial with Arabic numerals, Roman numerals time scale, the rivet logo, sword form time scale and time scale bar, etc.
Dial color
Common dial colors are: white dial, silvery white dial and silver grey dial, dark brown, dark grey dial, black dial dial, coffee, champagne dial, cream-colored dial gold dial, pink dial, orange, blue, green, red dial dial dial dial, diamond-encrusted dial, dial patterns, etc.
Shape of the dial
Dial shape mainly has four kinds: round, rectangular dial, barrel type dial, oval face.
The dial diameter
Generally call dial gauge diameter refers to contain the diameter of the shell, because most of the shell is not quite regular circle, so generally is a reference value. Dial diameter refers to the face plate of diameter. Common Omega Seamaster 300 diameter size 32 mm, 34 mm, 36, 38, 39, 40 mm mm mm mm, 41 and 42 mm mm, 44 mm, 50 mm.
Dial color change reason analysis and maintenance
1, watch the water or long-term be affected with damp be affected with damp, watches watchcase, untight seal moisture moisture from the outside into inside the watch, very easy to induce the dial color, or dial the paint coat peeling off, its characteristic is more occurs on the edge of the dial. So as far as possible when wearing a non-professional diving watches don’t get wet in the rain, swimming, etc.
2, collection don’t have to watch for a long time, if there is one night Ming pointer, it depends on the night Ming choose the nature of the material, generally the old watch should be careful about, dial appear discolored areas often happens to be on the watch, the minute hand night Ming on the corresponding position.
3, watches have long been placed or exposure to the sun, sun’s rays will make everything slowly change color, beautiful things, too, no one can escape. Less exposed to the sun, the wrist.
4, watch exposure to radiation or radioactive substances, radiation in the medical treatment and some industrial production applications, the most severe, it can be in a very short period of time, let things become angry. If there are for patients with radiation therapy, or do have involved radiographic inspection, don’t take a watch.

Movement of Omega Seamaster 300

Movement to define
Complex structure, inside the watch is composed of gear and other parts, various functions, including walking, used to support the watch.
Movement type
Automatic movement: automatic mechanical movement watches is self-winding watches, is the use of movement about automatic plate is placed at the bottom of the flux and the power to drive the clockwork spring generate energy, but relative to the thickness of the watch itself is more like the hands of wind-up watch is thicker.
Manual movement: need to manual winding, rotary Omega Seamaster 300 on a regular basis, provide power for movement.
Quartz movement: quartz movement quartz watch allowed error range is + 15 seconds per month. Quartz Omega Seamaster 300 driven by the battery energy, when the average battery life is adopted according to watch the movement of the range from 12 to 24 months.
Automatic quartz: automatic generating system is a kind of equipment movement.
Electronic movement: it is made of high purity silicon crystal movement.
Kinetic energy movement: light kinetic energy movement through solar wafer first convert light energy into electrical energy, and will live in electrical energy in titanium recycled lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and is produced by the electricity from the battery through the integrated circuit pulse signal to the coil and magnetic driving stepper motor, the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy, drive gears and drives the pointer to indicate the time
The machine core brand
ETA movement
ETA is by far the most successful movement brand, is the world’s largest finished products, semi-finished products machine manufacturers.
Subordinate: the SWATCH group
Established: 1856
Use brand: girard-perregaux, universal, omega, longines, Amy, pei na sea, celebrities, one hundred spirit, bulgari, Cartier, chanel, Chopin, emperor tuo, jade treasure, flange shortly, weighing, constant treasure, bud MengWei, elegant, Athens, plum blossom, santos, treasure mountain road to China…
Valjoux movement
Valjoux was the movement of the brand, the most high profile was ETA after merging.
Use brand: rolex, universal, omega, longines, spirit, in one hundred, elegant, SINN…
The famous products
– Valjoux 7730
– Valjoux 7750
LEMANIA movement
Was SSIH (SWATCH) can compete ASUAG magic weapon, carrying on the OMEGA SPEEDMASTER on landing on the moon, after the buyout by breguet, began to be treasure ji outside the queen’s core factory is no longer for the machine core, breguet SWATCH post-acquisition Lemania again to return to the group.
Brand: patek philippe, breguet, omega, longines, jade treasure, tissot, SINN, FORTIS…
The famous products
– LEMANIA 1872
– LEMANIA 5100
A Swiss senior movement brand, is also a precious pearl sister plant. FP is famous for its high-quality, thin, long dynamic movement, has always been the top brands like to use a “machine”. Now belongs to SWATCH group.
Brand: bao Po, omega, flange shortly, vacheron constantin, Abby…
The famous products
– FP 1185
Venus movement
Venus is put a high value by the outside world, but in 1969 ended badly, closed.
Brand: in one hundred, ling, Amy, bao qi lai, according to the degree of…
The famous products
178 – Venus
Landeron movement
Landeron is a well-known brand of cheap core, with Venus and Valjoux belong to ASUAG group.
Tianma cross movement
Tianma crossing the stopwatch is the world famous manufacturers, by seiko co., seiko electronic co., LTD., and seiko epson co., LTD., a joint venture, on behalf of Japan’s most advanced technology.
MIYOTA movement
MIYOTA movement is a blank citizen Omega Seamaster 300 movement manufacturers, as one of the largest blank Omega Seamaster 300 clock manufacturer in the world.

Digital watches An overview of the Omega Seamaster 300 of electronic watch

Digital watches
An overview of the
Omega Seamaster 300 of electronic watch is equipped with internal electronic components, general digital liquid crystal display (LCD) and quartz pointer type two kinds. Wear a digital watch for its convenience and accuracy must be good and happy. It not only can display the time, and can show week and date. At the mention of the clock, you will think of vibration. Mechanical watch using mechanical vibration, electronic watch, of course, is to use electrical oscillation.
Digital watches
Digital watches can be divided for digital quartz electronic watches, quartz pointer type automatic electronic watch, quartz watch, solar digital watches, multi-functional electronic watches and LED digital watch.
1. Digital quartz electronic watches the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and the combination of polar tube type liquid crystal display watch, its function fully completed by electronic components.
2. The pointer quartz electronic watches
Quartz watch silver button cell energy from oxidation, silver oxide button cell provide integrated circuit with a specific voltage, make through the oscillating circuit and quartz resonator quartz vibrator vibration, form oscillation circuit source. From the output of the oscillation circuit of the frequency of 32768 Hz after the electrical signals into frequency division circuit after frequency division to produce 0.5 Hz level 16 pulse signal, and then through the narrow pulse circuit into the drive circuit to amplify the output pulse signal, and form variations of bidirectional pulse signal, and thus drive stepping motor for intermittent rotation, further drive the transmission gear train, to make the clock accurately show the time.
3, automatic quartz watch
It is a combination of automatic watch and quartz watch, and the power source from the wearer’s arm swinging led automatic plate rotating Omega Seamaster 300, generated by the kinetic energy to promote integrity of micro power motor is converted into energy, provide enough power for Omega Seamaster 300 quartz devices, redundant power would be tiny capacitors store. The use of the design of the mechanical energy into electrical energy, in after current technology of continuous improvement, full of energy, sustainable operation for dozens of days. Automatic quartz watch on the combination of automatic Omega Seamaster 300 chain convenience and the accuracy of quartz watch, and do not need to use batteries, more environmental protection, has been more and more brand makes this type of watches.
Note: maintenance regularly, and avoid the Omega Seamaster 300 placed in magnetic place. Tissot Swiss watch and Japan seiko watch is a famous automatic quartz watch.
4, solar digital watches
Solar cell is made using high purity silicon, the silicon through special processing to form two layers of very thin thin layer, when sunlight or lamplight illuminate to the surface of a silicon wafer, can convert light energy into current and voltage. Electric current to flow by high voltage solar battery low voltage to watch the battery and charging. In order to prevent inflows watches by the solar battery voltage is too high, the internal diode and resistance to act as a buffer to protect a watch battery and longevity.
Note: regular inspection is of course ineviOmega Seamaster 300, in addition to note that when replace the battery must use plastic or bamboo tweezers clip, use metal tweezers easy to cause short circuit. Working principle of the optical kinetic energy watches: first by solar wafer convert light energy into electrical energy, and energy stored in the recycled titanium lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and is produced by the electricity from the battery through the integrated circuit pulse signal to the coil and magnetic driving stepper motor, the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy, drive gears and drives the pointer to indicate the time, after a full charge can run 40-180 days or so in the dark, as accurate, rechargeable battery life of 10 years.
5, multi-functional electronic watches
“Multi-functional electronic watches” movement is 1400 kinds of watch design manufacturing technology and precision process of fine work, such as electronic watches in addition to show time, it is to focus on a variety of other functions. Phases of the moon and seasons as shown, and can be set per hour, 15 minutes each time, with a perpetual calendar, etc. This kind of watch along the structure of the clusters, its design is like a house, is cascading. Bottom is the dungeon, is time unit, display hours, minutes, seconds; The second layer is the time to play spring device, the design precision of the model can every hour, every quarter, every five minutes time, can even after every quarter of an hour by the time. Movement by 1800 parts, the individual is only one over one thousand of a millimeter size, each part are top chef cutting, grinding and cut. In terms of technology, science and technology and manual attainments, there is only several European set in a clock factory for all kinds of conditions, can produce a few watches. In today’s industry, know the manufacture of these “complex function Omega Seamaster 300” craftsman. Fewer than one hundred. And skilled master of tabulation make a such movement, usually it takes six to twelve months.

omega watches 300
6, LED digital watch
LED watch is made of green dazzle beautiful LED lights to show time, highlighting the design concept of personalized, artistic, LED watch style each different, even completely subvert the traditional concept when reading a wrist watch. Shenzhen dragontech beauty in LED watch has a unique technology and design concept. The LED watches with other watches the biggest difference is that inside the watch movement is equipped with LED lights and LED display, main function is LED display effect. Now, watch purposes has far more than the initial display the function of the time, but by its gorgeous and delicate, to highlight the wearer’s temperament, give a person.
7, electronic paper watch
Electronic watches
Electronic paper watch is equipped with internal electronic paper display watch, it can display time, week, date.
Electronic paper watch application E Ink electronic paper (also called E Ink electronic paper and Ink), with GREEN VIEW electronic watches as an example, the paper its features include:
1. Low power consumption, electronic display screen for the first time not refresh power consumption characteristics
2. The ultra-thin light: applied to electronic paper watch E Ink screen, electronic paper Ink thickness is only 0.1 mm the thinnest
3. High resolution: visual effects like paper
4. The whole perspective: 180 bottom whole perspective, no matter from which Angle you to check the time, without being limited by the perspective (common LED, LCD, general perspective is 130 degrees)
5. Do not hurt the eye
6. Flexible: E Ink electronic paper display, soft and flexible, designed to watch, can be moderately bent according to the design of ergonomics
The characteristics of
Electronic watch timing accurate, not every top chord, cheap, is popular with consumers, but because it is full of electronics, wear with mechanical watch some different requirements. With LCD digital watches, in sun or long-term under high temperature is easy to aging; After be affected with damp be affected with damp, the most prone to failure; The violent vibration, liquid crystal glass and quartz crystal easy to damage. Used for about a year and found the watch digital disorderly jump, show the fuzzy or timing function is abnormal, a new battery should be replaced, in order to avoid battery leakage loss broken electronics, in order to save battery, should use less as far as possible when lighting and alarm device.

Light Omega Seamaster 300 watch

An overview of the Light Omega Seamaster 300 watch (Omega Seamaster 300 watch) kinetic energy of light waves by the watch’s built-in radio receiver and antenna, receive towers “standard time” issued by the waves, access time and calendar data, such as automatic correction watch the time and date. Standard time signal is the high accuracy high stability of cesium atomic clocks as signal source, the error of a second in one hundred thousand. Waves of citizen watches all adopt the optical kinetic energy technology, using any visible light as an energy source driver. As long as there is light there is energy, as long as you can receive the waves will never have error. The first Omega Seamaster 300 watch is the kinetic energy of the light waves developed by Japanese citizen in 1995. Market for in the design of RMB 2000 to 5000, of course, there are other brand and name, such as casio, called solar radio Omega Seamaster 300 watch.
In the waves of China to buy a watch, if you can use foreign signal transmitters?

Each signal towers of different signal frequency. In the Chinese market sales of the kinetic energy of the light waves Omega Seamaster 300 watch, some can only receive henan shangqiu waves towers of standard time signal. But can automatically adjust the world citizen of time Omega Seamaster 300 watch light kinetic energy waves have been sold in foreign markets, to introduce Chinese now. This kind of watch to bureau receive more, simply select the city name of a country, the towers of the recent launch of radio signals, automatic adjustment for the local standard time, suiOmega Seamaster 300 watch for multinational business people to travel frequently.

The characteristics of
(1) long battery life. After a full charge can run continuously in the dark 2 to 12 months, some kind of perpetual calendar Omega Seamaster 300 watch can run continuously for five years.
(2) Omega Seamaster 300 watch is thin. The latest successful development of ultra-thin light kinetic energy movement, makes the kinetic energy of the light Omega Seamaster 300 watch has realized the revolutionary change, gave birth to the latest generation of kinetic energy ultra-thin light Omega Seamaster 300 watch STILETTO series, thickness is only 4.4 mm.
(3) design is concise and elegant, functional, practical strong, price populist.

Kinetic energy Omega watch light

An overview of the Optical kinetic energy watches, English is the Ecology – Drive, is a kind of built into the system watch converts light energy into electrical energy. With the use of don’t have to waste batteries, can save the limited earth resources, reduce pollution, is the real environmental protection products. In Japan in 1996 made the first watch industry the cognizance of “green products”. In 2001 won the Chinese watch industry first “environment mark product certification certificate”. Not only realized the “light driver watch”, and rechargeable battery will no longer use harmful metals such as mercury, cadmium. Materials and products manufacturing and avoid the use of fluorine and other harmful substances, through a variety of strict standards that convert light energy into electrical energy through solar chip, and titanium will be electricity in recycled lithium ion rechargeable batteries, and then produced by the electricity from the battery through the integrated circuit pulse signal to the coil, and generate magnetic drive stepper motor, drive gears and drives the pointer to indicate the time, after a full charge in the dark can run 40-180 days or so, as accurate, rechargeable battery life can be up to 10 years.

omega watch
Current optical kinetic energy watches do more excellent brand mainly for citizen, casio.
Optical kinetic energy watches outstanding features:
1. You can use any source to drive the watch is running
2. After sufficient energy, even in the dark can still be 1 to 6 months of continuous running
3. Store electricity shortages warning function
4. Have the school when the warning function
5. To prevent excessive charging
6. Don’t need to replace the battery

Omega Mechanical watch

An overview of the Mechanical watch watch when one of the most common and special types, it relies on pure mechanical components and principle of walking to drive the pointer precision, provided by wind energy, oscillation system to provide the frequency output, is one of human perfection for mechanical use reflect.
species Mechanical watch is usually divided into the following two kinds: manual chain and AUTOMATIC chain on the watch (AUTOMATIC) two kinds. The two mechanical power source is powered by movement within the clockwork, drive gear, in turn, promote the clock, just a way of power source is different.
Manual mechanical watch is driven by manually wind the watch, the thickness of the movement is generally self-winding watch some thin, relatively watches is light in weight.
Manual mechanical watch, usually by rotating the crown/tap to tighten the spring in the Omega watch, through the spring system can release out to start the watch timing functions, all of these processes are done by mechanical principle and structure. On spring usually walk about 40 hours can make watches, long up to eight days or more (powered by two groups spring).
Automatic mechanical watch is manual mechanical watch an improved, joined a pendulum tuo in Omega watch form; When the wear, Omega watch put tuo can for wrist activity and rotation, and to achieve the effect of wound. But the thickness of the watch relatively wind-up watch a few bigger than the hand.
The general automatic mechanical watch still manually wound, in other words can still turn the crown to wind-up, only some of the more cheap automatic mechanical movement, such as seiko 7 s26, 2842, 7 s36 and ETA to omit this feature. And because the wrist activity will be maintained for the watch wound, so the automatic mechanical watch have the function of prevent wound too tight, in order to avoid damage of spring. But the emergence of automatic mechanical watch, did not completely replace manual mechanical watch, only now automatic mechanical watch products more manual mechanical watch. S of the 20th century, automatic mechanical watch has a lot of improvement, such as seiko Kinetic people move power watches, its principle is still wrist activity lead to put tuo spin and power generation.
Mechanical watches as the timing precision machinery equipment, and decorative items, must have practical with adornment sex at the same time. Good quality Omega watch as accurate, easy to use, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, walking on foot wound can be continuous more than 36 hours, durable, also has some watch waterproof, shockproof, anti magnetic.
The advantages of mechanical watches
1, through the regular maintenance of wash oil, can be used for a long time;
2, don’t need to replace the battery;
1, the error of a quartz watch is big, because of the production quality is high and low and the inside of the Omega watch movement vulnerable to the effects of gravity and produce error. The error of mechanical watch is usually sent how many seconds to calculate a day, and the error of the quartz watch is sent how many seconds to calculate a month.
2, when error is easily affected by environmental factors, the structure of quartz is much more vulnerable than mechanical structure.

Transistor escapements Omega watch

An overview of the

Transistor escapements Omega watch is in dry cell for energy, using transistor as switch, balance wheel balance spring for oscillation system.

omega watch

The characteristics of

1, with mechanical balance wheel system

2, using transistor as switch

3, no mechanical contact

The principle of

As we can see, it comes with a mechanical balance wheel system, actually found a place for the coil and magnet above, when the balance wheel rotation, will cut the magnet magnetic field produce different frequency current, and through the coil is passed to the transistor, and because of the transistor itself can be achieved by the direction of current and frequency of the different switch function, so the balance wheel, coil, the magnet and the transistor of the oscillation system movement, still have a balance wheel to provide, its frequency is replaced by the transistor escapement process of mechanical watch, and dry cell can provide rotational energy balance wheel system.


The system initially by Etablissements Leon Hatot (ATO) in the 50 s of the last century, and apply for patents, in the 60 s omega tried to transistor used in his watch, but in the end not to market, ended in failure.

Citizen movement launched in 1967-8 X electronic transistor, leading in 1968/1969 by seiko movement type 3100, the first in the world will be one of this watch to market brands.

Omega quartz watches

An overview of the Omega quartz watches, Omega quartz watches) is short for quartz electronic watches and clocks, is also called the quartz clocks and watches, it consists of Omega quartz watches and quartz clock. Omega quartz watches is using quartz crystal is made in electric drive and produce the principle of the law of vibration, it is thin than the traditional mechanical, precision, at the same time to avoid the use of mechanical watch need wind-up trival, by popularity. The first Omega quartz watches first emerged in 1969, in this year, Japan’s seiko company discovered how to make the quartz tuning fork, for the human concept of time and social life bring about change. The application of quartz crystal watch can mass production, production speed much faster than before, not only the price. By 2010, the world can produce up to 500 million watches each year, enough to supply used around the world.


omega watches 300
Omega quartz watches can be divided into digital Omega quartz watches, automatic pointer Omega quartz watches, Omega quartz watches and optical kinetic energy watches.
1, digital quartz electronic watches
The piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and the combination of polar tube type liquid crystal display watch, its function fully completed by electronic components.
2, the pointer type Omega quartz watches
Omega quartz watches silver button cell energy from oxidation, silver oxide button cell provide integrated circuit with a specific voltage, make through the oscillating circuit and quartz resonator quartz vibrator vibration, form oscillation circuit source. Formation of alternating two-way pulse signals, thus driving a stepper motor for intermittent rotation! Further drive the transmission gear train, make the clock accurately show the time.
3, automatic Omega quartz watches
Integrating the strongpoint of automatic mechanical watch and Omega quartz watches. It without battery, the wearer can choose manual on the chain, also can choose automatic charging. Its operation principle is to use the arm of the dancing turns in the watch of pendulum tuo and generate energy to promote internal micro motor is converted into energy, and thus provide sufficient electricity for quartz devices within the watch, and extra power by the micro capacitance stored for later use.
Display mode
1, the pointer Omega quartz watches is also called the analog Omega quartz watches. A traditional mechanical watches pointer watch disk. According to the need, or two can be made into three needle, can add a single or double calendar. Is a kind of popular Omega quartz watches.
2, digital Omega quartz watcheses without pointer but with digital display time. There are two display mode.
(1), light emitting diode display (LED). Due to large power consumption, is no longer used;
(2), liquid crystal display (LCD). For now, most of the digital Omega quartz watches. Its power consumption is small, simple structure, low cost. But LCD belong to passive shine in the darkness to have illumination in the watch to see Numbers, at the same time the LCD Angle is smaller.
(3), double Omega quartz watches. Taking advantages of the above two kinds of Omega quartz watches. It is a combination of analog Omega quartz watches pointer, digital display, the function is all ready.
The characteristics of
1, when the second hand Omega quartz watches is a lattice, walking is very accurate, general requirements on difference within 15 seconds, and two three needle, using integrated circuit in the movement, many structure is relatively simple mechanical watch machine core, assembly is very simple.
2, Omega quartz watches, easy to use, wear no wound, a battery available generally 2-3 years. But some of the Omega quartz watches with lithium batteries, long service life and available 7-8 years.
3, its relative price is much cheaper than mechanical watch (of the same brand and model), but some of the high-grade brand Omega quartz watches is expensive because of the brand is good, good appearance materials (18 k gold or diamonds or precious metals), exterior design, led some Omega quartz watches is value is much higher than general machinery.
The principle of
Quartz is a kind of oxide, composition of silica (SiO2), quartz vibrate in the oscillation circuit, under certain conditions, it will have its own frequency to the circuit, if apply this feature to quartz movement, through the quartz oscillators electrical energy can be transformed into kinetic energy, the use of mechanized mass production circuit board equipment, combined with resistance and capacitance, watch accurate travel time.