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Pure art “Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 senator’s original launch the moon hollow out wrist watch

A TAB when read in an elegant connoisseur, Germany and the breadth and depth of magic. Now, he’s original readily Congressman to launch the Moon hollow out wrist watch (Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition), proud to present the unique style of different levels. Through delicate face, can savor, he’s original independent Caliber 49-13 movement beauty retouching.


Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 material with 18 k platinum, 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of 11.2 mm, with double anti-dazzle sapphirine crystal, waterproof depth of 30 meters. Dial is treated with silver plating and hollow out, decorating the black Roman numeral, label and blue steel needle.

With made in Germany, he’s original 49-13 independent Caliber manual winding machine, gem number 35, vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), can provide 40 hours of power storage. Movement elegant, refined through hollow out and manual sculpture processing, equipped with polished stainless steel components, gold sleeve and gooseneck fine-tuning, balance wheel installation 18 weight farmar screw.

With time (central), small seconds (eccentric), stop seconds, phases of profit and loss and power storage display function. Phases of the moon and display at 10 o ‘clock position, delicate phases of the moon disk by he’s original pforzheim watch factory located in Germany and independent production. Dynamic storage display at 2 o ‘clock position, with German letters “AUF” and “AB”, representing the full string and dynamic running out of state.
Senator, he’s original phases of the moon hollow out wrist watch is tie-in a 21 mm dark blue Louisiana crocodile leather strap and buckle folding table 18 k platinum, further highlights the hollow out of thousands of elegant demeanor.

Cheap omega seamaster 300 double time zone concept limited wrist watch

Cheap omega seamaster 300 dual time zone concept wrist watch is equipped with dual time zone display function, elegant and delicate, concise and special. This time when Henry for rose gold and platinum limited wrist, brand concept series of pure design, neither mark time scale, also not to decorate. These watches emphasizes the professional skill and manual craft, advanced tabulation spirit implication.

The hour and minute hand narrative time, delicate facets little red pointer indicates the second time zone hours information. If the wearer without second time zone feature, little red pointer can hide under the main clockwise, clever design for pure adds a dynamic color appearance. With Henry for independent movement, when for the time zone function.
Concise concept throughout the watch aesthetic adjustment design, movement, and the second time zone. The watch is equipped with two sections of crown positioning system, calibration without having to worry about when to suspend the wrist watch operation or error setting time.

Technical specifications
Atlas: 18 kt rose gold or platinum materials, size 40.8 mm x 11 mm, double-sided anti-dazzle sapphirine crystal,
Dial: trademark fume smoked or blue fume smoke dial, decorative solar radiation lines, red pointer indicates the second time zone, small second hand at 6 o ‘clock position
Movement: Swiss made when Henry for autonomous Caliber HMC 345 automatic winding machine, gem number 29, vibration frequency of 18000 times per hour (2.5 hz), dynamic storage for 72 hours. Crown twice, positioning system, second stop function, all of the balance wheel and pinion adopt Moser tooth, replaceable capture longitudinal institutions Moser, the original Stella, balance spring (Straumann Hairspring ®), with a stable breguet balance spring, escapement fork of pure gold and escape wheel, movement and components are all manual grinding and modification, 18 kt gold engraving put tuo, unique limited number engraved
Band: hand-made cream-colored twist Angle of current leather strap, with 18 kt rose gold or platinum folding clasp
Cap: 10

Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack

The function of the watch can surpass pocket watch? Seems to be very difficult, because until today, the past old pocket watch for inspiration and technology provided by the creation of new watch today.
Antique or vintage pocket watch of wrist of counter attack
From the function, the vast majority of complex function in the era of pocket watch is already have, today be praised by people’s calendar, the tourbillon, 3 q, and other functions, at first is applied on the pocket watch. Pocket watch itself is also more omega seamaster 300 for the characteristics of these functions, watch the space is larger, thicker. And watch the fragile environment, space is small, because of the external environment condition as a pocket watch, that make these functions above are attached to the watch once, have amazing value.

But in recent years, the pocket watch for reference design new products also appear gradually, the popularity of restoring ancient ways also applies to clock domain. Lundgren 1815 series wrist watch, drawing inspiration from its history of antique omega seamaster 300, be able to launch, has been almost 20 years.
1815 takes its name from its founder, ferdinando adolf lundgren, year of birth, but at the same time, in 1815, the European civilization began to enter the modern science and society.
The pocket watch today have produced was treasures, and last month, lundgren in Beijing for a few antique pocket watch made a small exhibition. A 1927 production of antique pocket watch, though in the sight of the people, but the instruction is, can’t touch, can’t, can only watch.

But on the pocket watch from nearly 100 years ago have been able to see, lundgren have formed today’s style, gold sleeve, blue steel screw, gooseneck fine-tuning and so on a variety of characteristics in Germany. In addition, of course, these watches also has very advanced tabulation technology at that time, such as double metal screw compensation balance wheel, breguet type around the blue steel.

And besides this antique pocket watch, the other pocket watch is the biggest feeling to the person, the manufacturing process in the one hundred years have a qualitative leap? A whole watches watchcase decorated by carving decorative pattern, the other woman’s pocket watch dial time scale was fired into the red, red to today in manual watchmaking is a very difficult technology, and the past pocket watch, not like today is regarded as the function of the cold, more decorative function, even if the man’s pocket watch, has cost a lot of state of mind, on the dial on the watch case carved your name also have a watch has more strong cultural taste.

Of course, this is not a deny the watchmaking today. Today watch nature indeed some changes have taken place in many process more just for collection. Which makes the watch is very fragile, they can only stay in omega seamaster 300 box, delicate to wait like collectors in open cupboard door, one day to show off to his friends.

Remember all the way up the Omega seamaster 300

Chance to countries in the Middle East to work for a period of time, to the Middle East after the discovery of side wear a watch really and side Omega seamaster 300 price a lot cheaper than domestic, originally the price lower than the domestic don’t say, even hit the discount are than domestic a lot more. Came to this side of the Chinese people have almost bought a Omega seamaster 300 to wear, but also a lot of friends or relatives to help DG. And the store to the Chinese people a lot of discount.


They know the price of Chinese Omega seamaster 300, a lot of Chinese people are here to buy a Omega seamaster 300, Chinese customers more, so the discount alone to the Chinese people more than the other countries.
Watched over a period of time to return to work, feeling in the middle do not give yourself to buy a watch is a big loss, think he was standing up, men should have a decent watch. And then there was the idea of buying a watch. Find all kinds of information on the Internet on the watch, and then enters the poison altar. Just registered poison altar account when no search authority, then daily to see posted a reply accumulated points, a search access, understand the Omega seamaster 300 more, take a look at the types of more accumulation of knowledge more, thank each homework shoes. With your pay, we have more understanding and understanding of the watch.

Just beginning and colleagues go shopping see Omega seamaster 300, they saw a Omega watch shop, had also don’t know omega watches what price, we only know that it is a Swiss watch, and domestic large shopping malls have a lot of Omega watch shop, you drill into a circle, to my impression is the deepest is disk fly 8500, flour Roman numerals looked clean generous gentle, it is in line with the own character. The Rome numbers really poison to me, too pretty, and there is a small blue needle personality. When asked about the price, really scared me, and I know that it is not my food, too expensive, they can only choose other brands of watches in the election.
Then began a long journey at the Omega seamaster 300, as long as a colleague said to buy Omega seamaster 300 or go shopping at the Omega seamaster 300, he Pidianpidian go ride, some Middle East Omega seamaster 300 stores is Yahuo, some very old style line of watches, discount will be more, but the price is still to force. Such as the old IWC engineer, RMB thirty thousand will be down, then he would like to start this watch, although the price is very expensive, but the price is very awesome. After all, the domestic price to more than 6, their brains a hot want to buy, but to watch the map to the home after reading LD LD said, do not agree, not good-looking, but he found that the engineer watchband is very special, bad is not good, Richemont Omega seamaster 300 repair a price is too expensive.


The idea was dismissed.
According to their income, and the economic situation, look around colleagues are buying more Rock tissot. Of his Tiansuo really cold, perhaps domestic people wearing too much, he didn’t want to hit the Omega seamaster 300, slowly found Mido and Hamilton’s brand, Mido he really like, price can also, but really there is no their favorite styles, occasionally a wandering he saw black Duke, dial the right size looks really nice and very atmospheric, took an overhand to LD, LD said at the atmosphere, although I in selected another, I think, we pair disparity is too big.
Know the black Prince is 2824 movement, I just want to look at the can can’t find masters of 2893 or 7750 ETA movement, and then re Han Omega seamaster 300 website search to the master of flour and flour master looked at to let people think IWC Portuguese. The Portuguese meter is how classic ah, but your pocket Money is limited, only the window looked at it. Did not expect such a good Chinese Omega seamaster 300, the price is good, as long as you can get within eight thousand, the domestic price is also tens of thousands of. Then began his tangled in the Chinese Omega seamaster 300 of black jazz and flour between master and has also launched a voting posts

Thank Chinese Omega seamaster 300 Omega seamaster 300 friends give valuable advice. Finally I want to decide with flour, is home of LD to whether the, has said that the master of flour, like an alarm clock, don’t let me buy alarm clock to go home. Men and women’s eyes are not the same.
This time of ETA family of 2892 and 7750 movement with more understanding, themselves more tend to prefer 775, this time his Omega seamaster 300 to buy the price has unwittingly on the slowly rising, by chance, my colleagues and I said if you want to buy a Omega seamaster 300, she bought a Longines, my first thought to Longines is what brand I haven’t heard and “Longines” the name is really nice, very poetic. Then they go back to fierce fill the job, after feeling Longines in the discount price just good enough to their budget, visit the official website of Longines began to find their favorite styles, website all browsing Omega seamaster 300s in a circle, only famous 7750 basic models and conch move significantly attracted me, then go to a physical store to try to wear a watch, bring their own up a little big and thick, slightly a little inappropriate, but to no matter, he likes it, only more tangled is to buy a three needle or buy conch dynamic and buy dynamic fear watch bad bad repair. Because the dynamic model is not sold in the country, and is not afraid to repair the bad. Because the choice of which the problem, he also tangled for a long time, but also for the family of love Omega seamaster 300 friends given treasure

A method that can be slightly early judgment of watch production date

let you no longer entangled with like omega seamaster 300 for stock!


If I tell you is: watch machine core number, then cheerfully ran in post three litres will you vomiting blood, called brain damaged the building a liar. Wish with saliva, rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes drown me, even useful plank brick die my impulse! Because everybody knows with movement watch the old and new are good methods to estimate the number but not necessarily applicable to all the watches. If your watch is movement number 86 at the beginning of hippocampal AT8500, congratulations! Your love omega seamaster 300 is very young, may be more than a year old! But the original poster I just start with a movement number 82 at the beginning of hippocampal calendar, the inventory of goods is 7 years ago? ! O sell cake! Though as long as the unit’s warranty time is confirmed in the CARDS for sale, but with what I spend money, buy is not to put a few years the inventory goods, although it is also a brand new! As more than 20 years old young man married a 40 year old spinster! In turn, is about! What?? Don’t marry more than forty years old spinster to a more than 20 years old young man is ok? My god! This is definitely not the original poster I mean, I don’t want to cause confusion again! : a9 should be more than forty years old mature uncle married a girl looks more than 20 years old also. : a3 ha ha, the male prostitute dream!


Why, digress! The building Lord useless talk so much, in fact, the correct answer is the love, always be by your side omega seamaster 300 of specifications, dang dang dang dang block, please welcome our protagonist thick red one instruction! 1 cover. JPG everyone got love omega seamaster 300, is more concerned about whether the insurance card, tags and love omega seamaster 300 4 yards, and ignoring the instruction! Ha ha, why the original poster pointed out by manual production date may judge slightly at the beginning of the watch? Please listen to me carefully to:
Instruction and watches is complementary packaging together in factory, in general, watches the production time should be later than the manual printing time. Also probably just ran out of specification, and, of course, and some of the watches haven’t out of specification, so the production time watch time earlier in the manual printing, but the probability of that happens rarely. Can say, however, the two time should be the same. Always no 07 years good watches, production has been put inside the warehouse, wait until 12 years with illustrations of the new printing packaging!!!! Did the unscrupulous JS to put the old and the new manual packing together? ! But the omega seamaster 300 and instruction is a match, the rest of the new omega seamaster 300 and the old manual… ? Well, can’t imagine! Hope JS not so careful, more didn’t I’m smart, don’t think this way! Of course, if the omega can see us, through the anti-counterfeiting means the watch machine core number is printed on the instruction manual, one to five yards, and that is more safe! So we can view the instructions printed slightly at the beginning of time to determine the production date watches.


And judge manual printing time at least the following three conditions:
1, look at the instruction of professional device characteristic symbol, for example: omega launched silicon hair, is sure to put it in the manual logo design. So after that watches, of whether it has the professional unit, its instruction should have the logo. Did not give out, of course, does not rule out a version of the manual, so don’t have special device of a new watch or keep up with a version of the manual packing together. But since a new thing, the businessman must be willing to promote to consumers, so the new production omega seamaster 300 with old manual rarely.
See my instructions, 2 marks. JPG hehe, already has silicon hairspring logo, at least it won’t be silicon balance spring launched before production! I love watch at once for a few years younger!
2, see the description of the list of the stores around the world, is certainly store opened in the former, manual printing on its list of the back! Omega boss, after all, is not a god, he could not predict the future where will open a store! Don’t want to return to say, the somebody else big companies do to the future development plan of ten years or twenty years, perhaps can be printed in advance? It can’t! One thousand consumers with the instructions to find that haven’t opened store, omega is not suspected of cheating consumers!


And look at my specifications, 3 stores. JPG ha ha, guangzhou have the latest in swire remit to open a store, through the Internet query, the store’s opening time in November 2011, I love watch at once again for a few years younger!

3. See the description of the back cover, it is because of the above two cases, the manual is always in constant revision, and illustrations of the omega is regardless of the general version of style series, so are generally batch printing, over a period of time in the back cover will indicate the time of printing. Flipping through the xinhua dictionary, like our childhood will indicate how many times revision, when printing.
Continue to look at my instruction, 4 back cover. JPG ha ha, is printed in June 12 years. Ha ha, the basic can tell my love watch less than one full year of life, very young! I satisfiedly smile, I satisfiedly smile!
Above all, I’d like to express the meaning of the building Lord also basic clear! I think this judgment method should be able to spread to all brands of watches, except in the case of a manual corresponds to a watch. Of course, want to understand our love watch the exact date of birth, only to watch model, the basic information such as machine core number to omega, consult the official, but they will not answer, it is unclear. Have the experience of omega seamaster 300 friends can share! Having said that, I think again, omega is not released a new super magnetically movement watches, don’t know it what is the professional equipment characteristics of the symbol. Once put into market, specification and will be the new revision. The future purchase omega seamaster 300 omega seamaster 300 friends can more accurately determine the date of your own love omega seamaster 300 production. Hey hey, more exciting friends don’t know which omega seamaster 300 can be established in the fortunate position of being love omega seamaster 300 online first AT8508 watches the darling of the hippocampus. Then we must work together to take over his post and the comments for the first ever love omega seamaster 300!


Nagging incredibly say so many, the original poster is really long-winded! Finally, if everyone recognized what I think is just at the beginning of the date of production, the method of judgment watch so I hereby call for: dear brothers and sisters, to dig out your dusty specifications, can find the key point of time, said sun them to let everyone see it online

Machinery and the water “magic”

Asked if the wrist watch in recent years, which is one of the most creative, HYT should deserve. If you have the opportunity to personally with the wrist watch, will definitely make you can’t help but exclaim, “how did he do this”.

As early as in 2002, one of the founders of HYT Lucien Mr Vouillamoz proposed a tabulation thoughts to his friends, to have three lakes and known as clocks valley region, said the design water a wrist watch. Yet, to create the gold wrist watch the most critical problem is how to replace for clepsydra and water clock of gravitational energy, and create a have waterproof function, can be loading in the wrist watch. This concept because of the lack of technical and shelved.

In later years, the idea has been Lucien Vouillamoz mind. How can we achieve a volume is small and Omega seamaster 300, and can also be applied to different environment of the time the liquid indicator? To this end, he transform different angles to find possible ways. Finally, architecture is the concept of a new TAB, by catheter link two flexible pumps, in the set of the closed system is made up of reservoirs in different color and solubility of liquid. When one of the reservoir is compressed and stored in the group of liquid will be forced to flow to the pipe and shows the time, and the other a group of liquid will spread to another reservoir. Separation of the two liquids is separation by molecules are negative, like magnets repel each other, no need within the guide tube into the piston.


In the concept of TAB to register the new patent and looking for partners, HYT formal entered the stage of looking for tabulation and make a wrist watch. After a year of research and development, model formally birth first wrist watch. Surface formed by two layers of plastic glass, and 1.7/03 of a millimeter rectangular tube guide through the two layers of plastic glass and a cone, and can accurately show the time. Two flexible rolling membrane made of reservoir, and placed in a transparent cylinder. To promote the power of the liquid run by CAM transmission, replacing the traditional wrist clockwise. The birth of the sample also demonstrates the Lucien Vouillamoz new TAB concept is feasible.

By 2010, HYT and Vincent Perriard Mr Hit it off. Before this, Vincent Perriard already apply liquid to watch, more in the 2008 Geneva tabulation won the watch of wrist of design awards in the grand prix. They modified the original tabulation concept, with 11 cm high borosilicate glass independent pipe guide (inner ring only 1 mm in diameter), to replace the original through the middle of the two layers of plastic glass rectangular tube, to display the time. While the operation of the liquid by such as bellows shaped box high endurance and high flexibility of containers (this technique is applied to the American space agency, also made by the technology company), to replace the original made by calendering film container. Such as bellows shaped box container take as the role of the piston, control the liquid flow in the tube guide. Began, watch of wrist of H1 finally was born.

Watch of wrist of H1 divided into two parts, the above is the mechanical movement, the liquid display device is below. 12:00 position with eccentric disk, the minutes of power reserve display on the right is 65 hours, the left is a small second hand set, while hours shows to the transparent tube of the outside of the dial. Catheter with two kinds of liquid, by color fluorescent liquid indicates the hour, starting from 6 o ‘clock position with time and the clockwise direction, forced to go transparent liquid. And when the fluorescent liquid flow to the other end will be 6 o ‘clock position, then in ten seconds, the reverse flow back to the starting position, to carry out timing, like pointer inverse jump instruction.
Dial 6 o ‘clock position, two bellows shaped compression containers, one containing fluorescent liquid and the other is for transparent liquid. One fluorescence liquid and movement are linked together, similar to the gear of conch shape turns every hour a compression containers made silver liquid flow for an hour. H1 on the manual of chain movement by Jean Francois Mojon and Chronode completed his TAB groups. Ten years, finally gains, HYT also in 2012, relying on H1 GPHG watch of wrist of the award for best creative concept award.
Since H1 HYT and launched the H2, SKULL, H3 and H4, movement to the Swiss top complex movement team also Abby APRP to make, and one of the founders of APRP Dominique Renaud joined HYT, worked as a senior director of TAB.

SKULL is HYT is challenging a wrist watch, catheter into the SKULL shape of noncircular to hours and to keep the liquid in the ducts can still accurate in piston container every movement precision, it is very difficult.
Change of the round watchcase design, use the rectangular case, liquid instructions but hours to 24 hours, according to Jordan farmar rotate every six hours.

HYT H4 Metropolis
The latest H4 Metropolis machine core architecture is the same as the first works the H1, made into hollow out completely. Movement not only made into hollow out again and also challenge tabulation concept, application of a new idea, H4 Metropolis is carrying a wrist watch with light source device. In the dial 6 o ‘clock position, hidden from the two LED lights, and added a at five o ‘clock start button. Press the button the light source is started, the blue light will light up the whole face. In the evening, shows hours of green liquid under the light source is more easy to see clearly. Without battery, in 4 and 5 o ‘clock to hide a small generator, by rotating open button batteries, each time can provide the start time of 5 seconds. LED technology in my impression on this year’s SIHH van cleef it also is used in use on the wrist, but is still in development stage, has not yet been put into production.

Use black DLC titanium bezel and titanium watchcase H4 Metropolis to fit is very light, so you don’t want to have a creative wrist? More than 90000 Swiss francs, could this as the “magic” of wrist watch

Elegant luxury tasting Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch

Bulgari derived from ancient Greek and Roman culture essence, Italian style of exquisite workmanship, unique make bold, noble classical works. Bulgari has multiple watch series, Omega, Omega is one of a series, the series of wrist watch is inscribed on the wrist unit circle are the distinctive features of a series name. Watch today’s home to bring us a bulgari Omega, Omega series of men’s wrist, official models: 102108

Elegant luxury tasting bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
Bulgari brand name is the name of Omega, Omega series of overlapping combination, its inscribed circle in the Omega seamaster 300 above is not only the series of trademark design, is also the highlight of the brand name. And the engraved design also added a process for wrist watch aesthetic feeling.


Bulgari Omega, Omega series men’s wrist watch
The watch of pure steel to build circular casing, which carry a automatic mechanical movement. Watch the time and date shown on the white dial, simple and clear. Wrist strap is made of stainless steel and rose gold to build between the gold chain strap, distinguished luxury.
Set with black ceramic crown is delicate and beautiful
Crown watchcase lateral assembly for common rounded crown, crown profile decorated with exquisite grooved, grasp when convenient set-up wrist watch; Inlaid with a piece of black ceramic crown, the crown more beautiful.

Stainless steel and rose gold to build links with elegant and noble
Wrist watch gold watchband of link between respectively made of stainless steel and rose gold, stainless steel links to “work” word, and the rose gold links for rectangular, two kinds of links and white combination, delicate and beautiful, all show honor. Equipped with a folding buckle on the strap.
Smooth watchcase round and do not break hale and hearty
Stainless steel watchcase of 39 mm in diameter, round watchcase through careful polishing grinding processing, light is hua liang jie. On the wrist unit circle ring inscribed with the name series, unique style hale and hearty.

White dial is simple but elegant simplicity, show clear
Wrist watch contracted simple but elegant white dial, dial middle hollow out sword pointer type, outer using bar and the Arabic numeral mark, show clear, read convenient and simple. At three o ‘clock position in the Omega seamaster professional to the Arabic numeral display date with date display window, clear that the be clear at a glance.
Vertical Omega seamaster professional ear rounded edges and corners
Ear for vertical wrist Omega seamaster professional Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional style hale, after careful polishing grinding, edge smooth, rounded edges and corners.

Watch button opening and closing is simple, easy to wear
Strap on the assembly of the press type open devices are installed folding clasp, when pressed to easily open the clasp, opening and closing is simple, more convenient to wear. When folding clasp closure can make perfect joint strap, both sides and hidden in the strap looks more elegant and beautiful.

Through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional can see internal capsule with homemade movement
Wrist watch is using back through the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional, Omega seamaster professional bottom why screw bolt. Fine steel on the bottom of the Omega seamaster professional is made of edge inscribed with the brand name and watch some relevant parameters; Through the transparent Omega seamaster professional mirror can see inside the watch case with homemade BVL 191 automatic mechanical movement, movement state can provide full string on 42 hours power reserve.
Conclusion: this watch design is contracted, show clearly, convenient time to read, very practical. The collocation of fine steel rose gold design not only let the wrist watch color more rich, make design more show distinguished luxury at the same time. Watch of wrist of elegant design style, design contains hale and hearty make watches more conform to the men’s temperament, is a practical, delicate, elegant luxury watches.