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After it (Omega seamaster 300), I didn’t know the phases of the moon. Until today, see the moon table, I will naturally think of it.

Hundred only in my own table, there are phases of the moon less than 10. Although, I know that the moon is the origin of human time calendar, were the ancestors of all kinds of calendars, but for me, the moon has no actual meaning, perhaps only my grandmother still alive, to see if and when the new moon, 15, she’s a vegetarian diet, also just a probably.

Omega seamaster 300 Villeret series 6639 through all phases of the moon eight days watch of wrist of dynamic storage
First phase of the moon
Hazy love watches in the phases of the moon, from it’s stupid of stupid of appearance, especially those with a human face. That, however, is infatuated with the beauty of it, the deeper things, what principle, structure, I what all don’t know, also don’t want to know.

After 1995, the Basel fair, I deeply Vallee DE Joux, check in at the Hotel DE la Lande wasteland Hotel. There was the only hotel in the valley, to live in this factory guests. Eat in the evening, and familiar with the clockmaker, sat a table next to it. Greetings, to know that which talk about the call Charles Andre Piguet, another is less words, called Ariste Gueniat, master the two clock is bought technical backbone, and Renaissance as it leaves the blustery, immediately to awestruck by two masters.

Return to room, turn on the TV before going to sleep, and just see a programme to introduce Zenith, which mostly in said Charles Vermont save El Primero legend, but in the end, the producer visited some watchmaker, to understand the mechanical clock and watch of the future. Coincidentally, bought two masters, and appeared in the screen, tell us about the respective to the dreams of the future and concerns.

A lot of things, is a coincidence, like me and it. Remember also is in the early 1990 s, my friend told me of shaanxi south road of antique shops to close, the contents can be discount, he know I like to watch nautical astronomy, left the LiangSanTai. After I arrived at the store, take two ship’s bell, sneak a look at other things, by the way. In a plate of groceries, there is a small white gold set auger bought a female table, condition good, was I’ll take it home, wife also worn many times later, still lying in her jewelry box.
The eve of the Spring Festival in 1996, in take the no 26 tram on the way to the hospital on duty, after the time of the spring when the department store in Paris, suddenly saw a huge, it stands at the gate of fill the space in front of the store, even the door is blocked more than half. At that time, almost no watch brands in the domestic public brand promotion, watch shop also is a mixture of multi-brand shop, bought at the department store doorway to set the size of a table, is doing?

Immediately after work, I hurried to Paris in the spring, look. Set foot on the booth, see at a glance that year in the wilderness in the hotel restaurant and see on television the clockmaker Ariste Gueniat, more surprising is that stands in the giant posters to concentrate on assembly machine core clock teacher, is he himself. “Yes, master in this photo is I, in the book, posters, bought advertising, phenotypic have this photo in the shop decoration.” He is very excited to meet an old friend, a few words before the style.
Today’s treasure pearl table factory, the watchmaker, still according to the tradition of a century ago, elaborate, assembly of each watch

We eat together and then chat. He told me that since the mid – 1980 – s, it is in the planning of the mechanical watch recovery program, launched the ultra-thin, full through the phases of the moon, perpetual calendar, double seconds after injection timing, the tourbillon and three asked the six kinds of complex function table, and a comprehensive 1735 super complex model. It, is responsible for all the products of the two core watchmaker is Charles Andre Piguet and himself. Piguet specializing in 3 q, and he is responsible for all phases of the moon and timing. Before to it, he was in the Breitling is responsible for the relaunch of the Chronomat plan (the plan completed in 1984, the new Chronomat launch was a great success).

On February 4, 1996, in Shanghai printemps, Omega seamaster 300 brand show old friends meet again
Through all phases of the moon, is one of the topics. In the 1980 s, interest in mechanical watch, confidence fell to the bottom, as one of the symbols of the traditional mechanical clock function of the phases of the moon, is regarded as the symbol of declining industry, has been gradually abandoned. “At that time, everyone thought DDMM (calendar, week, calendar, phases of the moon) full calendar table is old pocket watch, is to go in the market, only the new layout of DDM (calendar, week, calendar) full calendar table reluctantly sell to it. This is against our original intention: we are chasing the pocket watch – the moon cannot little.” Sure enough, reading it early product catalogue, you can find and 6 large complex functions corresponding to the antique pocket watch. “Bought DDMM is almost the same period, therefore, the emergence of new on the market only take the through all phases of the moon, especially in the high prices of the new table. In the calendar, we also keep the phases of the moon, and it is face of the moon, more like a pocket watch.”

In the name of the form principle and the various stages of the phases of the moon
The result? “As a result, more than a decade, we are the most popular and best selling styles, is DDMM through all phases of the moon tables, has become the face of it.” Paused for a moment, then he said, “later, many brands are turning to pick the moon back, after full calendar table DDMM type will be more and more, there are three ask, after injection timing, perpetual calendar, also will more and more, this is our credit.” This is the day, February 4, 1996, I know the phases of the moon. Just a “news” reporter to interview, just leave a few pictures at the scene.

Twenty years later, he said were fulfilled: today, more and more phases of the moon, 3 q, after injection timing, perpetual calendar is also more and more.
The moon in the sky
Looking at the night sky, hung the moon, seems to be a client of the earth. We admire it at the same time, ignore it. Is there a moon, has no influence on the lives of most people. Is it true?
Scientific studies have demonstrated that the influence of the moon for the earth is extremely powerful and without it, our life and even impossible to continue. The moon’s gravity is to make the earth a key factors to keep the stable operation of, if there is no moon, the earth’s spin axis will be rotated 85 degrees after one million, polar and equatorial exchange. At the same time, the gravity of the moon and the earth’s rotation reduction effect, if there is no this force, the earth will turn into the crazy.

The most significant effect is the moon for the earth tide. In from the sun (accounts for about a third) and the moon (about 2/3) under the action of gravity and the earth’s rotation comprehensive, Marine and continental water system will appear in the flood and ebb tide, twice a day on average. If there is no moon, tides will greatly abate. The slow movement, will bring great influence on climate, ecological.
According to the moon, the earth and the sun, the change of relative position, viewed from earth, because of the Angle of the sun, the moon in the night sky presents different shape, we called it phases of the moon.
Astronomers call the full moon, waxing moon, crescent, last quarter the full cycle of the moon. In axial, the moon is 384400 km from the earth; The moon’s rotation and orbit around the earth, about 24 hours and 50 minutes from east to west to revolve. So, every day of the moon rise and set about 50 minutes later. To see in the northern hemisphere, the moon orbit the highest in the south, and see the highest in the southern hemisphere is located in the north, and see the moon orbit high the equator at the zenith.
Launched in 1983, the treasure pearl 6395 phases of the moon watch of wrist of profit and loss

Omega seamaster 300 Calibre6395 movement
Omega seamaster 300 Villeret series 6654 hidden set-up all phases of the moon calendar wrist watch
The moon goes around the earth completely a circle for an average of 27 days 7 hours and 43.7 minutes (27.32166 days), that is “stars”. Viewed from earth, after a meet “month”, return to the moon and the sun is relatively consistent position, takes 29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds (29.53059 days), that is the basis of the lunar month, is also the foundation of the phases of the moon in the mechanical clock.
The moon in the wrist
If there is no moon, people don’t invented calendar. As early as 4000 BC, people have begun to put the time period between the two times of the month circle for a month. In ancient Egypt, ancient China, the ancient mesopotamian, ancient India, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, is use to determine the moon calendar.
Today, although the world is widely used in public, but it is closely combined with the cycles of the moon still, this is the moon shows that exists on the clock, watch, watch.
However, the 29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds periodically with the aid of mechanical movement accurately represent on the dial, is very difficult. Fortunately, the figure is very close to 29 days 12 hours, that is, on the basis of 29.5 days, each cycle will have the error of the 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds, accumulated a year will be about 9 hours, accumulated to about two and a half years to 1 day, must be revised again.
, according to the phases of the moon round the moon dish to movement of hour gear promote the moon disk rotation every 24 hours. And regular group split into two phases of the moon on the phases of the moon disk display area, with 59 tooth 59 (X2 = 29.5), and exercise every day one, carefully on the moon in the phases of the moon tray design and calculation of opening match, perfectly to show real phases of the moon on the dial.
If you want to improve the precision of the phases of the moon, can pass additional intermediate gear. At this point, in the end of the bi-monthly phase surrounding the display panel if you have 135 teeth, suggests that complex mechanism shows that the moon cycles for 29 days 12 hours 45 minutes, also is the error of only 57.3 seconds per cycle, each year only 11 minutes, 26.4 seconds, until the error reaches 1 day, must be manually adjusted, is already more than a century later. And, of course, with more teeth, more conversion to achieve more accurate phases of the moon, we will be listed in the current project part of representative works.
Omega seamaster 300 Villeret series 6659 phases of the moon shows calendar table
Treasure pearl Villeret series 6664 retro modern hidden all phases of the moon half hunting wrist watch
The legend of the moon
The ancients not see this ShiYue, once this month according to the ancients. The moon’s speech in ancient China, mostly with profound philosophy. But in real life, the moon for humans, the impact on the ecological, completely has its scientific basis.
Medical experts, a psychiatrist, psychologist, and a series of studies confirm that medical scientists in addition to known as the female physiological cycles and the moon is closely related to the operation, when the full moon, sleep disturbances, sleepwalking, obviously increase the incidence of aggressive hysteria, or werewolf really exist? When the full moon and new moon, the sensitivity of the people of the same color will be different. Biology is more obvious, there are a lot of animals in accordance with the moon cycles to adjust their life cycle or reproductive cycle, such as the Pacific Ocean in angeles nereid, the Pacific coast of California fish, eel migratory hull as the mosquitoes, on the island of nightjar and sea urchins.
The moon can also affect the atmosphere ling coagulation material distribution, control the settlement of cosmic dust in the earth, the power of these tiny centralized display, can affect the distribution of rainfall and the amount.
In addition to scientifically proven strength, all over the world, widely circulated various legends about the moon and customs, some of which are folk custom, superstition, and a big part of it is to be further explored.
Many people believe that in the new moon – the waxing moon, began to go on a diet, a healthy diet, to regulate the body’s metabolism is very effective. Canyue – last quarter, the kinds of vegetables, especially root vegetables grow better, is conducive to root growth, pest control, weeding, fertilizing at this time, the branches are also particularly effective. In the waning moon – same last quarter, it would be easier to clean the house, cleaning, decorating, a good time to paint the house. If you want to quit bad habits such as smoking, it is better to start new moon – waxing moon; This period of time is also a great time to sleep, is focused, also suitable for the skin and facial maintenance. More importantly, the new moon – a first to make a lot of opportunities.
2010 Omega seamaster 300 Villeret series through all phases of the moon eight days power storage wrist watch (number: 6639-3631-55 b) and Omega seamaster 300 Calibre 6639 adopted by the movement
Omega seamaster 300 Calibre 6639 stopwatch have treasure pearl exclusive development security set-up protection device and hidden calibration device
The moon in the treasure pearl
To say it’s the moon, still have to go back to 1983, a mechanical clocks and watches the stormy s. Oddly, that year, is the senior phase of the moon in the 1980 s table of the outbreak, I suggest that we go to see the 1983 Basel fair, will surely understand why I say so. What is the dawn of senior mechanical watch, or the last of the crazy?
Of these, the most valuable, it is bought. Embattled moment in the senior mechanical clocks and watches, determined to rally it resolutely in midst of wave his flag, vowed to defend the honor of machinery. Most of the time, a little weight, can break the stalemate has long stand-off. Can’t say that it is the saviour of mechanical clocks and watches, but at that moment, stick to the plight of the people see a flag, the new flag to join the hard struggle of vulnerable groups, the flag, is it all phases of the moon.
The flag — it bring full calendar phases of the moon in 1983, is a female money, only 26 mm in diameter movement and table model called 6395, 21 mm in diameter, automatic chain, power reserve 40 hours. Except for a pair of antique pocket watch tone “, many details are considered, such as waht capitals trademark, pointer with separate window calendar calendar week, round watchcase, double table ring, willow, pointer, face of the moon, etc., after its elegance as Villeret series has set an example.
Today, the senior mechanical table was full, and after the course of a bloody heart, in waving the flag. Bought the spirit of the banner – through all phases of the moon, is the sign of the brand image, is also the most popular with the customers design. Development of more than 30 years, bought through all phases of the moon, the progress of footsteps never stops, under the seemingly still not old appearance, hidden on behalf of the senior mechanical clocks and watches the highest level of new technology and process.
Take all the Villeret series is still in sales through the phases of the moon to see family. In the whole family, 6263, 38 mm in diameter to remove add sunken small second hand and move the location of the trademark, is almost a founding amplification and become, for the first time but it is equipped with double box 100 hours long power automatic movement. 40 mm in diameter, 6654, a large central second hand and blue steel coil calendar pointer, remove the double through the window around the black box, equipped with silicon balance spring 6654 machine power reserve of 72 hours, equipped with hidden calibration and safety protection device for the first time. 42 mm in diameter, 6639, in addition to possess before devices, machine power reserve of 6639 reached eight days, also adopted complex enamel dial, on the technique and technology are at the highest level in the same industry.
2013 annual production of 6639-3642-55 b plate for egg white paint
Set limit to 275 only 2010 flags of 2010-3631-55 b enamel dial dial faces
Let us from outside to inside, take a look at this carefully introduced in 2010, the number is 6639-3631-55 b bought contemporary flag: 42 mm in diameter of 18 k rose gold case, eternal circular, classic double table ring, make it stick to the same silhouette.
Flagship DDMM pointer calendar double Windows and the layout of the phases of the moon, the harmonious balance, more than 30 years have not changed. Large flame enamel dial, micro scale is drawing fire, exquisite workmanship. Two rectangular window edge after 45 degree chamfer grinding, is worthy of appreciation in detail. Window of the moon combination in the subsided small second hand pan, enamel dial the whole midpoint ZhuiChu space. Red gold hollow out willow needle, three-dimensional surface slightly uplift, and flat blue steel coil calendar pointer mutual echo. Dark blue background in the face of the moon, comfortable overlooking inexorably.
Inside the watch case, it is with three silicon balance spring box spring and equipment 6639 movement, power reserve for eight days (192 hours). In addition to DDMM through all phases of the moon, the movement has also bought exclusive development of set-up safety protection device and hidden calibration device.
If you look through most of the brands through all phases of the moon table of the instruction, you will find it with bold reminder, set-up time shall not be banned in certain time period, so as not to damage the whole through the phases of the moon watches fine transmission escapement device. It security set-up machine protection device, is developed to avoid the troubles, can guarantee the machine can be arbitrary adjustment, 24 hours will never problems.
Most of the brands through all phases of the moon, will be the set-up in the sag of watchcase lateral button design, calibration need to use special metal needle or toothpicks to “stamp”, is a bit a skid, will cut case. Hidden adjustment button, are located in the corresponding table below the ear, just gently with fingertips touch can complete calibration process, and also not affect the integrity of the watch case, is it is a very useful invention.
Thus, under the similar appearance, all the equipment has taken on a new look. If the long drive, silicon hair, enamel plate, security protection, hidden set-up as high quality through all phases of the moon’s standards, so it is the undisputed leader. This watch is bought the contemporary interpretation of the evergreen tree series, the ageless flags, pushed to the top field in today’s advanced mechanical watch.
Many industry insiders believe that, in the 1980 s, marked the contemporary advanced mechanical watch from quartz ashes in the war, is the following the three events: in 1983, it’s rebirth, shows the traditional senior mechanical clocks and watches of calm in the face of the tight encirclement against concentration; In 1984, Ulysse Nardin astronomical trilogy opens, let people experience senior mechanical timepieces incomparable charm; In 1985, the IWC’s first generation of Da Vinci’s calendar, write the ability of senior mechanical clocks and watches are difficult to measure. It, it was the first flag breakout brand, and the dissenter, the moon is full calendar table

ETA movement with words

Contact on the market at present, most frequent in Switzerland, usually by Swiss ETA movement of Omega seamaster 300. Not just because the price of the more populist, and its production history, the structure performance of the machine is proven

The unity of the movement – 2824 “Swiss movement”
Mention ETA movement, the most famous say ETA2824 movement (pictured above). This kind of movement in the eyes of many old watch the master, is regarded as the unity of the Swiss movement. Very good, and durable. As an aside, what is a unified movement? I think so. Traces the history, about 1976 years of cultural revolution, unified movement. Now a lot of people have a misunderstanding that a unified movement manufactured, quality is poor. And, in fact, production really many, but the movement quality of product performance should be very reliable, especially before the 80 s. I once interviewed staff involved in the unification movement design, the light industry to, the unification movement to serve the broad masses of the people at least twenty years. In fact proved that series machine error precision, time length, durable degree are good.
2824 movement takes note of these advantages, it is a automatic machine core, generally is 25 diamond, dynamic storage 38 hours, have the function of the calendar quickly adjust and set the second. In theory, as long as the wear reaches 6 hours, the actual string machine just 4 hours, generally can be filled with strings. With this, we can see big balance wheel, big box of wheel design, these are to provide good dynamic security. Have time, I and the Swiss tabulation of the foreigner teacher chat, about this machine, in particular, I care about the service life of it. Foreigner personal opinions, the security can be replaced under the premise of spring and the reversing wheel, proper maintenance, can be up to 50 years, there is no problem. It is not hard to imagine that the movement of quality is good. About the 1980 s, is still widely used, is another side to prove its good quality.

Movement of 2824 – grade said
All manufacturing, production. there will be some parts accuracy is very good, some is less precision. Means, to hierarchical. A simple example, watch factory in the production balance wheel parts, with torsion pendulum testing machine, man-made ceded to precision. Same ETA parts production company, is produced by the hierarchical. That is was also carry 2824 movement, the brand senior walking is very good, the brand of slightly lower, they go slightly almost ineviOmega seamaster 300. This is not the average person understand finishing problems. (pictured) a lot of customers, and even some watch the master would think that a good brand with 2824 stopwatch and ordinary brand 2824 difference is that a polished, one doesn’t. This is clearly a misunderstanding, the deep meaning lies in two points. The first machine core components is itself is not the same grade, the second is the time to assembly factory technical standard is different. You still have your reason.

2824 movement – also has a problem?
2824 movement if you have any questions? I think we are also very concerned about. Is difficult to have perfect thing in the world and 2824 machine core is no exception. We can do is continue to improvement and rigorous their products. 2824 movement’s main problem is that special love out screw. 2824 on a model, it comes down to 2878 or 2879 (pictured), movement in the same position, the length of the screw can be responsible said, is nearly 2824 machine screw length of 2 times. Early movement is thick, but not love out screw. If you ask me, the part of the screw favorites? Through my experience, which are on the automatic clamp two black screws favorites. I think the reason is that 2824 movement of heavy hammer weight is bigger, the other one or screw is a little short.

The use of ETA 2879 movement
Another problem is that 2824 movement, carrying the triangle suspension spring device is not very good. Sometimes triangle spring easy to deformation, otherwise fall out, otherwise out a head, to watch bad phenomenon as well. Recommended for gabriel eloth suspension device of choose and buy, more sOmega seamaster 300 performance.

The last question, is also the main, it is double automatic reverse wheel, prone to failure, lead to in the first quarter. May be because the problem of oil, also may be because the pawl failure itself. Usually to repair, can only change new products, the effect can be ideal.
2836 movement – fake watch love rivals
Many fake watch, many merchants in describing special love to write 2836 movement. And you see the stopwatch is only a single calendar, this is an obvious error. 2836 stopwatch is double calendar, impossible to list the top of the calendar. Reason is that the structure double calendar movement will be thick, calendar ring also thick, strictly speaking, not with the movement of 2824 gm. One more thing, need you know. Foreigner a semicolon is a very serious problem, such as double calendar 2836 movement structure must be 3 point window and date of week, if it is 2834 movement is a week, 12 point a 3 point date, there are 2825 movement, is the structure of the small three stitches. These are basically fixed. So, my friends, you should see the seller’s description of the 2836 movement, while the actual only dates, even without looking at the Omega seamaster 300, affirmation is false.

2892 movement – thin section of automatic movement
Athens Omega seamaster 300 use ETA movement of 2892
2892 movement to my teacher recalls, in the late 80 s, when the Beijing watch company measure the master for the first time to see the movement of objects, when they are over the clever conception of its design. 2892 movement of its central idea is to thin, do the 2824 movement thick thin, that the greatest significance lies in the auto parts into the main movement, reasonable use a space. This movement is the most used in the men’s watch. Senior brand, and ordinary brand with a machine, can make whole watches became very thin.

Omega 1120 movement
2892 movement is commonly 21 rubies, although the reversing wheel is only one, but can realize the two sides to the first quarter. The design of the gear train is clever. Power reserve may reach 41 hours, with a single calendar quick adjustment, a second function. Self winding effect is less than 2824 movement, usually the actual wear in eight hours, best machine shake Omega seamaster 300 usually need to 5 hours, can achieve full string state, as accuracy is usually good. Omega to mend this movement, is the famous 1120, level can reach the observatory. The author used to repair too much block 1120 movement, experience tells me, is pretty good, and a precision machine core element is selected.

2892 movement – derived varieties and many so-called V8 certification
2892 the movement derived varieties of many, many applications. 2895 movement to the small three stitches structure, for example, it is on the basis of the original 2892 movement to make the changes, external round a small seconds. There are 2894 movement for timing clock, we usually call it a biscuit. Which is based on the 2892 movement, drop off a layer of plywood in order to realize timing function. There are some big load the calendar function, function of UTC, hollow out, etc., all such varieties also changes a lot.
Actually speaking, about the V8 certification I first learned that from some to sell in the movement of the population. So far, I don’t understand how the so-called V8 certification of technical indicators. In view of the movement in 2892, I have seen the most is the observatory COSC observatory offers certification, this is a series of corresponding technical requirements. For the V8 certification, I think is stunt is greater than the actual significance.

2671 movement – female money “unified movement”
ETA’s movement varieties, female Omega seamaster 300 movement is also a lot of. The most common is the most widely used in it ETA2671 movement. This movement is female Omega seamaster 300 movement, but the design of the actual balance wheel size, are large, walking is also a good performance in a machine.
ETA 2671 movement
Usually this movement has 25 rubies, is also a automatic mechanical movement, has the rapid adjustment and set the second calendar function. Usually wear full string on six hours, shaking Omega seamaster 300 machine just four hours. Overall speaking, the favorite movement out of the problem is that small steel wheel one thousand jins easily broken, because the design of the one thousand jins similar to V, in the case of torque is bigger, easy to damage. The rest is ideal.

2000 movement – the more controversial female money movement
In ETA many already very mature product, also has a controversial bigger movement. This is the type 2000 movement, this movement is the industry of master Omega seamaster 300 are recognized as more movement.
ETA movement of 2000-1
Movement is a movement of the single direction first quarter 2000, the size is thinner than 2671, 20 rubies. Problem is more self winding effect is particularly poor, more than 8 hours are not usually worn with string, full wave Omega seamaster 300 machine with 8 hours can sometimes. Walking balance wheel design special small, precision and error if repair master Omega seamaster 300 not carefully adjusted, it will be very bad. Spring torque gap is big. This will cause the instability of the performance when the.
Last year 2015, longines company took the lead in view of the reform movement in 2000, the focus of the reform on both sides to bend this aspect, to find a way to supply power, walking to ensure accuracy and length as well.

Would say the advantages of this movement, still basically is thin and small, can make the feeling of wrist wear. But the difficulty of maintenance becomes larger. At one point, ETA company for 2000 movement does not provide the supply of spare parts, support replacement of the machine.
7750 movement – German movement
About 7750 movement, unavoidable reminds me of the designers of this movement. He is a young German lad, the design concept to give my feeling is that more easy to processing, more thick, more durable, has a lot of German descent.

7750 the tissot automatic timing clock movement
7750 is a movement with timing clock, calendar and double function of a machine, usually has a 25 rubies. Although the movement is a single direction winding automatic movement, but the self winding effect is not bad. Usually wear on 5-6 hours can be full, shaking Omega seamaster 300 machine generally takes 4 to 5 hours. I want to thanks to a heavy hammer weight reasons with good effect. Very worthy of mention is that this time part of the movement. Using a timing module group, saved a space relatively, and the effect is very significant.
Remove the self winding component can see timing module
This effect is mainly embodied in the zero this operation, a handle cut into the peach heart moments, aggressive, will place very quickly, not sloppily. But instead will have a rigid demand, center timing large second hand must strictly and second round match the fitting. For the maintenance of wrist watch technician is to look at the craft, maybe just the addled needle needle. With this, the article 7750 movement on the box, big balance wheel, a lot larger than 2824, provide sufficient torque, as accuracy and performance is usually very good.

Swiss ETA company provides 775 x series, according to the movement of the derived varieties are also very much, 7751775 3 are relatively common. In addition, the movement has also been the nations brand to famous woodpecker movement instead of host, which necessarily reliable performance.
Swiss ETA as the largest machine core suppliers, production of a wide range of the mechanical movement and quartz movement. The steps of innovation to improve never seems to stop. The limitations of space, I would like to share with you some, the most common varieties of movement, provide some maintenance experience, some thanks. If there are any shortcomings, still want more advice

At the beginning of some Suggestions who wants to buy Omega seamaster 300

Thinking about when buying first wrist watch, “elder brother” at the beginning of a clock, in order to buy a psychological “most value” wrist watch is elaborative, think too much, think a lot of unnecessary problems, finally didn’t get the your favorite model.

For ordinary people, expensive watches, after all, are not things can be bought at any time, perhaps after a period of time accumulated didn’t have the cash. For most first time to buy expensive watches, choice is more difficult for the first time, a little suggestion, maybe can let the “early” first purchase Omega seamaster 300 more smoothly.

Don’t buy the Omega seamaster 300 in order to “face”
Mentioned “face” is, of course, have to say “lining”, each other, complement each other. The connotation of “lining” is the “face” and background, depend on “face” to express; “Face” is the external manifestation of “lining”, supported by “lining”.

“In the” only “face”
But most Chinese have a common fault, “face” light “lining”. Good cars running on the road has been commonplace, may have more to wear a good watch face. Aside those vulgar lining of the face,,, after all, money, money. Those poor lining with rich face, is really not necessary, in order to buy Omega seamaster 300 east and west together, if not really like it, just for filling a face not eat something good to save money.
Buy your favorite Cheap Omega watches , not buy others say good Omega seamaster 300
For “early”, it is very important. Good standard definition is different from everyone, you ask ten people have ten different answers. And you like to watch, they will also be put forward no fewer than 10 faults. The choose and buy watch is the need to carefully taste, to choose, even a try. Don’t like just don’t like, just don’t come, it’s very important to “early” eye catching!

Choose to suit oneself watchcase size, not big
Under the increasingly popular big watchcase agitation, more than 40 mm watchcase has quickly become a standard on all the new watch. Big watch case has the advantage of high recognition rate, maybe it will also make you look more spirit.
The IWC nations large pilot inheritance wrist watch, 48 mm gauge diameter, wear on fine wrist good-looking?
But for the wrist is thinner, and the pursuit of big case, I must choose a suiOmega seamaster 300 for wrist size of wrist watch. I’ve seen some fine wrist people with big case watches, at first glance is conspicuous, but the above-mentioned ear had rushed out of the wrist side, even on the strap buckle on your wrist, like a small shield aesthetic feeling, a bit funny.

Do not excessive pursuit of movement of Omega watches Uk
“Elder brother” at the beginning of the core is the struggle of the movement is not produced or series. As the name implies, its movement is the brand design and production of movement; All core is given priority to with ETA movement, by order of all brands, according to the different requirements of each brand produced belongs to the movement of the brand, the premise is the original by the movement of additional or modification, modification.

ETA 7750 change
Most of the “beginning”, while buying the first wrist watch, the system core is exclusive, equate system core with poor quality and cheap. Actually otherwise, in the case of ETA, as control now Swiss watch machine core half ETA, an annual production of Kings of RMB’s movement, it is often used by various brands of machine core is through the test of time (not good people won’t use it), such as ETA2892 – A2 is good. A foundation for the development of the new movement requires a lot of money, many brands do not have this ability, even if is strong that the movement does not necessarily than the system’s core is more durable.
Precision of mechanical watch is a relative concept
Observatory certification such as a variety of relevant certification in the accurate degree of precision mechanical watches than quartz. The reason why you choose mechanical watch is supposed to be like all kinds of machinery parts together, or is made up of fine grinding and ruby bearing the unique aesthetic feeling, these are quartz watch out of reach. So, at the beginning of the “elder brother” to think good you will want to buy Omega watches sale.

Quartz watch is bad?
Many people feel that the quartz watch is not good, if you have the chance to ask him why? He will tell you it is quartz, so bad. Nonsense.
Chopin’s Happy Diamonds series quartz watches, good-looking and fun
Quartz watch has the advantage of accurate, when error is small. Quartz movement with battery power, and even if worn for a long time will not stop, just two to three years to replace a battery, mechanical watches a lot of cheaper cost. And for women and elderly people, need not wear for a long time and frequent set-up time of quartz watch may be more suiOmega seamaster 300.
Buy Omega seamaster 300 value-added it’s not possible
I heard the most word is “buy xyz Omega seamaster 300, when to sell all don’t loss”, said the wrist like general real gold and silver. The eldest brother… Is it real gold and silver also has rise and fall, and it just a wrist watch.

The vast majority of mechanical watch, actually not. If you are in order to “value” to buy a mechanical watch, or even thinking of “value-added” earn points, advise early bother, result is hurt yourself. You buy a car would think of this car value? Old saying “a” car, this Omega seamaster 300 with car in fact is the same, since you buy it, it begins to fall. Perhaps the only thing that can make you happy is that it devalues the magnitude of the much smaller than the car, and if you maintain properly the Omega seamaster 300 use much longer time than the car.
Buy a Omega seamaster 300 is to wear, bought hide not to buy
Although wrist isn’t cheap, but if you bought a watch don’t wear a few months into the cupboard, take out only occasionally have a look, then lost the meaning of you buy a watch.
Caused by the wear watches watchcase scratch is ineviOmega seamaster 300, if you really care much about scratches, then try to choose wiredrawing processing case or a case of the ceramic material. Remember, you buy is a consumable, is not a burden in everyday life.
Take good care of your watch
Regular maintenance your watch. Even if the ban “fuck” watches, after all, it is fine, daily cleaning is necessary, at least to keep watch on the surface of the clean, dirty yourself wearing too ugly.
Watch the maintenance of although isn’t cheap, but after all is once every three years, is accepOmega seamaster 300. In addition, please go to the brand specified after-sale maintenance station or repuOmega seamaster 300 professional maintenance, otherwise you will likely be penny wise and pound foolish.
Most of the limited Omega seamaster 300 is a kind of promotion methods
Set limit to thousands of pieces of watches in sense is not limited, it is safe to say, this kind of set limit to is basically selling not only the thousands of pieces of watch. If extortionary say limited at least also should be hundreds of pieces of the following, several, or even a few pieces, one that is really limited. If you really pursue unique than to buy custom Omega seamaster 300, of course it should not consider the “beginning”.

Euro tour Green bosses all wear what Omega seamaster 300?

Speaking of euro, what will you think of? Italian COINS in 1968 the semi-finals in the former Soviet union, is 1992 Danish substitute the former title fairy tale, or won the first race in 2004 Greece myth? Anthony, south Carolina in 1976 “the spoon penalty”, van basten is 1988 zero Angle volley, or trezeguet’s golden ball winner in 2000?

Since founded in 1960, European dedicated many wonderful moment for us. Solstice on June 10, 2016 on July 10, 15 European championship will begin in France. As a fan, the most attention or star performances on the pitch. This article, let’s look at euro football bosses all wear what kind of Omega seamaster 300.


Pogba and rolex universe meter type di of wrist watch
Following the 1960 and 1984 years later, the third stage European championship tournament in France. At home, high morale high summer, and the prospect of France in the European championships, depends largely on the midfielder Paul pogba. Pogba is guinea French football player, his debut in serie b le havre academy. Pogba joined Manchester united in 2009, but his chance. Pogba switch to Juventus in 2012, gradually replace pirlo position and become old woman midfield. Nowadays, pogba has been dominating serie a with Juventus for four years. This home in euro, pogba will play an important role in the national team.
In 2016, pogba vacation and just joined the reds in Memphis DE photos. Can be seen from the diagram, pogba wearing rolex is a universe of type di of watch of wrist of black plate, the official model 116505-116505. The watch diameter of 40 mm, time carry 4130 type automatic winding machine, the price 290000 yuan, less than half pogba (70000 pounds) paid. Dark skin with shiny gold rolex, look also don’t have a taste. The two people in the lenovo figure, pogba drew the giants for DE palin is marginalized in Manchester united, and happily.

Andres iniesta and Amy ran tao series S timing clock
The Brazilian World Cup two years ago, Spain start is no, shock team out. As defending champion, matador hope to regain the 2008 and 2012, even the champions league glory. The last group stage match Spain a 1-1 draw against Italy, andres iniesta to an enemy five, one-on-one hit a prurient interest in the scene moments by fans of the Italian defence. Iniesta was born to the world famous ramah youth system, no matter in Barcelona, Barcelona play the Spanish national team, or transplantation plays a commander, metronome and the key role of engine, 2010 FIFA World Cup finals in South Africa but also scored the only goal, to help the matador at the time the first trophy.
Andres iniesta skin is more white, monotonous life. The pitch is honest won’t lost his temper, always silently contribute to the team, Chinese fans affectionately called “small white”. Low-key white and no signed brand TAB, just after the 2015 team partner Amy Omega seamaster 300 has set up a studio in camp nou, inviting Barcelona football club 24 players to design, and to build their personality customization Amy ran tao series S timing clock.

Wayne rooney and Accu Swiss treasure way China Percheron Treble wrist watch
Home has lu xiao pang, blessing and well-being! A player Wayne rooney against everton, in 2004, Manchester united from everton, rooney in Sir Alex ferguson in under the guidance of career peak. England, rooney at the age of 17 national team, and two European championship team participated in the 2004, 2012 and three World Cup 2006, 2010, 2014. In recent years, the time’s waste, injuries of erosion let rooney has hobbled, flashes once’s momentum gradually worn out, position also delay again and again, with the European team, “said the three lions often discontinued at the critical moment. This time England with ten wins record into the euro, I wonder if relegated to midfield Wayne rooney could rely on experience to help the three lions to the next level.
Partners in 2014, as Manchester united, treasure way launched Accu Swiss Percheron Cheap omega watches. The wrist watch is an innovative “capsule” type structure, connect body before and after using the screw Omega seamaster 300 ring, watch case and back cover, make the wrist structure stability, unafraid to strong impact. As the exclusive watches, dial 9 o ‘clock and 6 o ‘clock position with Manchester united emblem and Wayne rooney’s signature respectively. In addition, the bottom of the Omega Watches Uk also specially decorated with Wayne rooney jersey number.

omega watches 300

Gianluigi buffon and watch Black Magic Bracelet wrist watch
Gian gianluigi buffon, 21 club season, 20 years on behalf of the national team, “young” buffon was in France’s euro 2016. He had relegation into serie b with Juventus return to serie a after it had won; He also had 16 of the 2002 war gates lost golden ball outs, and left in 2006 to lift the trophy right out. Looking back more than 20 years career, buffon has experienced the bitter of failure, and taste had successful glycol, teammates and opponents face changed again change, only he stood in front of the Juventus and Italy, stands a monument. Looking forward to coming out of France’s euro, buffon as array anchored to lead the azzurri in war, this time, they can make up for the four years ago regret?

In 2012, that watch Omega seamaster 300 in Beijing signed a cooperation agreement with Juventus, gianluigi buffon and Andrea pirlo to attend the activity. They wear that watch Black Magic Bracelet watches, official model 301. CI. 1770. The RX. The watch is 44 mm in diameter, carrying the HUB 4100 time automatic winding machine, equipped with black ceramic watch case and bezel, with a black rubber strap. When the minute hand and the time scale calibration luminous layer coated white, black and white color and the mass-tone attune of Juventus echo, dynamic storage and provide 42 hours.

Bell type with Abby royal oak offshore wrist watch
Gareth bale, from Southampton open career, who moved to real Madrid after the tottenham hotspur. The risk! Chinese fans so affectionately call him. Bear not only who resemble the wu is empty, the speed is less people can. Spanish king’s cup final in 2013-14 season, 58 meters sprint, bell apare forced overtaking, with lightning fast speed raw Barcelona defender, known as “to three seconds after yourself”. In the national team, bell arranged 6 goals, help to enter the European championship finals for the first time in the history of wales itch a Sao half a century after the contest finals. As the only star in array, hope to control the welsh red dragon – another hit a miracle.
In 2013, bell’s move to real Madrid, from tottenham from white hart lane to the bernabeu is worn by the bell audemars royal oak offshore wrist watch, the official figure 26400 so. OO. A002CA. 01. The stainless steel watch 44 mm in diameter, carrying Cal. 3126/3840 time automatic winding machine core, and adopts copper beryllium and inertia variable element balance wheel, KIFElastor suspension with the FLAT of vibration frequency 21600 / hour (3 hz), can provide 60 hours power storage, the price of RMB 250000, bell salary (250000 pounds), about a week to buy 10.

omega watch

Cristiano ronaldo and tiger tag heuer Formula 1 shape timing clock
Since the childhood to cristiano ronaldo, ronaldinho from a bike to the king at the bernabeu, from Madeira island to the world, the road to success and glory is no royal road to learning, but cristiano ronaldo to staunch perseverance and unremitting efforts made in today’s football status. He suffered in the 2006 World Cup red card incident, rainy night in Moscow in 2008 point depression, was lost against the cosmos in the period of the league cup double wins, but ronaldo has never given up, he led real Madrid to break the monopoly to regain the league Barcelona (2011/12), the SAN siro for the champions league ball will also be three golden globe awards (2008, 2013 and 2014). One team, this time as a captain led war, ronaldo can help Portugal breakthrough?

In 2014, tiger tag heuer signed cristiano ronaldo, the following for the launch of Formula 1 shape timing clock, official model CAZ1113. FC8189. Tag heuer is a leading Swiss halfback tabulation, cristiano ronaldo is one of the world football king, tiger tag heuer “fearless challenge Achievement of self, “the spirit of philosophy, which is beneficial to cristiano ronaldo climb the new peak power, the source of the partnership is a match made in heaven. Formula 1 shape timing clock 42 mm in diameter, is located in the location of the small plane at three o ‘clock with white word “shape” pay tribute to cristiano ronaldo, vibrant green reminiscent of miracle field.
Conclusion: the threat of terrorism, michel platini’s departure, as well as the existing format farewell, make the European championship is different. But, all this can’t stop the enthusiasm of the fans, coupled with the crash of one hundred euro and the copa America, believe that this summer must be brilliant. In addition, please don’t ask why the national team’s game club signing wrist watch, this pan can only be pushed to the euro for benzema. Stars and wish you support team can achieve ideal result, let us use wrist meter record their moment of glory. Finally, watch is good, but don’t hold up the normal life and work.

Starting from the “core”, the casting of excellence

If one country can in the field of advanced tabulation, powerful challenge to Switzerland, the country, is German. If, there is a brand, to insist on continuous innovation, in order to fully produced famous altar Omega seamaster 300, the brand, is the case he’s original.

MPS excellence wrist watch
As one of the original German brand, he’s original produces, does not stay in individual movement, but in its wrist watch in full bloom. Its scope, even is not just limited to the movement, but expanded to dial. Even in the Swiss brand, has the capability of dial manufacturing also request.
Power, not by blowing, but by doing.

The new 36 movement
This year, he’s original make the foundation of a new machine, called 36. It is not the movement of the past long change change, to add and subtract, but after two years of research and development, will be officially. Carry this movement wrist watch,cheap omega watches is excellence.
36 the birth of the movement, to replace the previous 39 movement. And, after some complex function, will also be on the basis of 36 machine research and development. This, by me and he’s original asia-pacific sales director Wolfgang Lackner communication, confirmed. It seems that the importance of this movement, it goes without saying.
In that case, for 36 movement, the brand nature won’t be taken for granted. Let us close to movement, to find out the mystery.

This is a vibration frequency of 4 hz, dynamic storage for up to 100 hours of automatic chain movement. Although automatic chain, manual chain have different characteristics, relative, and inconclusive. But it is obvious that the automatic chain more convenient. Long power wrist watch, power reserve are common in three days, seem to do the brand more and more recently, seems to be a developing trend of the future clock. Case he’s original with only a clockwork box, power reserve is achieved 100 hours.
Long drive, is practical, but far from all of this movement. Stability and precision, and perhaps even more popular brand value.

The whole machine design, the optimized sharply. Parts not only more concise and easy to wear parts are discarded. Two-way chain gear, instead of the chain system on the traditional retaining pawl, and use the bayonet mount of innovation, will be fixed within the crust movement. Aggressive “reform”, let the stability of the wrist watch and shock resistance into geometry number multiplication. This movement, he was a grid of the most original, the brand’s first equipped with silicon balance spring movement.
Silicon hair, magnetically, and precise, so many brand began to adopt. Set-up in on the way, he said, the original is the sincerity, full “seduce” no card on the degree of balance spring torsion pendulum. Simply put, no degree of card balance spring balance wheel by means of the screw to adjust balance wheel speed, more precise, in the process of long-term use, walking is more advantageous to watch. Although there is no card degree balance spring balance wheel, but did not cancel the beautiful brand of gooseneck fine-tuning. Through the sapphire crystal Omega seamaster 300 back, you can easily enjoy the device full of temptation.

36 movement of pendulum tuo outer edge to 21 k gold production
Also to be able to appreciate, is excellent. Polishing of plywood decorative, gear, 21 k gold put tuo outer edge, flowing like reveal the juicy details the advanced TAB. If you see, still can see splint on “six azimuth calibration”. It more than observatory five parties of certification requirements a bearing.
Adopt 36 machine core members of the wrist watch, a diameter of 40 mm, currently a total of three, two stainless steel, a red and gold. Among them, the stainless steel and brown and white flour. All three needle match for track type scale. Design of elegant simplicity, very suiOmega seamaster 300 for collocation suits. In the front end of the second hand, is he’s original brand identity. Paragraphs and stainless steel and red gold with the blue steel peach pointer, elegant and charming. Black stainless steel product, when the pointer, or even a second hand front end, covered with luminescent material, otherwise the flavor.

Black and white flour stainless steel members watch of wrist of excellence
Original this time, he’s also created their own testing standard authentication, the authentication of focusing on the wrist function, technology and aesthetic requirements. Superior wrist before they go out, will test after 24 days of the whole Omega seamaster 300. The test of time longer than the same observatory. In addition to the specific content of the test precision, error rate and swing, and daily wear environment simulation test and waterproof, functional testing, etc., thorough and comprehensive. MPS remarkable watches the reference price: stainless steel 69500 yuan, red gold money 126500 yuan

Brand value is not equal to investment,material is the key

Sometimes people ask, what to buy Omega seamaster 300 the most value. What Omega seamaster 300 for investment, best first statement here, don’t agree with and watches investment appreciation. As for value, a lot of people are also understand there is an error, preservation is to minimize the loss, that is to say, when two watch out the residual value is high, and the price of the stores are still strong, such a wrist watch relatively even more value.

Brand value is not equal to investment material is the key
So understanding of the value of the common man have misconceptions, preservation is to minimize loss, a loss is again after buying price and the price of the new store. In general, the price of the stores also is relatively strong, so mainly have two wrist watch prices, can see the watch exactly have the effect of preservation.

To tell the truth, most of the wrist watch hedging effect is not good, a lot of brand watch have it that get a fifty percent discount, that is to say, may you bought a wrist watch, even if you don’t wear, as two wrist watch to also can achieve the original price is fifty percent, like this watch not hold their value.
The best is always limited, this is the truth of the truth. If the best can be unlimited replication, then became a word is blurred. Limited is an attractive word, representing the disdain for replication and mediocrity, represents the rich may not be available at any time. It in some way to justifying the owner of a privilege. Privilege, was like peas and carrots has something to do with the identity and status. Limited moves people subconsciously ably the exclusive to sensitive. Not afraid of wrist watch price is high, if can pick up a value evergreen wrist watch, let you can profit in addition to playing Omega seamaster 300.
Wrist watch want to see the brand value of a second see material pledge, then only to the specific design, brand can be said to be the wrist watch value the most critical factor, but the brand even if again good also can not reach the so-called material, design protection effect, brand made a Omega seamaster 300 about 90% of the value. In clocks and watches of all previous auction, are high on the list of some of the senior brand watch, so it’s very important to brand factors.

In addition to the brand and the material, the material aspects of precious metals the hedging effect of large steel watch, steel watch’s value effect is greater than the jewelry watches, because jewelry watch price is relatively a lot of premium, so the value of the above is not the ideal object, as to some other new materials and niche is qualitative, not through the test of time.

Finally turn the concrete design of wrist watch, specific to the same brand wrist watch on the similar material, also have different preservation effect, so usually want to do their homework more, listen more, see more to make the right judgment.

Rolex log type series 116233 champagne dish diamond wrist watch
The current price is the most strong two brands of rolex and patek philippe, from auction for successive clock can see out, from the store, the price at the time of other brands are collective diving, rolex is not “. The secondary market is the most precious, rolex for so many years, prices have been sOmega seamaster 300 in a horizontal line. If a Omega seamaster 300 maintenance good, starting with the basic and there is no big difference between shots, is on your hands when white wear, this is the most difficult thing to do.
Patek philippe complex function time series 5131 – j gold wrist watch
Patek philippe as recognized top brand, has always been high-end players collect investment object, its value of power to be reckoned with, watches can choose good appreciation of the space is very big, but I need original vision. Patek philippe Ref 5131 is one of a series of PP collector dreams, the reason is the world’s time zones wrist watch dial is enamel surface, and the PP is very strict with enamel craft, that can make the enamel surface of the master is very little

Dynamic Omega seamaster sailing series 5827 watches

Omega seamaster 300 has been the most important part of the Swiss watch, for the whole clock has an indelible contribution to the development of industry, Omega seamaster brand dates back to 1775, its founder, Abraham, Louis, Omega seamaster was the watch industry leader, creating countless great invention in his life, still on the watch and the profound influence. Watch today’s home is to bring you a breguet sailing series wrist watch tasting, watch the official version

omega watches 300

Complex function diagram
Breguet sailing series wrist watch with leisure Omega seamaster 300 design convey breguet ideal tabulation concept, in order to meet the modern consumer being comforOmega seamaster 300, practical and demands. And this series of watches completely accords with military precision meter standards, today to bring us the breguet sailing series wrist watch is Omega seamaster in 2015 Basel show to launch a new watch.
Breguet nautical Omega seamaster 300s of history can be traced back to 1815
Nautical Omega seamaster 300s of breguet history can be traced back to 1815, Abraham – Louis breguet by French king Louis xviii, appointed a French royal navy’s own watchmaker. At that time, sailing timing device is essential to the fleet, as they may decide the location of the ship at sea. Such timing clock must be accurate, and can ship under the effects of continuous movement. After accepting the task, Mr Breguet many outstanding sailing time clock is designed.

omega watch

The breguet sailing series wrist watch USES the design with 42 mm in diameter
The breguet 42 mm diameter design was adopted for navigation series wrist watch 18 k rose gold watch case, watch side crown design used for screw locking type, crown button above for the timing begins pause button, crown for the timer to zero button below.
The breguet sailing series wrist watch with breguet brand trademark design
The breguet sailing series wrist watch with breguet many iconic brand design, Omega seamaster 300 circle used for classic coin decorative design, Omega seamaster 300 ear used for welding type Omega seamaster 300 design, classic everywhere, the thickness of the wrist watch is 14.1 mm, as an activity is appropriate, but the wearer or heavy point comparison can HOLD.

Watch of wrist of wrist watch is a special timing minutes also located in a central location
Watch the disk design has breguet consistent design style, is the wrist watch is special timing minutes, also in a central location, the central timing second hand and central timing minutes design, wrist watch at 6 o ‘clock position is equipped with 12 hour hour meter circle and a date display window design, at 9 o ‘clock position with normal meter small seconds.

omega watch

Watch of wrist of internal capsule for breguet produced Cal. 583 q / 1 automatic chain movement
Wrist watch used for trainspotter Omega seamaster 300 design, internal movement of the wrist watch precision operation can be clearly seen. Internal capsule for breguet produced Cal. 583 q / 1 automatic chain machine core, with 311 precision parts, 18 k rose gold put tuo design, on the wrist watch with chain provides 48 hours of power reserve.

Conclusion: Omega seamaster Marine series is the precious historical retrospection to sailing and also conform to the needs of customers. They have the appearance of durable, movement, the crystallization of modern design, and retain the features of breguet style at the same time.

Omega seamaster collection series of wrist watch

If 2016 Basel what is particularly worth buying watches, I think the degree of Omega seamaster of the 40th anniversary of the collections of wrist watch is worth considering, why? Light of comfort Omega seamaster 300 experience, from building both modern fashion design, and, of course, elegant movement, these are the biggest bright spot beauty degree this year. Because this year is the 40th anniversary of the birth of the degrees of Omega seamaster series, having a unique style of the new watches really let a person shine at the moment, believe that will be very popular, today to bring one of the first paragraph elegant watch of wrist of appreciation, models for M027.407.36.080.00 wrist watch.

A lot of friends and Omega seamaster 300 have like the degree of belem li series, because the concise and easy. Because of this series design inspiration come from the world famous buildings, so we can realize some other wrist watch does not have the classic elements, including case model line, scale of style of decoration and some geometric structure, dial watch color, etc.

The degree of Omega seamaster collection series of wrist watch
In 1976, the birth of Omega seamaster series, under the dismal industry background at that time, no one thought of this series are so popular today. Modern Omega seamaster has experienced three generations, each generation has its own distinct series features, and also have different design inspiration, the collection of the Omega seamaster of new series of watches with milan’s neoclassical building Emmanuel ii arcade as a source of inspiration, through the unique warm radian design interpretation of the classic architecture and Italian baroque style.

Create a clear concise and fluent dial layout, belem li collections, memorial slender wrist watch use second hand, delicate toffee clockwise and minute hand, which is simple, easy to read on time.
Double Omega seamaster 300 circle
It is interesting to note that USES the double arch structure of wrist watch, this is the baroque art and the combination of the Emmanuel ii arcade, curved surface, arch, fluent line, highly decorative structure and so on, are expressed in the subtleties of the building inspiration.

Obviously, every detail achievement the wrist watch the collection of classic lasting appeal, the modelling of crown did not use does not have modern recreational sense of circular design, but use, is similar to the classical baroque architecture dome, with bright arch elements.
Leather strap
Each one to watch collections, memorial, beauty degree for its use cowhide material strap, symbol and pressure have grade, noble ribbed texture. Resilient leather strap, the comforOmega seamaster 300 wrist tactility, red brown color restoring ancient ways at the same time, add a refined temperament to watch.
PVD thin crust
Watchcase choose stainless steel material, in order to achieve the visual effect of exquisite luxury, watchcase surface using PVD technology with a thin layer of rose gold plating, besides not easy fade rub off, also can achieve certain abrasion resistance. Wrist watch, of course, a big characteristic, is the thin crust, thickness of 6.95 mm watchcase, totally more than the thickness of the general automatic mechanical watch, the benefits of thin is very easy to wear, and a symbol of the supernatural TAB.

The dial
Beauty of tabulation philosophy, the most important point is to design, new collection series of wrist watch dial is special use effect of the spray sand surface, matte brown wrist watch is composed of men of character, in contrast to the white paint scale and dial, concise “dot”, “line” element of beauty right (if it is solid metal time scale may be more beautiful, but it will increase the thickness).
Vintage collections
Wrist watch is very prominent in addition to a design that is 6 o ‘clock position of “Baroncelli HERITAGE”, using the exclusive collections, does not have the feelings restoring ancient ways of the font, the classical essence of wrist watch and the uniqueness of this series, it is said that this is to mark the 40th anniversary of Omega seamaster a big gift.

Automatic movement
In order to let the wrist watch more elegant, modern watches often use a trainspotter design, let the love Omega seamaster 300 to watch the movement rhythm beauty. Watch for the first time with the degree of type 1192 automatic machine core, the movement on the basis of ETA 2892 – A2, it is also the degree of type 1197 automatic movement on the basis of movement. The movement to go beyond the performance of past beauty degree is often used on the basis of the 2824 ETA movement, at the same time in the beautiful sex is better.

Pin buckle
In terms of wear, wrist watch with leather strap is pin type clasp, this kind of simple and practical watch button style is very popular, further highlights the retro. At the same time, because of security and thin clasp.
Summary: believe after careful appreciation, the details of you for the degree of Basel Omega seamaster collection series of wrist watch have more comprehensive understanding, indeed, as an everyday watch, it highlights a lot, at the same time it also couples on the Omega seamaster 300, not gold plated black plate etc many styles to choose from, so think, is worth buying for this year’s classic