Method of Watch adjustthe calendar

Calendar function perhaps watches the most simple addition, it also has many kinds of types, the most common is the window type calendar. Window in the evolution of the calendar also has many forms, such as: from the speed of transform digital calendar, there are three types: (1) the instantaneous jump, (2) jump, (3) slow climb. Calendar window in the dial on the open position to prompt in 3 point set, also have other position, not the same, but the more strange is the so-called “big eyes” calendar, that is to put the calendar of 10 and made two bits digital carriage shows a situation respectively. This sample several characters can be done is bigger, need not on the glass Omega Seamaster 300 to add a magnifying glass.

Watch adjustment method of the calendar
Watch with calendar function is not complicated in the structure, constitute a calendar mechanism of main parts: carriage, calendar calendar calendar, calendar round, dial the word round locating rod, calendar speed-dial wheel positioning bar spring, calendar, calendar plate and screws, etc.
1. How it works: when the wheel from the power, through the calendar wheel speed, make the calendar dial the word wheel rotating once every 24 hours, calendar dial the word wheel studs of a file (or things like spring), used for moving the teeth of the calendar carriage. Calendar carriage has 31 teeth and characters, calendar calendar carriage into the locating rod tooth, under the pressure of calendar positioning bar spring positioning effect. If is slowly climb, or jump jump through the form, change the calendar, calendar calendar dial the word wheel and carriage will be a little bit of slow moving from 8 PM to 12 PM (end); If is the instantaneous jump jump through the form, then the calendar round dial the words below also has a CAM, a big lever and spring, the CAM is big leveraged compression and under the condition of sudden release, for an instant the calendar carriage played a tooth (word).

Speed-dial calendar, 2. Most watches can also be used to quickly adjust digital calendar, generally when the chart pull out a can quickly dialed the calendar. This time and across the gear dial needle wheel will from speed-dial gear, steering and calendar calendar speed-dial wheel is a swing gear, that is to say, its axis is a long hole, so the only Omega Seamaster 300s in one direction, in under the action of the tangential force of gear mesh point, it will be close to and calendar carriage tooth and turns it. Speed-dial wheel rarely calendar, there would be 3-5 teeth (photos of the star wheel). Jump through from 8 PM to 12 PM This time, please don’t do calibration of the calendar.
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How to identify authentic Omega Seamaster 300?

Authentic Omega Seamaster 300 is the authentic Omega Seamaster 300es high copy version, not the original Omega Seamaster 300es but if you don’t see really distinguish don’t come out. A fine imitation Omega Seamaster 300es also need daily maintenance, below small make up to introduce the essence of imitation Omega Seamaster 300.

What is a Authentic Omega Seamaster 300es?
Authentic Omega Seamaster 300es is a small Omega Seamaster 300 manufacturers rely on imitation and innovation at very low cost to imitate the mainstream Omega Seamaster 300 brand product appearance or functions (like variety shows the star impersonators), and the innovation, finally in appearance, function, price, etc full beyond the product’s Omega Seamaster 300.

Authentic Omega Seamaster 300es there are pros and cons
Distinguish fine imitation Omega Seamaster 300 quality has four main characteristics of moulding is not according to the proportion of the original Omega Seamaster 300 made, basically, and the proportion of the original Omega Seamaster 300 is 1.1:1, the shape to be wide on the original Omega Seamaster 300. Ordinary high copy Omega Seamaster 300 on the multifunctional mechanical Omega Seamaster 300 because of its simple installation of domestic machine, so will not realize the complex functions such as run seconds, it is easy to distinguish, in appearance on the polishing of How to identify authentic OmegaHow to identify authentic Omeganormal Omega Seamaster 300 can do, but in some small part will be a little discount, the most important on the Omega Seamaster 300 movement, amateurs if carefully observe stopOmega Seamaster 300 can see domestic ordinary color dim and real differential movement origin, and the location of the model need to professional service.

The key factors of imitation Omega Seamaster 300 class by: movement, timber, degree of simulation. First movement, movement such as patek philippe and vacheron constantin brand are produced movement, like the longines, beauty, is to use the ETA movement, ETA is the world’s largest producer of movement, the global production of ten thousand yuan of above wrist movement of 60% is out of the hand of ETA. ETA movement imitation Omega Seamaster 300 is also useful regardless of the quantity is very little, because ETA movement cost is very high entry-level 2824 movement at home to more than two thousand, 2892 ultra-thin stopOmega Seamaster 300 is more expensive price in more than four thousand. Like the multifunction of 7750 and 7751 need not speak, more than six thousand. Wrong ETA announced in 2005 the Chinese mainland market movement. But some powerful copy Omega Seamaster 300 mate or through some other sources to get some ETA movement regardless of price it because of shortage of illegality and the number of channels is more expensive. On the market of the so-called original ETA movement 90% are seagulls imitation or refurbished old movement.
How to identify is Authentic Omega Seamaster 300?
The high imitation rolex yacht, the answer is: the right to be true!
The fastest identification method is: use 10 times the magnifying glass to observe Omega Seamaster 300es fonts.
It is worth noting is that by font Omega Seamaster 300 evaluation is not absolute. Because high copy Omega Seamaster 300 business can get custom font library and seek to privately printed formal Omega Seamaster 300 factory, only low level copy Omega Seamaster 300 does not do so, and high-grade imitation Omega Seamaster 300.
Left really right off, look for the SWISS MADE a few letters, true Omega Seamaster 300 of font in finishing place to have a pen, and false Omega Seamaster 300 is not, and true Omega Seamaster 300 scale noctilucent powder very evenly daub, false Omega Seamaster 300 is not uniform
Left. It’s all right off, all Omega Seamaster 300 font in ending place have a pen, and false Omega Seamaster 300 is not

How to know it is ture OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch movement or not

Play a lot of OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches friends all know that 8200 movement is a famous OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 movement. But it is said that only say only tuo is a gilded is true. Can also have a friend to buy watches, 8200 movement tuo is steel. Then the 8200 movement is false? The home of wrist watch is to tell you!

OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches automatic double calendar model, using the 8200 movement, most of production is very large, it is 21 drilling, 21600 a/H pendulum frequency, incense coil spring type shock absorbers, one-way self winding, but usable hand strings. As early as more than 30 years ago has the movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old machine, it is also a large number of exports, but automatic tuo not dozen OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification, and play MIYOTA, movement nor the gilded, including OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches all kinds of quartz movement is also one of the rules.
This movement also has the imitation, domestic work more rough, widely used in the cheap watches. Thirty years ago, OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches work can also, including all the appearance of the parts are all Japan’s origin. Now “populist” class watch as early instead of fine, belong to “weasel whelping, a home is a nest”, nature price has gone up a lot of, feel OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches now main direction is kinetic energy and light waves watches, high-grade watch with complex function and some partial.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches fake watch, most have, now do false craft level is raised, whose hands and strap watchcase, dial, do fine, so you can’t like before, only from the appearance of the production of precision to judge its authenticity.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches as early as the authenticity of a given decision method, the main also watch machine core identification, all inside the watch is equipped with MIYOTA mark, will be considered a fake watch. But now fake ones to make a OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification automatically tuo, surface plating gold again that is easy, so it not make.
Increase some sign, so, the Japanese shrouded in secrecy to used to distinguish and identify, it is on the back of the automatic tuo stamp mark, usually a small circle with Numbers or letters, also saw a graphic, is a rectangular box, full of XXXX.
8200 machine automatic tuo appearance is not the same heart, face shape is the earliest of tuo, tuo face used as suspension arm slot), later changed to “mountain” glyph tuo, is along the downward tuo tuo shaft hole, look up a positive and tuo surface of MIYOTA letters, are printed with black paint, careful to distinguish, including automatic tuo rotating direction of the arrow position and letters are not standard in the direction of the watch is or the opposite.
Computer repair maintenance man, also points of “card” and “element” level, it can from the decomposed parts, observe, before the 8200 movement, its shockproof spring shock absorbers are gold-plated, gold-plated basic don’t now; Spring is also one of the most important parts in watch movement, the characteristics of Japanese watches are sealed the clockwork box to make, just don’t let you open, and be good at using a black on automatic component or a clockwork of lubricating oil, the name is “molybdenum disulfide.
In Japan is OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch, the Swiss watch is the tissot, is mess, you get the watch to a manufacturer or merchant’s office, they can only see machine whether conform to the characteristics of a heart, a bit of a “false do really really also false” awkward situation.
Also have a large number of authorized domestic assembly, such as jiuxianqiao have OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches assembly plant in Beijing, the rest of the fake or underground workshop estimates more, lead to this situation, the root cause lies in the factory, to prevent counterfeit and not as anti-counterfeiting measures.

What brand is best for office workers

Watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also can reflect the identity and taste a kind of accessories. As a white-collar, not a decent watch is absolutely no good. But some white-collar because income is limited, don’t know what to buy. Home of the wrist watch is to tell you white-collar watch what brand is good!
White-collar workers buy OMEGA SEAMASTER 300, in fact as long as pay attention to the following at 3 o ‘clock!
1, his favorite style
Watch mainly wear at work, but too formal will give people the impression that the square old, now many watch joined the movement when the design elements, and not entirely sports watches, such design lets a person feel energetic.
2, watch the material of choice
Watch can make you look more mature, but don’t be too mature, leather strap for more than 30 professionals, the other leather strap do not absorb sweat, breathable in the summer, there are a lot of trouble. Is now the popular trend of metal bracelet, rose gold for Asian skin tone, gold between the heat of the popular for many years now is undimmed, and rubber strap also stood in popular, you can choose according to their own acceptance.
3, purchase budget is reasonable
First pay little, buy a swatch or casio reward yourself? Not to say that the two bad, they are very tide, but is not suiOMEGA SEAMASTER 300 for formal occasions to wear, unless you are a master of mashup, you can be in dating party with all have no problem, but don’t at work.
White-collar workers, the in the mind of the price is 1000 yuan or so, if your budget is enough, more than thousand is no problem.

OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 OVERSEAS globetrotting researchers-and world time presents a unique world view OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 following SIHH 2016 Geneva international advanced and horological exhibit new Overseas after the world series, make persistent efforts to launch Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time.
Three models – equipped with blue, silver or brown dial – inspiration originates from leisure elegant spirit, convenient and practical, and meet the practical needs, the traveler just glance can easily grasp the time around the world.

Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time 37 time zones can be shown, including differ with the world standard time (UTC) half an hour or 15 minutes of time zones. Display area consists of three parts. Central “Lambert projection method is used to land (Lambert) painted with burnish of sun wen satin drawing () and Marine (velvet smooth grinding), match with the name of the city of translucent light lacquer face plate. The third sapphire covering on the map, through clever bituminous coal gray gradient synchronization with 24-hour dial, day and night to provide instructions. Finally, translucent bright paint velvet texture outer ring indicate hours and minutes.
As the ideal travel companion, Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time watch case is 43.5 mm in diameter, carry 2460 WT movement. The automatic chain machine core is OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 r&d and manufacturing of the patent on its own machine, vibration frequency of 28800 times per hour, dynamic storage about 40 hours. 22 k gold set on tuo emblazoned with a picture of the wind rose a compass, indicate the cardinal points for travelers the world universal logo – after sanding, polishing grinding and fine texture. All display function can be through the crown easy set-up.

The new watch Geneva seal engraved, collocation is easy to remove substitution mechanism make flexible wearing more comforOMEGA SEAMASTER 300. In addition, the original strap/bracelet and folding clasp replacement device can make the customer in the case of without using any tools for safety disassembling replacement, at the same time does not affect the watch chain, or strap strong durability.
Technical specifications
Overseas globetrotting researchers-and world time
7700 v / 110 a – B129 – silver dial
7700 v / 110 a – B172 – blue dial
7700 v / 110 a – B176 – brown dial
The Geneva seal certification
Movement of 2460 wt
Automatic chain mechanical movement
Research and development and manufacture by OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 themselves
22 k gold Overseas globetrotting researchers-and put tuo
Diameter of 36.6 mm (11 quarter method), the thickness of 7.55 mm
Power reserve about 40 hours
Vibration frequency of 4 hz per hour (28800 times)
255 parts
27 gem
Display hours, minutes
The second hand
The world time (37 cities)
Day and night instructions
Fine steel watchcase
43.5 mm in diameter, the thickness of 43.5 mm
With the installation of magnetically soft iron
Screw-plug crown
Transparent sapphire crystal OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 bottom cover
Waterproof after 15 atmospheric pressure test (150 meters)
The dial is composed of three dial:
, in the northern hemisphere map using sun wen satin drawing sea land and velvet smooth polishing. Translucent silver/blue/brown lacquer plate rotation type city name
24 hours day and night, rotary dial with sapphire and instructions (between 6:30 in the morning at 6:30 p.m. on black background)
, translucent light lacquer OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 silver/blue/brown, ivory grinding modified rotational minutes ring
18 k gold hours and minutes Pointers have white luminous coating
Bracelet/strap stainless steel bracelet, after polishing processing section for half Maltese cross and satin drawing the chain
Equipped with a second black/blue/brown big checkered hand-stitched Mississippi alligator skin strap, soft and comforOMEGA SEAMASTER 300 black leather lining
Equipped with article 3 of the black/blue/brown rubber strap
Clasp stainless steel bracelet with three folding clasp, stainless steel and perfect replacement device is equipped with a button
With the second three folding clasp, stainless steel and equipped with a button
To replace the strap perfect match replacement device

Watch the super complex function

Super complex function has always been a wrist watch lovers good minds, only such precision so complex can show the crystallization of human wisdom everywhere. Someone once not exaggeration to say that wrist watch is the father of machinery, for complicated function of infatuation. Below to introduce with complex functions of the three watches: 5159 r mechanical watch patek philippe; The nations IW544907 mechanical watch; Vacheron

Patek philippe complex function timer series 5159 r man mechanical watch
Derived from patek philippe super complex time series since the 5159 r function need not say more, in addition its the biggest advantage is its unique charm and against the rose gold color rendering a variety of aesthetic intention. Wrist watch as a whole is sending out the breath, rose gold slightly dim tonal and appear a little inside collect, so between the release, 5159 r more approachable, easy to control.
Patek philippe complex function timer series 5159 r man mechanical watch

Patek philippe 5159 three wrist watch is just the difference on the material, but it has formed three distinct style, in which especially in the 5159 r is the most subtle sophistication. If you’re in time to improve the status of their identity and don’t want too make public, then patek philippe 5159 r should be the one most suiOMEGA SEAMASTER 300 for you.

The nations Portugal series IW544907 man mechanical watches
Although the universal IW544907 OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 shape concise, but have now asked three time at the top of the world’s wrist watch technology, is a wrist watch content is very rich. And the material of the rose gold makes it costly degree is greatly improved, making it a want status to improve the grade of good choice. In addition, concise appearance make it natural reveal a kind of atmosphere.
Watch of wrist of super complex function: the nations IW544907 men mechanical watches

The nations own advanced tabulation skills, and each watch it on their left a record of responsible spirit are greatly increase the service life of each of the iwc, which makes it has a certain value for collection, whether it’s wearing status in person, or as a collection of collections, IW544907 is a good choice.
Watch of wrist of super complex function: vacheron constantin 30067/000 r – 8954 mechanical watches for men
Watch of wrist of super complex function: vacheron constantin 30067/000 r – 8954 mechanical watches for men

Vacheron constantin 30067/000 r – 8954 has the attractive appearance of barrel type, the unique hollow out design and luxury 18 k rose gold material, but also in the OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 of the king of the tourbillon. Is vacheron constantin meticulously by the highest tabulation process. And now hollow out OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 was a model of vacheron constantin, exquisite craft make quite a good result at the auction.
Watch of wrist of super complex function: vacheron constantin 30067/000 r – 8954 mechanical watches for men

The vacheron constantin hollow wrist hollow out/carving not add afterwards, but an elaborate behavior of art creation, eventually produce complex and subtle effect, perfect and harmonious whole. Making skills reflected the true content of the top clock: functional, rarity, personalization, technology exquisite, beautiful, never compromise on. So the watch will be a OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 with good collection value.
Small make up: for these three watches, there is nothing can compare function, are super complex series. Patek philippe patek philippe 5159 r made by the material of rose gold, elegant style to show its deep and composed of temperament, the generals on the reverse of the cover is also its unique design, which meet the itself to dustproof effect, can open again appreciate the movement operation, the overall low profile but not common, with a OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 model. All the nations of the Portuguese series IW544907, concise and easy appearance, luxurious materials have become a highlight position and grade the best symbol of nature reveals its ambition. But in the appearance of the upper changjiang region poetry Denton 30067000 r – 8954 hollow out design is special, and unique modelling from Malta series and the place where it is commendable.

Strap Of Omega Seamaster 300

What is the strap?

Strap is horological the personage inside course of study to fix in the effective part of the wrist watch.



Precious metal material

(1) platinum is a rare and expensive natural pure white metal, is one of the world’s rarest jewelry with precious metals, from year to year supplies only 5% of the gold, has almost twice as much on the strength of the gold, 30 times more rare than the gold. Platinum glossy white, natural pure, purity as high as 90% above, likes nature itself, often wear will not fade. Pt900 said the purity of 90% platinum jewelry, Pt950 said the purity of 95% platinum jewelry.

2) K K Gold is Gold and other metal alloy mixed together, because of its English is Karat Gold, so called K Gold. Precious metal parts, 24 k gold, but gold is not suiOmega Seamaster 300 for making the watch is too soft, must mix the other metals to strengthen hardness, general is given priority to with silver, copper and palladium, but no matter which kind of metal mixture, the proportion of gold were accounted for 75%. As the proportion of gold, silver and copper, can produce five different colour and lustre of material, represented respectively by N copper content of high and low, such as copper content in the highest red gold in 5 N, said the correct statement is white K gold and platinum.

3) between the gold

Made of stainless steel and 18 k gold mutual collocation is applied, present unique double color aesthetic feeling.

4) plated with gold Its for stainless steel watchcase, outsourcing a layer of gold alloy, the mechanical rolling into one whole, with micron as measurement unit, the thickness of 1 micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter. Up to 10 to 15 microns thick, usually only 2 to 3 micron.

5) plating is common in modern watches watchcase adornment method, rise of electroplating technology in the seventy s, due to the plating uniform and firm, than the cost is low and not easy to fall off, plated with gold and have no forging yellow shell color, the possibility of corrosion, so will soon be out of the market.

6) silver

“Purity of silver, 925 is not the highest purity silver! You can see the domestic instant silver respectively 99.99%, 99.95%, 99.90%, the purity of three types of transactions, these three are too soft, not suiOmega Seamaster 300 for jewelry, with 92.5% of commonly do jewelry is the most suiOmega Seamaster 300 (hardness, ductility, etc.), so 925 can also be called silver. But not really sterling silver.” Silver precious metals is an ancient, is the 18th century and used to watch the most used materials, represents the purity of silver, 925 is the highest purity of silver (not the highest purity, common is 925 – suiOmega Seamaster 300 for jewelry, 975 – for Omega Seamaster 300ware, 990, and more pure). Silver is a kind of active metals, easy to react with sulfur in the air, black oxide, make silver black. Now in Omega Seamaster 300 used cosco is better than gold, the reason is that it is easy to lose luster due to water, moisture and other reasons.

The soft material such as leather

1) small cowhide Calf Skin use within 6 months after the birth of the Calf leather tanning leather. Skin texture fine grain, soft. Is the best kind of leather.

2) Caiman skin Caiman Crcodylus Fuscus from South America in the produce of Caiman and abdominal leather. Is the most commonly used material in the senior alligator strap.

3) the Mississippi Alligator Alligator Mississipinesis from the southeast Mississippi Alligator leather abdomen. The highest level of a crocodile. In the middle of the alligator abdomen, part of the skin is known as bamboo grain of grain, this part of the a crocodile skin can only produce a few belt. Is very precious.

4) the Nile monitor lizard skin Varanus Niloticus is the rose, the lizards Nile monitor lizard skin made of leather. Through dyeing can show bright beautiful colour. Raw material is made of flowery band.

5) jintai add skin Tupinambis Teguixin was a kind of very senior, from the lizard tegus jintai plus leather made of leather. Characterized by abdomen from small to large pieces of the change of the grain, grain contrast is very strong.

6) Richard Saddle Leather Leather Calf had been used as a sturdy Leather Saddle, hence the name. In the process of wear, with daily wear color will gradually become syrup. Is a kind of leather style is rough.

7) the coarse grain leather Galuchat rays skin do a skin, is a unique style of top leather. As strong as stone hard grain structure, even the knife up to the edge. Because of this, the processing to take longer and higher technical requirements.

8) Python Python Python is a gorgeous large snakes grain leather. Is characterized with the diamond grain snake scales, is a senior reptile leather.

9) ostrich skin Struthio Camelus Autruche ostrich skin made of leather, is characterized by the pores with a feather. Is a very tough leather, will use stick hand and glistening with.

10) Shark Skin Shark Skin leather made of Shark Skin. In advanced leather with soft and strong, with good durability. Has a tiny mesh is characterized by surface concave and convex.

11) CORDURACORDURA is dupont to produce a kind of high strength 7 times than nylon fiber material. Are used in a backpack, outdoor products, etc.

12) LORICALORICA is there a leather appearance, made of superfine fiber synthetic leather. Feature is the tolerance to water and sweat is stronger.

13) DRY – LEXDRY – LEX is a three layer structure of the material. Have a kind of can make the air circulation of air bubbles. The permeability of this kind of material is very good, can pass through strap volatile out sweat, stay comforOmega Seamaster 300.

14) Kevlar Kevlar Kevlar is dupont developed high strength fiber material. Usually used as bulletproof, prevent the purposes such as blade.

15) Buffalo from American Buffalo skin (called Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo is a city of western New York state, USA). Materials have qualitative feeling very look and feel, in fact is very soft, comforOmega Seamaster 300 wearing.

16) Lamb leather soft, smooth and sheep endothelial (Lamb) distributing vanilla elegant light texture. They are more suiOmega Seamaster 300 for wrist, compared with other leather, light weight, the color difference is relatively small.

17) textile Fabric (translation is more suiOmega Seamaster 300 for some canvas) textile fabrics, fabrics, cotton and linen woven material.

18) Nylon polyamide Nylon synthetic fiber material, has the property of absorb the moisture smaller.

19) bass skin Perch freshwater bass leather making use of leather, another unique nature, not a single color, good gloss.

Often do, 20) cowboy DenimTsukawa material small bag or purse. Cowboy material everyone is familiar with, feel relaxed must belong to it.

21) Camel Camel Camel leather is a unique leather model of granular texture. The image itself seems hard, but the leather is very soft, with a comforOmega Seamaster 300, popular for many years.

22) Pigskin Pigskin pig (pig leather), is said to be the most close to human skin, is considered the most gentle natural leather, feel comforOmega Seamaster 300.

23) is used as the car after Polycarbonate toughened glass (Polycarbonate) and used for poly carbonate (carbon dioxide) plastic material, is more than normal plastic using durable materials.

24) AlcantaraAlcantara has endothelial sense is a kind of artificial leather. The permeability of relatively natural leather, it is better. Multi-purpose in high-end car seats, interior trim.

25) Rubber Rubber Rubber is a kind of soft material, smooth paste hand very much. Because the rubber completely waterproof, so multi-purpose in diving and sports watch.

Other metal material

1) copper in the wrist watch, copper is the best of things, it is cheap, and features are easy to processing, it is mainly used in machine, at present most movement is brass alloy splint. Usually, we can see the movement of the color is yellow and white, yellow movement is usually plated titanium oxide, zinc nickel alloy white movement.

2) steel, chromium and nickel compound of pure steel, chromium and nickel compound stainless steel processing is difficult, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance are better than the former, the surface can also don’t electroplating, plating only do polishing or sand blasting, sand processing, forming the appearance of the effect of different stereoscopic effect.

3) titanium because in all steel watch upsurge, titanium is emerging. Its material is referred to as “air time” metals. What is titanium? Titanium is found in the earth’s crust, and its appearance can be bright, shiny metal, silver or, dark gray powder. Titanium is a kind of lightweight, rigid, heat resistance, cold metal, the surface with a layer of oxide film, can prevent wear and corrosion.

4) tungsten titanium alloy with 1000 mpa pressure will first tungsten carbide and titanium carbide powder pressing into embryos pieces, die casting, and then again at 1450 degrees Celsius in the special furnace high temperature sintering for high density parts, finally through multiple processes after grinding with diamond powder is made from tungsten titanium alloy sparkle, wear-resisting performance is good.

5) tungsten steel high hardness, wear resistance, the exterior line is clear, bright and clean bright, referred to as the “wear-resisting material”. Can use, and steel composite into mouth or strap watchcase circle, grain, increase the shell, the surface abrasion resistance and ornamental. A, (tungsten steel is too heavy)

6) precision ceramic precision ceramic is bright and clean, wear-resisting, not hurt the skin, the main ingredient is zirconia, under the condition of a certain temperature to obtain a good processability, again through the use of advanced processing methods, made into fine watchcase, strap, all sorts of color can also be through a particular way, more show luxuriant nobility.

7) high-tech ceramics will be extremely fine zirconium oxide or titanium carbide powder, the powder with high pressure injection mould, in 1450 degrees centigrade high temperature sintering furnace form is not easy to wear ceramic components; With diamond powder grinding, can make unique luster of high-tech ceramics.

8) high-tech lanthanum rare rare earth element lanthanum refined into particles after breaking, coarse embryo into a furnace with high temperature and high pressure compression. Its hardness is higher than tungsten titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, less wear and tear, and the mysterious light.

9) blue steel blue steel is a kind of specially clinkering process of the steel, so will send out a halo of blue color. Blue steel is mainly used in pointer. Besides beautiful, more corrosion resistance.

Strap maintenance

Strap leather strap, in particular, is the need for daily maintenance, basic method is as follows:

1, avoid contact with water and moisture, prevent mildew and deformation.

2, avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, to prevent fading.

3, avoid contact with oily substances and cosmetics, to prevent deterioration.

4, strap inadvertently wet, dry wear later.

5, when sleeping don’t wear a Omega Seamaster 300, let the strap to be able to rest.

6, winter strap hardening degree is bigger, don’t “reflex” cortex injury.

Omega Seamaster 300 ear

What is a Omega Seamaster 300 ear?
Omega Seamaster 300 ear is refers to the case prominent part for and strap connection. Omega Seamaster 300 ear is a very important part of the watch case, pocket watch to watch is very important in the process of evolution and witness.
Omega Seamaster 300 ear

The shape of the Omega Seamaster 300 ear can be roughly divided into straight ear, ear, music horn ears, sancha, Omega Seamaster 300 ear, etc., different brands has its own unique Omega Seamaster 300 style, there is generally no exclusive name, domestic basically will be named according to its shape.
According to as well as the connecting way of case, can be divided into fixed Omega Seamaster 300 ear and hotlist ears, currently the fixed structure, while such as rudder rose series is very typical activity type Omega Seamaster 300.
Optional strap, ear width Omega Seamaster 300 is A key parameter, pictured above by the letter “A”. Usually the unit is millimeter (mm).
Omega Seamaster 300 ear width is usually related to dial size:
Disk size Omega Seamaster 300 ear width
36 mm, 19 mm
38 mm to 20 mm
39 mm 20 mm
40 mm to 20 mm
41 mm to 20 mm
42 mm to 22 mm

crown of omega seamaster 300

What is the crown?
Crown, which is commonly known as the “table handle” or “table of threatened-seem a group (south China)”, on the watch for the sum of the most common of the three lateral.
The history of the crown
Crown of glory days can be traced back to about pocket watch popular s. The original for the purpose of winding device, by Jane and depending on where in the case of the top 12 points, and hence the name “Crown”. Have the crown of the clock as completed a formal coronation, because only the crown to the stillness of the clock to inject vitality and soul.
The appearance of the watch makes the position of the crown has changed. In order to avoid the conflict between crown and band, the crown was moved to general 3 points in modern watch. A view that migration crown of aesthetic barriers of the watch, because it is the existence of the broken watch visual balance. So since then many watches (mostly in quartz watch) and even cancelled the design of the crown.
Crown classification
Normal crown: pull out the set-up time directly. A calendar watch, the first leg for school calendar, the second leg to set-up time.
Screw-plug crown: also called spiral crown, the screw locking table, the table after the counterclockwise, table unlocked, can be normal use. Spiral table to watch waterproof function, can be effectively improved after locking the table should be paid attention to.
With shoulder crown: crown with independent prominent on both sides as the shoulder design style. Because the crown is the most vulnerable part of the watch outside, so many sport watches will have crown shoulder design, in order to protect the crown was free cracking damage.
Outside belt protector crown: crown with a bridge protection module. Crown in diving watches, or some special models (lifepak sea), in addition to protect the crown, and compression crown, with corresponding waterproof effect.
The shape of the crown
Fruit grain type, octagon, gear type, onion head crown, hip-hop type small crown, the crown spiral, folding crown
Crown decoration
“Crown gems, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, emerald, jade, spinel, etc

Omega Seamaster 300 mirror

What is a Omega Seamaster 300 mirror?
Omega Seamaster 300 mirror (& GLASS) : watch the surface of the transparent lens, also called a watch GLASS,
used to protect the watch surface (dial). Mirror of Omega Seamaster 300 according to the material can be
divided into plastic mirror, quartz glass, sapphire, mirror and so on three categories. Plastic lens relative
are not afraid to fall, the wear-resisting sapphire Omega Seamaster 300 mirror.
Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
Omega Seamaster 300 mirror type
1, the sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
Sapphire is a kind of natural diamond, and synthesis of alumina with high wear and corrosion protective
effects. Domain’s hardness is 2200-2200 (steel hardness of seven times), 9 mohs hardness, its hardness is
second only to diamond, high hardness, good connectivity, small friction, high temperature resistant,
resistant to wear and tear, it can solve the problem of scratching, aging, corrosion and so on, but fragile.
Commonly used do watch Omega Seamaster 300 mirror and perspective bottom cover. (general use high-grade watch
Sapphire crystal can grind on the ground or ordinary glass? Can’t, because the ground or ordinary glass could
contain a diamond or diamond powder and sundry, if meet with will put the sapphire crystal scratching;
Alternatively hit than sapphire crystal soft material stick on the sapphire crystal, the sapphire crystal is
scratching, this illusion is scratching, by master grind the reduction.
2, synthetic glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
Synthetic glass, commonly known as acrylic, organic glass, is a kind of watch Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
material, texture is soft, high plasticity. Watch mostly use this material in the past, now there are still a
lot of watches in use.
Disadvantages of this kind of material is easy to scratch, and transparency is a bit poor. Although easy to
scratch, but when it scratches, please watch people can t directly on the glass grinding to restore its
original smooth mirror, which don’t have to change the lens. If the scratches are too deep, also can choose
direct replacement lens, acrylic lens are very cheap. Advantage is has the very good elasticity, not easily
broken, so they are called safety glass. The strength of the organic glass is higher, tensile and impact
resistant ability 7 ~ 18 times higher than common glass. There is a specially heating and stretch the
processed organic glass, with a nail into the organic glass, even if the nail penetrated, organic glass
cracks. Due to this feature, it is widely used in military machinery, such as airplane canopy, such as armored
vehicles on the windshield, such as the first of many pocket watch.
3, mineral crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
Mineral crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror is a kind of watch Omega Seamaster 300 mirror material,
usually after polishing to strengthen hardness, but still inferior to the hardness sapphirine crystal. Mineral
crystal, artificial crystal, due to the scarce and not easy natural crystal, can’t satisfy people’s needs,
man-made crystal glass was born. Due to their high transparency, can be made into all kinds of arts and crafts
and the admiration of the world. Mineral crystal glass is made from silicon (Silica) and lead oxide
(subsequent lead-free crystal used the other material, such as potassium oxide, and barium oxide) cooked to
dissolve, make special shining crystal, clarity is from grinding technology and quality.
4, often heard anti-dazzle mirror?
In simple terms, anti-dazzle mirror is electroplated multilayer film on the lens, the attached to the lenses
in order to prevent the light refraction, similar to the automobile heat insulation paper, also known as
multilayer film or a garment, often used in professional aviation, diving watches or mirror radian on the big
Omega Seamaster 300. Again and double anti-glare glass and single anti-glare glass, the difference is that the
former for the lens inside and outside all plating, the latter only in the inside of the glass coating, the
effect of the difference is not big.
Mineral crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror, synthetic glass and sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster
300 mirror
Mineral crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror, synthetic glass and sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster
300 is very similar to the appearance of the mirror, is three completely different material. The main
difference has the following four aspects:
Omega Seamaster 300 1, the material is different: mineral crystal glass mirror is silica crystals, synthetic
glass just molten state mixture containing silicon dioxide, sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror
is in addition to the 3 oxidation 2 aluminium impurities such as ferric oxide and titanium oxide.
2, the price is different: the highest prices of sapphire crystal glass, followed by mineral crystal glass,
the cheapest for synthetic glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror.
3, different hardness: sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror has the highest hardness (Morse 9th),
mineral crystal glass is crystal, also has the make of hardness (Morse level 7). Hardness is low, and
synthetic glass (5.5 mohs).
4, different processing technology, synthetic glass can be hot casting molding, province is expected to work,
the cost is low. Mineral crystal glass and synthetic crystal glass crystals, is heated to melt after cannot be
reversed, so you can’t cast in hot molding in, can only wait for cold working with cutting grinding method.
Sapphire crystal glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror is made of crystal powder heated to above 2000 ° C. Then,
formed by the sapphire stone by high precision cutting into fine slices, after finishing and polishing to use
as a watch glass.
The three glass Omega Seamaster 300 mirror how to identify?
First of all, you can finger tapping mirror, listen carefully to the sound. Acrylic mirror will be issued as
the sound like plastic, and the sound of the glass is thick. Secondly can judge from the perspective of
weight, acrylic mirror the lightest, most sapphire mirror. Due to the effect of thermal conductivity of
sapphire is very good, so, when you touch, will have a cool feeling. As a result of the sapphire mirror is far
better than the other two kinds of material of mirror surface is smooth, therefore, if you drop a drop of
water on the sapphire mirror, water droplets in the above is not easy to spread, and the other material will
be scattered.

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