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The knowledge, you must know omega seamaster 300

Now use the most luminous watches are superluminova, Omega called Chromalight (because it is a patented formula
So there must be some differences, are not self luminous material, belonging to the receiving light stimulation, which led to the material. So characteristic
There is not much difference between. Can be classified as a category. The following things are also said of this type of light-emitting coating.
First, how to shine?
In general, the luminescent material will absorb the wavelength of 200nm-450nm, and then will be excited to a high energy state, high energy state
Will be accompanied by a photon of radiation and back to the low energy state. The absorption and excitation process is very short, about 10 subtle.
Time (some special cases will be greatly increased), and watch on the coating material is a special kind of existence, this kind of coating
After being excited, will enter a kind of spin multiplicity higher (don’t know Chinese how to translate sorry), this kind of state is called
State triplet (still do not know how to translate into Chinese), in this state, will be slow to radiation photons back to low energy
State. This is our lasting luminous key.
Let the bright luminous watch looks very simple, holding it under the light irradiation for a while, then we can enjoy the lights
The second night. However, in fact, does not like the luminous watch manufacturers advertised bright and durable. Because of this coating
The extent of the incentive is determined by the following 3 points:
1, the main energy in the light of what wavelength
2, the intensity of light
3, the duration of exposure to light
The coating is mainly absorbed by the UV energy, so we know that the LED UV lamp is mainly the wavelength of 365nm, so it can be very good
Drive type D65 coating, cold light fluorescent lamp which also contains a large number of uv. Of course, there are many high-pressure mercury vapor lamp.
But it belongs to the small amount of tungsten lamp, so you go to watch with the irradiation of incandescent light, will be very hard.
Two, how to shine?
The following Omega seamaster 300 is the light excitation Omega seamaster 300:
Luminance value (mcd/m 2) after excitation:
15 minutes
60 minutes
Constant load
In C f
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
10 minute discharge
60 minute discharge
Zero point nine
One point nine
Four point seven
Nine point three
One hundred
One hundred and eight
One hundred and thirteen
Eighteen point six
Two hundred
One hundred and twenty
One hundred and twenty-nine
One hundred and thirty-one
Forty-six point five
Five hundred
One hundred and forty-three
One hundred and forty-seven
One hundred and forty-eight
Ninety-two point nine
One thousand
One hundred and fifty-three
Twenty-two point five
One hundred and fifty-five
One hundred and fifty-five
Through this form, we can draw the following conclusion:
1, under low light intensity, irradiation time will have a great impact. So under low light conditions, the coating can obtain higher brightness for longer time.
2, under high illumination intensity, irradiation time for improving the brightness of coating (high energy state is not obvious, under 1000lx illumination, 15 minutes can reach
153 of the brightness value, and 60 minutes, it can only reach 155 of the brightness value.
3, under a certain illumination, even if the irradiation time is longer, it can not reach the maximum of the coating. For example, in the 20lx brightness, you put 10000 hours,
The highest brightness value can only reach 57.
4, the higher the incentive state, the faster the radiation energy.

The higher the brightness of the coating, the faster it will decay.
The brightness attenuation curve.
Green line is the luminance resolution, so we can specify, brightness decay to we cannot see, probably need 850-900 minutes.
It’s about 15 hours, this time, enough to meet the needs of the majority of people reading time at night.
Three, luminous material aging?
The answer is yes, the following Omega seamaster 300 is a number of properties of light-emitting materials:
Omega seamaster 300 manners
Basic and Limited by Share Ltd.
Blue and green
The chemical properties of strontium aluminate strontium aluminate ZnS:Cu
Color yellowish green light blue yellow green
The average particle size of 1000 hours 1000 hours 10-24 hours
Good chemical stability (except water) is good (except water).
Specific gravity 3.9 4.1 53.6
We can see that this substance is afraid of the water, please be careful not to damp.
There is the light fastness of the attribute is 300W high pressure mercury lamp irradiation 1000 hours or more, the coating brightness will permanently decreased by 20%.
Summed up is not damp, don’t let the luminescent substance exposed to high UV radiation environment.

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two Omega seamaster 300 of tangled

log type blue Rome digital Omega seamaster 300, and OMEGA Hour Visong / calendar section. I am on the luminous natural conflict, so with a luminous table will be PASS, even if other aspects of the best. Watch brand, not with luminous watches numbered, the two is the best.

Omega seamaster 300 per day plus or minus 2 seconds error is very attractive, although now the bright blue to attain the coaxial 8900 movement version has been in the sale, but it claims that error is 0-+5s, total feel Birao slightly worse then the slightest momentum.

It happened today to go to the OMEGA store wandering when I came across an uncle, wearing a bright blue has been more than a year, to look for a steel sheet. He said his head a few months later the error in 3.5s, there is no error, so give me gas.
Is again dial, although is 41mm dial, but the log table mirror area significantly brighter than small, speaking on the special terms of mobile phone is “screen accounted for than” small, let a person look spacious.
Although belong to both a grade (don’t tell me seriously, I know Omega seamaster 300 predominates in culture, history, brand influence and so on), psychology will have a little feeling, think in the Omega seamaster 300 superior workmanship. Blue table friends can prove that OMEGA is not bad?
This year’s Basel Watch Fair, Omega Flagship to attain the coaxial, now in the sale of watches has assembled

Omega seamaster 300’s flagship series of new technologies, such as 32 series movement, ceramic section steel Di, sky and air blaster series, but on the counter almost disappeared. From these details, the feeling of OMEGA more civilians some, Lao a little high cold.
Put a few pictures, in which the log 2 put two, because I personally do not like the teeth ring. Although it is the characteristics of the work, but always feel too much publicity. I am a low-key person, on behalf of pure love, not the slightest manifestation of the ingredients. If possible, I would like to hide my watch in the cuffs, no one can see it.
Read here, friends may have seen it, in fact I of bright blue is tendentious, but Omega seamaster 300 accurate travel time, workmanship fine and tie him to a choice. Asked friends to help give some advice.
Finally, I would like to say is that I know this section in Europe made this a little bit hit, but I believe that the European friends of the quality, appreciate their own, do not degrade others, is the quality of the people. In addition, we do not have to worry about, the same post I also sent to the Lao version, huh, huh, huh, huh.
Hour Vision.Png Hour Vision calendar calendar.Png log log 2.jpg 2.jpg aperture ring tooth

Remember all the way up the Omega seamaster 300

Chance to countries in the Middle East to work for a period of time, to the Middle East after the discovery of side wear a watch really and side Omega seamaster 300 price a lot cheaper than domestic, originally the price lower than the domestic don’t say, even hit the discount are than domestic a lot more. Came to this side of the Chinese people have almost bought a Omega seamaster 300 to wear, but also a lot of friends or relatives to help DG. And the store to the Chinese people a lot of discount.


They know the price of Chinese Omega seamaster 300, a lot of Chinese people are here to buy a Omega seamaster 300, Chinese customers more, so the discount alone to the Chinese people more than the other countries.
Watched over a period of time to return to work, feeling in the middle do not give yourself to buy a watch is a big loss, think he was standing up, men should have a decent watch. And then there was the idea of buying a watch. Find all kinds of information on the Internet on the watch, and then enters the poison altar. Just registered poison altar account when no search authority, then daily to see posted a reply accumulated points, a search access, understand the Omega seamaster 300 more, take a look at the types of more accumulation of knowledge more, thank each homework shoes. With your pay, we have more understanding and understanding of the watch.

Just beginning and colleagues go shopping see Omega seamaster 300, they saw a Omega watch shop, had also don’t know omega watches what price, we only know that it is a Swiss watch, and domestic large shopping malls have a lot of Omega watch shop, you drill into a circle, to my impression is the deepest is disk fly 8500, flour Roman numerals looked clean generous gentle, it is in line with the own character. The Rome numbers really poison to me, too pretty, and there is a small blue needle personality. When asked about the price, really scared me, and I know that it is not my food, too expensive, they can only choose other brands of watches in the election.
Then began a long journey at the Omega seamaster 300, as long as a colleague said to buy Omega seamaster 300 or go shopping at the Omega seamaster 300, he Pidianpidian go ride, some Middle East Omega seamaster 300 stores is Yahuo, some very old style line of watches, discount will be more, but the price is still to force. Such as the old IWC engineer, RMB thirty thousand will be down, then he would like to start this watch, although the price is very expensive, but the price is very awesome. After all, the domestic price to more than 6, their brains a hot want to buy, but to watch the map to the home after reading LD LD said, do not agree, not good-looking, but he found that the engineer watchband is very special, bad is not good, Richemont Omega seamaster 300 repair a price is too expensive.


The idea was dismissed.
According to their income, and the economic situation, look around colleagues are buying more Rock tissot. Of his Tiansuo really cold, perhaps domestic people wearing too much, he didn’t want to hit the Omega seamaster 300, slowly found Mido and Hamilton’s brand, Mido he really like, price can also, but really there is no their favorite styles, occasionally a wandering he saw black Duke, dial the right size looks really nice and very atmospheric, took an overhand to LD, LD said at the atmosphere, although I in selected another, I think, we pair disparity is too big.
Know the black Prince is 2824 movement, I just want to look at the can can’t find masters of 2893 or 7750 ETA movement, and then re Han Omega seamaster 300 website search to the master of flour and flour master looked at to let people think IWC Portuguese. The Portuguese meter is how classic ah, but your pocket Money is limited, only the window looked at it. Did not expect such a good Chinese Omega seamaster 300, the price is good, as long as you can get within eight thousand, the domestic price is also tens of thousands of. Then began his tangled in the Chinese Omega seamaster 300 of black jazz and flour between master and has also launched a voting posts

Thank Chinese Omega seamaster 300 Omega seamaster 300 friends give valuable advice. Finally I want to decide with flour, is home of LD to whether the, has said that the master of flour, like an alarm clock, don’t let me buy alarm clock to go home. Men and women’s eyes are not the same.
This time of ETA family of 2892 and 7750 movement with more understanding, themselves more tend to prefer 775, this time his Omega seamaster 300 to buy the price has unwittingly on the slowly rising, by chance, my colleagues and I said if you want to buy a Omega seamaster 300, she bought a Longines, my first thought to Longines is what brand I haven’t heard and “Longines” the name is really nice, very poetic. Then they go back to fierce fill the job, after feeling Longines in the discount price just good enough to their budget, visit the official website of Longines began to find their favorite styles, website all browsing Omega seamaster 300s in a circle, only famous 7750 basic models and conch move significantly attracted me, then go to a physical store to try to wear a watch, bring their own up a little big and thick, slightly a little inappropriate, but to no matter, he likes it, only more tangled is to buy a three needle or buy conch dynamic and buy dynamic fear watch bad bad repair. Because the dynamic model is not sold in the country, and is not afraid to repair the bad. Because the choice of which the problem, he also tangled for a long time, but also for the family of love Omega seamaster 300 friends given treasure

Get the Omega seamaster series with USD 500 budget

Attention loving family for a long time, has never been diving, in many senior posts have a lot of harvest, the purchase of a new Omega seamaster 300 has to be back not.


At the age of 18 in the first month’s salary to buy Tissot prc200 is now already old, Omega seamaster 300 circle scarred, every day also to slow a few seconds the, the punctual I simply can not tolerate, and 5 years should also change.
USD 500 budget is joking, after all, old Tissot also 4000 not.


Look at the beginning of the Navy pioneer, just the United States spent, a check online, a lot of problems, aware of during the love family Omega seamaster 300, the Omega seamaster 300. Then, there is no then… From the Navy pioneer to the Mingjiang, to the inheritance 61887, brand is not so popular is the product control, simply direct again on a grade, budget 3W. Finally, Mark locked up seventeen, Breitling blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, it forces pilots, finally is at8USD 500.

Mark seventeen look good, the brand is hard, the price is appropriate, ETA with all the nations of the grinding is also very good, but not back through… BREITLING low-key luxury connotation, blue glass surface beauty is not like, but not through the back… True force, too big, but not back through… So far, I do not understand why the pilot class of the Omega seamaster 300 are rarely back through (that is, I like the movement, although it is on the back, can occasionally pick off a large piece of steel cover how ugly ah)

Finally understand to 8USD 500, luminous, 8USD 500 self-produced core, 60 hours of power, antimagnetic, high back thoroughly, good movement, excellent brand, it! Personally think that 8USD 500 is one of 3W like most worth buying watches, had intended to recent trip to Europe, but couldn’t go counter to the several times, up to a maximum of 9 fold, and psychological expectations differ too big, Jingdong not IWS, then to the universal x treasure for DG, and ultimately to the appropriate price of, because after the sale of the Omega in the city, so there is time to measure the time, in each big forum are identified before and to make work, share joy with you

About the origin of the parallel goods in swiss

A similar article has a lot of, that most swiss parallel goods belong to the Omega dumping behavior, and even some speculation is defective or assembly of goods, in fact this is nonsense! First of all, we can be sure that OMEGA is a luxury in any country! Since it is a luxury must have several features, strict after-sales service, the product is very high, the agent level channel flow relative level of detail structure is simple (because it is a high margin industry)! So why OMEGA swiss’s parallel goods so (do you mind is so cheap and not simple cheap it? In fact, and swiss is not cheap, Tokyo big shop omega seamaster 300 price is relatively high) you have not noticed, generally parallel product source is swiss’s major Electronics City, omega seamaster 300 is when the supermarket sales of goods, this approach greatly reduces the cost of sales, so the electric city than the monopoly shop cheap is normal (electric city of swiss is to sell goods, but only one of the omega seamaster 300es of civilian goods, swissese is very exquisite, so we may appear to be the brand of luxury goods and they did not think that this approach is precisely the electric city greatly satisfy the swissese consumer vanity (don’t call it fake this is a pseudo luxury. Ha ha a new term! Then the problems of these channels? Are these electric city are OMEGA dealers?

Obviously, the agency level of luxury is actually very simple, it is impossible to have so many agents! These electric city goods are received from the agent of other countries (usually small countries and regions, manufacturers generally will for some weak sales or market weak areas adopted policies to support, the reason is very simple, in order to enhance the purchase demand and market awareness, profit is always allow such behavior, so agents in some areas of the purchase price may than other developed regions are cheaper). Under normal circumstances the factory price is 3-4 fold (which are still slightly rebate system, but not many, because of commodity value is too high), so some areas for rebates and proxy master (no sales there is no proxy) will dumping behavior. In this area some bad sell without selling quickly discontinued products, OEMAG will, of course, to better price and market support, which is in the, absolutely not equally, otherwise the marketing team of Omega became an idiot). swiss’s electric city just caught these opportunities. (there is no duty on swissese imports, so the cost of imports will be rather low). Electrical City of low-cost OMEGA is not surprising. Some people would ask, why not sell insurance card chapter? In fact, very simple, OMEGA channels are generally only 3. Manufacturers – the total generation of the region (60 percent off – 3) – dealership (30 percent off – 6) – terminal (no discount – 5% off). (careful can be found now area total generation is less and less, two hang in some big cities are not sales Omega the, because a large number of Omega counters directly into the market (which produced the conflicts of interests, said popular point, Omega gradually abandon channel their play because fewer channels, more able to control and relative market effect exacerbate, flat channels exacerbated).

Since it is the agent for Electric City, not necessarily Omega support similar practices (because manufacturers don’t want their sales strategy is Chuanhuo affect) but not control, as we all know, the swissese national amok (but not overbearing, just ground PI behavior). Not stamped, the reason is very simple, the first seal is need to sell to the user to cover so point of sale and Baoka area, inconsistent is reasonable (electric city would never dare sell cover other sales of goods and thus become second-hand goods the. Second this area suppliers did not dare to seal, for fear of Omega in a similar incident investigation homes can not check, you can look it up in the home.

Why is the card area? Very simple, easy to regulate the market to prevent Chuanhuo or customer service service investigation.
More personal humble opinion, is actually very simple, I am not in Omega work but for the understanding of marketing system and commodity market marketing concept speculation! Is purely entertainment. To be sure, rest assured to buy goods in parallel, and licensed itself is no problem, problem only channel to (because we can not say that it is illegal channels. The warranty or, can only say that different people have different views! Said a simple example, a user of Pingdingshan in Britain bought a Omega regular licensed, you go to the Pingdingshan biggest Omega counters (but I don’t know) him warranty see, I can tell you absolutely impossible! Acceptance will not accept, not necessarily understand how to repair, repair will not necessarily get to the parts! Don’t say a warranty!

A method that can be slightly early judgment of watch production date

let you no longer entangled with like omega seamaster 300 for stock!


If I tell you is: watch machine core number, then cheerfully ran in post three litres will you vomiting blood, called brain damaged the building a liar. Wish with saliva, rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes drown me, even useful plank brick die my impulse! Because everybody knows with movement watch the old and new are good methods to estimate the number but not necessarily applicable to all the watches. If your watch is movement number 86 at the beginning of hippocampal AT8500, congratulations! Your love omega seamaster 300 is very young, may be more than a year old! But the original poster I just start with a movement number 82 at the beginning of hippocampal calendar, the inventory of goods is 7 years ago? ! O sell cake! Though as long as the unit’s warranty time is confirmed in the CARDS for sale, but with what I spend money, buy is not to put a few years the inventory goods, although it is also a brand new! As more than 20 years old young man married a 40 year old spinster! In turn, is about! What?? Don’t marry more than forty years old spinster to a more than 20 years old young man is ok? My god! This is definitely not the original poster I mean, I don’t want to cause confusion again! : a9 should be more than forty years old mature uncle married a girl looks more than 20 years old also. : a3 ha ha, the male prostitute dream!


Why, digress! The building Lord useless talk so much, in fact, the correct answer is the love, always be by your side omega seamaster 300 of specifications, dang dang dang dang block, please welcome our protagonist thick red one instruction! 1 cover. JPG everyone got love omega seamaster 300, is more concerned about whether the insurance card, tags and love omega seamaster 300 4 yards, and ignoring the instruction! Ha ha, why the original poster pointed out by manual production date may judge slightly at the beginning of the watch? Please listen to me carefully to:
Instruction and watches is complementary packaging together in factory, in general, watches the production time should be later than the manual printing time. Also probably just ran out of specification, and, of course, and some of the watches haven’t out of specification, so the production time watch time earlier in the manual printing, but the probability of that happens rarely. Can say, however, the two time should be the same. Always no 07 years good watches, production has been put inside the warehouse, wait until 12 years with illustrations of the new printing packaging!!!! Did the unscrupulous JS to put the old and the new manual packing together? ! But the omega seamaster 300 and instruction is a match, the rest of the new omega seamaster 300 and the old manual… ? Well, can’t imagine! Hope JS not so careful, more didn’t I’m smart, don’t think this way! Of course, if the omega can see us, through the anti-counterfeiting means the watch machine core number is printed on the instruction manual, one to five yards, and that is more safe! So we can view the instructions printed slightly at the beginning of time to determine the production date watches.


And judge manual printing time at least the following three conditions:
1, look at the instruction of professional device characteristic symbol, for example: omega launched silicon hair, is sure to put it in the manual logo design. So after that watches, of whether it has the professional unit, its instruction should have the logo. Did not give out, of course, does not rule out a version of the manual, so don’t have special device of a new watch or keep up with a version of the manual packing together. But since a new thing, the businessman must be willing to promote to consumers, so the new production omega seamaster 300 with old manual rarely.
See my instructions, 2 marks. JPG hehe, already has silicon hairspring logo, at least it won’t be silicon balance spring launched before production! I love watch at once for a few years younger!
2, see the description of the list of the stores around the world, is certainly store opened in the former, manual printing on its list of the back! Omega boss, after all, is not a god, he could not predict the future where will open a store! Don’t want to return to say, the somebody else big companies do to the future development plan of ten years or twenty years, perhaps can be printed in advance? It can’t! One thousand consumers with the instructions to find that haven’t opened store, omega is not suspected of cheating consumers!


And look at my specifications, 3 stores. JPG ha ha, guangzhou have the latest in swire remit to open a store, through the Internet query, the store’s opening time in November 2011, I love watch at once again for a few years younger!

3. See the description of the back cover, it is because of the above two cases, the manual is always in constant revision, and illustrations of the omega is regardless of the general version of style series, so are generally batch printing, over a period of time in the back cover will indicate the time of printing. Flipping through the xinhua dictionary, like our childhood will indicate how many times revision, when printing.
Continue to look at my instruction, 4 back cover. JPG ha ha, is printed in June 12 years. Ha ha, the basic can tell my love watch less than one full year of life, very young! I satisfiedly smile, I satisfiedly smile!
Above all, I’d like to express the meaning of the building Lord also basic clear! I think this judgment method should be able to spread to all brands of watches, except in the case of a manual corresponds to a watch. Of course, want to understand our love watch the exact date of birth, only to watch model, the basic information such as machine core number to omega, consult the official, but they will not answer, it is unclear. Have the experience of omega seamaster 300 friends can share! Having said that, I think again, omega is not released a new super magnetically movement watches, don’t know it what is the professional equipment characteristics of the symbol. Once put into market, specification and will be the new revision. The future purchase omega seamaster 300 omega seamaster 300 friends can more accurately determine the date of your own love omega seamaster 300 production. Hey hey, more exciting friends don’t know which omega seamaster 300 can be established in the fortunate position of being love omega seamaster 300 online first AT8508 watches the darling of the hippocampus. Then we must work together to take over his post and the comments for the first ever love omega seamaster 300!


Nagging incredibly say so many, the original poster is really long-winded! Finally, if everyone recognized what I think is just at the beginning of the date of production, the method of judgment watch so I hereby call for: dear brothers and sisters, to dig out your dusty specifications, can find the key point of time, said sun them to let everyone see it online

Waiting for a month and got the omega bright blue finally

“The man should have a belongs to own love watch” friends of the words aroused my desire to purchase omega seamaster 300, began to bubble BBS everyday, choose omega seamaster 300, see the dazzling, I want to buy this again, and want to buy that piece of, finally see in stores the omega bright blue after the poisoning, it is said that 8500 movement is OK, then contact my relatives in Hong Kong, may not be channels, discount is not big, so start looking for of DG, finally found a in Ma Yungu, after a month the watch hand, immediately contact the inspection, after all so expensive things, said the master. “, I immediately tear protective film to wear, then go to the friends to show off, ha ha!!! The only shortcoming is that there is no luminous, 2 calibration to right, then the second hand and the minute hand or second hand 12 o ‘clock position, the minute hand not on the integral point scale.

003 002




omega seamaster four brothers

Remember as a child is born, for mechanical watches may be influenced by his father, was a Soviet old mechanical watches, has been difficult to forget. After working with salary bought citizen mechanical watch, to now also can normal operation of the oh. As the growth of the age and the improvement of life quality, small Japan watch has more and more can’t meet the requirements. Nature is aimed at Swiss watch, it’s not a birthday, Mrs Approval to buy a piece of day leng mechanical watch, it took 3000 oceans, ETA movement, without burnish, accuracy is limited, day 20 seconds faster, it is also very satisfied, at that time, after all, still no money!!!!!!

Found love omega seamaster 300 in 2010, after the BBS, the family is a good place to learn about the omega seamaster class, crazy watch knowledge and know the world all kinds of watches, but one of the top can’t afford to buy, or interested in rolex, omega, longines, especially in the hippocampus of omega series have a special favor. Although later also bought GO the 90-02-02-02-04 and ROLEX16610, but always interest, usually with much. First buy the hippocampus was 2535.80, both time, based on the development of the 2500 2500 movement, then have bought 2594.52 timing and hippocampus blue sea horse. omega seamaster omega seamaster brings me happiness, but his rugged surface belt on your wrist and appear inside collect and gentle, blame not omega seamaster series is by far the best omega sell a product, by the omega seamaster fans like it.


Recently on the BBS to see everyone’s homework, and hook up my interest in the PO, sea the sea horse is really the universe omega classic, used to be 2500 movement, have a bad habit of stealing stopped has not dared to start. After introduce 8500 omega movement, high praise, now there are improvements Si14 oil silk, dynamic storage 60 hours, from me to buy blue ocean horse can be realized. Or as usual for DG, first find several parallel site in Japan, to understand the price, accomplish know fairly well, at the same time, can avoid the risk of a tariff. Selected 42 silver, 46 is too big, can’t hold. Talked about good conditions and prices, and manned along abundant express is unambiguous, to hand the day. The goods in Italy, selling jewelry store in the omega you can find it on the website, the warranty should be no problem. Children’s day received the goods today has been 6 days, cut the strap myself, PO accuracy didn’t have to say, only faster than standard time for 2 seconds. Ok, at sixes and sevens, said the above, thank you for your browsing!!!!!!

003 004 005

Omega movement omega watches number

U1 k) d omega before 98 is a single omega watches number system, that is to say whether three needle movement or manual chain timing stopwatch, FP, quartz movement and the third needle movement in the manual are mixed number, so in 98 before the omega seamaster 300 watches is in the chart above order.

After 98, he began to junior needle movement; On the manual timing chain movement; FP movement (simple point is 33 xx series machine, because this time xx movement to stop using the old 32); ETA7750/7751 movement, women movement, quartz movement numbered separately. Below is the number principle:
1, manual chain on timing movement, 861/863186, 861/863186/1866), 1999-2000 using 48 xxyyyy number, this number should be the movement of the 861 series. In 1999, 1861 omega watchess out of the movement, all is limited, the “770 x, movement watch out of the 1866, 2000, no. Is 770 x. 77 xxyyyy dampened, super have so far. Years behind the difference is that a 77 number, year of roughly only on. It is 770 x 2000 omega watchess, the latest seen 775 x.

2 and all the women in the mechanical movement watches, quartz watches, and use ETA7750/7751 based on movement of super 1152, 1151 movement, with the 3220 movement ETA2892 + timing component design from 56 in 98 to begin to continue to use until 59 xx xx, 03, 04 years with 90 xx, 10 years to 91 xx. In super watch money, 1164 series movement as three needle movement with number, 84 x 85 x 81 x. 03, 04 years after the 3220 movement supremacy, with “90”.

3, FP movement, this is to use Piguet 1285 movement based on the movement of 33 xx series. Starting is 3301/3303, now is 3313/3603/3612. Use 78 xxyyyy for numbering, XX is also a year. 3301, 3303 movement starting is roughly 2001 to 2001 movement, 3301 movement as Jane version, will come out later. Roughly in 08, change into a coaxial 3313 movement. Same year analogy with “77”.
4, except the above other men of the mechanical watch, should be described here is based on theory of movement. Is about 1120, 2500, 8500 and derivative movement, there are three needles, there are small three stitches. The serial number of roughly as follows:
1999 = 598 x; 2000 = 61 xx. 2001 = 65 xx. 2002 = 655 x
2003 = 68 xx. 2004 = 70 xx. 2005 = 72 xx. 2006 = 78 xx
2007 = 81 xx. 2008 = 84 xx. 2011 = 85 xx

The numbering I found there are many wrong place, explained below:
There is a 60 x number of 60 “life is very short, only is a short period of time between 99-00.
80 x number, personally think that were used in 2000 to 2500 had just appear to use machine omega watches, 60 “x” in the same year 1120 movement is to use.
Individuals are not seen 61 xx, 65 “xx”, 68, xx, xx, 72, 70 “xx” omega watch.
After 01, 1120 movement and 2500 movement began to mix 80 “x”. Here you can know is 2500 stopwatch in 03 years ago is the use of 2500 b, before beginning to use 2500 c movement.
81 “x”, is man saw 81 xx number first appeared once lay a piece of the sign of the 1120 movement, 810 x, buying time is December 6 years. So this number use time limit is estimated at the end of 06. 81 “x” is divided into two segments, 815 x should be in ’07, 08-819 x 815 x is in the omega watches, the movement is a mixture of 1120 and 2500. 1120 movement, that is, at the end of 07 is no longer in use.
82 “x”. This section should be launched 8500 machine specially used to ’07, enable the time should be 08 8500 movement AT hippocampus. Later introduced with movement of the disc fly, 8500 x 82 “gives the dish for fly. The hippocampus is no longer use this digit.” To disc fly some memorial today still use 82 x “. Like bright blue also took 82 of the “x”.
84 “x”, should be used at the beginning of the 08. Estimated start time for years, in the same year first half of the time, there are 818, 819, “sales.
June 12, 86 “x”.


Buy the omega watch my guide

Buy omega seamaster 300, is my heart good. That good word how to solve, to oneself to like, the price is right, want to buy after a pleasant thrilling, also in use process not bring troubles to yourself. Everything to do well, but is not easy. So, how to buy a piece of omega watches in order to achieve a “good” word? To give my opinion here.
The first buy omega seamaster 300 mentality to borrow fan hu master: “watches, the heart has a high”! Buy cheap omega watches will inevitably from the factors to consider visibility and brand. omega seamaster 300 is put in, but at the same time also put to others see, this is I can’t avoid custom. But feel or want to know, the watch is market orientation difference, there is no difference between the true function of USES. Even though there are many technical advantages on advertising watches, in fact on the watch technology and other watch or datong, characteristics, the existing small and no compete (contemporary things under the background of today’s science and technology more and more depend on patents, rather than technical advantage).

Then adjust the mentality, before buy omega seamaster 300 then you should know about the brand. Omega history to baidu check code easier than me, but still briefly saying something I know the details. Omega in Switzerland in the omega seamaster 300 is a brand of history and technology. Starting from 19 to movement a century ago, to 30 mm (30 t) movement, the moon bright 321 movement, to fully automatic times of 561 movement (the automatic age from 470, 490 movement till the end of 752 pairs of calendar movement), omega has been a good brand of Swiss watch. Can you say that until the late 70 s, when omega with rolex, really has been a mainstay of the Swiss watch on both technical and sales, are the main force level (more than 20 years certificate of countless observatory, the market share and praise are record the splendid era). The 80 s and 90 s was a period of decline of omega, with 1020 movement, a century-old factory in more than ten years based on the inner of the ETA movement supporting the watches, obviously this is not enough. In this period of omega is rolex pulled open the distance of the brand. Until today, the renewal of omega is not yet complete, the comprehensive use of 8500 movement and the emergence of the 9300 movement is just the first step in the resurrection, the future road is still long, but can see omega again the ranks of the top watch.

Omega watches uk now use the movement on the three needles, main is 2500 movement and 8500 movement (and, of course, the female and some variant movement, such as 2202, 2628). One of the most controversial 2500 movement, as the omega to return to the first product produced machine core, anecdotal evaluation has been poor, stop stealing 2500 movement has been a lingering shadow. Personal assessment, 2500 machine stop stealing is objective existence, because the basic movement ETA2892 (1120) (small and thin), the design of the orientation, when done omega transform cannot scale (this is normal, on the mechanical gradually changed forever more suiomega seamaster 300 than new design), so the legacy problems also frustrates the omega. Today the omega enabled all 8500 movement, started to give up 2500 movement, the issue is one of the reasons. But 2500 movement is not an undesirable movement, 2500 from the price system movement, there is a big advantage all steel with the omega seamaster 300 2 w about the price, today in the era of rising prices is not easy. So when buy 2500 movement omega watch how to avoid steal stop annoyance? Personal opinion is to maintain attention and use of the method. Based small machine core power, due to the movement of the 2500 omega seamaster 300 we must keep the momentum, wearing a full eight hours a day, and the proper manual repair chain is the basis of ensure the normal operation of the watch; Reduce et and the number of times, don’t wear when using hand chain to keep power; Followed by maintenance intervals, 2500 normal movement watch maintenance interval of five years of wash oil personally think that there seems to be necessary to shorten, try to avoid falling into amatuer during maintenance, ensure the quality of wash oil in the oil (now due to the choice of basic movement seems to be improper, coaxial escapement technology high maintenance interval time instead of, go back!) . Now slowly close to shut down as the 2500 movement, a few years to buy a 2 w about omega is not easy, so 2500 movement or belong to can rest assured to buy the products. As for the 8500 movement is not much evaluation, personal opinion is another 5 to 10 years, 8500 movement after improvement to upgrade again, this movement will also be like 3035/3135 of the rolex, become the classic three needle movement, reshape the 561 movement.

Omega is a classic series machine core is the manual on the chain’s 321-321-861. 1861 manual movement no longer 321 movement, of course, today’s brilliance and beauty, due to the use of plastic parts 1861 movement is not manual movement of choice, choice is at least 1863 movement, of course, the best choice is 1866 movement (the moon). As a super omega seamaster 300 for 1863/1866 movement is the most preferred choice to omega.
Omega timing movement series extensive use of 33 now xx series, is also a fairly good movement. Movement is the basis of the movement Piguet 1285, the initial movement model is 3301, is part of a flight of the evolution and 3200/3201/3205), fine polished version is 3303 (3304 stopwatch personally think should be 3303 women, although also applied in a men’s watch), add the coaxial escapement is after 3313 movement (the movement is the omega housekeeping timing movement, following the 9300 movement, of course, even if the second). 3313 is 3603/3612 movement in the future version. Here as a reminder, omega movement like 3220360, 1360, 2 (basic movement ETA2892) and 3600360 (base machine core ETA7751) 6, Numbers similar to but larger movement essential difference between, do not belong to the omega high-end timing movement. But 3604 (1884) Lemania) and 1884 (1286 luxe Piguet) movement belongs to the high-end machine. So if buy this kind of low-end machine watch, also can consider more introduction of omega 1164 movement (basic machine core ETA7750) series.
Besides finished after the movement he talk about the problem of purchase. First statement I is poor, so has been argued that spend the most economic money to do good things. So watch magazine recommended by domestic legal channels to purchase I am very don’t agree with (of course if you buy the stream of PP is not), so appropriate purchase way is to buy the omega seamaster 300 you most concern. Here not to talk about gray, say first trading and parallel.

The nearest shopping site – Hong Kong. Because of mainland tourists a lot of shopping for a long time, now Hong Kong is no longer the best watch to buy preferred, but the main advantage is close, three days holiday + 3000 yuan can complete a free line in Hong Kong. So Hong Kong’s purchase price compared to China the only advantage is the exchange rate, hk $1: RMB 0.80. Discount is roughly 95, if familiar introduction or omega seamaster 300 rows VIP customers have a larger discount, generally can be up to 85. Attention is to buy gold or diamonds omega seamaster 300 discount is greater than the listed above, the difference of at least 10 points. Hong Kong is a gray, general industry trade discount is 65, people who buy generally between 75-80.

Choice – extensively in North America and Europe. People traveling abroad and business opportunity is greatly increased, to go abroad to buy omega seamaster 300 for now is a better choice than Hong Kong, anyway, all know that Hong Kong is about 8 fold, then go abroad to buy omega seamaster 300 will know. From now know, Britain, Germany, France in Europe is ideal for omega seamaster 300 destination, the three countries the tax refund rate is roughly same, is between 11.4% – 14.5% (this is to deduct the refund fee, and tax rebates to purchase amount also have relationship, should be 16.7% – 16.7% in real terms). In the European Union purchase omega seamaster 300 should pay attention to two points, one is a drawback problem. Due to problems have poundage, so buy more than a piece of the same brand of watches, choose as far as possible in a store shopping, use a list drawback will save a little. And when the refund amount more than 1000 euros, is to the store to send fax to refund company, you can get a cash refund at the airport (drawback is best not to choose return card, trouble and easy to leak out). Another bargain, because pay attention to the etiquette of Europe, the habit of americans sometimes too energetic, so an ideal discount, you will need to be polite of negotiations. And generally not repeat is difficult to have a larger discount, so the introduction of friends is also very important. This kind is another omega watches price generally in Europe is fixed, but some small price and discount sometimes unexpectedly good, now known as Finland prices seem to be very ideal. But like Switzerland is not the best shopping sites, drawback is low (8%, 7% less than the actual), less discount. Switzerland only available is omega seamaster 300 is complete, is to buy limited paragraphs omega seamaster 300 or special omega seamaster 300 destination. In addition the European purchase omega seamaster 300 in the big cities watch shop discount must not watch shop as small and medium-sized cities, but watch money is in turn. How to choose and will play it by ear. This two years due to Europe’s economic appear some problems, the purchase price also appeared a few more ideal state, like Italy would be a better price. And Spain and Portugal, the reason I believe everyone understand.
North American general tourists is hard to find the right price discounts, where there are friends, relatives help you look for is the way to settle. The drawback of the United States is some states across state 5% consumption tax rebate, but need to send outside the state to receive. Means you buy omega seamaster 300s across state lines, or send it to a friend’s house and let him come back. This 5% holding is very hard, and shall not apply to the tourists. In the United States to buy W purchase (amazon) to note, is to pay attention to protect card must have distributors and sales time, otherwise there will be problems at home can’t guarantee. To have a price advantage or warranty, this is a matter of opinion.

The choice of alternative — Australia and dubai. Say first dubai, dubai is the biggest advantage of two shopping festival, was January and June. And know more recently a Ramadan shopping festival in August. Best shopping site seems to be sailing hotel, goods discount is bigger. Dubai to buy discount is mainly to return securities, purchase form 20000 dirhams half back, coupons can be used to buy your purchase omega seamaster 300 under the brand watch. Means you buy omega watches get coupons can only buy the omega, can’t buy a higher level of brand, such as treasure ji, but buy longines, tissot does not limit. If you only buy a watch, are generally for 8-85 discount, but you more slow, the case also heard don’t vouchers to 7 fold. , of course, other countries in the Middle East are also buying watches is best choice, for example in bahrain, Jordan,, but these places are not travel destination, people go to work can find slowly.
Australia is a good buy omega seamaster 300, especially in Melbourne, according to long not appear fan hu master, 09 years ago can be in 6 fold, in recent years the price slowly came up, and too much appreciation of Australian dollar also offset a lot of advantages, discount is between 70-80 fold, but the premise is a frequent visitor. But tourism shopping note, estimate can get 75 discount also cheaper than Hong Kong, pay attention to Australia as there is a drawback. 12, 13 years, with the tide of world economy, the Australian dollar has depreciated, Australia’s purchase price also once again return to omega seamaster 300 ideal area.

The simplest affordable – Japan. Japan buy omega seamaster 300 only and trading are cheap. To the attention of the tourism, shopping malls is absolutely don’t have to consider, to sell more expensive than domestic are possible. The tour guide to take you to the stores or electronics shop (what preferential price difference too far, and won’t be much cheaper than is available in) is need not consider buying in Switzerland, omega seamaster 300 can buy Japan. Parallel only buy a place, Tokyo’s two world famous, jackroad and turtle.

Note: jackroad 5% rebate; Cash is king, a credit card charge 3% more; Basic only a fraction less bargaining don’t fooling around. Turtles do not have drawback, but when credit card is not to receive poundage, but bank card itself has a 1.5% of the catchment. Therefore can be in when to buy a omega seamaster 300 two stores do more comparison, price difference is not very big, is in commonly 5000 yen. So you need to choice, buy omega seamaster 300 when took a fancy to design let the clerk to the list of all the same model for you to pick it again, and parallel foreign sales date of warranty, can choose dates back as far as possible. In selective cases not to buy 30880, 30890, the area code of Japan in parallel, because the domestic some cities do not give warranty. That is the price difference is not the most important, the important is the warranty, after all the price difference is less than one thousand yuan, more than the number of warranty. Actually buy parallel in Japan there is a middle top grade (second-hand) omega seamaster 300, are generally only worn watch less than two months, more preferential price. (the above said also is changing, the substantial depreciation of the yen, is a new omega seamaster 300 to buy Japan become the ideal place. Second-hand is away, the two watch recently with Japan’s devaluation, prices in upward. And Japan is also increasing, and smart sales site of the original electronics shops and stores but also a very good price and trading.)
Here again added two new purchase site, one is South Korea, one is in Nepal. South Korea recently in the duty-free shops omega watches the price also is good, is is brush VISA platinum card there is a 5% discount, the rest of the sales price. From South Korea to buy effect, it seems that rolex where price is omega discount ideal. Another price of Nepal’s Kathmandu is compared, the drawback is there you in addition to directly in the purchase, accept to bargain, about the price in domestic is very 6 fold.
As for the legal channels watches, see personal skill. Know people get 75, 70, discounts are abundant. Is a swatch staff offer 4 fold, even, it is not waiting for the average person can expect.
About the omega watch money is not much said, the website have a look at the mind watch money is ok. Omega’s website again these watches are the most useful, can also check the production model. Try is king!
Patchy said a lot of, it is estimated that also look tired, I hope you can get the better.