Omega Marine universe “of the deep black” wrist watch to Bangkok

Omega series Marine universe “sea of black watches arrived in southeast Asia.The central Bangkok gallery of modern architectural environment provides a perfect new chronometer background. In the past, YenakArt Villa are used much appreciate the interesting and attractive chronometer.Now, they can try in person, feel the omega tabulation art.

Salute to the entire series of omega brand of advanced technology. Each style wrist watch all pass to reaches observatory certification.The withstand up to 15000 gauss of strong magnetic field.It applied to a variety of innovative materials, such as ceramic, rubber, Liquidmetal ®, 18 k Sedna ™ gold and omega Ceragold ™.
“Deep black” wrist watch is the star of the launch event. The combination of diving and GMT functions by YenakArt Villa guests a warm welcome. The next few months, a new generation of wrist watch will be listed on the cheap omega watches on sale.

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what kind of people omega watches is suiwatches for ?

In the classification of clocks and watches, omega belongs to a class of second-class watches.Is probably what concept, rolex is a kind of wait.Omega belongs to a class of second-class.That is, the positioning of omega is lower than rolex slightly a little.

Omega constellation series in the famous series, series of butterfly fly, are all very good design.But the two more formal style, suiwatches for older people.Or wear a suit, or office wear. Another omega movement is also very much, super series.Series of hippocampus and so on, it is very suiwatches for young people to choose to wear.

It is worthy mentioning that when americans on the moon using watches which is a piece of super series omega watch, so that omega is the first piece of moon watches, the performance of strong.I still remember the omega moon set limit to, dial is made of the meteorites grinding on the moon, very expensive.

Omega I personally think that more give prize is the coaxial escapement technology, cleverly improves the accuracy of walking movement. Omega coaxial escapement movement is take charge of the “8500, many styles, good movement performance.

Of course, with coaxial escapement movement in the 2500 movement 2012 years ago in a few styles came a certain
probability of steal phenomenon.But in early in 2012 batches of type a, b and c of the 2500 movement, improved
after 2012, the use of three layer 2500 d type of escapement movement already do not have this situation, can
be at ease buy.

Personally think that, of course, buying omega watches should be controlled within 100000, because the omega watch, even carry 8500 movement, also is only tens of thousands of dollars can buy to, the design of more than 100000 or 100000, and there is no essential difference between, just use a lot of precious metals and
diamonds, movement of ascension is not high, higher than 100000 could see a better brand. Omega’s wisdom is not let the flood of industrialization to the TAB’s each link, but will keep watch the end of the procedure done by hand, which makes it still can be very confident to flaunt their “refused to batch production,
adhering to the traditional handmade Swiss watchmakers”.

Omega super series “on the dark side of” black ceramic watch

When I first saw this super series “on the dark side of wrist watch, I was attracted by it.Because I want an all black super series wrist watch.It has been the Omega (Omega) watches fan long-cherished wish. Although omega introduces several PVD coating super series wrist watch and occasionally DLC coating of the super series custom wrist watch, still the official did not launch a completely black super series professional wrist watch.

Super series “on the dark side of” wrist watch is a complete piece of black zirconia ceramics.The dial and watches button also USES the same material.The soft nylon strap with simple and elegant black ceramic watch button. Casing diameter of 44.25 mm, with omega homemade 9300 coaxial timing movement, this movement is also used in hippocampal series Marine omega timepieces in the universe.

Not everyone likes the design of the only two timing on the dial plate, especially those who used the super series classic three timing set layout. Although I think it is not a super series of purists, it have to say, “on the dark side of” wrist watch dial (or 9300 movement) are very easy to adapt. Calendar display located at 6 o ‘clock position, had a very good balance effect, make the dial look not too messy, and smooth the dial and polishing ceramic bezel is very suiwatches.

About 44.25 mm in diameter than classic super series professional watches “the moon” 42 mm diameter is larger. But wear on your wrist also won’t appear too big. Although recent wrist size is smaller, but that doesn’t mean the 44 or 45 mm watch will soon disappear. In my point of view of 42 mm diameter looks a bit big in the 1960 s, but today is a normal size, as in the ’60 s 34 mm in diameter of wrist watch is considered normal size of wrist watch, but in today’s small size wrist.

The point of view also applies to black wrist watch.A few years ago, PVD and DLC coating of wrist watch is beautifully.Later is ceramic and forging carbon wrist watch.Now these are ordinary watch. No matter how long, but it can be seen, people demand for black wrist watch is always present.Omega will release such a completely black super series wrist watch is based on the high demand. In the past few years, in fact, omega product development director jean-claude Monachon said they are trying to use black material to make a super series wrist watch. Finally, they decided to use black ceramic, in my opinion, this is also a very wise choice. At least it’s more than PVD or DLC special, but at least this is the real black watch!

Black zirconia ceramics dial did not like some people told me, seem to be very messy. On the contrary, I think the watch dial is overall very neat, dial at the top of the red word “Speedmaster” as well as the timing of the second hand red tip appears very harmonious on the black dial and make watches look more fresh.

Watch back the large sapphire mirror, whether to wear on your wrist or to appreciate the omega 9300 movement is great. No use metal or ceramic watches back, so the large sapphire crystal occupying most of the space, lets you fully enjoy the 9300 movement. This timing clock carry 9300 coaxial machine core, and equipped with Si14 silicon material balance wheel balance spring, enjoy the warranty period of four years.

The price of the watch about 8900 euros contain 21% VAT, the price for a lot of people are quite concerned. Many omega class fans are used to omega super series professional watches “the moon” price around 4000 euros, hippocampal series Marine chronometer universe price around 5000 euros. So 8900 euro for the omega class fan, is indeed a great pricing.

So super series “on the dark side of” wrist watch is worth the price? In my opinion is worth and the high demand of this watch seems to verify it. You can’t take this wrist watch and carry 1861 manual chain movement on the super series wrist watch, because carry 9300 machine super series wrist watch is made a lot of innovation, and the “form” the moon is completely different.

Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of universe

In 2016, Omega launched its second dive watches series. seamaster series, the universe once it has been a huge success. In 2016, omega introduced Marine cosmic timing 9300 watches. Two years later, omega launched a long- awaited  seamaster watch universe. Today we are going to review.It is the omega seamaster 300 watch


Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of the universe.It is using a black dial with silver or white label and Pointers.Only the seamaster on the dial pointer and dial “seamaster” above the letters.The use of the bright orange. In honor of the brand and a partnership GoodPlanet foundation.Omega has launched a special edition,
dial and watches is dark blue.Bring us is the special edition.The dark blue with blue rubber strap and buckle folding watchess, wear up very comforwatches.


The overall appearance
Move feeling, strong, modern, fashionable, elegant – This is what we learned from someone else’s evaluation of this watch. Personally, I think these words is very correct, of course also have to add a word such as “comforwatches”. Although the “comfort” is not the quality, will not appear on the surface,for this wrist watch is a very important characteristic.

It can tie-in dress shirt appeared in the office, It also can match the leisure clothing walking on the beach, I think it can match any clothes in any occasion. And can do this, I think it depends largely on its rubber strap. In addition, the dark blue dial, or bright orange and strong watchcase, got a lot of positive feedback.


Omega seamaster universe GoodPlanet seamaster watches (it’s a very long name) is the function of many very
interesting and easy to operate. First of all, it is 43.5 mm by grinding and polishing of stainless steel.
Second, the watch brand with homemade axis movement, 60 hours power storage. Finally, it is very useful
seamaster function. Next, I will analyze the points above one by one.

Dial and hands
Marine universe GoodPlanet seamaster watch a total of nine version, five paragraphs black dial and 4 blue
dial. Dark blue dial of the watch case with titanium and stainless steel two to choose from.
The dial of the watch is a typical style of Marine universe. The scale bar hours after polishing rhodium
plating processing. Minute scale between the hour mark, 3 o ‘clock position with calendar window. Another
noteworthy: are the details of the calendar window background is black, and the number is white. Dial the
upper engraved with “OMEGA” and “orange” seamaster “. Second half with white “Co Axial Chronometer 600 m /
2000 ft”.
In addition, the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the dial through rhodium plating processing, and
has white Super – LumiNova luminous coating, emit blue light at night, special mention here, the minute hand
is a green light at night. The number in the bezel on the 24 hours of scale “24” replaced with a dot.

Case and strap
The Marine chronometer universe casing diameter of 43.5 mm, the thickness of 17.25 mm, waterproof properties
is 600 meters, is a great diving watches. The size of the even though it looks a bit big, but surprisingly
well with a suit or casual wear. But wear it you can’t put your shirt sleeve cuff, moreover I don’t recommend
use it to match the dress.

Watch of wrist of stainless steel polishing and grinding processing. Arc arch wear approved by double the
sapphire watches mirror the counter-attack light processing. Therefore, when you see the time, just like no
If you think that stainless steel is too heavy, so this watch has a very light titanium. The watch crown and
helium gas valves are convex edge, very easy to operate. I now show it is blue rubber strap with white
stitching, such as what is said above, really very comforwatches.

Internal carry omega wrist watch on the automatic 8605 chain coaxial machine, equipped with three-tier coaxial
vertical system and Si14 silicon material balance wheel balance spring. Article ManFa, 60 hours power reserve.
This watch as accurate, swatches and reliable performance.

To sum up, this is a very beautiful watch. Although it has a long name, but its size just right, and very
importantly, it provides the strap and the choice of chain, like stainless steel bracelet or leather or rubber
strap, you can find what you want. If you think stainless steel is too heavy, you can also choose titanium. So
I highly recommend this watch.
The first time I saw Marine universe was a fan of the series. Now it assemble the seamaster function (more
precisely, it is suiwatches for the seamaster) to travel. Omega, in my opinion, this kind of seamaster watches
rolex seamaster – Master II will become the largest competitors, and omega also provide after-sales service
guarantee for four years.

The revival of the omega machinery tabulation of legend

In the last two second jamie had never someone “heart” of mechanical watches.Escapement devices have had a major improvement. The inventor and master clock George invented in the 1980 s, and Dr Daniel was omega carry forward the coaxial escapement system is an exception.Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 Watches

In the early 1980 s, inventor and master clock Dr George Daniel (Dr. George Daniels) invented a new type of escapement system design is clever. Only when the coaxial escapement systems was installed in the independent inventor prototype sample list. In the past two second part jamie had almost no watchmaker of mechanical
watches “heart” – escapement devices have had significant improvement. Daniel’s wish is all table fans to have
a revolutionary invention.

Omega is the only known to the coaxial escapement system in the future potential of the brand. It has set up a task force to industrial production. Launched in 1999, omega device with coaxial to longitudinal system 2500 movement, the whole machinery of watchmaking watches. Wrist movement omega coaxial device in the vertical system is two and a half century since the first application performance of new type of escapement system.
This system can reduce the escapement friction between system components and energy consumption, and with no card degree balance spring balance wheel, keep the accuracy and stability of the operation of the machine for a long time and watch almost don’t need to add the lubricating oil. Thus, with a coaxial longitudinal system omega 2500 movement also become mechanical watches industry one of the important inventions in the 20th

In simple terms, the escapement device is the heart of the mechanical watch.It makes the wrist adjusting
device – balance wheel sustained oscillation. And omega coaxial escapement system device to reduce the friction between energy transfer to other components, from the basic movement for the need of maintenance, the most important, to ensure that the wrist watch high precision maintain long-term stability. So George
Daniel also called omega coaxial to longitudinal system is the 18th century Thomas jose (Thomas Mudge)
invented the lever escapement system in the first two and a half centuries practical new type of escapement

Golf superstar Cindy as omega new celebrity ambassador

The young golf star will be in Dubai on December 5 women Masters (OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters) formally as OMEGA celebrity ambassador.Cindy is one of the most exciting professional golfers in the world. She will be the first to get the LPGA Tour (LPGA Tour) entry card players in mainland uk. All of them, and a few years, she has become one of the most competitive player in the tournament.

In 2016, the 23-year-old’s genius who with two advantage won the LPGA championship crown.It became the first bid for the LPGA grand slam player in mainland uk. In fact, she is also in the history of the first UK player to win a grand slam champion.With the victory, Cindy has comfortably the world women’s golf rankings – she in 2016 also won the other four contest – currently, Cindy ranked sixth in the world.And the performance is very impressive.

Cindy in teenager.She has after she started her extraordinary golf career. Her father golf association, who works at home in guangzhou when she was ten years old.His father will lead her on the path of golf. Every game, Cindy with confident smile lights up the field.Now the great champion player has formally to join omega celebrity ambassador family.Omega feel glory. Cindy altar with outstanding record in golf, extraordinary achievements are impressive, omega delighted to look forward to working with her to witness the future of every moment.

Golf so popular in uk, and constantly get rapid development. Omega is looking forward to in uk, and Cindy fans celebrate her every victory. As early as more than a century ago, Europe has already entered uk, has long been one of the market leaders in uk’s high-end watches. Cindy as omega celebrity ambassador, will let the UK consumers, especially millions of UK golf fans, to have a better understanding of the omega outstanding quality and deep connotation.

Omega and golf
– tabulation and noble sports tradition of global cooperation
For a long time, sponsoring golf event has always been an integral part of omega brand strategy, the famous Swiss watchmaker’s name always closely linked together with some important golf tournament. Omega professional golf association with The United States (The PGA of America).Hand in hand to cooperate, for all events as specified timing, PGA, including PGA Championship (PGA Championship) and held in The United States Ryder Cup (Ryder Cup).

In addition, The omega also named sponsored The annual European Masters in Switzerland (European Masters) and two The most prestigious sporting event in The Middle East, Dubai Desert Classic, The Dubai Desert Classic) and Dubai Open women (The Dubai Ladies Open).
In 2016, golf will leave after 100 years for the first time to return to the Olympic Games, the Olympic stage omega will stay on as the Olympic Games time specified. Golf was officially again as the world’s top sports event, it has really become a significant embodiment of international events.

Cindy extremely high talent, has become one of the world’s most remarkable professional golfers. In 2008, Cindy became the first to participate in the United States women’s golf tournaments (LPGA Tour), the UK golf player. In 2016, she in the LPGA Championship (LPGA Championship) with two advantage well, became the first UK player won the LPGA grand slam, in fact, she is also in the history of the first won the grand slam of golf players in mainland uk. With the victory, Cindy successfully laid a leading position in the list of the world women’s golf – of course that won five championships in 2016, she is completely. Every game, Cindy with confident smile lights up the field, now the great champion player has formally to join omega celebrity ambassador family, omega feel glory.

Omega in collaboration with the European space agency launched a new super timing wrist watch

When it comes to the omega and the European space agency’s cooperation,Omega global President Mr Urquhart (Stephen Urquhart)said: “the European space agency’s friends to omega super series skywalker X – 33 tested a lot of watches.And allow the participation all manned space flight project.I was very happy.In our long-term cooperation with many NASA and its space program, which is the natural thing.

The European space agency (esa) recent high-profile” ROM “tower” and “fly” comet detection and landing project made outstanding achievements.It has proved its excellent strength and great ambition. We are very proud to the European space agency’s name inscribed in the super skywalker X – 33 wrist watch on the back of the iconic wrist watch.”OMEGA hand in hand to the European space agency brand new super timing clock

Omega President and participate in super Skywalker is X – 33 timing wrist test
ESA astronaut Jean – Francois Clervoy photographs
Test super skywalker X – 33 wrist watch super skywalker X – 33 wrist watch through the five stringent testing.It is including the space radiation test, vibration test.Decompression/booster (imitation emission in the process of cargo severe vibration), centrifugal test (at 5 gs and 7 gs) and extreme temperature test (vacuum environment in space from minus 45 to 75 degrees Celsius) above freezing.In order for the above tests, each wrist watch was the appearance inspection and test the performance before and after comparison.

OMEGA hand in hand to the European space agency brand new super timing clock
Super Skywalker is X – 33 wrist: grade 2 titanium watchcase
Omega super series skywalker X – 33 wrist watch
Super skywalker X – 33 watches designed for astronauts, by the 1998 super professional wrist watch. The new super skywalker X – 33 wrist innovation upgrade, with advanced quartz movement. The birth of this extraordinary timing wrist watch not only meet the professional requirements of the astronauts, also meet the people appreciate its many functions.Super skywalker X – 33 wrist carrying multi-function quartz clock movement – omega 5619 movement, built-in temperature compensation integrated circuit. New X – 33 watches by the European space agency (esa) testing and certification, and based on the European space agency astronaut Jean Francois exam, ricardo carvalho (Jean Francois Clervoy) of a patent technology is made.OMEGA hand in hand to the European space agency brand new super timing clock

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Omega with the iaaf diamond league release a smart phone app

New development of the iaaf diamond league app applications.It provide abundant information related to events as well as each season 14 standing event practical information.It is including every tournament at real-time result.

The entire cover every event
This new app applications can provide real-time action game. It came out,make a comprehensive grasp diamond League action stations is a piece of cake.The app application will provide a long 3 minutes video highlights. Abundant news pictures and comprehensive analysis for the result of the field, covering information includes race schedule, schedule, ticket information and every tournament at pre and post all kinds of anecdotes.

Year-round swimming in the iaaf diamond league event information
For love track and field sports fans, this app can use at any time the application also has some of the highlights of functions, including: provide the diamond league and other similar events information of latest news section, pooling, event photo collections of every and a diamond league interactive menu. Represents the supreme honor diamond cup will be issued at the end of each season.The special interactive menu for sports enthusiasts may at any time to understand their favorite players diamond league trophy.
The iPhone and Android mobile phone users can respectively to the App Store or Google Play App Store to download a new application.

Zurich, the iaaf diamond league committee vice chairman and standing the finals tournament director Patrick maag she er (Patrick Magyar) said: “omega for athletics fans around the world provides a practical and interesting new app application. This app can provide a better user experience for sports lovers, but also more people can help us to promote events. Omega as the specified time has always been to provide a high standard of timing service for events, now this cutting-edge application development for the event provides a perfect platform to communicate.

Omega with the iaaf diamond league
Since its founding in 2010 diamond league omega is honored to have been to all 14 tournaments to specify the timing, cutting-edge technology to measure, record and publish the game result, witness the historic moment in every record.

Rolex VS omega ,two brands struggles the Asian market

Top rolex watch brand is more than a century. It has always been the superior performance and distinguished symbol.It is also one of almost all the city boy pursue life goal.Also someone once worn by the President of the United States, for example, Dwight Eisenhower. In 1956, the rolex watch company gave him a watch “the date of the Normandy invasion”, so the watches is also called “watches”.

And now have rolex oyster type, di tong, cut three series. At the end of march, rolex oyster famous watches series of five new 2016 the Basel World (Basel World 2016) and horological exhibit in the grand launch.However, analysts say, despite the rolex continuously launch new style.But in Asia, especially China’s sales is increasingly threatened by omega. Nowadays, omega pay more attention to brand marketing.The gap between the shrinking and rival, rolex, therefore rolex day no better than before in the future.

Rolex five appearance
Rolex Basel in 2016 and horological exhibit on the 5 watches.Their design inspiration comes from the wearer’s idea of success, challenge the limit, beyond the self. The birth of the new watch, in pursuit of the latest technology and design at the same time.The more the continuation of the brand’s classic tradition, manifests the rolex on wrist diligence the rigorous attitude, oyster type motion explorer type II is one of the outstanding representatives. The wrist in 1971, which will become the necessary equipment for a number of adventure, rolex more so and exploration has been wedded boundary.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the improved model 2016 – type oyster type motion explorer II will watch case widened to 42 mm, and are equipped with a rolex is a new generation of 3187 movement. Research and development of the machine is equipped with two patents of rolex: PARAFLEX patent cushioning device and diamagnetic blue PARACHROM hairspring. On appearance design, explorer type II more special salute to 1971, the original design, device for 24 hours orange indicator arrow. Black dial with more black pointer style, build a “phantom” effect, pointer like floating on the dial.

In the new 2016, remarkable circle is another innovative design CERACHROM word, by rolex patent research and development, combined with high scientific and technological achievements, effective scratch-resistant loss, resistance to erosion and permanently keep shining. Designed for sailing event timing research and oyster type constant moving yacht mingshi type II is equipped with this word, and at the same time have unique mechanical memory countdown function.
Another with the same word of wrist watch is famous oyster type type constant dynamic universe di tong, digital circle in new black appearance, heavy fact of outer ring adhering to the 1965 circle design on black word.

Rolex launched two ladies watch this year, also adopted the rose gold and eternal ROLESOR diamond composite material. New 36 mm since 2009 and 31 mm dress after, add new style for ladies’ watches again this year – the latest oyster type motion is 26 mm couture log type design, and equipped with ROLESOR gold (1539.20, 17.90, 1.15%) steel or platinum steel combination.

The battle for Asian
Rolex watches always enjoy international reputation, but in recent years because of lack of changes in style, its sales showed a trend of decline; On the other hand, the Swatch group, omega, with fashion style, increasingly get the favour of emerging market consumers, so its sales are growing.
From the aspects of brand design positioning and marketing strategy, rolex and omega is the representative of the international famous brand. Both high performance in both waterproof and dustproof, accurate and durable, the fine is designed to help people beyond the limit, overcome difficulties.
Rolex sale and popularity than the omega in the past, the two also have the Swiss origin neighbors in the past has been peaceful. In recent years, omega launched a provocation to rolex. “Our ambition is clear: we want as an equal with rolex, and over it in 3 to 4 years.” Omega belongs to Swatch group (Swatch) CEO Nick? Sea, (Nick Hayek, Jr.) Four years ago had said.
Clocks and watches of smoke on the battlefield. Omega the rising star to shake the old king rolex, also will not be easy.
In the 1970 s, rolex and omega is the distance between. In the late 1970 s, when Japanese quartz watch, wandered the world, the traditional Swiss watch suffer, omega and rolex has been recovered, the two different strategies to cope with the situation, make them on the path of the different, the former will target for the Japanese brand competition, focus on manufacturing quartz watches and mechanical watches; The latter will watch as “jewelry”, to develop in the high-end market.

Omega Ladymatic stainless steel set auger watches
Later, it turns out, rolex correct, omega second start falling behind.
So omega decided on a turnaround in the brand marketing strategy, understand the characteristics of the hero brand prototype and implication to the narrowing the gap with competitors.
Research institutions IC analysis 500 million groups of 10 countries Internet search data, found that in 2009 China’s Internet search for watch brand, omega accounts for a quarter, rolex accounted for 18%. In 2009, Swiss watches 1/5 of sold in mainland China and Hong Kong.
Aimed at China’s rich
Watches, pens, and now the car has been one of the world’s most men crazy three “fuck”. Car represents wealth, pen is the symbol of wisdom, then watch is undoubtedly a man for the best interpretation of taste and fashion.
And rolex watches since it came into being, has always been a “true taste, high quality” the symbol of life. Many successful men are to have a cherished rolex watches as achievement of a risk, even in the electronic age.
In the aspect of collection, the watch is still to be China’s absolute first choice, 44% of people questioned in the rich choose collect watches, increased by 10% than last year. And, according to the national average millionaires have 3.7 watch.

April 16 in Shanghai held the third annual “top brand peak BBS”. According to divulging, at present China’s luxury market potential customers has reached 175 million people, in the global brands flock, men supplies more to play a leading role in the Chinese luxury market. And China’s luxury market showed a remarkable feature is dominated by men, including a mid-range price (2.5 ~ 50000 yuan) watch the rebound of wrist watch category, including Cartier, longines, omega, rolex and rudder for the top five brands.
With the improvement of people’s living quality, the consciousness of men for personal adornment also got unprecedented increase along with the internationalization trend. A good watches, rolex, omega, for a man to reveal not only personal status, there is a kind of understanding for life taste.

More watches available:

New omega Ladymatic wrist watch: lady wrist watch a masterpiece

Omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch series since its birth in 1955, with its colorful design and excellent quality as apotheosis of lady wrist watch. This year, omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial of the wrist watch brand new.Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist to present new smooth design new dial, again with pearl.Pearl
white blue or highly exotic style of Tahiti pearls fritillary bulb reveal its dazzling charm. All sounds are
still watch dial as ocean.It can be in this burst lead you into a world of quiet but charming.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 2:
This time, omega for the first time to use its unique – 18 k rose gold alloy Sedna ™ gold Ladymatic watches.
Shallow pink tones eye-catching fashion charm.It also make the elegant watch all over the world have
increasingly concentrated.

Wrist watch outside smooth add new design aesthetics still carries a lot of classical elements.It includs the prestigious watchcase design and delicate Alpha pointer. Shining colorful diamond ornaments in hour scale, and spread in the form of snow inlaid with special watches above watches ring.

Omega disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist watch new appreciation 3:
Since the first series omega disc fly Ladymatic wrist watch, “inside and outside and repair” will become the norm in this series a consistent. Therefore, omega will performance excellence coaxial stopwatch, 8520 and 8521, which gives new Ladymatic wrist watch, in order to ensure the best hour meter with unmatched precision
performance as well. For a long time, omega disc fly series Ladymatic wrist watch with high quality machine
with elegant design and highly regarded.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Ladymatic wrist, omega with new disc fly Ladymatic series coaxial wrist once again proved that the everlasting value of aestheticism, this ultra-premium meter will bloom more dazzling orchestra in the future.

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