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Swatch group ETA SA mechanical movement is expected to increase supply

Swatch group, according to Reuters may be allowed to provide customers with more mechanical movement, Switzerland (Weko) is a research about competition committee.

Swatch group ETA SA is one of the world’s largest blank machine manufacturing and suppliers, are still in the industry’s largest share mechanical movement contributors. In 2013, the swatch group and the Swiss competition commission agreement, gradually reduce the movement of foreign supply, rivals increase production capacity.
Recently, the global advanced wrist weak demand, machine core a glut on the market. Swatch group representatives in response to said in an interview with Reuters, “in view of the mechanical movement structural changes of the market, the Swiss competition commission are studying the possibility of liberalisation endows the agreement.”

Swatch group said, loosen the restriction for the supply of mechanical movement, ETA SA to better meet the demand of the third party.

The Swiss watch exports fell 9.7% year on year

According to the Swiss watch industry federation (FH) data released yesterday, in May 2016, the Swiss watch exports to 1.55 billion Swiss francs, fell 9.7% year on year, continuing the negative situation. First five months of 2016, the Swiss watch exports are lower than the same period in 2012.

Exports, watch of wrist of precious metals (23.6%) drop significantly, the tone for the whole situation, watch of wrist of other materials exports decline more gently. Fine steel exports, wrist (9.1%) as the main cause of the overall situation is not optimistic.

All the prices of products are not immune, but specific degree is different. Export price trend continued in recent months, between 500 to 3000 Swiss francs products are least affected. Export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs products are falling, but not very serious. Export prices between 200 to 500 Swiss francs products exports (exports – 16.8% – 17.8%) fell the most obvious, the export decline in the price is higher than 3000 Swiss francs products reached double digits.

Market in Hong Kong (16.8%) of horological exports fell in April and was flat, the trend over the past 12 months has not too significant. The American market (2.1%) is the result of the recently, but the obvious downward trend. Despite the favorable base effect, Japan (7.7%) or for a third straight month in data. As the end together, sustained growth over the past three months to the European market situation deteriorated sharply, in May, Italy (20.9%) and France (18.4%) a serious recession. The UK market (2.5%) fall is not very obvious, will benefit from the large quantities of high value products imported (clock, alarm clock, etc.).

Something to Omega movement data

4 speed 12:24 h needle, when the vehicle to date
4 s15/25/35:25 stone, date, with the function of hand chain/stop second device (high accuracy high beat movement.
4 s24:21 stone, hand chain/stop second device LAUREL use machine heart Omega

90 s
4 s27/77:28 stone, date/week, 24-hour pointer, with the function of hand chain/stop second device Omega

pointer date/retrograde week
4 s28:24 stone, hand chain, small second hand/stop second device LAUREL use machine heart Omega 90 s
4 s29:29 stone, hand chain, small second hand/second stop device, power storage says, “mainly for the use of Brightz series”
6 s28:34 stone, 1/8 of a second time, 30 points / 12 cumulative time, date, with the function of hand chain/stop second device (automatic chain on timing heart/column wheel.
Date of 7 s25:21 stone, the metallic coating/mainly use in dress Omega

7 s26:21 stone, date/week in general Omega 5, inverse input of diving watches, S – WAVE (?) Omega
7 s35 date: 23 stone, automatic plate with special lettering/main use in dress Omega
23 stone, date/week 7 s36:
in the Superior Omega 5 and Sports Omega
7 s55 date: 23 stone, in the Superior SLX series Omega
8 l35:26 stone, date, with the function of hand chain/stop second device [high propulsion (refers to promote the pointer)/high shock resistance, used in high diving watches Omega
9 s51:24 stone, new GS norms, with the function of hand chain/stop second device [senior high beat movement/GS used mainly Omega
9 s54:20 stone, hand chain/stop second device, the new GS specifications GS Omega
in the hand chain
Stone, date, 9 s55:26 new GS norms, with the function of hand chain/stop second device [senior high beat movement/mainly USES in the GS Omega
9 s56, stone, date, GMT needle, 27 new GS norms, with the function of hand chain/stop second device [GS GMT with]
6 r15:23 stone, date, the largest energy storage 50 hours, with the function of hand chain/stop second device used in Spirit series Omega
4 l25:25 stone, date, the largest energy storage 42 hours, with the function of hand chain/stop second device machine series to use Omega
4206:17 stone, date/week, hand chain “Omega 5 female omega seamaster 300 use”
4207:21 stone, date/week, with the function of hand chain “Omega 5 female omega seamaster 300 use”
4227:21 stone, date/week, with the function of hand chain mainly USES in the square male Omega 5 (?) Omega
Date of 4225:21 stone, the main use in boy size Omega 5]
6870:21 stone, hand chain [6810 modified / (no) 2 needle type ultra-thin movement/mainly use in dress Omega
6898:22 stone, hand chain (about 2 mm thick 2 pin type ultra-thin movement/mainly use in dress Omega
7 r88:30 stone, hand chain/second stop device, second hand uninterrupted walk,, store display, date (month less + 15 seconds/CREDOR Spring Drive with Omega
R65 9:30 stone, second hand uninterrupted walk, store display, date, with the function of hand chain/stop second device [month less + 15 seconds/GS Spring Drive with Omega
R66 9:30 stone, automatic roll of SD, 30 mm in diameter, 5.8 mm thick, 72 hours of power, GMT, energy, according to GS standard
5 r66:30 stone, automatic roll of SD, 30 mm in diameter, 5.8 mm thick, 72 hours of power, GMT, energy, according to GS standard
7 r89:30 stone, dampened, SD, 29.0 mm in diameter, 4.5 mm thick, 48 hours for the power, the moon, the energy display
4 s76:31 stone, automatic volume, diameter of 26.0 mm, 5.3 mm thick, motivation, 50 hours a week, according to energy
6 the r20:29 stone, automatic volume, diameter of 27.4 mm, 6.15 mm thick, motivation, 45 hours a week, according to energy
9 s67:41 stone, automatic volume (which can be manually on the chain), diameter of 28.4 mm, 5.9 mm thick, 72 hours of power, the date, the energy display
5 r77:30 stone, automatic roll of SD, 30 mm in diameter, 6.0 mm thick, 72 hours of power, the moon, the energy display
5 r65:30 stone, automatic roll of SD, 30 mm in diameter, 5.1 mm thick, 72 hours of power, the date, the energy display

The grandeur of the Omega traditional decorative details

Precise movement deserve to go up to the adornment of the perfect details.In many former represents the advanced TAB standard process with the passage of time and in the process of the rise of modern industry and gradually forgotten, Omega a. ange & Soehne still unswervingly stick to these standards and traditions, such as the gooseneck spinner, manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork balance cock, first three-quarters of the plywood, used to make plywood and bridge plate of untreated German silver… And so on. In the traditional process, there is a very important tradition of excellence that is used in almost all components of the movement of surface decoration.

Precise movement deserve to go up to the perfect decoration details, only to Omega Seamaster 300 outside the mechanical scent, send out a strong artistic background, to make people more to love. Let us by Omega a. ange & Soehen ten of the most important decoration to taste the deep charm of wrist Omega Seamaster 300 brand in one hundred.

Mirror polishing:
Mirror polishing is the most pay attention to the finishing of the difficulty of the skills and techniques, used only in the tourbillon wristOmega Seamaster 300 bridge plate and frame. When single is processing a part may need five days.
Cutting edge:
Omega wrist Omega Seamaster 300 part, almost all Angle after hands with 45 degree Angle for grinding. When the process is the most difficult for sharp angles.
Circle lines:
Circular pattern is applied to the circular part such as gear, is different from the other most of the decoration, circle lines are made of components on roll grinding tool.

Circumferential grinding:
All components of the machine core framework of frame were finishing for the matte effect, compared with the edge of through polishing processing.
Carve patterns or designs on woodwork adornment:
Carve patterns or designs on woodwork decoration makes Omega wrist Omega Seamaster 300 each unique personal collection. Every piece of balance cock all by six master sculptor carved on the one hand exquisite patterns.
Flat make parts surface smooth as a mirror. When making plane polishing, need to cover special film on diamond fine powder, in the manner of the eight.

Straight lines:
Straight grain is put parts in sand paper, and friction in the same direction, form the fine grain parallel.
Cloud decorative:
Cloud decoration lines made up of tiny overlapping circles, using tiny spins stipple, mainly used in wrist Omega Seamaster 300 long bridge board and plywood.

Case he patterns build a soft ripple effect, decoration 3/4 plywood and other large machine core framework components.

The sun wen:
The sun wen is mainly used in the larger gear and machine frame components, grain spiraling.
A great works are often made up of countless great details, and details also become almost all luxury inch wheel over, and to some extent made the unique value of the brand. If use in the “difficult to learn its form and its gods” to describe the footsteps of work with a real classic of other things, so, any location is it difficult to copy the details of the “god”.

Omega a. ange & Soehne founder ferdinando – adolf Omega said his business philosophy: “quality process to ensure that the value of our goal, is to provide customers with top quality Omega Seamaster 300es, do our best for our customers.” And is probably the persistence and commitment, and passion, so just let Omega a. ange & Soehne after many twists and turns can still enough to create eternity in a rapidly changing world.

Introduction to parity and the high quality movement

ETA 2824-2

Usually just contact mechanical Omega Seamaster 300, the earliest known or used to the movement of nothing more than ETA 2824-2 and 7 s26 seiko, ETA 2824-2 which is not only sOmega Seamaster 300, high accuracy, also has the function of hand chain, although so prices higher than Japan movement, but in terms of various aspects, is still a new choice to get started. Same with ETA ETA 7750 as a 2892 – A2, ETA is one of the triple gem (another 6497, 6498 series also has a catch-up momentum in recent years), but the price is low many, so many fake Omega Seamaster 300 and the so-called Taiwan, Hong Kong tabulation, also adopts this movement, too the result of the flood, many people just hear ETA 2824-2 is counterproductive, and ignored his good nature.

ETA basic data for 2824-2: the diameter of 25.60 mm and 4.60 mm thickness, lowest power reserve 38 hours (but varies depending on the individual situation), 25 rubies, vibration frequency of 28.800 times per hour, the bidirectional automatic chain.

ETA time, published 2824-2 from the prototype has been more than half a century, and derived by the Eterna and ETA movement type is the worst case load, the family in appearance, vibration frequency and the balance wheel type is slightly difference, but the use of transmission gear train and two-way chain system, didn’t do too much of a change. In the 80 s to the ETA 2824-2 series of production, there are many different kinds, including ETA ETA 2804-2801-2, 2 (with date) is taking chain structure of the hand chain on two-way automatic version, but still have other functions of ETA 2824-2, diameter of the same thickness reduced to 3.35 mm, but the appearance is not beautiful, in addition levels and parts of polishing is also belongs to the low price, after all, and 7001 ETA can choose, so this kind of movement is not common. Is also one of the most common ETA 2836-2, this is the design of combined with the function of week, thickness increases to 5.05 mm, believe that can meet the demand of large people, can be in the basic of ORIS, TISSOT, MIDO project, to see it. Other derivative with additional timing module, and the world time zone module, but is also relatively low visibility.

Calls on common market ETA movement, 2824-2 red meat is not the basis of the modified machine core, but the color is the color of copper alloy, not rose gold, and the cost is in two thousand yuan, but with the plating on the processing of nickel, rhodium, and all kinds of corrugated polishing, and change level higher balance spring and torsion pendulum device, looks very bright, also can be easily through the observatory’s test standard. From the earliest ETA 2824-2 of the original design to the present, the appearance is slightly change, but the name on the two-way chain institutions did not change all the time, about the efficiency of the two-way and one-way chain, who is still inconclusive, but used in the author’s experience, the chain effect is very good, as long as the exercise is big, box spring are nearly full chain state. So the most obvious advantage is that accuracy is very sOmega Seamaster 300, the bit error can be reduced to a minimum.

ETA 2824-2 in addition movement is thick, also suiOmega Seamaster 300 for use in the activity, such as the Colt one hundred spirit, using the observatory ranks of ETA 2824-2, through the test of foreign professional magazine and accuracy are satisfactory. In addition emperor rudder three needle and activity, also USES ETA 2824-2, but change the trimming device and change Kif shock, only one tree, also on behalf of the emperor rudder Omega Seamaster 300 factory stick to it. And Amy’s originality series, can be make ETA 2824-2 machine, fu and calendar, the moon and other functions, and polished, has get rid of the traditional impression of cheap. And the rest of the players, also think the ETA to the top ranks of the 2824-2 and ETA, compared to 2892 – A2 is the same in each aspect, the performance of ETA 2824-2 is pretty good. But design itself is a large number of production, more or less in the parts and the details of the substrate processing, also can appear to let a person of weakness, but because of their price positioning, so ETA 2824-2 are mostly appear in low price Omega Seamaster 300es. So within a reasonable price, the use of ETA 2824-2 machine, I want to Omega Seamaster 300 also is very famous for not only geared to the criticism.

A large number of around 2000 boom in tabulation is trying to make a lot of money to speed up the money in the field Since 2008, and 2009 .people finally understand  high-grade Omega Seamaster 300 making is impossible to use as the fast pace of the fashion industry management methods, attractive new products each year. Even so, catering to even take the initiative to help from fashion to motivate consumers to buy, but it is the most Omega Seamaster 300 brands including those high-end brands to adopt the strategy of ineviOmega Seamaster 300 – the reason is very simple, Omega Seamaster 300es and clocks is already not the necessities of people’s life, must be to make people have more to buy can overcome those cars, high-tech kitchen, modern household items, such as too expensive, but seems to be more “essential”, in different fields of success “gold”. This year’s Basel although many eye-catching products less than usual, but each secretly for consumers and use strategies may be good than ever before.

It should be said that the more ancient high-grade brand over the years, the face the swing between fashion and stick to the traditional dilemma, while someone is able to balance the two, but most people still continue to go on the way of exploration. This year, let a person shine at the moment is the symbol of the Swiss high-grade tabulation, rolex. This year, the brand new SKY – DWELLER lists because the dial is full of the archdiocese a “hole”, but it is really a breakthrough in technology, in addition many adopted has rainbow colored gems decorative products such as color Omega Seamaster 300 circle DAYTONA and balance between traditional and trendy combined with more and more precise “brother” emperor the rudder of the new product, is to adapt to the new fashion pressure on the rolex winners. , in contrast, after last year and this year with “ladies first” as the slogan for the whole system had a great many style combing patek philippe is probably trying to find the correct development of facing the future, and how much to separated in exploration.

However, in contrast, was originally started with fashion brand, chanel camellia with diamond on the tourbillon Omega Seamaster 300, dior would continue to “diamond lace” even a feather on the dial, hermes, golden eagle and enamel easily made both fashion and technology more and more. Easily find out the facing the high-end consumer fashion path, and under the same brand and other luxury echo each other, let the traditional professional factory never underestimate its power. In the next few years, it seems, from the original fashion brand pressure will be more and more big, the traditional brand especially to be careful to deal with, so people also is not hard to understand why in recent years, some traditional tabulation connoisseur will appear in succession “male menopause syndrome, unwilling to change fashionistas.

Earlier, in contrast, some transition or relatively successful in the pioneer of the strides already completely into their own pace, the most typical example is backed by powerful sOmega Seamaster 300 group support omega with tissot. Colour dense classic series, such as the main body, with a series of technical characteristics, elegant style and special female Omega Seamaster 300 and other products, they have almost reached the point of not compared with others. Based on this, even if is unpopular move, such as the tissot plans to roll out of the four seasons since music pocket Omega Seamaster 300, also has its own expert loudly applauded.

Find suits own pace of development, it may be a few years in the future the industry will be so, who can quickly transition, who will be in the current increasingly serious situation, take the lead a good life.

omega watches uk is different from the minute

(1) the omega watches uk is different from the minute hand and hour hand between the second hand and minute hand, the latter belongs to mesh “dead”, as “wheel, wheel and wheel position is relatively fixed, normally won’t appear dislocation or mobile. Between the second round and round is different, because points will “walk”, as long as the wave needle will appear.

(2) the existence of the tooth space, in order to guarantee normal mesh between gear and transmission is smooth, smooth, watches and clocks are mostly using modified cycloid tooth shape, tooth tooth Angle and the tooth Angle, also must have a backlash, otherwise you will
, the phenomenon of the top teeth or shave tooth. A pair of gears tooth space is very small, but to become number of the gear, the tooth space superposition together, it becomes obvious. Passes through a tiny empty corner, the pointer will be behind the push, this to
To produce in a direction after the dial needle, needle is the most typical two quartz watch, lane is bad to always slow half a minute minute hand instructions.

(3) belongs to the problem of the dial, dial character and scale on the installation and printing error, cannot be guaranteed absolute calibration every part of the dial are concentric and uniform degree; The most main is omega watches uk dial the following two claws, a dish of claw positioning tolerance, is a vertical degree, then there is it in the above machine heart there may be a small radial movement.
(4) require watch (watch) the second hand completely accurate to the scale, application seems to have no meaning in life, only with a stopwatch on sports is necessary, but it requires a very fine tooth and is extremely high

Frequency of the pendulum, and must be able to stop seconds, only when the second hand is stopped, can accurately observe the number. And have such a special purpose or need time timer, will choose digital quartz watch now. Pointer meter code work
To watch, in the center of the second hand, is needs to locate, such a stopwatch to start after the initial position and fly base shop zero position, can be aimed at the “12” character; And waves to the second hand of the clock are in accordance with the requirements of loading location of it
Guys, all have the timing precision of second level requirements, in addition to the above two, usually watch the second hand is optional installation.
(5) the position of the second hand is highest, far from the dial, so easily because the viewing Angle and produce error.

The world’s first electric equation championship Omega seamaster official timing wrist watch

Swiss watchmakers pioneer Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster today officially signed a contract with the FIA’s international motor sports association to be on September 13, 2016, the Formula of E global the first electric equation tournament official watches, technology founding partners and Chinese team’s official wrist watch. Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster China brand director Xue Hongxia, Formula E holding company’s chief executive, Alejandro Agag, China automobile joint games, vice chairman and secretary general peace, Liu Yu Formula E China President, opened the home page of the tournament.

The Chinese team Formula E official car
Conference also announced that the Chinese team formally signed two drivers: the small Nelson Piquet (Nelson Piquet Jr.) and the Omega seamaster tiger China rider, Omega seamaster brand friend dong immediately (Ho – Pin Tung), they will be on behalf of the Chinese team played the first electric equation is the global first swiss games.

Over the years, the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster is committed to the development of China’s motorsport and focus on cultivating potential race car driver, since 2010 all the sponsorship in the history of the first Chinese F1 driver dong immediately today. Conference on the same day as the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster brand friend and the formula of electric team driver dong immediately made connection with conference and said: to become China’s electric formula racing team driver I very happy, especially to the game in swiss, the first stop. Since five years ago to participate in the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster Odyssey pioneer activity driving the TESLA electric sports car, I began to interested in the electric. I believe that the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster’s passion for racing, the history of my lover, and to focus to contribute to the cause of environmental protection a match made in heaven. At the same time I also thank you very much for the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster years of support and trust to me. Formula “E” is for the future of the car, in swiss on September 13, hope can have perfect performance. ”
Chinese team drivers dong immediately (Ho – Pin Tung) and small Nelson Piquet (Nelson Piquet Jr.)

The Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster draw technology, design and techniques from a professional racing inspiration, and manufacturing of the world’s most precise and reliable timing products. The cooperation with the world’s top electric motor racing Formula E underscores the Omega seamaster tiger development direction: after the Omega seamaster with our car and traditional investment in sustainable development, remain committed to the car’s enthusiasm. Are because we have the same values: innovation, performance, and sustainable development. And for the world’s most rapid movement of deep and lasting love. “Omega seamaster Omega seamaster brand director Xue Hongxia said,” since the beginning of founding brand, strong passion on automobile has been to our injection energy technology innovation and performance. With motor sports origin can be traced back to the last century, the brand in the 1970 s, signed a contract with ferrari F1 became the first “non-technical” partners, and in 1985 with McLaren continues to this day. Through these and other partnerships – including the Indy 500, Audi in France’s le mans Sports, world championship endurance and legendary F1’s Monaco grand prix – we constantly break time accurate records.

The Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster for many years also committed to the development of environmental protection industry, for example in the brand in the Swiss tabulation workshop roof laying supply solar power. And Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and green cross international ecological advocacy organizations have continued partnership. In 2010, we organized together with TESLSA tesla’s 100% of the world’s first electric car world tour and sign an electric go-kart masters in 2011. So Formula E and Omega seamaster Omega seamaster is a match made in heaven. ”

“There is no doubt that the Omega seamaster Omega seamaster Formula is the FIA FIA Formula E new world championship tournament of the perfect partner, and we also is a great pleasure to have such a prestige, excellence, and professional to join our brand in the founding stage,” Alejandro Agag said, “Omega seamaster Omega seamaster after for motor sport for a long time of passion can be traced back to 150 years ago, their pursuit of technology and the best performance as a microcosm of our tournament. As a founding partner, they will bring our global communication platform and around the world champion for the team, the best service, the media and the car fan.”
Omega seamaster Omega seamaster professional timing, it is the Omega seamaster tiger elegant the famous Swiss brand below a timing branch company, it will provide Formula E equation championships 2016 season all the time, will in the game held in global 10 street circuit, including London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Rio DE janeiro, Buenos Aires and swiss. Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster will be all over the world the only one of the city track in the track mark watch brand.
Inspired by the car, challenge the highest difficulty – Carrera laila series
In 1887, Edward ・ Omega seamaster (Edouard Heuer) the motion of the invention gear innovation history. In 1963, Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) launched the legendary event “Mexican pan road race” (Carrera Panamericana) the name of Carrera laila series (card). He conceived of a trademark design: open, easy-to-read dial and enough to rough pavement seismic resistance, waterproof watch case. A legendary series was born. In 2010, the Carrera Lyra (card) in the case using oscillating gear design of homemade Calibre 1887 timer clock. Tabulation community in this exciting shock to half a century later, the eternal, Lyra series is still a Omega seamaster tiger elegant unsurpassed tabulation lineage and racing in the traditional leaders.
As the Omega seamaster’s oldest design most classic series, Carrera continues the consistent elegant, pure and easy to read and elegant colors. Open the dial design brings a strong visual impact feeling, striking Omega seamaster 300 edge satin polished according to the torque meter calibration, and senior processing to form the best proportion of the black dial, instantaneous can feel this series of noble descent. Carrera Calibre 1887 timing clock in Geneva in 2010, on the clock is great reward, crossing the exquisite technology and design of barriers, enlivens as in 1963, the first card, Leila, classic fashion, elegant all show.
The Omega seamaster Carrera Calibre 1887 timing clock (43 mm)

About the FIA Formula E championship:
Formula E is a new world motor sport federation of the FIA’s championship, to enter the race all cars must be powered by electricity. It represents the future for automotive industry over the next decades. These events will be held in the centre of the world’s major cities, the circuit will be around the landmark of the city. A total of 10 racing team and 20 drivers in the competition. Formula E hoping to raise public awareness of sustainable development. It also bear to electric car research and development institutions and enhance the role of the public electric vehicles private interest. Through the game to encourage related company of battery, motor and transmission, electronic control, battery quick charge technology, safety aspects such as technology development and progress. The concept of sustainable development to promote clean energy vehicles.
swiss station choose electric equation championship held in the national stadium (bird’s nest), the track with a total length of 3.44 km (2.13 miles), a total of 20 curves, including four chicanes and two linear acceleration circuit.

Real power selection when romantic regards to Omega seamaster 300 

Someone says: love is a continuation of previous lives lay dying emotion, before this life cycle is the same promise. Back at the past, from meet, know to be together, time under the moist of love has a meaning, love to eternity in the test of time. Wedding season is late autumn, the Zenith really force when two special selection of romantic only beautiful wedding on the Omega seamaster 300, gives the most sweet and memorable wedding witness.

The meihua type open core overture
True force flagship series of happy big calendar watch, when the market price: 227000 yuan
Real power sincerity recommended colorful happy rose gold on the Omega seamaster 300, commitment to this life together in the life the most beautiful moment. True force flagship series of happy big calendar wristwatch with legendary El Primero star type 4047 timer movement, time display can be accurate to 1/10th of a second, and at the age of 9 position, minutes, and when a small seconds, according to the 2 position set consists of two concentric circles wheel drive big date window, 6 location also has the real power Omega seamaster 300 factory is famous for its practical with poetic moon phase display. This reveals the features of the sun and the moon orbit through two overlapping disc and implementation.

Real power star series wrist watch happy, when the market price: 194000 yuan
When matching with the true force star series wrist watch happy, original pillow appearance, through ten o ‘clock position of the window also can catch a glimpse of legendary El Primero star type 4062 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, strong expressive force is love at first sight. Rhodium plating processing of facet Pointers and blue Roman numerals time scale, with elegant dark blue convex circle sapphirine crown perfect echo. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 with rose gold material with luxuriant open “core” design, rendering the meihua petticoats, tribute to the wedding.

Keep the ritual The covenant of pure
True force commander series of ultra-thin men’s watch, when the market price: 37000 yuan
Real power was especially chosen commander series of classical thin the Omega seamaster 300 implies pure love, present the beauty of the eternal zhi long love. Inheritance series of ultra-thin men’s watch with a diameter of 40 mm ultrathin crust, pick up the Elite of perfect fit on 681 type ultra-thin automatic chain machine, inherited the brand tradition of excellence mechanical movement and the classic design, double arc put with dazzling sapphire crystal watches more clear and easy to read, low-key simple but elegant white paint dial.
True force commander series of ultra-thin ladies watch, when the market price: 30600 yuan
Commander series of ultra-thin women’s watches with technology and elegant beauty, carrying the world on 679 type automatic chain machine, soft and chic, lines through the sapphire watch back can see gear train and place thallium plate emblazoned with a picture of the Geneva corrugated, while white matte dial can get a moment of time. Most stylish chain strap makes this watch classic implicative, meaningful and attractive products. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 adopts the classical Roman numeral timing, very simple but elegant all show silent love, silent love.

Roman Omega seamaster 300 new Imperial confidence royal wrist watch

A classic, is has never been surpassed and can only be copied. Like automatic mechanical movement in the field of wrist watch, people have to mention the Swiss independent tabulation brand Competence of Roman Omega seamaster 300 confidence series, it represents the essence of the contemporary concept of TAB and virtuosity. Challenge the brand innovation, has added a trainspotter Omega seamaster 300 new members – Competence series, the royal family of Imperial confidence to lead the mainstream of the early autumn of 2014 watch fashion elements.

Swiss Roman Omega seamaster 300 released this new Competence Imperial confidence royal series, elegant chic dial grain concave and convex have send, elite details reveal the unique taste. On pointer design, stylist is unique to the hollow out the arrow pointer and jump the second design, with only the balance of the whole Omega seamaster 300 with a red passion move feeling, is memorable. On either side of the dial Roman palace colonnade design is one of the highlights, honed Roman appearance in wrist since 1888 wide innovation, technology and art. The whole Omega seamaster 300 contour line is fluent, following the brand as usual and concise air, reveal the identity of the king is the best item.

Make this watch is unique transparent bottom cover. Roman Omega seamaster 300 Competence Imperial confidence royal series bottom cover with the transparent wear-resisting of high-tech materials, through the bottom of the Omega seamaster 300, you can see the operational precision automatic mechanical watches, the structure of the movement principle and processing manufacturing charm naked, pure flashy appearance design to do, like a connotation is rich, the mighty king of the inner time he has made him not by thing happy not saddened by personal losses of philosophy, no matter how things change around, he can still poised and confident to tick upward flow. High-grade taste and fashion dazzling in the craftsmanship is self-evident.
Competence Imperial is a wonderful mechanical world, who say is not it? Movement contains the gears, levers, spring, clamp, screw, balance wheel balance spring and automatic tuo, etc., these elements are combined together, mutual cooperate with meticulous. Gone, as you know, watch for movement on the surface of the modified high requirements, such as automatic tuo, wheel clamp strip lines, pearl grain, curve grain is used to decorate, screws and steel parts are also carefully polished, at the same time, also the brand the machine number, and some unique emblems, impressed on movement when the eye. So, such exquisite trainspotter watches, regardless of the movement inside or appearance design, can let a person feast for the eyes – if you underneath the pursuit of adventure and desire to constantly challenge and beyond, the watch is resolute matches your presence.