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The guide for shop omega seamaster professional in European

Beauty nan Sally

Beauty Sally is hardcore machine powder, because working reason in Munich has nearly three years of life. Munich from Basel or Zurich about three hours’ drive, however, therefore, her omega seamaster 300 to Germany and Switzerland market is quite familiar with. With the brand of omega seamaster 300 and clocks in Europe’s price is lower than the domestic market, short-term travelers from leaving the country can also drawback, so more and more consumers choose buy omega seamaster 300 while traveling in Europe, in this, Sally for us to share some small TIPS for omega seamaster 300s in Europe.


1 choose reliable omega seamaster 300 shop
In Switzerland and Germany, clocks and omega seamaster 300es of famous chain stores have a messiah, WENPE and BUCHERER, store goods both brands, there are some other famous brands. All kinds of omega seamaster 300es and clocks, silver and gold, diamond, pearl jewelry, omega seamaster 300 shop is usually a jewelry store. Sales model is usually one-to-one, the customers into the shop, there will be a 300 sales tracking service, after the shop is largely with the clerk in Chinese service consumers in China, so don’t have to worry about language problems.
Here introduces the BUCHERER and messiah two stores. Messiah is one of the most common chain, commercial pedestrian street in the centre of Munich has only about five stores, there’s one Zurich airport. CHRIST’s main some mid-range brands, such as traditional brand longines, radar, constant, etc., in addition to luxury brands such as BURBERRY, D&G, ARMANI omega seamaster 300 products. BUCHERER is Switzerland’s largest jewelry omega seamaster 300 chain, mainly engaged in high-end brands, including domestic and wide of the “top ten clock brand”, the domestic consumer favorite omega and rolex, etc. Of course, these brands are generally also has its own exclusive brand stores.

2 targeted consumer purchases
Usually travel time is limited, plus the European shopping mode is different from the domestic, so plan into the omega seamaster 300 should be friends before they can determine their own travel goals, such as brand requirements and price range. Department stores such as GALERIA KAUFHOF or KARLSTADT etc, their clock counter will have more goods display, customers can see the real choice. But as mentioned above in the special clocks jewelry store messiah and BUCHERER, usually only a small amount of display, consumers according to the catalogue picture “speak” the selected style, the clerk to take out the corresponding goods. So, we should do your homework beforehand, targeted to choose, so as not to waste valuable travel time.

3 discounts and rebates
Baby after selected, consumers also can be appropriately “bargain”, usually tax price discount of 3% to 5%, and higher staff need to check with the manager. At the time of payment, credit card, of course, there is no problem, the shop will be in a prominent position hint whether “unionpay debit card can be used. In general, cash than credit card payment preferential around two o ‘clock. Remember when we omega seamaster 300 the baby bring your passport, bought after the clerk will warm and help you to fill out the tax refund skillfully, Switzerland is a single consumer more than 300 Swiss francs can refund 8%. As long as the departure when the related tax refund formalities at the local airport customs, very convenient.
Small make up in numerous the importance of the job, and compares the two price: the same omega seamaster 300 in Switzerland, probably can get a discount of 5%, also can refund 8%; Munich is generally no discount, but you can refund 14%. In Europe to buy omega seamaster 300es and clocks, on the whole, there is a lot of price advantage, to play at the same time also can buy their beloved baby, it is kill two birds with one stone, I hope everyone can buy the desired clock.

Case he’s Lady Serenade
Case he’s handmade women series in 2007 has been a huge success, this year will further strengthen the dial design make this series is more elegant. Lady Serenade when reading a large dial make clearer, at 6 o ‘clock position small calendar, 40 hours power storage, is indispensable tool business women. omega seamaster 300 case with stainless steel and rose gold to choose from, Louisiana crocodile leather strap, pearl dial, fritillaria beautiful collocation is cheap.

Nomos Tangomat GMT
Like refining contracted friend would like this omega seamaster 300 of wrist of typical style of German brand, Nomos. The new Nomos Tangomat GMT omega seamaster 300es, the best gift is dedicated to those who frequent flyers. At 9 o ‘clock position of the window shows the time zone of the wearer’s current location, can be adjusted by button; At 3 o ‘clock position with small time with 24 hours display a disc, on the side of the little red arrow pointing to the hometown of time. The horse leather strap, 30 meters waterproof. Choose the omega seamaster 300, long-term in out-of-town friends can know what time would be convenient for to call home.

The old watch bloom Old mechanical in GuiShi suffers bestow favor on

Mechanical watch, was a piece of appearance, now cheaper, 30 piece.” Baoguo temple GuiShi collection on Thursday morning, a middle-aged man murmured to passers-by to sell his watch. He, in front of the box with about one hundred pieces of all kinds of watches. “Peacock” and “ShuangLing” in those days big mechanical watch brand, is now cheap cheap.

“Are used to inventory, you see, new.” Pointing to stand on the watch, middle-aged man said to squat down the chosen people, “no high-grade omega seamaster professional, like bought a thing. That not all can’t afford it?” His watch, he introduces, inventory goods are mostly old clocks and watches, watch factory, “the country so many watch factory, electronic watch quartz watch a listed, these old watch all nobody to.”
“Who go out wearing a cell phone, the time is very convenient. Watch it, if it is not famous brand of good omega seamaster professional, wearing out is a burdensome, which be like at the beginning of a block of watches but big deal.” Was born in 1953, Mr. Zhang said, “I cut in line to the northeast, in 1969 the family the only gave me a watch. This mechanical watch is more than 200 dollars, this is my mom and dad, two more than three months of income.” Lao zhang returned to Beijing in 1975, then marry and have children in Beijing. “In the early 1980 s, mechanical watches are more than 100, by the 80 s, as long as less than about one hundred can be bought. At that time a lot of people wear piece of electronic watch.”

According to Beijing local Chronicles “thin”, “price”, such as records, in 1958, Beijing watch factory produced by the Roman brand watch as the prototype of 17 pieces of sample omega seamaster professional, a registered trademark of Beijing. In the 1982 annual output of 1.669 million only. When countries cut 20% of the price of the watch, the most common “ShuangLing” watch Beijing watch factory, down from 120 usd to 85 usd.

“There are several types of people who play omega seamaster professional, the rich have rich style, the poor are poor.” South side of a flea market, selling a watch shop owner says, “lost a watch, if not be careful, don’t call now, but had to die. At that time many people take a old watch look, you can read in his eyes, he must have special feeling with this type of omega seamaster professional.” So few money a old watch, the hands of the play in the omega seamaster professional, clean the oil sludge, in a clockwork, tick in the passage of time, again to glow the youth.

Watch the water after several processing methods

Watch is generally measured in the amplitude of swing, Switzerland early AM201 and GD – 50 type that we have produced. It is the use of so-called “Angle method” to measure, so, before measurement must choose good watches being measured corresponding balance wheel Angle.

Watch the water after the following methods:
After 1, watches, such as wet by water, can use a few layers of toilet paper or easy to moisture absorption of the flannelette bag tight closely, about 15 centimeters in near 40 watts of light bulbs, bake for about 30 minutes, the water vapor in the Omega seamaster 300 can be moisture. Avoid by all means will watch Omega seamaster 300 near the fire baking directly, lest make Omega seamaster 300 thermal deformation.

2, the Omega seamaster 300 itself, pan out, anti wear on your wrist, water can be removed after two hours. If water is serious, immediately send best watch shop clean oil, remove moisture movement, in order to avoid rusting parts.

3, with granular silica gel with watches have water in a closed container, hours later, remove the watch, the water is all but disappear. This method simple and economic, accuracy and life of the Omega seamaster 300 are without any damage. Has water absorption after many times of silica gel, and can be dry for several hours under 120 ℃, water absorbing capacity of renewable, also can be used repeatedly.

Watch at the time of test swing with instruments, there are several important related indicators:
1, swing head: watches after 24 hours and go full string under the two states, respectively, measure the two surfaces (surface and bottom) and three vertical (next, turn left, and turn on), the five changes position of the swing, with compared with position, take the biggest difference as a swing. Swing head also watches an important index of the performance, also can reflect on and balance spring and its design and assembly quality, usually require drop below 50 degrees.
2, swing flat vertical difference: watches in the condition of full string, respectively, measure the two surfaces (surface and bottom) and three vertical (next, turn left, and turn on), the five changes position of the swing, with a watch on the surface of the plane position and compared several vertical position, get the biggest difference as a swing flat vertical difference. Swing flat vertical difference also watch the position error is an important indicator of performance, often require flat vertical difference below 50 degrees.
3, the lowest elevation 24 hours swing: watch in real 24 hours later, the vertical plane (generally choose the left position) the lowest swing is not less than 180 degrees. Watch in the case of high swing low than the swing when the performance is better, especially for a watch with calendar attachment, the requirement of minimum 24 hours facade swing is particularly important.

Watch is generally measured in the amplitude of swing, Switzerland early AM201 and GD – 50 type that we have produced. It is the use of so-called “Angle method” to measure, so, before measurement must choose good watches being measured corresponding balance wheel Angle. In the instrument were used to detect the watch, a complete test unit needs a correction Omega seamaster 300 meter and amplitude meter. Before the clock on the maintenance, I saw in the school Omega seamaster 300, amplitude meter only can be seen in a watch factory. Shows that it is generally only pay attention to watch how quickly the precision of the swing and precision are equally important and interrelated, the technical index of the swing is bad, divide the peace sign too poor watch, must also go bad. Especially in calibration balance wheel balance, adjust the position error, must want to refer to swing, swing the concept of demand higher theoretical level maintenance personnel of the clock.
I know more, I want to contribute > >

How to maintaince the Omega watches daily

Casing or strap like close-fitting clothing, is a direct contact with human skin, such as not clean dirt, is easy to get dirty clothes cuffs, also easy to cause the skin itching, skin allergies, so need to keep clean. When you take off the watch, with a soft cloth gently dry watch body, strap and buckle, etc., can lengthen the watch of life.

(1) wear a watch, the hands of the sweat has corrosive to the case, all steel watchcase being nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistant performance is better, half steel watchcase of brass, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, often should use soft cloth wipe sweat or plastic Omega seamaster 300 mat, to prevent the erosion of the sweat.
(2) don’t open the back cover, in order to prevent dust into the machine affect the normal work of the watch.
(3) don’t put the watch with camphor ball inside the wardrobe, in order to avoid oil deterioration.
(4) don’t put the watch on the power amplifier, stereo, TV, lest the magnetization.
(5) store don’t wear a watch for a long time, should be regularly wound once a month, the automatic movement of the watch should be gently back and forth a few minutes or wear on your wrist for a period of time to make it automatic wind. The parts from dormant for a long time, to ensure the operation of Omega seamaster 300 machine performance.
(6) ordinary mechanical watches the tide, dry cotton available pressure on watch, with a 40-watt bulb bake for 5 minutes, exterior moisture evaporation can all be out.
If quartz electronic watches the tide, some small pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped in gauze. Then open the electronic watch cover, calcium chloride and electronic watch will be wrapped together in a flat or glass bottles, plastic bags sealing. Can be moisture in about 3 hours, electronic watch returned to normal. To be affected with damp be affected with damp serious suck tide Omega seamaster 300 can be appropriately extended time.
(7) received a beloved watch, pull down the outside packaging, be sure to keep good protective box used in the watch. These protect watches boxes, can give when usually don’t wear watches the safest protection, avoid watch is broken or collision, so keep the packing box is absolutely necessary, and advice is don’t wear a watch on weekdays, habit in a box, can greatly reduce watches the probability of damage.
(8) usually, it is best not to wear the same everyday watch should prepare a few more different watches used alternately, in addition to the modelling of rich people, also can avoid dust, body scale all concentrated in the same watch. For the leather strap, more careful care, lest cause strap frequent use everyday wear pull, even if new new surface, watch will look very old.
(9) put a watch on the mission to sleep, if the watch is a luminous watch, will bring adverse effect to the body. This is because the luminous watch pointer and dial with luminous materials, mainly of radium and the mixture of zinc sulfide, radium emit radiation can stimulate the zinc sulfide crystal shine, when sleeping, if wearing a Omega seamaster 300, the body is eight to nine hours of laser radiation, have certain harm to human body. Therefore, before you go to sleep, it is better to take down, luminous watch on the Omega seamaster 300.
(10) renovation. Watch is draw many lines, can be in the Omega seamaster 300 on one drops water first, squeeze a bit of toothpaste brush besmear again, can remove the scratch lines and make the Omega seamaster 300 be like new.

How to Choose the case for Omega seamaster 300

With the passage of time playing Omega seamaster 300, found his watch more and more. Don’t say you can only buy a, I believe that soon you have acquire more wrist watch, this is my experience a n experienced person. Choose a suiOmega seamaster 300 Omega seamaster 300 box problem becomes more urgent. I common list box in the market for our watches players BBS Omega seamaster 300 introduction by a friend.

1. Take the list box on shaking Omega seamaster 300 (power box)
Automatic rotary mechanical watch, if you don’t often wear will lead to stop walking. Good shake Omega seamaster 300 ware set has a variety of oscillating mode to increase topspin, watch keep running. If the watch had stopped for a long time easy to cause the Omega seamaster 300 oil settling property of watches.

Suit a crowd:
More than just watch people and love people.
Omega seamaster 300 has by the lack of exercise.
About 300 USD

2. Pure solid wooden watch box
Degree of solid wooden watch box use the ordinary classes such as old elm, oak solid wood, also has advanced customization mahogany Omega seamaster 300 boxes. Here I introduce Omega seamaster 300 box is practical and high cost performance. General jewelry box lined with dedicated neutral antiskid flannelette, without acid alkali, corrosion will not watch. Market or 2 for 5 more frames, can place the corresponding number of wrist watch.

Suit a crowd:
Wrist watch number only love people in the Omega seamaster 300.
Manual winding and quartz watch class love.
Price:300 USD, up 300 price of the following is not recommended, mostly poor hardware accessories, sealing.
3. PorOmega seamaster 300 watches boxes, watches boxes

Inside the external for genuine leather or artificial leather, is upset. Has convenient functions, a watch belt, bag in one, easy to deal with a variety of occasions, wearing appropriate Omega seamaster 300, reflect exquisite personal taste.

Suit a crowd:
Business people who travel on business, and to pretend bility request high.
About 200 USD

The moves when it’s necessary to make moves omega seamaster 300 fifty fathoms the get

Remember the original poster is the first watch of the college entrance examination after the father bought me a casio G – shock series, in the building when it is a good watch, has also been brought into the university, to accompany me a lot of time. After work, sometimes want to see a customer need to wear a suit or something, you want to change a don’t be so leisure can matching wrist watch.

Since the germination of the idea, the building will often see a lot of diving in wrist BBS wrist watch brand, what vacheron constantin and patek philippe poison poison. A chance in Shanghai xintiandi saw treasure pearl boutique concept shop, go in for a moment and then was deeply attracted by this watch, try wearing a discovery is very joker, dress can hold up seemingly casual wear, is made up his mind to it! Secretly said the concept of a treasure pearl shop will also be able to drink coffee taste the dessert oh, to see oneself of fifty fathoms below, we have a look at it.

Quartz watch common battery and replace the guidelines

We know quartz watch need to replace batteries, small make up mainly introduce quartz watch battery for you, it is become button cell, its mechanical watches, ACTS as clockwork. Small volume, high capacity, long service life is the characteristic of this kind of battery, all button cell consists of anode, cathode, electrolyte and isolation layer and the shell of five parts.

Quartz watch than mechanical error is smaller, as for some lazy, often mechanical watch needs winding, and quartz has batteries, is not allowed when the time is usually battery is low, replace a battery can easily get time error. Usually, we go to buy quartz watch will be told that a battery can use a three to five years. Part table friends may have such experience, are bluffing, my family can’t use the watch so long time. Quartz watch battery can use how long commonly? Small make up to give us the world.
Quartz watch batteries because of its appearance, also known as the button cell battery ACTS as mechanical watch spring, walking are Pointers to watch. This battery features including small volume, high capacity, long service life, all button cell consists of anode, cathode, electrolyte and isolation layer and the shell of five parts.

There are five commonly used quartz watch battery:
1, silver oxide batteries, also called silver-zinc battery, voltage of 1.55 V, is the most common used batteries in the quartz watch, has high energy density and stability, has no environmental hazards. Ordinary dry-cell batteries voltage will be used as decline gradually, and silver oxide battery voltage only near the end of life time, voltage plummeted, this feature to ensure accuracy of quartz watch when there is a lot of benefits. But the battery can’t through simple measuring method.
2, silver peroxide batteries, also called divalent silver battery, voltage of 1.55 V. Its capacity is high, but the voltage stability is poor.

3, mercuric oxide batteries, also called mercury battery, voltage of 1.35 V. Is the earliest developed into a watch battery, with environmental hazards, have less use.
4, lithium battery. With metal lithium as negative, with high voltage (3 v), low self-discharge rate, save, long life characteristics. Has a wide application future.

5, the solar cell. Can converts light energy into electrical energy. Generally have a secondary battery (nickel cadmium battery), as long as a short time each day by the sunlight or lamplight illuminate normal walking can make watches. Quartz clock and commonly used solar cells.
Now quartz watch is generally with a battery life indicator function, imported quartz watch on the table cover stickers indicating the date of the battery changes. If the watch go slow or stop suddenly, digital display watch is not clear, have the function of rings at table rings at the time of digital display disappears, remind you to change the battery. When selecting a battery, be sure to find high quality batteries, and reliable watch repair shop replacement

omega seamaster 300 of wrist of design inspiration

Watch of wrist of design inspiration, cannot only buy the watch
Today we talk about wrist watch with travel. From China, Italy, the United States to India odai gazipur, Peru’s machu picchu, these places to watch how the relationship? (source: “yue swim Conde Nast Traveler)
In one hundred omega seamaster 300
Europe’s inspiration
In one hundred the spirit

omega seamaster 300
Inspiration: Italian pilots
Tabulation spirit brand one hundred (Breitling) precise timer is favored by the pilot, such as its ace wrist watch (Chronomat fizzy). This series of products in 1983 was born in about an hour’s drive from Venice, Italy Cape Town Roy wave (Codroipo). The spirit or the Italian air force one hundred timer exclusive producer, the headquarters is located in here. Italian aerobatic Frecce Tricolori players will wear the watch when the performance, to ensure that all synchronous precision. You can be in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, such as Finland, Belgium and Spain) see Frecce Tricolori performance.
Treasure ji

omega seamaster 300
Inspiration: Italian Naples empress
Treasure ji Reine DE Naples Jour Nuit.
1810, Naples empress (Queen of Naples, and napoleon Bonaparte’s sister) Caroline murat (CarolineMurat) entrust the legendary watchmaker Abraham, Louis, treasure ji (Abraham – Louis Breguet) for her to make a timer. Based on a lot of records show, this is probably the world’s first gold wrist watch. Naturally, the famous tabulation brands have also launched a series of the wrist list that names with Naples empress, such as the latest omega seamaster 300.

omega seamaster 300
Hourstriker Tiger
Inspiration: st.mark’s square in Venice, Italy bell tower
omega seamaster 300 (Ulysse Nardin) Hourstriker Tiger
omega seamaster 300 (Ulysse Nardin) Hourstriker Tiger will make you think of Venetian landmark, located in st. mark’s square (Piazza San Marco) in the clock tower built in the 15th century. If you came to the city, must remember to take the elevator up to the tower top to see the stars. And as a version, also don’t miss the Bar snacks at Ristorante Quadri and famous Harry ‘s Bar.
1858 d Lyle series external framework and the flywheel after injection timing wrist watch
Inspiration: the French mont blanc d Lyle and Switzerland
Montblanc (Montblanc) d Lyle 1858 series
Montblanc (Montblanc) d Lyle 1858 series external frame the tourbillon after injection timing wrist watch (Villeret 1858 ExoTourbillon Rattrapante) with the brand is located – Swiss d Lyle (Villeret) and brand name origin – located in Mont Blanc within the territory of France (Mont Blanc).

Louis vuitton
Antique LV box and inspiration: Paris, France 24 world city
Watch of wrist of LV Escale
In 1859, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), founder of the same name brand, in his Paris studio produced later that the world famous bags. Escale of dial is composed of 38 kinds of color paint, antique LV box and inspiration from Paris, France 24 world city. Recently have more than one hotel in Paris, is particularly recommended is opened on August 1, the peninsula hotel in Paris.
1815 the UP/DOWN
Inspiration: Germany Saxony art and architecture
Lundgren 1815 UP and DOWN
Lundgren (a. Lange & Sohne) founder Ferdinand a. Lange, born in 1815 in Dresden, Dresden, Germany Saxony, the capital of Saxony). To him, and to salute the Saxon art and architecture, the brand is introduced, including Saxonia and 1815 series table. The UP/DOWN 1815, for example, might make you want to go to walk in dresden academy of fine arts. DresdenAcademy of Fine Arts

Tag heuer
Monaco Automatic Calibre 6 2014
Inspiration: Monaco formula one grand prix
Tag heuer Monaco Automatic Calibre 6 2014
Tabulation brand TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) for Monaco formula one Grand Prix (Monaco Grand Prix) launched a series of tables, such as Monaco Automatic Calibre 6 2014. The table of the predecessor as Steve McQueen (Steve McQueen) in the car movie “Le Mans” (Le Mans, 1971) in wear.
Asia’s inspiration

Jacques DE ROM.
Petite Heure Minute Dragon
Inspiration: the Chinese cultural
Jacques johndroe Petite Heure Minute Dragon
Over the years, the ancient art and culture of China has been a clock makers a source of inspiration. Ebony paint screen design, for example, has been used in the Chanel Mademoiselle Prive dial. Jacques and johndroe Petite Heure Minute on the dial of Dragon lurked a Dragon, that is a symbol of imperial power in traditional Chinese culture. You can visit the Forbidden City in Beijing Palace Museum (, personal feel the charm of Chinese culture essence.

Pei na sea
10 Days Radiomir GMT
Inspiration: chengdu panda in China
Pei na sea 10 Days Radiomir GMT
Pei na sea (Officine Panerai) cooperate with chengdu store launched a limited 10 gold Radiomir 10 Days GMT watch on the table cover, the most representative of chengdu panda, pei na sea stores sell only in chengdu.

OMEGA 007 Limited Edition

Since childhood opponents have a special expression, remember the primary school, my mother gave me to buy a piece of the pronunciation of the electronic omega watches, very happy, until now remember the time of the scene. With the passage of time, slowly on some understanding.

Until my wife and engagement of the time to buy their first piece of mechanical omega watches Longines flour flag, was particularly fond of his simple. But short-lived, began to slowly like a square omega watches, later he secretly bought a Cartier tank quartz. Later, a hot head also bought a CASIO figurines, give yourself an excuse to take water, swimming.

Until now I want to buy a piece of steel mechanical omega watches, because Longines do not know how to get the basic time is not allowed. Has been diving at the forum, study, visit. On the Rolex 114300 gray and AT8500 between the hippocampus tangled. That a few days is just a minute before work, after a minute is Europe, oneself are not independent, listen to the wind is rain, have gone mad. Finally in regard to labor 114300 no calendar. At the same time 007 is limited, accurate travel time, the main is yourself mad like which nylon strap, decided to buy a bond. Nonsense not say directly above. Photo level is limited, do not like do not spray.
New post hope everyone a lot of support, thank you!!!

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OMEGA Golf – a wise choice In fact

I always want to buy a Omega has more than a year, prior to about ten thousand of the purchase Omega budget, in 2015 before the Spring Festival in X Bao auction nearly a million filmed a Longines off the Omega, before that the auction is genuine, but the actual is not, the buying experience form, gave me a great lesson, to buy a Omega. Be careful! Can not be greedy small cheap, after the return of the money to recover! Also changed my view of the online auction of watches, and never participate in the auction Omega.

cut watchband
I see that error in fact or after going to buy Longines, but in the forum the Longines fame, the actual price is not high, continue to pay attention to other brands, a time of the occasional opportunity to buy a second-hand Longines watches, with two weeks, the feeling is not too fond of, one day three to five seconds, don’t know is my requirement is high and the quality is not good, really not in your heart, so they bring to the Omega to sell, in fact, sold before the Omega, is the friend of the true force, really nice, I think there is a word reminded: “a man thirty years old, with Longines, might as well without!” So it decided to sell and buy a higher level, but the wife in the home have been opposed, they usually don’t wear a watch, first is to buy 30000, after all, home and a fast two-year-old “long bone”, so that a bit expensive, sometimes feel too, but think how many pieces of men’s jewelry, Mo too belts, wallets, watches, how to also want to get a good Omega.
IMG_1384.JPG IMG_1381.JPG
Watch watch box
Their favorite back through, in his budget, IWC would not have read, the only true force and small Europe several Omegas, bubble forum for a couple of months, always say small European 8500 movement is good, and antimagnetic. Error is very small, so the firm decision, back through +8500 movement, only is left hippocampus this series!

N code in one]
May be their own occupation, always buys things more than N goods, before buying, looking for friends in Japan to study my brother is younger than the price, but it is worried that Japan is a parallel, buy back can notguarantee, after all, spent a lot of money, not bad two thousand or three thousand yuan, also called the people to go to Hongkong to see the Hongkong, XX, XX square, 20 percent off, send watchband, fold down to around thirty thousand, their first watch, really want to spend so much money?? is the wife of opposition, they bite the bullet to buy, buy a little cheaper, after a treasure after the DG was good, see a person’s objective evaluation, and asked the owner took the buyer’s information, I say: just give me information, ask you to buy the product, how to evaluate you, I’ll take this one, just give me information, I asked the original clear. Also Fellow, very good talk, but also taught me a Omega of common sense, after this watch true knowledge.
IMG_1380.JPG IMG_1386.JPG
Decision Omega styles on the left Omega color choice, selected Bumblebee, golf, blue disc three choose one of a, taking advantage of the travel to Shanghai, after all, their countryside counters are not a, morning go to the counter to try, bumblebee and really can not control, decided to abandon, looked at the golf, really good, with very young. After all, he just 30! And in a treasure in the business found that there is golf spot, before the trip has been linked to a good

on the living nearby, after eating lunch to find the office of the police, it is a bit of the size of it! said to turn Omega for me to take away, or take down the stairs to the counter cut strap, I said I must go to Neuchatel cut strap, measurement error. After all, now cut counter strap is really not very reliable, finally * * or and I went to the Shanghai Neuchatel together to the inspection, a waste of nearly three hours * *, cut out a strap, measurement error, error +-4S, the normal range and after-sale also said UNPROFOR for 4 years, after hearing these words also very happy. After all, the price is almost cheaper than the counter 50%, cheaper than the thousands of Hongkong ocean, in fact, I feel very sorry, is to go to the center of a taxi money is also a * * out.
IMG_1394.JPG IMG_1395.JPG IMG_1393.JPG
[feeling very satisfied]
It is his recent purchase experience form, simply with everybody share, I usually see people posting. Today the paste does not know is not write too long the! After a few days to test the daily error and then additional evaluation!