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Butterfly dance diva, film omega fly elegant watch of wrist of a plate

We introduced a highly constellation Pluma wrist watch “tenderness”, but in fact, personally think that compared to the disc flying butterfly dance, her feminine flavour is slightly smaller. Ms dancing butterfly is omega disc fly a very important part of the wrist watch, it is not the first time this year, last year there has been a very rich and poetic watches can launch, so how lovable, butterfly dance together and see it.
Omega disc fly series 424. try testing
Low impression
Appearance of the data
Gauge diameter 32.7 mm watchcase material rose gold with diamonds
Dial color white diamond dial circular shape
Dial material white pearl fritillaria watches mirror material of sapphire crystal glass
Red gold crown material strap color white
Strap material leather buckle clasp type needle
Clasp back through the secret bottom material of red gold
Low disk
Omega disc fly series 424. edit view
As last year’s product, omega is more close to nature, to romantic lady luxury watches is soft and delicate, is the most understand the sincerity to a woman’s heart.
Appearance of the critique
A ice wu: fashion is elegant, red platinum inlaid with diamonds, white pearl fritillaria disk, blend in nature of a butterfly dial, will appear a woman’s intellectual, elegant and perfect.
Functional reviews
Wu: an ice watch is given priority to with daily wear, with calendar display and daily life waterproof function.
Movement review
An ice wu: internal carry 2500 automatic machine core, for goods of the first to use coaxial machine core, criticized by market and response is not ideal.
Brand review
A ice wu: omega is the present domestic a line brand of professional tabulation, has wide influence.
Experience the critique
A ice wu: overhand feel weight is moderate, more presence. Size to cater to most women wrist at the same time, suiwatches for most of the standard body woman wear, buckle is very comforwatches.