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The dynamic showily Product treasure Omega seamaster 300 series

ScubaTec parker rose gold watch of wrist of diving Omega seamaster 300 ravi parker ScubaTec diving watches series debut in 2014, when its classical senior sports project positioning and practical design excellence is impressed, its reputation and market performance after well received; Watch today’s home to bring us a treasure’s lai was launched in 2015, cypress ravi ScubaTec rose gold diving watches, watch the official models: 00.10632.22.33.01.

The dynamic showily Product treasure Omega seamaster 300 series ScubaTec parker rose gold watch of wrist of diving
Omega seamaster 300, ravi series ScubaTec diving watches, parker is brand stylish sports project introduction; The ScubaTec diving watches in a luxurious rose gold, colorful style and dynamic movement perfect fusion.
Omega seamaster 300 ravi parker ScubaTec rose gold diving watches
This wrist phenotype, move feeling and elegant style is like nature itself, the rose gold to build watchcase, tie-in diving watches, which carry on the automatic chain movement. Decorative elegant watch of wrist of black dial, it shows the time and date. Wrist watch with a black rubber strap, the use of folding clasp.
A black shoulder to protect delicate crown
Wrist watch crown as the circular, profile modification, central has the blue ring and decorated with the texture of the grooved, extremely comfortable, convenient set-up wrist watch; Decorated with Omega seamaster 300 logo on the crown. A black shoulder protection crown crown on both sides.

Mounted on the rubber band folding clasp
Rubber strap is diving watches more common use strap, which ravi parker series diving watches the same black rubber strap collocation, quality of a material soft and tough, durable rubber band is extension of the device is convenient to adjust the length. On the strap with blue words “ScubaTec” and stripes, dynamic and beautiful. Equipped with rose gold buckle on the strap.
Crust movement hale, equipped with exhaust valve of the helium
Rose gold watch case diameter 44.6 mm, 13.45 mm thick. After a detailed drawing grinding, grain is beautiful; On the side has a helium valve. Unidirectional rotating bezel of two black and blue color ceramic inlaid with rose gold material harmonious line, have on the marked red gold scale; Bezel side have grooved. Watchcase texture, style hale and hearty.

Black dial texture beauty, showed clear
Watch of wrist of black dial is decorated with designed in texture, beautiful and delicate, symbol of shiny shimmering on the sea. Dial middle place with white coating sword pointer type, use white to the outer coating rose gold time scale, scale and have white minutes; At three o ‘clock in the dial with date display window.
Date display at a glance
At three o ‘clock in the location of the date display window edge have white rectangular box, in the form of white chassis black Arabic numerals, very clear, the be clear at a glance.

Table ear polished meticulous to screw bolt and fixed band connection
Table ear and molded case an organic whole, full of edges and corners of table ear and watchcase harmonious collocation, finely polished table ear grain is beautiful, after polishing and appear unusually smooth edges and corners. Table ear distinctive modelling, the design of the bending shape can guarantee with the wrist watch to wear more relevant. Using screw bolt and strap on watch ears fixed link.

Airtight inscribed on the bottom of the table with the devil rays
Wrist watch is using a titanium metal building closed the bottom of the table, two inscribed on the devil fish sculpture – a sign of the devil rays Manta Trust foundation, earlier Omega seamaster 300 and Manta Trust foundation concluded partnership, hand in hand to promote conservation and research the devil rays, bao yu qi lai sponsored the foundation and adopted two devil rays at the same time. Carrying in the watch case is CFB 1950.1 automatic chain machine, movement after Swiss official observatory certification, can provide 38 hours of power reserve.
Conclusion: elegant and stylish with ravi parker ScubaTec rose gold diving watches, a symbol of the appeal of deep submergence activities. Luxurious rose gold, texture design, let the wrist watch honorable colorful and dynamic, no matter in the depths of the sea or in daily life, let a person moment does not forget the challenge of risk exploration.

Elegant luxury tasting Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch

Bulgari derived from ancient Greek and Roman culture essence, Italian style of exquisite workmanship, unique make bold, noble classical works. Bulgari has multiple watch series, Omega, Omega is one of a series, the series of wrist watch is inscribed on the wrist unit circle are the distinctive features of a series name. Watch today’s home to bring us a bulgari Omega, Omega series of men’s wrist, official models: 102108

Elegant luxury tasting bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
Bulgari brand name is the name of Omega, Omega series of overlapping combination, its inscribed circle in the Omega seamaster 300 above is not only the series of trademark design, is also the highlight of the brand name. And the engraved design also added a process for wrist watch aesthetic feeling.


Bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
The watch of pure steel to build circular casing, which carry a automatic mechanical movement. Watch the time and date shown on the white dial, simple and clear. Wrist strap is made of stainless steel and rose gold to build between the gold chain strap, distinguished luxury.
Set with black ceramic crown is delicate and beautiful
Crown watchcase lateral assembly for common rounded crown, crown profile decorated with exquisite grooved, grasp when convenient set-up wrist watch; Inlaid with a piece of black ceramic crown, the crown more beautiful.

Stainless steel and rose gold to build links with elegant and noble
Wrist watch gold watchband of link between respectively made of stainless steel and rose gold, stainless steel links to “work” word, and the rose gold links for rectangular, two kinds of links and white combination, delicate and beautiful, all show honor. Equipped with a folding buckle on the strap.
Smooth watchcase round and do not break hale and hearty
Stainless steel watchcase of 39 mm in diameter, round watchcase through careful polishing grinding processing, light is hua liang jie. On the wrist unit circle ring inscribed with the name series, unique style hale and hearty.

White dial is simple but elegant simplicity, show clear
Wrist watch contracted simple but elegant white dial, dial middle hollow out sword pointer type, outer using bar and the Arabic numeral mark, show clear, read convenient and simple. At three o ‘clock position in the Omega seamaster professional to the Arabic numeral display date with date display window, clear that the be clear at a glance.
Vertical Omega seamaster professional ear rounded edges and corners
Ear for vertical wrist Omega seamaster professional Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional style hale, after careful polishing grinding, edge smooth, rounded edges and corners.

Watch button opening and closing is simple, easy to wear
Strap on the assembly of the press type open devices are installed folding clasp, when pressed to easily open the clasp, opening and closing is simple, more convenient to wear. When folding clasp closure can make perfect joint strap, both sides and hidden in the strap looks more elegant and beautiful.

Through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional can see internal capsule with homemade movement
Wrist watch is using back through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional bottom why screw bolt. Fine steel on the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional is made of edge inscribed with the brand name and watch some relevant parameters; Through the transparent Omega seamaster professional mirror can see inside the watch case with homemade BVL 191 automatic mechanical movement, movement state can provide full string on 42 hours power reserve.
Conclusion: this watch design is contracted, show clearly, convenient time to read, very practical. The collocation of fine steel rose gold design not only let the wrist watch color more rich, make design more show distinguished luxury at the same time. Watch of wrist of elegant design style, design contains hale and hearty make watches more conform to the men’s temperament, is a practical, delicate, elegant luxury watches.

Swiss tabulation watches factory

The pioneers of China’s top watches Clock lovers walking appreciate and worship of clocks and watches, put on their finger citron with the “engine”, when looking in the wrist watch, can always be clock craftsmen attracted to create a “tick” sound, then, watches and clocks in addition to timing will gradually become the people emotional sustenance. As is known to all, the Swiss watch always enjoys a high reputation in the world, the Swiss production of sophisticated and complex clock, however, in the pursuit of advanced tabulation omega seamaster 300 brand, China – Swiss has never been interrupted ever efforts and innovation.
Although our domestic brands and foreign clocks and watches and a large gap in both the technology and craft, but relatively speaking, Swiss TAB is still on the way to struggle continuously grope, brand today’s achievement is worth for sure. For half a century, Swiss watch awaken like a dragon, it will release more energy, show more brilliant, constantly perfect fusion Chinese culture and wrist.
The development of the brand
The development history of Swiss watch factory into the brand spirit of struggle, represents the rise of Chinese brands. Swiss watch factory was established in June 19, 1958. Beginning only 21 cadres and workers, they all come from public-private drawn in a clock factory in xuanwu district. To nine anniversary of the founding of the people, they are of no plant no equipment in 3 without money, with the development and production experience, the alarm clock at the Swiss institute of technology department of teachers and students, with the help of the surveying and mapping Swiss watch, on the basis of “large Roman” after more than three months of hard training, in September, developed the first batch of 17 watch watch industry to fill the gap.
In 2006, “Swiss” brand the tourbillon platinum Jin Zuanbiao “flying phoenix” play the Basel, Switzerland international horologe exhibition, in the same year the omega seamaster 300 with a 1 million yuan is the collection, as China’s watch unprecedented.
Chinese people since ancient times, there is a kind of an unyielding, tenacious struggle of the spirit, in constant innovation and efforts of staff, now Swiss watch factory has to be more perfect, he had mastered the tourbillon, double tourbillon, the tourbillon article 3 q, biaxial three-dimensional tourbillon, double box long dynamic contour design and manufacturing technology of complex watch, master miniaturist, hollow out, enamel, precious metals processing and diamond and other advanced production craft, watches as core technology with completely independent intellectual property rights and senior watch watch maker. Believe that in the future days, the Swiss watch will bring us more miracles.
Take you understand the above brand history of struggle and the home of the wrist to take you into the core of the soul – watches, watches in different series will bring you a new experience.
Manual sculpture – flying play chicken
Since ancient times, the dragons and phoenixes are a symbol of the Chinese as right, noble and good luck. Dragon is regarded as the symbol of the king of Chinese past dynasties, and represents the ancient phoenix empresses. Flying play chicken is the most auspicious image of the ancient legend. According to legend, the Swiss watch factory transportation of Basel and horological exhibit the tourbillon watch named “flying phoenix” play, this watch is Swiss watch one of the representative works, also represents the Chinese traditional culture to the world.
The watch every detail to the Chinese elements show incisively and vividly, at the center of the circular dial, the registered trademark of Swiss watch factory – direct engraving on the bottom plate, the tiananmen rostrum amid the lingering between wind rise. Xiangyun one dragon, lifelike. Dragon skin, African and even the tiananmen rostrum glazed tile are clearly visible, the gorgeous color, like the Forbidden City palace noble, elegant. The tourbillon mechanism the pendulum splint flapping their wings like a Chinese ling yan, carved with multiple layers of feathers on the swallow, lifelike.
Carving master also is unique in all the plywood on the back of the article (that is, the assembly datum), the article box wheel, lifted the lid, fork plywood, bogie, second round pieces of double sided, and box of the side of the wheel, center wheel spokes, activity even screw pile ring surface also has exquisite carving patterns, each detail is polished to very delicate, each part is filled with Swiss tabulation of the unique style and creativity. This only with the creation of the spiritual the tourbillon watch after a year, including a splint, carved in the bottom plate is more than three months time, enough to make masters for quality excellence.
Enamel movement – the recent
“Joson chunxiao, waking up early for fly recent gathering” is a distant legend, and Swiss TAB to draw inspiration from them made another real state. On the whole, the watch is a world of fantasy, colorful dial put Buddha is a beautiful gardens, the colorful flowers blossom under the sun bathing, dazzlingly let butterfly swimming, dancing.
The front of the watch for silver enamel bottom plate, hollow out the tourbillon window pattern did not affect the integrity of enamel. Watch pointer also USES yellow, green, and blue for decoration, the background and tonal harmony, appear more harmonious and beautiful. In less than 2 mm wide, the minute hand when there is a blooming tulips and lush greenery, shows a bloomy spring scene. Watch on the back of the large steel wheel a blooming roses, umbrella splint on a bracketplant, called “fuchsia. Silver grey gold inlay enamel enamel is the representative of the most classic, color is gorgeous. “Recent” is also the world’s first plywood only silver grey wire inlay enamel watches splint double-faced enamel (main), perhaps it can’t do the details of the impeccable, but on the way of innovation, it is still fine.
In addition, other enamel watches also have different design concept and style, each dial is like a roll of beautiful picture scroll, tells the one thousand years of Chinese history and culture.
Precise timing – mechanical watches
Besides complex design, Swiss TAB also pay attention to the production of general mechanical watch, including hollow out on chain mechanical watch, hand chain, mechanical and automatic mechanical watch, more simple design watches instead more can let a person fondle admiringly.
Simple mechanical omega seamaster 300 don’t need too much decoration, the watch USES the design of small three stitches, at 12 o ‘clock direction brand logo that coincide with the small second hand at six o ‘clock. Silver Arabic numerals and time scale, embodies the modern style of simplicity. The widely application of the leather strap, can let the wrist watch to fit the feel more convenient and comforomega seamaster 300.
Summary: any brand is a development process from scratch, small to large, have a low period, rising, also have successful period, for Swiss TAB, the road ahead is still very far away, room for improvement. From any Angle we have no reason to refuse a growing brand, because the opportunity is to those brave surging ahead. As one of a handful of domestic watch brand, down to the omega seamaster 300, we believe that Swiss TAB will continue to progress and innovation, to the field of Chinese TAB open up a new heaven and earth

The impressed wathcases for omega seamaster 300 watches

If someone asked me a omega seamaster 300 which parts of the most important, I will not hesitate is the case, is like a car, one might think that the engine is the most important, or gearbox, chassis, the most important but what really is the most important body, no body, the rest parts are fragmented. And the role of the crust and body, it props up the watch body. Is because of the wall, the Summer Palace, the temple of heaven is the world cultural heritage; If not, they are with the country parks and green space in the heart of the city have respectively?

As we know, early at the bottom of the wrist watch is not transparent, when people can’t directly see movement, watchcase even directly defines the spiritual connotation of the omega seamaster 300: it is honourable or cheap, it is modern or restore ancient ways, be clear at a glance. So from this perspective, said the watch case is the soul of wrist watch a little too much, especially in the pursuit of individual character s now, a omega seamaster 300 of all recognition is to rely on case to show, so designers are constantly focused design the modelling of make people away.

At the same time, with the continuous development of science and technology, the design of the watch case, process and material also in constant change, from the earliest of the precious metal and stainless steel to titanium alloy, carbon fiber, ceramic today. And high jewelry case, special shape of atlas, the spirit of the casing, restoring ancient ways of enamel decoration case but also emerge in endlessly. Let us enjoy the more unique watchcase modelling over the years.

We must remember Audemars Piguet (Abby), not only has the royal oak, the millennium, more oval omega seamaster 300 has a transparent, radian elegant profile.

Dial and case into one, is divided into two parts: half moon background set put pearls fritillaria Roman numeral scale and 18 k platinum, diamond circular part is covered with rectangle, different design eccentric type dial lively feeling. Diamond inlaid invisible extends to the case, and make the diamonds facets slightly curved to fit watchcase radian, bloom the most beautiful light.

Want to know in the ceramic watch case has not been widespread in the field of fine watch s, bought (bao Po) the black 50 fathoms, sports timing clock is the most boom of omega seamaster 300,. This unique time clock case, application is very dazzling new materials, by the DLC coating fine steel wire drawing processing, casing diameter of 45 mm, waterproof capacity up to 300 meters. On the special case is equipped with a bi-directional “countdown” sapphire rotating bezel. Inspired by the legendary car dashboard, checker effect of carbon fiber on the dial with fashionable orange or yellow Arabic numerals. And for the first time in its three-dimensional assembly on dial in a speed scale, when reading in order to obtain a better effect. Also, it’s all whose hands were red luminous processing, to ensure that the watch in any environment is excellent to read.

Breguet (treasure ji) although always choose conservative route, but the shape of flip still has caused quite a stir in that year, the clamshell kept it as a top brand, at the same time, with its fine beauty, the elegant design of extremely rich tabulation skills, unique dial engraved patterns, make it present a unexpected appearance. The lid acted as a very good matting, opened the moment, the 557 manual chain on the tourbillon movement can let a person ecstasy, all parts have been very careful manual polishing, tangent plane, engraving and to balance the texture. So you all happy thanks to the lid.

First Parentesi Bvlgari (bulgari) series, was born in the late 70 s, bulgari is the inspiration of the design team, it expresses the bulgari with Roman culture and the close relationship between art and architecture. Parentesi design elements was inspired by the Roman pavement, especially paving stone Qi mouth stitching process. Using Parentesi chain model was born in 1985, the first watch in gold, gold steel, as well as the gold and diamond style add to digest. Conveys the essence of classicism, after to change and the study of, again to modern style watch design, gives a new vitality for jewellery watch. Now Parentesi series, and elegant appearance, the structure of the abandoned slightly stiff, at the same time retain the characteristics of ancient design. And added four watch, the watch case, dial, buckles and crown with diamond, ruby or sapphire, become the focus of attention of the irreplaceable.

Chanel (Chanel) J12 watch had been a great success, it has to do with it is a ceramic watch case to be inseparable, especially its high jewelry custom-made versions, is to let J12 watch into the ranks of the top clock, it specifically for the Paris flourishing more square of 18 stores and special manufacture. Although this omega seamaster 300 for 18 k white gold material, but all the DNA in the tradition of J12, 42 mm in diameter of casing, enchase 713 rectangular cut diamond, the strap set with 502, the bezel set with 48, the watch case set with 78, the dial is set with 84, 43 carat diamond weighing. This omega seamaster 300 was only limited to make 12, respectively inscribed independent number.

Although the Dewitt brand recently some disappeared, but in the big drawer or gave the world a big shock, the birth of this art is the crystallization of human wisdom, to WX – 1 the name of the design and development to explain the works of a story, the story of two prominent friends, is a designer Jerome DE Witt, another is a famous architect Jean – Michel Wilmotte, they combined intense curiosity and genius of wisdom, digest each other thoughts, eventually launched a special design, technology progressive timing of high-quality goods. WX – 1 case in any shape or size are innovation, thus has a strong personality, which just by 370 with its carrying parts, the structure of the complex and delicate micro mechanical supplement each other, to show the new manufacturing process.

Glashutte what you (he’s) though, most of the watch looks very thick, but the 1878 Moritz Grossmann set limit to of watches, will the past history and the modern TAB of the spirit of perfect unifies in together. This omega seamaster 300 in the 1920 s TAB within the school student work for design inspiration, so that the unique creativity of he’s past and future of tabulation art cleverly set up similar Bridges, and was now by tabulating apprentices to accomplish the mission of this historical links. As long as you watched the face plate is enough to understand the details of this historical fusion is clever, about the fine watch to the goodness of human life in the past. Watch silver plated surface plate with a polished arrow, minute hand show that blue, with the face plate of color contrast. As loyal to the omega seamaster 300 details, axis of pointer also carefully polished by hand to complete.

Global platinum and rose gold material omega seamaster 300 item set limit to 130.

Hand (watch) before not offering the king the supreme, the Big Bang series but at that time, the world’s most designer watches, especially female omega seamaster 300, this makes with rose gold, amethyst, pinkish purple watch money makes a person shine at the moment, design unique and elegant and generous. Combined with vision, “taste”, “smell” the design of the senses, make its in the eyes of lovers like aromatic Cappuccino aroma overflowing love, fascinating and fragrant. Immersed in the romantic love in the sea, men and women to distinguish gender gift separated?

Jaeger LeCoultre – (product) AMVOX series has always been synonymous with high-tech, the tourbillon when both the tourbillon watches watchcase process even now are very top, in order to guarantee the product family ceramic watch case can completely satisfy a senior watch to the demanding of quality, first of all, in as much as over 2000 degrees centigrade high temperature and high pressure conditions, zirconium oxide and yttrium metal fusion into block with high cohesion, at the same time in order to ensure uniform material, must also use radiation to detect whether there is a gap, and then cut grind watchcase program. This process must be finished after 5 axis CNC type of technology, make out a section of fine exquisite AMVOX watchcase. At the end of the grinding and polishing process, must also be equipped with diamond crystals and diamond sand special processing equipment. Product family, therefore, the use of ceramic materials, absolutely with excellent wear resistance, the same quality, features light weight after titanium, and has more excellent hardness.

When Jaquet Droz (Jacques johndroe) launch the watch, shocked the whole world, so to speak, people exclaim Jacques johndroe also can produce activity, this omega seamaster 300 shows the aesthetic and perfect mastery of science and technology in the 21st century. This large second hand activity is the value of the latest, it from the highest standard of watchmaking, their combined with speed sports a mysterious world. Movement type rib, omega seamaster 300 circle hole hollow out the omega seamaster 300 ear, shoulder the whole piece of sculpture, protect the crown, a diameter of 45 mm stainless steel watch case more mix the stamina and handsome men. The rubber processing and the three dimensional foil dial the same features of the design, and with Super – Luminova fluorescence hollow-out type pointer, build an unprecedented space feeling and lightness. Pointer and Numbers to represent the movement speed of orange deck.

In my impression of Parmigani (parma Johnny) should be the first cooperation with yacht brands in the world’s top clock and watch brand, and today is one of the world’s largest shipbuilders Pershing in combination with the professional technology (Po), created the unique Pershing timing clock. The new clock circular movement style prominent case design, let a person can be recognized Kalpa series style (parma Johnny’s signature design), unidirectional rotating bezel, combined with omega seamaster 300 ear curve of rubber timing button to send the most beautiful nature. This omega seamaster 300 waterproof up to 200 meters, and equipped with a speedometer and special rubber strap or leather strap.

Piaget (count) the modelling of countless more can use to describe, but until now I think this omega seamaster 300 watchcase technology represents the count’s highest level of watch case manufacture, this omega seamaster 300 used to tabulation and jewelry exquisite create amazing new Limelight series. This money with the Eiffel Tower and the ferris wheel on the place DE la Concorde two landmark for inspiration, characterize the magical beauty belongs to Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris since 1889, the history of this slender shining monument, carrying too many stories. In addition, interesting and a rotation of the wheel is also have more changes in the design, each diamond stays on the spinning wheel, like the famous Paris shiny small car on ferris wheel.

Richard Mille watches design has always been synonymous with unique halfback, but even so, the maverick brand also in a few years ago began to re-examine the golden age of watches and clocks, was introduced to numerous collectors bring strong visual impact of the pocket watch! RM020 clock is the first in the history of the nonmetal substrate pocket watch, the omega seamaster 300 of the ultrafine carbon fiber is used in the main base board, first used in the United States air force jets. This is a kind of superfine fiber synthetic composite materials, in 7500 cows per cubic centimetre high pressure and 2000 ˚ C high temperature forging and become, in all aspects of the finished product material machinery, objects, and chemical properties are very somega seamaster 300, therefore very suiomega seamaster 300 for changeable environment and temperature keeping watch the stability of walking.

Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin) has traditionally been based on the traditional and classical, when the Quai DE l ‘Ile series cushion watchcase design appeared, as in the altar omega seamaster 300 dropped a bombshell, Constantin said it was edgy interpretation of classical style of watches and clocks, like some classic models, constantly redesigned in order to make a breakthrough on the style change. The watch case in detailed interpretation on the basis of the avant-garde design concept of the clock, intact vacheron constantin inherent style.

To incisively and vividly embodiment of brand innovation, advocating the concept of personalized tabulation, short Jiang Shidan continuously explore each domain, tries to break through the boundaries, will smooth, perfect visual curve, watch of wrist of modern temperament, the design of the dynamic integration of the specific product, the new idea of future tabulation.

Ulysse Nardin (Athens) omega seamaster 300 has been notoriously precise navigation chronometer, in one hundred has more than ten years in tabulation history, winning more than 4300 awards. The latest sailing diving timing clock, tied two navigation watch variables together, as well as the timing, and diving to suit different tastes of wrist watch enthusiasts. This omega seamaster 300 is not stainless steel casing, match the screw-plug waterproof crown with the same fabric, waterproof up to 200 meters. Diving timing outer ring choose special rubber material for decoration, with three overlapping layer surface plate, greatly improve the visibility of the timing, at the same time, the distinct design also add watch fashion aesthetic feeling

Structure of the omega seamaster 300 in those years we overtake the dial

We talked about wrist watch at ordinary times, often the most easy to overlook is the dial, but the fact is that the dial is a omega seamaster 300 face, like a beautiful face is human nature. So every brand will be huge energy use in the development of unique on the dial, face plate of good sell good, seems to have become the watch industry is a pattern. Dial can not only display function, but also display a variety of beauty and craft and novelty, stage, now of dial in addition to the traditional paint, enamel, wire inlay enamel micro painting painting also join to dial ideas, in addition to this, the more worrying for the nature of the diamond, Guilloche machine carved a grain decoration and special shape, fantasy, etc. Let’s get a glimpse of the magical dial with unique charm.

Anbersen is an independent tabulation of the brand, its Poker enamel watches the time bring a person the sense of jing, there is no any pointer dial, scale, the dial is covered by an exclamation vividly painted enamel micro, this Poker game theme by the artist Cassius Marcellus Coolidge creation, painted a group with handcrafted like human expression dog sitting around a omega seamaster 300 to play Poker, exquisite brushwork, even the dog’s coat is just visible. Watch the only time the window of the show is at 6 o ‘clock position, by Arabic Numbers for the bottom of the dial indicator, six of them even time scale, the fancy joint subjects such as flush card code display.

Audemars Piguet (Abby) creative design for the brand in the millennium dial is played the beautiful music in the spring, the jumping between the keys of the power of pulsed with time. Whether it’s the same inline or dial with Roman numeral scale version of bezel is dense with version, beauty to blend with the piano keys on the edge of the dial design appropriately, or deep, quiet or passionate, artistic flavor in cloudless simple lines and the color of black and white collocation show incisively and vividly.

No matter whether you admit, Beijing (Beijing) the officer (pallas) 38 mm watch is definitely represent the highest standard of art in the omega seamaster 300, the movement on the bottom plate, plywood, plywood, fork plywood with dial with 18 k gold, and a relief sculpture. Specially designed thickness of plywood and dial are increased, the engraver creation net deep nearly 1.5 mm deep anaglyph, have a more vivid stereo effect.
Carved on the ancient Greek legend peace god of war Athena, arm around her spear, right hand holding doves, fortitude, serene. Her face and the body of the helmet emblems, quiver strewn at random before and after the four arrows in the round eyes of god and the dove (100 times under the magnifying glass observation is double-fold eyelid) is a genius. Of the splint on on the back of the watch is engraved with angel poured wine scene.

Breguet (treasure ji) shell carving has always been famous, wrist watch 18 k platinum, the Naples bezel set with 40 diamond (2.42 carats). Shell very demanding relief to the engraver, and due to the nature of the shell itself is very fragile, accidentally will fall short, slightly engraver without decades carving skills absolutely can not do, this omega seamaster 300 in order to match the dial color, special chose chocolate alligator skin strap.

Cartier (Cartier) although never on the omega seamaster 300 design lack of originality, but I still think this can turn the Santos Triple 100 most breakthrough, this omega seamaster 300 combined with hollow out movement of the rotating dial device for the first time, as long as you turn the crown can replace three different design of dial, bring different feeling of brand new horizons. 18 k white gold crown rotating at the same time, the built-in movable type prism can start at any time, in the small gear system, under the drive of the dial can gradually change direction.
First is the classic 12 Roman numerals scale, then could be transformed into diamond and the black sapphire of checkerboard pattern, finally is the tiger carver is exquisite patterns. This omega seamaster 300 world pioneering design, complex technology, more than 40 hours to complete the production, has obtained the patent right. Dial with the total weight of 7.6 carats of diamonds, only limited launched 20.
Gerald Genta (weighing) though it is now a buyout by bulgari, but just before the omega seamaster 300 can definitely use shock to describe. Like the ArenPC GMT watch clever use of overlapping disc modelling and rich color. All the sophisticated functions such as calendar, standard time zones present aesthetic symmetrical modelling on the dial. The upper dial the mass-tone attune of the use of red, black and white alternate, in dot part to give the lower dial dazzling aureate, the prominent round the main geometric modelling design at the same time, more omega seamaster 300 style added a mystery. Time scale is symmetry of 2, 4, 8 and 10 four Arabic numerals and elegant pure white pointer in the set off of gorgeous dial impressively eye-catching. Titanium watchcase platinum bezel watch case mix material is keeping its unique groove design.
Glashutte what you (he’s) PanoInverse XL watch didn’t follow general watch dial to fully cover movement in the design practice, instead to watch the show necessary to design to replace the eccentric circles generally dial, to try to make every part movement can directly under the mirror clearly visible. Other within the movement has a case he traditional tabulation symbolic elements, such as gold sleeve, blue steel screws, etc., all better on the silver plate. Under the omega seamaster 300 there is no hidden design, by hand carved decorative pattern of the balance wheel fixed bridge plate and double gooseneck fine-tuning, is undoubtedly the movement in the spotlight. The motion of the balance wheel in a fixed omega seamaster 300 under law, display the time in the most charming way. Every clever technology details, let PanoInverse has the incomparable artistic aesthetic feeling.
Jaquet Droz (Jacques johndroe) retrograde date astrology series creative twelve constellation diagram as the ornament, the pointer on the display panel in one of the digital number is no longer a classic elegant Roman numerals, and a constellation symbol, and emerged from the morning light disappear the moment, with 15 diamond particles, in the dim light of night needle plate fluorescent represent yi yi is unripe brightness. Each element corresponds to the respective magic, everyone has a unique destiny of every man a month daily, between 5 and 10 points, the relevant date display corresponding to retrograde orbit that shot stone path shows a star map of Leo, Aries, Gemini.
Omega, Omega) the 18 k gold wrist watch is a typical model that restore ancient ways, collectors especially like keen to talk about the Omega antique classic styling, the so-called “ear piece”, “fly scale”, “gossip” all reworking has been on the omega seamaster 300. And its built-in type 2403 automatic machine core, the coaxial escapement observatory has a special of the oscillation frequency, 25200 times per hour. This omega seamaster 300 was launched for the Beijing Olympic Games, restricted to 88 every day. The facts have proven that this omega seamaster 300 is in the period of the Olympic Games will set off a upsurge collection.
Panerai (pei na sea) is the most distinctive feature of a wrist watch crown bridge, another is its unique sandwich panel, unique elements, and of course the dial the Luminor 1950 Tourbillon disk clarity and color of chocolate is that it gives a person the first impression, but it is an assembly of pei na sea highest produced the Tourbillon movement – P2005 heavyweight omega seamaster 300. Lightness of titanium watchcase, when it has a dual function (GMT). Very low yield and high cost, it seems that really only belongs to those who make public the hermit.
Piaget (count) of the Limelight Paris – New York series wrist watch, the Paris architectural theme of wrist watch with 18 k white gold case, using tabulation and jewelry exquisite technics, dense set with 587 round diamonds. Covering over charcoal gray dial can lift type watchcase, use two tips relative to the Eiffel Tower in Paris of hollow out modelling into hourglass, especially the 6000 fine grinding of platinum in the hourglass system with the motion of the arms free to move around, aptly show the passage of time.
Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) watch the wire inlay enamel has been regarded as part of the best, and that a set of 4 pieces of plate type 5077 wire inlay enamel more collectors called “bird paradise” are the ultimate in gourmet.
The four waterfowl was patek philippe describe lifelike, lifelike, countless other collectors, these four models are assembled patek philippe type 240 pearl tuo automatic movement and for 950 platinum. Due to limited manufacture only five sets, so have always been auction market compete for objects.
Rado dial (radar) this kind of bright color, the other countless people dump was introduced. Dial, omega seamaster 300 mirror, watchcase, strap perfectly together, almost no protruding timing button. Suddenly, with a strong color of intervention, it broke the perfect fusion, like the heart of a tremor. Rippling on the dial of the gleaming green comet pattern, adds a leisure and optional for it. Green garnet closely around the timing and date window, and the secrets of the deducing the luster. Metallic dial with sapphire crystal as if for the omega seamaster 300 body covered with a layer of color coat. A variety of tonal wonderful blend, formed the strong and breathtaking strong light.
Ulysse Nardin (Athens) has been in its own wire inlay enamel dial is proud, especially sailboats pattern is the housekeeping work. Achille on the dial o (has) ship is the fourth ship named after the ancient Greek myth hero Achilles and o destroyer, with 64 to 64 cannon, belonging to the royal navy, under the command of captain Richard King. In the Spanish trafalgar naval warfare, archie, number of leeward battle with method of joint fleet, finally ended in British victory. This omega seamaster 300 on the wire inlay enamel painted dial depicts the archer the number in the Fort Rochefort (stone castle) before. Choose a diameter of 0.06 mm length is more than a metre of gold thread, with more than 80 hours of working hours, after 30 baked program, hook picture for multiple levels of the ship, the show a special interest body feeling. Watch 18 k rose gold and platinum materials limited 30 each, each watches are equipped with a piece of 18 k rose gold independent number plate

Expert analysis of omega seamaster 300 new material Watch

“Although call ceramics, ceramic are high-end and low-end.”
– radar global President Matthias Breschan.

Clock and watch industry into the 21st century, not blindly emphasis on glide, but should come up with the 21st century should have some results, from precious metals to nonmetal is likely to be used. Watch in the 20th century to become the mainstream ideology of the clock. Clock is the son of human civilization, no development in the 20th century to the material, wait for the stage in the 21st century. Is the metal material in the 20th century, the 21st century, many metal was replaced by the nonmetal, it is inevi omega seamaster 300 trend. For example, the balance wheel balance spring appeared silicon, watch case material appeared in the ceramic and carbon fiber.
Richard Mille literally a watches are possessed of a tremendously complex movement, put on your wrist feel so complicated watches should not be so light. This new brand preference for titanium material. Titanium has many natural advantages, such as lightweight and corrosion, and is not sensitive to the skin, and so on. And these advantages are often traditional metal not bothering people for many years, the disadvantages of traditional metal finally met in front of the new material. Not only that, the titanium metal processing technology, is also in recent years to perfect.
Watch watch brand is adopted, for example, in 1980 by vanilla finesse of natural rubber, stand out in competitive brand, created the LeShi product watch industry precedent. When traditional watchmaking impact by quartz watch, this seemingly ordinary black material is used to build with gold decoration luxury watches will surely need great courage and foresight. This kind of fusion of past and future prospective thought idea into reality now, watch omega seamaster 300 realized to platinum, gold, stainless steel, and even classic material such as rubber and aluminum, titanium, carbon, zirconium, tantalum, tungsten and the perfect combination of magnesium and other materials. Of course, high-tech composite materials, such as zirconium ceramics, resins and other precious metal alloy, etc.
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
Created in 2005 after the Big Bang series, watch watch is fully understand the mystery of the integration of new materials. It combines zirconia and yttria together, through the pressure to finalize the design, and then to the extreme high-temperature refining, finally formed a sparkling metal, and indestructible, that this alloy was named the gold watch (omega seamaster 300). In 2007, magnesium, Bang (Mag) Bang in the middle of the motherboard and plate movement machine made by magnesium, and this is a kind of special metal 30% lighter than aluminium. In order to improve its physical properties, watch omega seamaster 300 factory laboratory fused the aluminum magnesium metal, formula ratio strictly confidential. Finally the fusion of product is homemade alloy Jin Yu gold watch watch (omega seamaster 300). It is seldom to brand naming of the alloy.
Furthermore, machine core components of the material has changed, in addition to the silicon hair, and sapphire splint, crystal plate, carbon crystal materials. The emergence of new materials shook some traditional authority. To made with silicon material, omega watches can resist 15000 gauss magnetic field. Due to the movement itself is free of magnetic material, from the soft iron shell package, antimagnetic watch can not only make it gone, but also keep the thin. All these constitute the important characteristics of the future.
1, for rolex, stainless steel and precious metals
Although the present has become a general use hand watch of stainless steel material,, but it still belongs to a kind of high quality material. Stainless steel in the middle of the 19th century by the German Essen clapp, Krupp company found, then in the 1950 s has been widely used by the public. As expected, that watch omega seamaster 300 in initiative called V4A high quality alloy watch when using it, the alloy in the TAB more widely known name also called 316 l.
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
Rolex use 904 l stainless steel is a kind of heat resistant stainless steel alloy. Currently only being used in high-tech fields, such as aerospace, chemical and petrochemical industry, also used in surgical transplant. Its outstanding corrosion resistance of the foot can be comparable to a lot of precious metal material, because its up to 21% of the chrome content. Through a highly polished shine after more durable.
Manufacturing process of 904 l stainless steel is very strict. The first casting, metal was melted to a vacuum container, remove impurities from the mold, these impurities will affect metal anticorrosive and cause problems in polishing process. Casting results through electron microscope scanning can confirm the quality. In the end, only selected foundry product can be used in watch manufacturing.
Because of precious metals such as steel extremely difficult to damage, but easy to polish, therefore puts forward great challenge on manufacturing and stamping process, it must pass a special tool and process, including the rolling steel plate, die stamping, finally made the watch parts. For stamping at the same time, the special development exceptionally hard tools, such as abrasion on the surface of the coated with tungsten carbide tools.
2, ROSE GOLD, ROSE GOLD) for platinum and eternal
Also, the gold in the industry has also been used in great quantities, but watch omega seamaster 300 always can think of ways in the watchmaker, it of this rare but highly ductile metal color to make the changes. And so a new kind of gold alloy — rose gold was born, in addition to the common metals such as copper, silver also contains 5% of platinum, so shine with the brilliance of the rose. Similar material, rolex is called eternal rose gold (Everose).
Tantalum is a kind of nature is more rare than the gold metal, because of its thermal stability have low sensitivity and the absolute and therefore is widely applied to the production of a variety of containers. It is very hard, and the melting point of 3017 ℃, thus became one of the preferences that watch omega seamaster 300 material. Watch omega seamaster 300 without hesitation to apply tantalum in some high-tech case in the middle part of the manufacturing process. The material belongs to the watchmaking is relatively rare in the sixth grade, light quality, without being limited by the temperature, not easy corrosion, etc. It also has a biological compatibility in the system, for to close all day wear watches is a decisive factor. Ongoing research work in that watch omega seamaster 300, zirconium metal became the latest to attract that watch list of materials: this kind of highly somega seamaster 300 metal in watchmaking application range is very limited, it became an extra advantage, to hope that caused a sensation effect will be especially attractive…
Pei na sea (PANERAI) is an early use of tantalum do brand watch case. PLATINUM and Palladium, PLATINUM and Palladium
Platinum is a traditional precious metals, due to the high purity of platinum can be directly used for processing watchcase, so often than gold platinum alloy (18 k yellow gold, white gold, rose gold) more noble. With belongs to platinum palladium and platinum close to nature, also has the characteristics of difficult to machining. In 2009, parma Johnny has already started to use palladium manufacturing watchcase. In 2012, bao Po launched tantalum metal case watches, transparent card Russell 2013, girard-perregaux omega seamaster 300 issued made of tantalum metal biaxial tourbillon watches, combine new precious metals with complicated function.
Confucianism, independent tabulation brand (F.P.J OURNE) soon since the 1990 s, has pioneered the use of ruthenium manufacturing watchcase and dial. The watches of the watch case after matte processing take on the colour of ruthenium metal itself, it is rare.
4, super alloy Alacrite tungsten cobalt chromium – royal oak concept 602 watches
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
Royal oak concept watch is original “research-based watch”, complex function including the tourbillon, power meter and power storage around it. omega seamaster 300 made from titanium alloys, watchcase Alacrite with super alloy 602 (also called stellite), it is the most seen solid material, production need to use special tools and processes to develop. 500 meters of waterproof, can resist acceleration and vibration conditions. Concept omega seamaster 300 configuration intuitive processing system, and near the crown button to start.
5, never wear gold
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
In 2012, the watch material research and development department launched the first scratch resistant material in the world – the magic gold – “will not be scratched 18 k gold”. With the assistance of the federal institute of technology in lausanne, after six months of feasibility study, finally was born gold with ceramic combination in order to obtain a new abrasion of 18 k gold. Only the diamond can be left on the surface scratches on real significance, and the colour and lustre of dark and different from other gold. Significance of the birth of magic gold and not only with a limited material, but opened up many new material come out of the gate. At present, silver, platinum, magic magic aluminum material are actively in the process of research.
6, titanium ceramic (Chromatic) chromaticity comparable to platinum
A kind of new material and a new color, make the J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watches Be the best reflect the watch witnessing a development with The Times change, concentrated the only chanel know how to capture the essence of era. Like photography, especially film photography friend know, in 1935, Eastman kodak company has developed a kind of outside accidentally type color reversal film, because it has a high color purity and saturation and excellent determine force, so far, there is no any accidentally type color reversal film can match. This film is Kodachrome (kodak crum), because of the fine particle film, so as to make the image of the solution as high strength, high sharpness, transparency is high also.
No use of the material, the color itself has the feeling of bright color and luster, this should be the CHANEL J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch is designed. Among them, the Chromatic consists of chrome and matic two words. The former mainly refers to the bright, the latter mainly directed material is bright. Titanium metal color is dim, and ceramics after melting is to be able to present the colour and lustre of metal. However CHANEL J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watches the colour of this magic is inspired by the 21st century high-tech precision ceramics, CHANEL Swiss watch factory studying, using high-tech precision ceramics to create new generation J12 watch, its surface can be conjured the last of the colour of irregular change.
Chanel lady love the classic black and white, the CHROMATIC colors is somewhere in between, push the J12 watch into a new dimension, an unprecedented time and material. Watches in the white metal, silver has a mysterious elegant feeling, silver platinum is a kind of light, it is unique to this kind of high purity metal color. Was 75% (18 k platinum alloy, while platinum for 95.0% more). So although the J12 Chromatic material is titanium and ceramic, but it is deep and have full platinum burnish.
7, titanium and ceramic complementary advantages
Cixin J12 watch both mysterious color and duality of colorless colour, its light came from titanium, wear resistance is due to the use of ceramics, and the characteristics of constant temperature has the great winter wear comfort. Titanium and ceramic are strong chemical stability of the material, so even the most sensitive skin, also won’t for titanium ceramic contact allergy. In this sense, the titanium ceramic represents the trend of the 21st century watches. Because only in the 21st century, with the combine these two kinds of material technology and method. And the two kinds of material is the affinity to the human body, is bound to become the main, including watches, jewelry material. Chanel from using diamond polishing powder of sapphire technology, developed a unique polishing technology, forge new rich reflection effect.
Trades that D – STAR king STAR series watch the special surface hardening technology applications in the world’s first Kolsterising titanium carbide and the birth of the new high-tech high-tech ceramics material – Ceramos ®.
8, metal or nonmetal?
So far, the watch case material on the material’s boldest Roger dubuis, in 2013 the brand’s four watch-balance enhances Quartuor using silicon watches the nonmetal material. Silicon used to make escapement components is comparatively mature technology, we have to think watch material which revolution will happen in the 21st century.
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
In the radar (RADO) pioneered the use of ceramic material, do watch this treated with vitreous off zirconia crystal with super surface hardness and better toughness of the material, in the interpretation of watches jewelry properties at the same time, a big direction laid a watch consumption. That watch in addition to pioneered the use of the rubber band, and take the lead in the ceramic watch brand to combine with various materials. The fusion of art to watch integration with traditional materials and the future is qualitative, let that watch omega seamaster 300 has the incomparable uniqueness. The use of ceramic watches on gradually incline to high-end. The original ceramic building on the metal frame, nowadays, mono cock, namely monomer molding ceramics has been used in high-end watches. And already from use ceramic manufacturing a single parts to one-piece case.
Omega launched a ceramic watch case super watch (Speed Master). This is the first time the omega use black case. “We are in the high-end watch without PVD plated black because of afraid to wear in the future,” says Mr Omega Monachon director of global product, “we this kind of ceramic structure, not traditional, on the metal frame structure of building ceramics, but directly by the ceramic unibody Mono cock structure.” Provide this kind of ceramic omega is Comadur swatch group company, the company is the swatch group within the specialized study of ceramic materials such as, there is no better than lean group of research and development results. At the same time, the trades that far in high-tech ceramics. The brand in the world again in two aspects: the lightest watches and adopt touch technology for the first time on your wrist.
Emperor rudder omega seamaster 300 (Tudor) have also launched a integrated sports watches watchcase. Trades Diamaster drill bully RHW1 limited edition watch series, the use of titanium nitride and silicon nitride material, plus the swatch group ETA for the professional manufacturers in the development of super light movement, each big plate materials such as use of lightweight aluminum alloy manufacture), make the whole omega seamaster 300 weight only 68 grams! Moreover, this new type of ceramic oxidation of irregular texture presents a bronze. Radar is the first in the world using the ceramic watch brand, however, the two new men in those days not yong today. “Although call ceramics, ceramic are high-end and low-end.” The radar’s global President Matthias Breschan said.
9, typical of military material Composite
Expert analysis of wrist watch new material
In addition, there is a military application material, is gradually applied in the watch. Composite is a kind of ceramic aluminium (someone called aluminum, ceramic, it is not correct), was used in the U.S. and NATO forces equipped with equipment and military watches. This material has a ceramic hardness and chemical stability, and metal toughness and light weight. Suiomega seamaster 300 for manufacturing of important sensitive watches, such as the pilot watch or large size sport watches. In 2010, is famous for its watches made navy pei na sea using Composite materials production more than watch. Inherited the traditional military watches, also for LeShi activity added extremely suiomega seamaster 300 for material selection. In 2011, pei na sea introduced Composite material manufacturing assembly have p. 3000 movement of new Luminor 1950 Composite PAM000375.
10 carbon, carbon fiber, and forging
Carbon fiber is the departure from the traditional material, it is light, it is cheap. But the forging process of carbon fiber to form the LeShi activity is another kind of aesthetic feeling and sense of worth. That watch even use carbon fiber watch-making industry most complicated cathedral asked three omega seamaster 300s. In order to obtain good acoustics effect, within 3 q list use titanium to do watch cathedral watchcase. The author that watch factory hear from the omega seamaster 300, loud voice feel full, 3 q is in the omega seamaster 300.
Abby Ru valley brand, in terms of new material was very advanced. The brand took the lead in royal oak offshore use forging carbon material type of watches.
11, “Freak” turned out to be a pioneer
Athens during the past few years has been for the industry to present a number of “the world”, and most have displayed in the “Freak”. In 2001 launched the first ever USES silicon as the escapement devices of the tourbillon “Freak”. First diamond balance spring, and applied on the part of “Freak” prototype, amazing super elasticity of the full performance.
Athens in 2005 created the “two-way Escapement devices” (” Dual Ulysse Escapement “), the Escapement wheel parts choose the nickel and phosphorus (NiP) and silicon (Silicium) as the material, without oil can reduce the Escapement wheel friction. That same year, Athens first using polycrystalline diamond for the escapement wheel watches on the market. To escape wheel parts made of silicon crystal, as the “plant” polycrystalline diamond with a good backbone.
In the past decades until today, machine core parts are made of brass, stainless steel and ruby. During this long period of technology platform, the traditional tabulation craftsman tabulation process was optimized and the skills honed to near perfection. However, Athens found Selective optical lithography process (Selective Photolithography) production process is the most suiomega seamaster 300 technology. “DRIE” Deep Ion Etching technology (Deep Reactive Ion Etching) and “journalist on Deep electrical mould manufacturing technology (lithography, electroplating and molding) are a new method of designing and manufacturing high quality machine parts, the two technologies will be hard to imagine that a few years ago into something practical.
TIPS: grade 5 titanium
Grade 5 titanium is a kind of alloy, add a small amount of aluminum in extremely lightweight titanium and vanadium and form, texture is very solid. This kind of titanium alloy by polishing grinding, present a better than other grades of titanium bright luster.
Ceramos ® profile
Ceramos ® is high-tech ceramic materials and metals, including titanium carbide and metal alloy, is a high-tech ceramics, platinum color again evolution of high-tech ceramic and alloy material. First by RADO trades in Switzerland in 1993 in RADO Swiss trades Sintra silver drill series. Ceramos ® has the same quality with high-tech ceramic and advantages, light weight, and can be fast temperature regulation according to surface temperature. Its molding process in a very sophisticated mold, making conditions for high pressure of 1000 mpa. In process in vacuum conditions (1500 ° C) to complete before sintering, molding auxiliary compound chemical decomposition will happen. This process, the process object will shrink by 20%, until you reach the final size, total density and total hardness index. This watch has a unique with platinum facing edges and corners, the finish is through a meticulous in diamond grinding wheel polishing process, can make the hardness is higher than the hardness of high-tech ceramics polishing products.
Also should have 12, Vintage feel
In 2011, pei na sea launching a copper watchcase, which from LeShi pursuit of precious metals. But pei na sea understands LeShi way of business, it highlighted the side – copper to folk cultural tradition in sailing, because after the copper oxide can form a protective film to prevent further oxidation. And after be oxidized copper watchcase, can form various mottled, this leads to watch everyone is unique. Do you not want to individual character? Compared with vacheron constantin attic custom, pei na copper watch comes the sea is also very cheap. End of 2013, Confucianism na (F.P.J ourne) shows a watch in Beijing, the main material of watch case was 925 silver than bronze and soft. Although the new time omega seamaster 300 is polished, but as you can imagine in the near future, this watch will be quaint and vicissitudes of life, like a collection for a long time wine yellow wine label on the bottle. Vintage, represents the traditional, on behalf of the grade. Actually this kind of watch is silver shell F.P.J ourne to commemorate their hands in 1983 produced the first of the tourbillon watch memorial. The pocket watch is made of the 18th century popular silver watch case. The movement of this watch to watch 30 years ago, the brass splint (Confucianism, now watch all are red gold plate), the design of the tourbillon also like 30 years ago. Different is escapement fork did adapt to watch the adjustment of the operation. And a splint on using the stainless steel parts, and make black polishing processing. Shell of ji ornamental decorative same as the pocket watch. Dial, too, made with easy oxidation of silver. Want is this feeling.

beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model

A wrist Watch Asian event, “clock and Watch miracles and Wonders” already came to a close, the event provides a lot of brands with a platform to promote new products, display technology, and also provides a lot of clocks and watches enthusiasts from all over the world with a mutual exchange, high-end Watch close contact. Exhibited in the face of each big brand wrist watch, there are many classic is impressive, the pursuit of excellence of movement, and the pursuit of functional complexity is one of the important aspects, but the omega seamaster 300 design aesthetic feeling also nots allow to ignore. Below, the home of wrist watch together with you recall omega seamaster 300 show those who have been truly beauty of wrist watch, they are chic and elegant design to stand out in the numerous omega seamaster 300, aftertaste making a person is boundless.

Watch of wrist of PIAGET earl Altiplano embroidery: gold silk woven moving heartstrings
PIAGET earl production workshop to continue in the field of remarkable interpretation of transcendental unique brand of glamour, delicate and exquisite, after years precipitate, outstanding master craftsmanship is the ultimate fantasy magic time. From ancient art to the latest generation of collection, the embroidery’s history and the process of human civilization are intertwined. The origin of the needle and thread can be traced back to prehistoric times, for example, there are a large number of literature as Homer’s “Iliad”; And ancient Egypt, Babylon and Rome bas-relief are revealed, and use a different color and texture of the needle and thread for fabric decoration beautiful craft, had existed at the time. Allegedly, Asian first to develop the golden or silver into lamellar, then cut into small lace, weaving threads of fusion techniques.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model

In the silk road, through the embroidery fabric caravan trade played a very important cultural communication role, then, embroidery became the europeans show colorful magnificent work of art. A: doing my best at the time of craftsmen applied in the religion of the royal clothing and adornment. Today, gold embroidery outstanding achievement. In heraldry art, it is used to weave shield emblem painted cities or family; In the art of etiquette, it is used to repair or made flags and chasuble; Gold thread embroidery also appeared in the uniforms and costumes craft, such as the matador dress or gown; This technique is also used to haute couture clothing; In addition artist, stage decoration architect and interior designer will also be special customized gold thread embroidery.
PIAGET earl again the only one like you, to the introduction of the gold embroidery art tabulation, interweave the dial work beyond imagination. Uphold the excellent tradition, PIAGET earl with gold embroidery craft, explore the new frontier for the dial design achievement fascanating university. First silk was taut and fixed on the framework, trace by master artisans design line again. Subsequently, embroidered with gold thread embroidery master this ancient technology, with embroidery needle gold wire twisted into a spiral of golden, very patiently again the complex composition details one by one needlework on silk, thus creating exquisite works of art.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model

Specially these wrist watches have two different color choices, elegant and free from vulgarity of white, black and elegant solemn. PIAGET earl Altiplano appearance is elegant and concise, dial in time according to occupy the central position, to read the be clear at a glance, embroidery patterns in the lower right, present a kind of exquisite beauty. Laurel branches on the watch dial design adopts straight stitch embroidery, and bay leaf design, the use of the silk thread quality gold thread embroidery technology, the embroidery patterns with more than 4 hours, the precious gold thread for up to three meters.
Product family dating series ivy asked three watches
Dating series three ask ivy wrist fusion aesthetic design and exquisite craft, is the advanced tabulation side rare masterpiece. Wrist watch with ivy design adornment, it is to extrapolate, deduce magical story, all show the precious of time. This watch is equipped with 39 mm small size of the casing, carry 942 type a mechanical movement, it contains is widely considered to become complicated clock function.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
Product family workshop employee commitment, to remain this way, when each special meter research and development and production process of highlight brand exclusivity process, and make the product home famous brand. Adhering to the big workshop management philosophy, product successively used every process, elaborate dating series ivy asked three watches dial and the watch case. White dial with sun radial twisting line decorative, enamel master carefully again in order to brush coated with metal oxide pigments on the dial, then put into oven, many times under the high temperature roasting, until the present soft delicate blue attune, perfect reappearance on water ye valley night sky.
Winter is coming, the trees and brush start on the first frost, the whole valley with a crystal clear and transparent layer of the earth’s mantle. Diamond master skillfully capture and keep this view, he snowflakes Mosaic technology research and development of product family workshop to decorate the ivy leaf, one by one, the beauty of inlaid with different size, completely cover the whole surface of a gold. Just as in the freezing of the north, the gem tightly dependent, decorated with bright glow delicate floral motifs. Bezel and button is set with two rows, beauty in the jewelry technology of exclusivity. To follow the rendez-vous dating series feature, this watch is also in this classic refined gem on both sides of technology decorative watch ear, watch case and crown, let a person fondle admiringly chic jewelry watches will turn into. Wrist watch set with 548 diamonds (including the beauty of decoration dial 255).
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
Dating series ivy asked three watches have both accurate and practical function, carefree through the appointment time with you. Dating series ivy asked three watches itself is an invention. Carrying developed by 942 a new type automatic mechanical movement on the chain, accurate and reliable, and vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage for 43 hours. Only remarkable Hybris Mechanica masterpiece series item no. 11 – three ask flight the Tourbillon ultra-thin masters series wrist watch (Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Flying Tourbillon) with this launch three asked the time function of treasures wrist watch.
Van cleef poetic complex function wrist watch at midnight
Watch of wrist of van cleef midnight poetic complex function outline of six planets miniature real-time running around the sun image, through the unique jewelry production process, by careful selection of hard stone carve six planets: turquoise on behalf of the earth; Hauling deduce mercury; Dark green jade to Venus; Red jasper carve Mars; Blue agate into Jupiter; Chinese fir stone interpret Saturn. Each jewel with meticulous hand carved into different sizes of color ball, then accurately around mei a rose gold sun distribution. Each jewel planet and rose gold meteor on lying in placer gold glass dial, the deep blue, the outline of such as the trajectory of the concentric ripples layers of progressive.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
This new Poetic Complication ™ Poetic watch of wrist of complex function, the outline of six planets miniature real-time image around the sun. As well as the macroscopic observable mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn on the automatic chain driven by a mechanical movement around the sun. With Maison Christiaan van der Klaauw to jointly develop the unique machine core module extreme complex, with 396 components. Each planet in the ellipse trajectory on the dial moving average, and its real trajectory in the universe. When Saturn surrounded the dial takes more than 29 years; Jupiter takes 12 years; Mars is 687 days; The earth 365 days; Venus and mercury 224 and 88 days respectively.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
In addition, the wearer can also through the rotary omega seamaster 300 red triangle icon on the ring, ring in the calendar marked on the optional lucky day. On the same day, the earth will be moved to sapphirine crystal stars, the symbol of luck.
Vacheron constantin release METIERS D ‘ART ART master wrist watch
Master sculptor carve carve patterns or designs on woodwork, manual machine master and master of the enamel in when this is pure and fresh and meaningful pattern. Carved on the pink gold plate on the two cranes fly over a wide waters, machine carved by hand carve patterns or designs on woodwork process create spread layers of ripple effect, and through the translucent flame enamel emphasized and highlighted. As a typical of birds, animals, cranes often appeared in the Asian art, cranes wading meaning longevity and wisdom.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
Crane behind him like a piece of the sea, full of rhythm of carve patterns or designs on woodwork texture with linear and arc machine show an waves of ups and downs. The background of this seemingly simple drawing need careful design, however, the most important when the number of superb craftsmanship. To complete this process need to overcome two major technical challenges: carving fills in the enamel craft, rather than on the smooth plane operation; As well as the requirement is neat smooth engraved look display window. Big blue translucent flame enamel to carve patterns or designs on woodwork grain filling machine. Same as the past, the distinguished technology only master truly other minority craftsmen to master the intruders. After paint color coating, coating under the high temperature of 800 to 900 degrees bake to melt, then to glaze, so as to create a translucent color effect. Every production process agglutinate with many unpredicomega seamaster 300 factors, even before the last procedure, complete, craftsmen are difficult to predict the final result. Once any flaws, however, means that the whole works, can only be made from the very beginning.
Wrist watch carry 2460 G4 movement, this automatic chain mechanical movement vibration of 28800 times per hour, a built-in 22 carat gold put tuo, decorated with dynamic geometry, graphics inspiration from brand historic symbols – Maltese cross. 237 a machine parts have been refined processing, with 18 k 5 n pink gold case, through the transparent sapphire crystal bottom cover can clearly see that the inside of the movement perfect structure. 2460 G4 movement gives craftsman volatile creative vast space, the dial is central to the most wide transfer the beauty of art. In order to pass the rich connotation in the form of initial, constantin keep TAB the essence of art, with four display window instead of a pointer, and date display hours, minutes, week respectively. Hours and minutes read using drag-and-drop, weeks and the date read using jump type. Window display symmetrically arranged around the dial is hollow out, sufficient room for dial in the center of the picture.
Watch of wrist of Poetic Complication Poetic complex function
Meteor shower is a spectacular astronomical phenomenon, several times a year, is a comet across the sky of the dust. These dust after entering earth’s atmosphere, leaves shining path, become visible in the night sky meteor shower. Legend as long as the wishing on a meteor shower, will be able to get it. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef meteor shower for inspiration, to launch a new Poetic Complication Poetic complex function of wrist watch.
beautiful Hong Kong show to those who truly inventory omega seamaster 300 model
Lady Arpels Heures Filantes ™ women wrist watch dial added 12 times beautiful meteor shower, symbolizes the astrological cycle for the whole year, remind the wearer: with bright meteor in the sky. New Lady Arpels Heures Filantes wrist watch with Poetic Poetic complex function Complication wrist watch series, the quality of the wonderful dreams, with 12 when the position of triangle timing trigger the meteor shower, deduce the change of every hour. Each meteor shower in a different pattern is present on the dial, and has a unique name, under the impetus of the movement of the four seasons, rotating once every year.
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Movement for manual chain design, supplement specifically for Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef exclusive research and development of Agenhor module, watch the back more with “wish”, the user after the date set, white or blue pointer will point to a gradual plan on the current month, in the 6 position of the display window is displayed in a graph in at this time of the year, the average number of meteors, love, nature can take time to wish upon a shooting star to the skies tell you wish.
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Conclusion: more than a few watches have distinguishing feature each, the earl of embroidery high and possesses the lasting appeal of ancient sweet patina; Product family dating series ivy would give a person visual and auditory double enjoyment, obtained many men praise; Van cleef watch of wrist of midnight poetic complex function contains the superb technology, want to need to read this watch also slightly a bit to kung fu, meteor shower watch romantic and bright, presumably to win a woman’s heart

Do you understand omega seamaster 300 TAB ?

The layman who mention of omega watches and clocks, always feel kadeya is not started with a clock, a powder keg, even for its clock and watch, instead of the old brand more interested in Switzerland. In fact, this idea is totally unscientific, omega is far more than you think best and brightest. Dial watch is important to physical beauty, the above design, decorative pattern, and even color are finely crafted masterpiece, you well know that omega, able to petals, bead, straw painting is so beautiful.
omega Ballon Bleu DE omega parrot decorative wrist watch: flower details set
Red rose enthusiastic, yellow rose high, blue roses leng yan, in the sea of flowers they are enchanting myriad and charm is remarkable, slowly brewing, enthusiastically bloom and wither silently, and now omega “no not heartless” flowers will turn into a kind of eternal beauty. omega introducing a new kind of flower details enchases craft tabulation areas, the flowers fleeting beauty forever, to 42 mm Ballon Bleu DE omega watches dial more colorful.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Ballon Bleu DE omega fret inlay parrot decorative wrist watch flowers, is a kind of innovative technology in the field of applied to TAB for the first time, the flowers disappear longitudinal fleeting beautification for eternity, using the technology in the field of jewelry, the perfect combination of two kinds of technology bring a lifelike, beautiful omega (omega) Ballon Bleu DE omega flowers fret Mosaic decoration wrist parrot. Two kinds of technology complement each other, the parrot feathers all adopt the petals on the dial, each petal passes through color, drying, cutting, and then fine collage into a pattern of parrot, spots on petals around the eye requires complete micro painting craftsmen. Take the beaks of black agate, emerald eyes, to make the dial bright clever.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Kadeya’s this wristwatch shows people in the world a miracle, the parrot decorative wrist watch will be fleeting beauty into eternity, requires a lot of time and a series of steps multifarious craft: collect petals and coloring, placing each petal on a very thin piece of wood, and then with the help of details set foot saw to cut it into the required shape. So they morphed into a wing feathers. The material of this rare noble and fresh, sensibility, fragile, full of shape and texture and black agate beaks and emerald eyes glare colour contrasts. To make the black and grey feathers around the eyes more striking, the spot need to adopt micro painting process completed one by one.
Rotonde DE omega cheetah decorative wrist watch: metal bead process
Today, the enamel craft, fret Mosaic, stone carving, such as technology, have continued to use in the omega master craft series. There are also some rare and unusual process, such as old goldsmith art – metal bead craft, Etruscan craftsmen had to play to reach the limit, now by omega flexible use. In order to make this door has thousands of years of history, rare and returned almost lost the ancient arts and crafts of the world, omega carefully adjusted and improved, and finally make it more perfect to reinterpret, and master the traditional process of closely with modern masters, give their aesthetic creation infinite possibility.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Rotonde DE omega cheetah adornment use 42 mm in diameter of 18 k yellow gold wrist watch case, watch case set with 306 total weight 3.63 -carat brilliant-cut diamonds, with 18 k gold nib crown, crown to adorn a brilliant-cut diamond. 22 k gold dial is embellished with apple type blue steel needle, needle is made of metal bead process under brand classic cheetah logo design. The pattern making complex, craftsmen cutting good gold thread must be high temperature heating, until form tiny beads. Then put these jin-zhu huang grain of one in need of parts, and merge with the gold base, so as to create a vivid stereo embossed pattern. A charming, radiant cheetah head emerge on the dial, seen through thousands of years of ancient technology, breathtaking.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Motivation, wrist watch with omega (omega) 9601 MC type workshop delicate manual winding mechanical movement. Equipped with semi matte black alligator strap, adjust omega seamaster 300 folding omega seamaster 300 with 18 k gold clasp, clasp 43 brilliant-cut diamonds inlaid, total weight 0.42 carat diamond. 30 meters waterproof. Set limit to 20, the amount or at least let a person feel valuable with this watch. Such a noble and domineering wrist watch, do not know what kind of person to be able to handle it.
omega Rotonde DE omega koalas decorative wrist watch: straw Mosaic
Straw is a kind of human history and has profound origin of natural material, called chaff, is gramineous plants such as rice, wheat mature cauline leaf of rest after threshing. Before human industrialization, farmers use of straw is multifarious, not only can be used as a firewood, will weave to do work, mattresses, brooms and other home supplies, even used to make the roof. Dial cinese craftsmen first according to different kinds of straw, toughness and glossy screen in bone stick out flat, with fine wood carvings cut, and then made into different sizes of embedded materials. Finally will closely arranged these different sizes and colors of straw, Mosaic pattern of koalas.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Use straw as the spell embedded materials is the biggest characteristic, can make use of the straw natural golden luster, rich patterns vivid effect. Enduring this unique luster, without any protection measures or glaze, can keep the state of nature. This watch is very likely to win the favor of the woman who love omega seamaster 300, the koala is in itself a very fondly of animals, as it appears on the wearer’s wrist, it will add a fresh and lovely for your temperament.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
The watch 35 mm white gold watch case is perfect for women wrist wear, 43 round diamond bezel set, under the plain foil koalas dial instead of a little low-key temperament. Crown pearl ring set auger design is the most beautiful details. Motivation, omega home carrying 9601 MC machine core, 46 hours power storage. With 8000 different MC, this movement completely by omega in La Chaux – DE – Fonds workshop manual assembly alignment, confined to limited series of high-end watches can use, 46 hours power storage, 30 meters waterproof. Limited release 20, the watch is nifty and lovely, like koalas must find one.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
Rotonde DE omega crocodile decorative wrist watch: relief process
Jade sculpture is kadeya watch on new and developed a unique and sophisticated technology. omega (omega) pour into enthusiasm, subtle anaglyph technology applied to boldly tabulation art makes the watch. Natural agate subtle gradient blue is reminiscent of the sea, a lifelike a crocodile in the gemstone cutting division can emerge from the waves. The line of concave and convex on the embossment jade finely outline, make the light more showily leng yan.
Crocodile is itself a ferocious predators, which, is undoubtedly the omega kadeya watch of wrist of animal theme series in one of the most symbolic animal, with its bold relief and interpretation of shine and particularly conspicuous. It need special professional knowledge present a shimmering white agate from dark blue to the nuances of the, without damage to the stones.
Don’t think you understand omega they TAB so you know what?
The watch is not only a beautiful area, clocks and watches of more powerful functions. K, 18 K white gold case against the blue disk, at six o ‘clock direction with the tourbillon device, through the omega seamaster 300 mirror can enjoy its technological level, each parts are polished to incredibly smooth, delicate. The tourbillon omega seamaster 300 represents the highest level in the mechanical manufacturing process, the whole escapement speed regulating agencies together and be able to turn, to a certain speed of rotation, make it the gravity of the effect of mechanical watch escapement system reduced to the lowest degree, improve the accuracy as well. Because of its unique operation mode, has taken the clock movement plays to the extreme beauty of art, has been hailed as the “king” in the omega seamaster 300.
In addition, this charming wrist watch with the tourbillon complex functions and Geneva seal with exalted: is one of the masterpieces of art and tabulation technology. From dynamic view, omega 9452 MC type workshop refined manual mechanical movement on the chain, engraving quality mark in Geneva, carrying the tourbillon, “C” glyph tourbillon framework as indicator for seconds.
Conclusion: to have some inspiration flashed called creative mind, turning ideas into practical is a masterpiece, and omega watches design great masters always good at thinking, good at draw inspiration from the nature, is good at from any good things found in a window. Both appearance and internal, omega always maintain superior, keep the good quality. So they are on the way of innovation more walk more far, unceasingly will meter and some superb even rare process perfectly together, constantly bring unmatched gourmet and surprise to the world, will be short of become the eternal memory, the time has made it more bright and brilliant.

Good omega seamaster 300 not only the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland

Red omega seamaster 300, there is no doubt has become people’s minds the most profound, but the “Swiss Made” do not have all the poison of love omega seamaster 300. Located in the north of Germany, Switzerland, also is the birthplace of traditional tabulation. Talked about the “made in Germany”, maybe you will also stay impression on ashkenazi car, actually watch has opened another legend of German type process, lundgren, he said, Nomos is proof of that. German omega seamaster 300 don’t like red omega seamaster 300 pay attention to the visual design of wrist watch, but based on the concise and practical, and germans, the rigorous work attitude as a fundamental, made considerable DE type is the soul of the traditional process.

Review of Germany has a long history TAB
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German TAB From left: ferdinando adolf lundgren, Julius assmann, mo Liz grossman
In most people, the Swiss watch is not Germany so deeply, but also has a long history TAB. German tabulation history goes back to the 15th century, when the nuremberg locksmith PeterHenlein produced the world’s first pocket watch, only in the sixteenth century German tabulation industry began to flourish, then Saxon kingdom rich mineral to be make full use of, gather resources in dresden to vigorously develop science and watch industry. Began in 1778, dresden, formed a salon, gather and technical personnel, Keith (Gutkaes) was the first watchmaker salon, the well-respected royal court watchmaker to Germany watchmaking is far-reaching, a mainstay of the German watchmaking ferdinando, Adolf lundgren (Ferdinand Adolph Lange) and also be like he’s watch industry master mo Liz grossman (Moritz Grossmann) and history of Adolf DE resistance (Adolf Schneider) have been instructed to him, the ancient, Keith encouraged his disciples to travel around the world, to understand the watchmaking outside of Saxony, lundgren in 1837-1841 learned advanced tabulation skills, to Germany later made a significant contribution of watchmaking. In 1845, the first hour meter production workshop in case he established. In the 19th century, the area of producing fine timing tool to fame, all kinds of luxury and pocket watch, timing tool by case he sold to everywhere. , however, the arrival of the second world war to German history of wrist watch a significant turning point, once the tabulation town because of the war, many once brilliant on the dial name also so gradually dim, in spite of Germany in world war ii watchmaking is devastating, but the stubborn Germanic peoples will eventually tabulation lineages survived. After the war, he belong to east, the ruling ordered the remaining seven omega seamaster 300 factory merged into a state-owned enterprise, after 40 years, watchmaking has been bad, until after the reunification, this situation is changing. In 1990, he said the town appeared three representatives of ashkenazi wrist watch brand, is now, we are very familiar with lundgren, he and Nomos, this a few big brand symbol is the soul of ashkenazi wrist watch, so to speak.
German type wrist watch to follow the wind restoring ancient ways
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German omega seamaster 300 design style with omega seamaster 300 there is a big difference, the German omega seamaster 300 mostly simple, low-key, approximate streamlined appearance, this idea may be adhering to the German low-key style of doing things. Although the minimalist appearance, the processing of detail is very demanding and rigorous, every time watching Germany omega seamaster 300, can experience a kind of unprecedented ease and calm. German omega seamaster 300 always have unique 3/4 clamp design, the use of German silver, the reappearance of ancient technology and movement of the unique style of German type tabulation fine polishing, etc. Tabulation history in one hundred, experienced watchmaker always classic German type wind restoring ancient ways, as the soul of wrist watch, blend in contemporary fresh elements, create omega seamaster 300 with distinct meter when the wrist.
The classic German mark
1. Three quarters of plywood
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German omega seamaster 300 not only has the appearance of the quiet inside collect, movement also has the unique aesthetic feeling, the emergence of 3/4 splint overturns the traditional watch machine core design, this kind of structure to improve the stability of movement, not only reduce the wheelbase tolerance of gear, also make the movement more fight corrupt, and this design greatly promotes the aesthetic of the wrist watch, can actually feel subtle innards movement, but also can feel the master the pure manual polishing process of movement.
2. The German silver
Germany omega seamaster 300 silver made in Germany, the so-called German silver and not real silver metal, but a kind of copper, zinc and nickel alloys, brass strong than is commonly used for plywood and bridge plate, the metal after years of hone, can present a like a silver sheen, with the simple sense of precious metals at the same time, thus became the German watch of wrist of a representative of the mark.
3. The gooseneck fine-tuning
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Adopted by the German watch gooseneck micro-tensioning system for omega seamaster 300 fan is a kind of irresistible beauty, is also a important representative symbol of ashkenazi omega seamaster 300, this structure is a popular traditional process, the middle of the 19th century shaped like a goose neck, graceful curve. Gooseneck fine-tuning the combination of innovation lies in (and no card degree, and adjust into detailed steps, to avoid the big deviation (regulation. At present the appreciation of the gooseneck fine-tuning has been greatly beyond its use value, and the German omega seamaster 300 match the unique 3/4 splint, beautiful and generous.
4. Gold sleeve
Gold sleeve of purely aesthetic feeling and long tradition become another symbol of German type wrist watch, gold sleeve the application in the wrist watch is unusual, but Germany TAB is still in the continuation of this tradition and classical design. About the function of gold sleeve in this don’t do too much introduction, interested friends can reference.
5. Blue steel screw
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
The emergence of blue steel screws added incomparable beauty for movement, although only a tiny screw, but in the process is quite complicated. This is the result of the 16th century “bluing technology”, has been until now, in addition to now baking temperature is controlled by electronic rather than experience, all programs doesn’t make any changes. Screw in blue treatment, must be carefully to stainless steel screw slowly heated to 300 ° C, the metal surface will produce a thin layer of chrysanthemum bright blue magnetite, generated a blue steel screws that we see in the wrist watch, so the germans to adhere to the traditional process.
Bear a person to enjoy in retrospect Germany tabulation process, each a wrist watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also a practical art, here to show you Germany’s three major brands of wrist watch, different style, different ideas, once again to taste only belongs to the German technology.
Lundgren pocket Lange 1 series 720.048 wrist watch
Lundgren is a very accurate mechanical clock and watch brand of Germany, it is the main features of unparalleled consummate technology and a high standard of perfect manual craft. A Swiss watch brand, it is the wrist watch with authentic east German descent, had gone away by authoritarian rule of the former east Germany, but the bloom again after unification. Today, lundgren again, create many unique meter when the wrist.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Diameter of 41.9 mm, wrist omega seamaster 300 950 platinum and platinum design all kinds of precious metals mutual confluence, conspicuous. Dial to solid white 18 k gold, combined the technology of rare Tremblage vulture act the role ofing and relief, all the details of the handmade meticulously, and wrist watch is lundgren in hand-painted way, for the first time writing big blue digital display the calendar. Watchmaker to each calendar display skillfully arranged on the periphery of the time display, and attached the patent in the outer ring, date, week, month, leap year and phases of the moon shows at a glance. Watch of wrist of another important design, that is, all calendar display all can boost, these show the structure dial in perfect harmony, has repeatedly scan can unearth the clock epic complex technology, in order to ensure the wrist watch clear and easy to read, elaborate the tourbillon device and patent second stop function only can be seen from the bottom side.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Wrist watch carrying lundgren omega seamaster 300 factory homemade L082.1 type automatic chain machine, meet the most stringent quality standards, long movement by a watchmaker, carefully refined and assembly, plywood and bridge plate made from untreated German silver, 21 k gold chain on the one-way automatic turnomega seamaster 300 components and platinum 950 centrifugal wheel, hand relief automatic turnomega seamaster 300, the tourbillon and middle wheel splint.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
The adornment of the movement fully shows the heart type tabulation of exquisite craft, in contrast to the traditional decoration with the new machine design. Relief the tourbillon and middle splint attached to build the entire patent second stop function of the tourbillon device, manual sculpture technology is also used as a decoration in the automatic turnomega seamaster 300 and centrifugal wheel, three gear train bridge plate is decorated with a sun at the same time, the tourbillon frame at the top of the black surface polishing is a hallmark of quality, long sleeve and the four screws gold stone bearing a tourbillon diamond end, more is lundgren finale of “Handwerkskunst” design, unparalleled. Watchcase lundgren logo on the bottom cover and version number all carved by hand.
“He said, the 90-02-4-32-05 2 wrist watch
He said she had more than 160 years of history, and keep the tradition of German tabulation technology, complete each a watch to achieve high standards. “He said of the patents is relish, watchmaking to lay the foundation for Germany, but the precise model of watch industry, is the most important contemporary TAB of the center, keep pace with the Swiss watchmaking.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
, he said, the 90-02-4-32-05 2 watches can say is a model of German tabulation, it full of DE on the appearance of the design style, concise and easy reveal a strong smell. Function also inherited the German watchmaking the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, turned into a wrist watch is both practical and durable. Wrist watch white circular dial adopted its unique asymmetric layout, eccentric present a unique visual effect, the layout of the dial to follow for many artists, musicians, architects, fascinated by the golden section proportion. Dial in and dial to the left of the position of the small second hand dial, two-thirds of the space center vertical alignment occupies the dial, scale and blue steel lawrencium silver plated hour hour hand, minute hand and second hand bring out the best in each other, constitute the tonal collocation is very beautiful. At 2 o ‘clock direction of the moon and the date of the 4 o ‘clock direction display mutual echo, occupying the right part of the dial, and the silver on the blue sky the moon will be the most beautiful beautiful scenery on the dial.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Wrist movement for carrying by Cal. 90-02 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, he said it is a by the grid to produce movement, movement on simple and practical function to increase a lot of art. Movement with embedded 47 gem in the service of wrist of power transmission system, reduces the power transfer in the process of wear and tear of the parts, can prolong the service life of machine very well. Due to this watch design omega seamaster 300 back to back, so its movement is through a lot of art, such as he decorated with lattice three-quarters of the classic thread clamp, 21 k gold hollow out steering, blue steel screw, hand-carved balance cock and double gooseneck fine-tuning, etc., all under the sapphire crystal glass back through present in sight.
NOMOS Ludwig series 231 watches
Nomos derived from east Germany, omega seamaster 300 factory is located in case he, this is a one hundred – year – tabulation history town, here the watchmaker to the craft of wonderful artical excelling nature, creating excellent quality and unique design of manual mechanical watches. Nomos watch not only the continuation of the traditional German technology, but also has very unique contracted temperament. Over the years, Nomos adhering to the German type tabulation create numerous traditional precise timing on wrist.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Nomos watch of wrist of Ludwig series 231 is the taste of real disk, look from whole disk, its contracted everywhere. When white silver dial with black label and logo, the most simple and classic black and white style. Straight line pointer dealt with “green” technology, for the blue steel quality, compared with common brand USES a pointer, the pointer is simple, but also takes on a young, fashion and classic beauty, therefore is considered to be concise design classic. Small seconds plate located above 6 o ‘clock position, scale, simple pointer thin thin, same as simply enough, Roman scale, time scale calibration and orbital minutes are classic elements, calendar display window is only 6 o ‘clock position, feeling a little away from the whole disk fault.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Nomos besides appearance extremely brief creed style, also have a good achievement in movement. Wrist watch machine core code use the Greek alphabet, different Greek alphabet code has a different meaning. Nomos watch of wrist of Ludwig series 231 USES a beta machine core, with a 32.15 mm in diameter and 2.8 mm thickness of movement, only 2.8 mm less than the thickness of the two is one yuan coin, on the hand chain movement in belongs to the category of thin, what’s more, it also has a calendar module. The balance spring for movement Nivacourbe balance spring, on the balance wheel used for gabriel shock shock, recorded by gabriel shock for suspension device used in one of the most, is also in use today’s oldest shock absorbers. Is good, overall performance should be a Nomos manual movement on the chains can achieve differential 10 s.
Nomos Ludwig type series 231 wrist watch shows the elegant demeanour of contracted to acme, simple and smooth linear blue steel needle, 316 l highly polished watchcase, sapphire glass omega seamaster 300 and cover and tray bread house design style, the overall form is unmatched simplicity and elegant style, with the Nomos adept at capturing the connotation and the essence of the minimalist style has a close relationship.
Conclusion: master in Germany has always been adhering to the incomparable perfect craftsmanship and high level of manual process, create an unforgetomega seamaster 300 wrist, no matter from any Angle can feel pure German tabulation technology. Unique art not only represent the heart type TAB on wrist of feelings, the compass of the soul is the germans.

Embroidery weaving magic art earl of omega seamaster 300

Wrist watch, like wine, aftertaste making a person is boundless, each weighing has different mood and feelings, its added value has gone far beyond the use value, on a precision mechanical objects, wrist watch convey the spirit of the omega seamaster 300, reflect a person’s connotation of taste, temperament, identity, etc. Many steps needed to make a wrist watch, the high quality of movement for omega seamaster 300 is important, delicate and uniqueappearance also be short of one cannot, often can give a person the feeling of the first direct dial, so tabulation masters on the design of the dial is also increasingly showing great clever conception.

omega seamaster 300 sales online
As the lovers of the clock, you know how many tabulation process? Enamel disc is a vivid, relievo exquisite and meticulous, flowers and straw Mosaic is unique and novel, each process can reflect different artistic beauty, from different angles in this paper, the brand design source and historical heritage, highlighting a steady stream of wisdom and inspiration, the following article will open up a new field for everyone – gold thread embroidery, Piaget earl again the only one like you, the kingdom of gold embroidery art to watch, interweave the dial work beyond imagination.

Has a long history of embroidery art history
Embroidery art has a long history, its origin for the exam. Different cultures in the ancient literature are decorated with colored thread embroidery fabric, endowed with different fabric texture. Invention of silk weaving technology of China, also as early as silk embroidery master superb technology, for the flocking fabric more add gracefuls and restrained is colourful all over the world. Grace of silks, naturally foil out exquisite embroidery craft elegant charm.
Uphold the excellent tradition, Piaget earl with gold embroidery craft, explore the new frontier for the dial design achievement fascanating university. First silk is fixed on the framework, taut and trace by master artisans design line again. Embroidery master with embroidery needle will then gold wire twisted into a spiral of gold, and with infinite patience will composition details one by one, embroidered on the silk. Piaget earl Altiplano bay leaf pattern on the dial as gold embroidery, adopt the silk suture and straight stitch embroidery, the embroidery patterns with more than five hours, the precious gold thread for up to three meters.

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Embroidery master Sylvie DESCHAMPS
Embroidery master Sylvie DESCHAMPS through a glimmer, for every piece of precious fabrics into the magic of magic, a well-deserved gold finger. Her exquisite art of making gold is a precious metal silk thread to create the most lavish embroidery skills. The French maestro has become the lost art of defenders. She combined with perfect skills and outstanding creative talents, the gold thread embroidery craft use on delicate and complex to today’s most prestigious fashion, art and design work.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend Childhood, Sylvie will reveal the unique quality of this door is exquisite craft needed: patience, attention to detail, the most important is perseverance of perseverance. With its sharp taste and extraordinary creativity, in a teacher’s encouragement, she tried to gold thread embroidery. Before long, she was the most offbeat field developed an interest in, and then developed into her pursuit of lifelong career.
Won Gold in inshore sharan DE province in French and Fantasy Embroidery (creative Gold thread Embroidery) diploma, she will travel to Lyon Bouvard et Duviard continue to delve into line with technology of Gold. With outstanding ability and strong determination, she finally became the Les Ateliers du Begonia d ‘Or managers. The ever rising gold thread embroidery studio now under her leadership has become the main center of gold thread embroidery. She is recognized to be one of the best embroidery master in France, be an example to the gold thread embroidery enthusiasts from all over the world, also is one of the outstanding representative of gold thread embroidery skills.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend
Hand needle Sylvie also proficient in needle drawing process – one of the most precious and unique embroidery techniques, is also good at this art one of the few master process. This door is very delicate and complex process is known as “smooth embroidery”, asked her in the needle and thread of heavy and complicated is room to create the most subtle color, texture and the shadow changes. Through needle embroidery craft and long carefully into, Sylvie show in detail the most exquisite art.

omega seamaster 300omega seamaster 300
Sylvie is not only meet the succession, the embroidery craft, hundreds of years ago at the same time, she has been looking for ways to promote the development of it technology, and as a mission. Is constantly develop new technology and break the boundary of the artistic creation worthy made her become the master of arts and crafts. Both for visual artists, gold thread embroidery, senior fashion apparel, or for a famous interior designer create custom work, she proved her high-profile cooperation on the important role of gold thread embroidery process recovery. With her exquisite, delicate and very imaginative process, she started the journey, in the field of wrist watch hand in hand to the family of Piaget watch and jewelry the count on the next leg of the creative process.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend
The embroidery’s masterpiece: gold thread embroidery and needle embroidery
Senior at the 2013 Geneva international horologe exhibition, PIAGET earl had astonishing silk dial watch, wrist watch decorated with gold thread embroidery, using wire twisting line technology “jaseron” gold thread embroidery made a magnificent design. And this year, PIAGET earl and launch two new Altiplano omega seamaster 300, further study embroidery technology, present different craft: gold thread embroidery.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend
Embroidery master Sylvie DESCHAMPS through a glimmer, for every piece of precious fabrics into the magic of magic, PIAGET earl again the only one like you, to the introduction of the gold embroidery art tabulation, interweave the dial work beyond imagination. From ancient art to the latest generation of collection, the embroidery’s history and the process of human civilization are intertwined, and the origin of the needle and thread can be traced back to prehistoric times. Until today, uphold the excellent tradition, PIAGET earl with gold embroidery craft, explore the new frontier for the dial design achievement fascanating university. First silk was taut and fixed on the framework, trace by master artisans design line again. Subsequently, embroidered with gold thread embroidery master this ancient technology, with embroidery needle gold wire twisted into a spiral of golden, very patiently again the complex composition details one by one needlework on silk, thus creating exquisite works of art.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend
Specially these wrist watches have two different color choices, elegant and free from vulgarity of white, black and elegant solemn. PIAGET earl Altiplano appearance is elegant and concise, dial in time according to occupy the central position, to read the be clear at a glance, embroidery patterns in the lower right, present a kind of exquisite beauty. Laurel branches on the watch dial design adopts straight stitch embroidery, and bay leaf design, the use of the silk thread quality gold thread embroidery technology, the embroidery patterns with more than 4 hours, the precious gold thread for up to three meters.
Needle embroidery is one of the most complex kind of embroidery craft. It originated in ancient China, the 18th century in Italy and France. Luxurious adornment effect, delicate and realistic painting theme of young artisans in this period Yu Chaofan creation process. In the hands of master artisans, the tip is like magic, can many strands on silk, silk a paint to create compares the aesthetic pattern of new impressionist paintings.
Embroidery weaving magic art earl continued magnificent legend
From afar, dial the glaring color silk close interweave, nirvana reborn from the chaos, regardless of each other, present a fusion of visual effect. Piaget earl Altiplano rose petals on the dial as real roses bloomed all beautiful condition, the perfect transition from white to dark pink delicate and charming flower petal actually by six different colors of gold embroidery, amazing beauty of the rose. In order to prevent the occurrence of fade some physical phenomena such as, the earl of specially on the omega seamaster 300 mirror adds a layer of uv protection material, it also can protect the wrist watch, make its more durable, keep the original color. Dial in the middle of a wrist watch basic did not happen to touch and other objects, and inside the watch case is vacuum environment so from conventional fabric infer the wrist watch is the most conservative estimates can be maintained over 100 years.
Upon completion of the embroidery on the disk surface basically need 40 hours, of course, this time is based on all the preparatory work has been completed under the premise of, of course, if you want to start counting, including designer how to understand the feeling of the picture to the overall design to the appropriate selection of materials, so a series of preparations need time will be longer. The embroidery patterns with a full week, the precious gold nine meters.
Conclusion: mechanical operation is complex and full of mystery, and the design of the dial is also mysterious, imagine a blank background, let the imagination free conception of thinking, the collection in mind, the design elements and puts it into practice, the process of practice is a blend of the crystallization of human wisdom, who would have thought the earl let time in the process of the embroidery? Embroidery master Sylvie DESCHAMPS works into the ancient craft, she is worthy of master of arts and crafts, presents a classic artistically, enriched the modern aesthetic, is horological production process worthy of appreciation and worship.