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Which country is best for Europe?

Aliexpress Rolex watches are famous, but the domestic price of a good Swiss watch is very expensive. So many of them choose to buy watches abroad, especially in Europe. So which country is best for Europe? Here’s the home of the wristwatch.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

The Swiss buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
Many of the people who visit Switzerland also buy Swiss watches, and while Swiss watches have great promise in terms of quality, they do not have a great advantage in price. However, Swiss watch stores are very large. Many of the most difficult watches can be found in Switzerland, and they can be replaced by official watch bands and dial in Switzerland. If you need to customize a watch, you can do it in Switzerland.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Germany buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
German watches are less popular in other European countries than in Switzerland, and are generally sold only in the capital. Competition is not necessarily high, so it is highly recommended to start German watches in Germany, basically all over the street.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Buy Aliexpress Rolex watches skills
The first is pricing, which is the uniform price of goods in the country. The price tag is basically the same across Europe. In theory, the whole of Europe is basically flat. The price that everybody feels is not unified mostly because commodity price is certain after the exchange rate fluctuation causes. So if you want to buy cheaper goods in Europe, you have to find a currency that is relatively weak. The second is the discount, go to Europe to buy a watch, the language exchange is not fluent, once go up, ask others the lowest price is how much, generally won’t get very good discount. So its good a chat, generally will have relatively good prices, though cannot be compared with regular, but cheaper than domestic is definitely not a fragment, compared to Japan, Hong Kong also has many advantages.

Launch the Defy Lab wristwatch when you start a new chapter of Swiss watchmaking history

True power is writing about the future of the brand and opening a new chapter in Swiss watchmaking history. Since 1969 with lend tabulation technology, released the first El Primero automatic timing clock (oscillation frequency up to 5 hz, timing accuracy up to 1/10 of a second), Replica Patek Philippe through basic research, a breakthrough innovation, introduced a Defy Lab wrist watch.

Replica Patek Philippe

The watch is not only a groundbreaking new oscillator – it is the invention of the challenge as the 17th century Christian huygens to lay the working principle of mechanical clocks – also material Aeronith application innovation. It’s not an alloy, but a foam metal hybrid, 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminum and 10 percent lighter than carbon fiber. The production process of this hybrid material involves cutting-edge technology, requiring the aluminum to be heated to the melting point first. Alu 6082 is often used in the naval field because of its excellent corrosion resistance. This innovative watch has been successfully developed, thanks to the expertise and synergies accumulated by brands in LVMH’s watch division, and thanks to Guy Semon’s leadership.

Defy Lab is the first and only mechanical wristwatch that has revolutionized the principle of three centuries ago. Since 1675, Christian huygens has been unchallenged in the form of a wire-playing mechanism proposed by the Royal Academy of sciences in the form of a clock. Although it has been improved, it has been optimized to a maximum extent, but it has never been more challenging than it is today, and it is thought to be eternal and constant.

The new oscillator is made of monocrystalline silicon, and its details are more refined than the human hair, which is used to replace the spring wheel. The normal speed governing body contains about 30 components, which need to be assembled, calibrated, set, tested and lubricated. The thickness is usually 5 mm. In contrast, the new speed regulator contains only individual components, which are only 0.5mm thick. New Caliber ZO 342 machine vibration frequency up to 15 hz, oscillator swing is + / – 6 degrees, with nearly 60 hours power reserve, its vibration frequency is three times as much as El Primero machine vibration frequency, the power reserve is more than 10%. The striking frequency has made it almost 10 times more accurate, with an average daily differential of 0.3 seconds.

When the general mechanical wristwatch runs 24 hours, its accuracy decreases with the loss of energy. The new oscillator can maintain the same precision at 95 percent of the power reserve, far more than 24 hours. No more contact means no more friction or loss, and therefore no lubrication. In addition, the new oscillator is insensitive to temperature difference, gravity and magnetic field, eliminating the key weakness of the conventional spring wheel component due to the above situation, which leads to the reduction of accuracy.

The wristwatch has been certified by triple certification, including the Besancon Observatory, which represents the precision timepiece certified by the international bureau of weights and measures, which marks a snake-head badge. In terms of thermal performance, the range of iso-3159 is also expanded. The daily error of the wristwatch is only 0.3 seconds, and the deviation value at different temperatures is also certified, twice as high as the standard. Finally, the wristwatch meets the iso-764 standard, which can withstand a magnetic field of 1,100 gauss, which is 18 times higher than the standard.

The significance of this watch not only reshapes huygens’ principle with another mechanical mechanism, but also opens up a whole new vision of mechanical tabulation to new dimensions. It is also the first wristwatch in the industry to be fitted with the Aeronith case (44 mm in diameter and 14.5mm in thickness). The first true force Defy Lab limited 10, each appearance and color are unique, watches are exclusive gift box as a memorial activities, including personal invitation and attend the press conference of visiting Patek Philippe factory personal invitation. The client will receive a pre-order wristwatch, and will be hosted by Jean Claude Biver, CEO of LVMH group’s watch division, Julien Tornare, CEO of real force, and Guy Semon, general manager of tagtag. It is reported that the Defy Lab watches cost 29,900 francs, or about 200,000 yuan

The omega seahorse series Aqua Terra to the observatory of the observatory

Omega launched 30 new seahorse models, Aqua Terra, with three dial sizes to choose from. Every kind of delicate replica omega seamaster watch contains a unique design style, most of the new series of hippocampus Aqua Terra wrist watch has glory upgrade for the ultimate observatory table, realized on the precision and performance excellence.

replica omega seamaster

The new omega seahorse series Aqua Terra has a diameter of 38mm, 34mm and 28mm in diameter. The symmetrical design with unique features of the watch case is perfectly connected to the watch chain and is unique. Not only does this design lead to a more elaborate look, but it also makes replica omega watches more attractive to women’s delicate wrists.

replica omega watches

The chain stitch of omega patent is brand-new and upgraded, and the matching arc-link is the perfect proportion, and more feminine and touching.

The watch’s crown design is also new. The new crown looks like a cone-shaped, wavy design that makes it easier for women to adjust their time.

replica omega watch

The watch dish is designed to be in line with Aqua Terra series of pure and fresh and simple style, and adorned with gorgeous diamond hour scale, dazzling and dazzling. New series of hippocampal Aqua Terra lady wrist watch adopts popular mother-of-pearl dial, and 14 kinds of delicate color, make the dial sends out a milky white or gray, charming luster bright eye. The waterproofing coefficients on the original watch dial were moved to the back of the watch, which also revealed a new range of unique designs.

replica omega

Here, omega is the first to honor two new ladies in the series. 38 mm watch USES stainless steel and 18 k Sedna ® platinum, white mother-of-pearl dial with diamond bezel, scale, and adorned with diamonds hours too add dazzling beauty.

replicas omega seamaster

The 34mm model is used in fine steel case, with the pearl matriarch of Tahiti and the diamond hour scale, which also gives off attractive charm.

The two exquisite timepieces are equipped with sapphire watch back, the edges are wavy and elegant. Through the back of the watch, the operation of the omega 8800 to the observatory is in full motion. The whole piece of wrist watch and movement by the Swiss federal metrology institute (METAS) strict approval of watchmaking high standard certification, achieved in terms of precision and performance excellence. Omega has a four year sales service for both watches.

Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 to celebrities to launch a new series of kerry’s perpetual calendar watch

Omega  celebrities kerry unique meter series launched every year, now the brand new series of kerry’s perpetual calendar watch, for this already have flight the tourbillon and 5 minutes time series inject new vitality. Complex and fascinating calendar function mechanism, perfect show the Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 to celebrities for the traditional skill of the control.Calendar mechanism are great classic tabulation of complex function, represents the structure miniaturization of daunting challenges.

Replica omega watches

Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 calendar to track all changes of kerry’s new series of perpetual calendar watch as long as 1461 days (four years) of “mechanical memory”, to carry Vaucher 5401 automatic winding machine (based on Dubois Depraz function module 5100) provide a driving force. Geneva corrugated decorative bridge plate, rotary looped lines decoration plate, and the blue steel screw, Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 with exquisite movement elegant refined interpretation tabulation art to celebrities.

18 k red gold case 42 mm in diameter, portray graceful curve. Through the end of sapphire crystal Cheap Omega Seamaster 300, can enjoy watch the Vaucher carrying 5401 automatic winding machine. The movement of vibration frequency 21600 / hour (3 hz), can provide dynamic storage, 48 hours with decorated with brand Phi symbols and volute grain pearl tuo, only 4.2 mm thick.

cheap omega watches store

Display, a new series of kerry’s perpetual calendar watch because of its simplicity and acclaimed. Use sapphirine crystal, excellent illegible. Silver dial with micro arch 18 k red gold stamping number and time scale, classical and fashionable. Date, week, month, and leap year respectively at 3 o ‘clock, 9 o ‘clock and 12 o ‘clock position, the collocation of blue steel pointer indicating time information. On March 1, 2100, the date of the watch without any adjustments. Continuation of timeless elegance with a black alligator strap and 18 k gold clasp.

Adhering to the Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 within easy reach of luxury concept to celebrities, it is equipped with the complex function series of kerry’s perpetual calendar watch of wrist of elaborate design, meticulous, is a rare advanced TAB

Replica Omega watches sale

Omega Watches bastian celebrity ambassador at the home of Omega Watches vitality of the party

In 1848, the famous Swiss cheap Omega Watches in a small workshop in Switzerland opened its legendary tour. Time flies, after 168, Ipanema Beach in Rio (Ipanema Beach), Omega Watches brand is celebrating its 27th for the glory of the Olympic Games official timing.

cheap omega watches replica

“Switzerland on Tuesday night, hello!” Dynamic party brought home of Omega Watches is a special moment, is also the Omega Watches for its rich tabulation culture and special – Swiss watchmaker hometown sincere salute.

Omega Watches’s home has become a Rio popularity party resort in the city, and in the evening here, again the night vibrant enthusiasm. Cooperate with theme, Omega Watches’s home is decorated anew, everywhere is full with Swiss customs. Enveloped in red glow, indoor by flowers and ornaments around, foil theme in Switzerland. Of course, if there is no aromatic glycol chocolate, it will be difficult to call it a complete Swiss theme party. Therefore, car basket full of all kinds of sweet Swiss chocolate was placed next to the main stage, to serve the guests on the tip of the tongue silky full-bodied sweet experience. And more surprise is, on the evening of Omega Watches celebrity ambassador Bastian beck (Bastian Baker) appeared on the stage, also give the guests from the Swiss wonderful music.
Party has yet to start, bastian fans early waiting in front of the house of Omega Watches, looking forward to see the Swiss national singer showed their talent. Young talented musicians, Switzerland bastian immediately in the home of Omega Watches for guests in an unparalleled auditory feast. The atmosphere is very active, bastian soulful singing include “I Will Sing For You”, a series of classical repertoire. Intermittent, bastian to bring guests Shared the Brazilian his wonderful inspiration: “Brazil and Rio gave me a lot of inspiration. In several impromptu concert, I had with several excellent local percussionist had a very wonderful cooperation, now I’m thinking of come back here for some recording work next month. Here is a search for fresh music element is a great place. After arriving in here, my mind has been brewing some novel ideas.”

replica omega watches sale
Omega Watches’s home on the night of the big screen live sporting events, and push the atmosphere to a climax, Omega Watches celebrity ambassador Michael Phelps (out) won the sports career of 24 and 25 MEDALS!!!
From Switzerland, glory to reaches, Omega Watches has become the leading position in the global watchmaking, and become the pronoun of excellence, innovation and precise. Pioneer spirit and has always been the brand Omega Watches source. In 2015, the world’s first “observatory watch again for the advent of Omega Watches won a praise. Each Omega Watches to reaches observatory Omega Watches has high precision, special performance and antimagnetic ability strong, represents the top standard of Swiss watchmaker.

Omega hippocampal series 568. mechanical men’s watch

Brand: Cheap omega watches

cheap omega watches

series: hippocampal series

style: men’s watch movement: automatic mechanical movement movement models: omega 2500 power storage: 48 hours in case: stainless steel, can be unidirectional rotating bezel dial size: 41 mm thickness: 13 mm crown: screw-plug table base: not a trainspotter table mirror: sapphire crystal glass dial: black band: stainless steel strap color: silver clasp: folding clasp waterproof: cheap omega seamaster 300 watches packing: exquisite packaging, manual, warranty card function: date shows three needle luminous Coinsurance observatory certification launch year: 2016: global group, two years warranty

cheap omega watch


Omega Watches gourmet meter when a lady and a special innovation

Women look elegant charm meter always heart, but it doesn’t mean they don’t memories in internal precision machinery gourmet. More than one hundred years, Omega Watches (Omega Watches) has always been committed to making bright elegant lady wrist watch, to beautiful appearance and excellent movement perfect fusion in each Cheap Omega Watches.


Uphold the unremitting pursuit of precise timing, Omega Watches Swiss federal metrology institute with independent testing institutions (METAS) close cooperation, to create a TAB industry new stringent testing standards — the ultimate observatory certification.
This time, two new Omega Watches ms hour meter also has passed the certification of the ultimate observatory, appear to be held in Beijing and will pay tribute to women celebration activities.
Thus, the first woman to become observatory Watches is elegant.
Top ten classic ladies watch
In 1906, Ms Omega Watches wrist watch
This watch by an 18 k red gold Lepine pocket watch as (as a result, its position at the moment degrees in 3 of 12), is one of the earliest production of Replica Omega Watches , equipped with ivory welding dial, scale and complicated fine gold minutes of Louis xv pointer.


In 1910, Omega Watches new artistic style Lepine pocket watch
This charming lady Lepine pocket watch dial with Arabic numerals dial Paris style and pear-shaped pointer, Watches back cover has a translucent blue enamel and fine platinum reticulate, embossed with 16 diamonds.
In 1940, Omega Watches art deco jewelry watches
The bright beautiful watch perfect interpretation of art deco style was popular in the world. Casing made of platinum, using the classic rectangle shape, embossed with a gorgeous beauty and sapphire, blossom luxury dazzling brilliance.
In 1946, Omega Watches for French market launched a rare and precious jewelry watches
It is an extremely rare 18 k red gold wrist watch, is also the first match adjusWatches “Tubogas” bracelet wrist watch, a flexible chain design after imitated by many other brands. The AD invited famous master illustrations Rene to France? Global tile (ReneGruau), be sensational headlines.
1955 Omega Watches Ladymatic wrist watch
Omega Watches Ladymatic wrist ingenious fusion of special design and innovation process, the launch was a great success. Wrist watch with the super small tuo movement automatically, for ladies watch manufacture injection revolutionary elegance and charm.
1956 Omega Watches “Topaz” hidden type jewelry watches
This special watch Geneva designers make? Haoke (Jean Hauck) designed for the Montres et Bijoux “directory and exhibition and building works in a big way, with 21 triangle long ladder type cutting orange topaz stone for fan decoration around the dial, surface and the loop on the ornament has 31 bright type cut diamond, foil the warm beauty  is unripe brightness.

1964 Omega Watches Moldavita jewelry Watches
This famous jewelry Watches is the jewelry design master gilbert? Albert (Gilbert Albert) designed for the New York world expo of archival work, act the role of chain formed by impact with a rare gem grade of Czech meteorites, 18 k gold and platinum in carrying on a super small automatic chain machine, sophisticated chic, fondle admiringly.
In 1972, Omega Watches disc fly series “Jeux d” Or “wrist watch
The beauty of the 18 k gold wrist watch, just as the product category description puts it: “the gold watch chain, such as undulating waves, and nature of rectangular case compatibility. Emerald cut sapphire Watches mirror on the dial.”
In 1992, Omega Watches constellation series “Star” wrist watch
This 18 k gold speckled with little golden point on the dial, set with a diamond on top. Buyers can choose diamond inlay location, and personally watch of wrist of the purchased by name, the name will be engraved on the Watches back, with the “Star” watch as the wearer’s heart.
Omega Watches celebrity ambassador nicole
Over the years, the international famous actor, best actress Oscar winner nicole? Kidman won numerous awards and acclaim. In 2003, her in The movie “always” (The Hours) plays woman writer Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf) one horn, won The Oscar.
No matter what role plays, nicole? Kidman understand how to move people. In addition to her career, she also for children and championed women’s rights. She is the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations children’s fund (UNICEF) Australia (Goodwill Ambassador), the United Nations also praised her as “World Citizen” (Citizen of the World). At the same time, she is also the UN Women’s agency (UN Women) and United Nations Women’s Development foundation (United Nations Development Fund for Women,
UNIFEM) actively advocates and goodwill ambassador, the two organizations to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment programs in the world and the strategic plan, etc. To provide financial and technical support.
Nicole became Omega Watches celebrity ambassador in 2005, and in the Omega Watches “my selection” starring role in the advertising campaign. At the same time, she also open to attend some activities as a brand ambassador.
Nicole’s love of challenge and multiple role she made her become the ideal representative of Omega Watches, her pursuit of pioneering spirit and the high quality quality and Omega Watches coincides with mine.
The existence of “the most precious is the time. How to use time is a very important subject in life.”
Omega Watches constellation series small second hand wrist to reaches the observatory
Omega Watches constellation series small second hand wrist cabinet and delicate appearance, but more in to the watch body contain timing performance excellence. With a coaxial to reaches observatory movement, wrist and performance excellence in the industry. When new project is the series of constellation “claw” iconic design, elegant and delicate white mother-of-pearl dial to protect it. 27 mm diameter stainless steel watchcase collocation set auger 18 k yellow gold ring, bursts are clever. And more show its unique from new design moving charm: a delicate small second hand dial 9 PM is placed in position; Calendar window is adjusted to 6 position, make whole dial design more harmonious balance.
Omega Watches seahorse sea 600 meters to the universe become observatory Watches series
“Chocolate” temptation
Watch of wrist of a chocolate? How has the Swiss amorous feelings! New series of seahorse sea 600 meters to the universe become observatory watch equipped with wear resistant sapphire mirror, attractive chocolate brown ceramic dial, dial engraved on the Arabic numeral timing, 3 when the position has a calendar window.
39.5 mm 18 k Sedna? A gold case with Omega Watches Ceragold with you? Diving scale brown ceramic ChanXiangBiao circle. Other design features include tooth groove screw-plug Watches back and brown leather strap with rubber lining. Don’t need to worry about the performance of underwater these wrist watches, its core carrying Omega Watches 8801 coaxial to reaches observatory movement, waterproof deepness amounts to 60 atmospheric pressure (600 metres / 2000 feet).
New Omega Watches disc fly series Canon lady wrist watch
Four new Omega Watches disc fly series Canon lady wrist watch adopts set auger Watches circle arc and white mother-of-pearl dial, elegant chic. Thin crust with 18 k Sedna? Gold or 18 k gold material to choose from, with attractive white, brown, or red leather strap. Through the arc arch sapphire back through. Omega Watches exclusive manual mechanical movement on chain operation beautiful condition is clearly visible, this movement is also equipped with Omega Watches unique anti magnetic technology.
Omega Watches Ladymatic wrist watch
Since 1955, the birth of Omega Watches disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch series represents a revolution about ms style of elegant. This series of wrist will be the integration of advanced technology and elegant design, make its immediately becomes popular in the market. With ultra small tuo movement automatically, Ladymatic series marked a new epoch in women wrist watch and elegant style. 60 years, Ladymatic wrist watch series influence, and are still Omega Watches celebrity ambassador, the best actress Oscar winner nicole? Kidman of choice.
To times living out self elegant appearance of women
Time in “her” homepage, Omega Watches will reveal the brand and the female origin, for a long time for the reader to present written by women, and for the female writing’s exclusive content.
Through profound articles, interviews and characterization in the report, “her time” for women around the refreshing inspiration.
From the women athletes and actress’s outstanding story, engaged in cutting-edge technology to dialogue or for social change, female leaders “her time” as the female power offer sincere praise.
Wrist watch lovers will be more passionate about this.

Omega Marine universe “of the deep black” wrist watch to Bangkok

Omega series Marine universe “sea of black watches arrived in southeast Asia.The central Bangkok gallery of modern architectural environment provides a perfect new chronometer background. In the past, YenakArt Villa are used much appreciate the interesting and attractive chronometer.Now, they can try in person, feel the omega tabulation art.

Salute to the entire series of omega brand of advanced technology. Each style wrist watch all pass to reaches observatory certification.The withstand up to 15000 gauss of strong magnetic field.It applied to a variety of innovative materials, such as ceramic, rubber, Liquidmetal ®, 18 k Sedna ™ gold and omega Ceragold ™.
“Deep black” wrist watch is the star of the launch event. The combination of diving and GMT functions by YenakArt Villa guests a warm welcome. The next few months, a new generation of wrist watch will be listed on the cheap omega watches on sale.

cheap omega watch

OMEGA seamaster 300 latest hippocampus Planet

Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches, carried a diamond-encrusted ceramics with sapphire crystal, for the first time for brand’s innovative spirit and contemporary advanced wristband technology, adding to the luxurious luster! The watch USES a complex, precision of the world’s cutting-edge technology – on a hard ceramic with sapphire crystal diamonds!

The hippocampus wrist watch which elegant unsurpassed, at present the global only limited only 8.

In order to ensure that set the precision and shape of hole, the first step of the Mosaic technology, is the use of unique 5 axis laser engraving in hard objects. Then an exclusive 850 grade platinum liquid metal (Liquidmatel?) Alloy pour into the mouth, and in the polishing before removing redundant alloy; To use traditional diamond, diamond to 850 grade platinum liquid metal (Liquidmatel?) Alloy, the final results, it is incredibly hard material, perfect the dazzling diamonds.

The 43.50 mm seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches, pioneered in the breathtaking innovations, their level of polishing grinding case is 950 platinum, with 24 hours GMT two-way rotating OMEGA seamaster 300 circle; Case set with 69 trapezoidal bevel edge cut diamonds; Polished black ceramic bezel GMT calibration, 12 long step cut diamond decoration, and 24 hours triangle sign Mosaic of the beauty of a bright type cutting; Sapphire crystal bottom lid of OMEGA seamaster 300 brand, 31 bright type cut diamonds.

Whole seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches Shared by as many as 113 diamonds, total 2.69 -carat diamond!

Beneath the arc resistance to wear and tear sapphirine crystal, with 18 k platinum scale, digital and polished black pottery and porcelain dial pointer. OMEGA seamaster 300 with 8615 coaxial escapement movement is responsible for driving this OMEGA seamaster 300, this machine is equipped with Si14 silicon crystal balance spring, and have to track the other temporary area of practical dual time zone GMT complex function of time.
OMEGA seamaster 300 seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches waterproof depth of up to 60 (600 metres / 2000 feet), and equipped with platinum suture and carrying 950 grade platinum folding buckle black leather strap, more with a black rubber strap and special tools required by the replacement strap. The distinguished luxury watch warranty period for four years, and equipped with a special wooden box.

United Kindom buyers in clock auction

Asia and the Chinese people have their own aesthetic for clocks and watches, so Chinese buyers are often in the world’s three big clock auction bidding you like clocks and watches. With the increase of Chinese buyers demand in clocks and watches, domestic auction houses have also launched their own watches the auction. However, the auction house, or watch collectors are far away from the world’s top there is a certain distance.

Christie’s auction venue is flash poster on the wall, the two pieces of watches are on both sides of the jewelry at Christie’s most looking forward to this auction and lots of high hopes. Eventually desirable, two lots and record respectively have a high price. On the left is extremely rare, rolex 1942 annual output of 4113 pairs of timing clock, eventually created the history of rolex auctions a record, with workers more than 1.16 million Swiss francs by international buyers to about 7.5 million usd; And on the right side of the “red dot” patek philippe phases of the moon calendar watch 3448, created the platinum models of historical records, and to contain the workers more than 1.7 million Swiss francs (about 1.7 million usd, and the price was a private collector, is also the highest in three spring items in Geneva.

Nowadays, people love to collect, the auctioning industry also is developing rapidly, the world a few big auction companies and countries to the auction house, large and small may auction on every day. For the world clock and watch collectors, every year there are two important auction period, which every year in spring and autumn in Geneva. Early spring in mid-may, autumn in early November.

The two auction time very to the personage inside course of study to yearn for, because, in the meantime, clocks and watches of the world’s three most important auction company: Christie’s (Christie ‘s), Antiquorum has (Antiquorum) and Sotheby’s (Sotheby’s’ s) for three consecutive days (each day) for the year most prestigious auction clock collection. Geneva grasp by the spring and autumn sale, buyers of the present collectors, hidden behind the network and telephone commissioned the heavyweight weight is within the year in other parts of the auction house can’t match, more annual or historical records, and productive, was born in spring and autumn sales in Geneva.

Last year on November 11, I took part in the Christie’s autumn sales in Geneva watches, although miss before and after the antiquorum has and sotheby’s, but it is still very impressive, as has risen in the mid-term clocks and watches of the Chinese market, really know and learned a lot of things. So this year’s Geneva before spring, I arranged early in time, in order to more deeply understand the Geneva watch auction: understanding in Geneva, clocks and watches of europeans how to play watch auction, how the real market, the important items, and our Chinese and Asian buyers play what role, on our side clock auction on earth and what is the difference between europeans themselves play an important special performance.
Sotheby’s, an auctioneer in this auction is the most important works of patek philippe before 5029 p a poster for a lots of drop hammer, flat and agile. Finally the 5029 p also to contain a price of 557000 Swiss francs (about more than 3.6 million usd.

Worth talking about there are a lot of space, I only according to nearly twice the scene feeling, ripping some reference information to Chinese buyers.
First of all to understand the characteristics of the three major auction company, status and influence. From the point of strength, Christie’s is needless to say, it is a comprehensive auction company, watches and clocks is only a small, but enough to bid for the big three. Antiquorum has is the only professional clock auction company, compared with the other two, the company minimum, but it is the most unique and professional degrees, and the clock and watch industry the most close relationship. Sotheby’s and Christie’s is the same old comprehensive auction company, watch the auction may be accounted for in the auction business. From the point of sale, antiquorum has involved in the presence of more broadly, whether the price or the range of items, everything, as long as is related to a clock will be on it, they watch expert more professional. Christie’s springtime delights phase, spectacular and important items share may be in the highest. From the buyer, antiquorum has and sotheby’s buyers of Asian and Chinese buyers ratio higher, estimated to account for about 50%, from their important items to also can see it. And Christie’s in the Asian and Chinese customers quantity is not big, Christie’s most one of the most important items for the European and American clients, Asian and Chinese customers get less. Mark has the higher, the weight of items, will be more European. From the point of sale quantity, this year spring antiquorum has the most, there are more than 500 items on sale, Christie’s is more than 400, sotheby’s is more than 300. This year, the final auction value, sotheby’s and antiquorum has more than 700 Swiss francs each auction price, and Christie’s will reach more than 2000, is almost twice the sum of the two.

Christie’s star auctioneer for this auction, is also the highest in three important spring items in Geneva drop.
Three auctions, Chinese buyers more participate in the competition of low price items, and also is more competition more competition between several countries in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, for example, occasionally there will be the north of Russia. Asian and Chinese people have their own aesthetic for clocks and watches, in addition, after all, to old clocks and watches of profound culture and technology is still at the beginning of the learning phase, so Chinese buyers often sell some look “pretty” clocks and watches, such as the enamel surface, beautifully decorated, looks elegant and delicate, but for some tabulation technology, tabulation history point clock works to understand and grasp the less. So there will be a scene and otc is significant to the individual clock works for competition, Chinese buyers, not the voice; China and Asian buyers for some of these look “very beautiful” items for the European buyers often on the sidelines. Such as rolex and patek philippe’s two most important items on the race, more is to European buyers, especially the italians in hand, with Japan and Singapore to participate in the competition, so few Chinese buyers. The Christie’s final price in the top ten items should be only a contest of Asian buyers.
The pursuit of some brands in China and Asia buyers can also see from three major auction site. When Cartier, chanel, the earl of brands such as work, no matter good or bad, the Chinese and Asian buyers are, and will often make a good price. Some general quality patek philippe and rolex also have this situation. Is everybody together to push up the price.

Antiquorum has taken on a limited $10 1997 vacheron constantin enamel bird Omega seamaster 300 by Asian buyers the most touching, finally to contain commission contest of 110500 Swiss francs (about 110500 RMB by Chinese buyers. The picture shows the auctioneer will be made for star items drop.

Field experience, can feel that, although we have some weight and accumulation of Tibet home buyers. But Chinese buyers more or buy to put in the Omega seamaster 300, find something unique in pat on field, relative suiOmega seamaster 300 second-hand prices. As for the real collection of watches and clocks, we from Europe and the United States play,, knowledge base is still far, a lot of people not to “collect” position. We need to learn and accumulate a lot.