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Pure art “Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 senator’s original launch the moon hollow out wrist watch

A TAB when read in an elegant connoisseur, Germany and the breadth and depth of magic. Now, he’s original readily Congressman to launch the Moon hollow out wrist watch (Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition), proud to present the unique style of different levels. Through delicate face, can savor, he’s original independent Caliber 49-13 movement beauty retouching.


Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 material with 18 k platinum, 42 mm in diameter, the thickness of 11.2 mm, with double anti-dazzle sapphirine crystal, waterproof depth of 30 meters. Dial is treated with silver plating and hollow out, decorating the black Roman numeral, label and blue steel needle.

With made in Germany, he’s original 49-13 independent Caliber manual winding machine, gem number 35, vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), can provide 40 hours of power storage. Movement elegant, refined through hollow out and manual sculpture processing, equipped with polished stainless steel components, gold sleeve and gooseneck fine-tuning, balance wheel installation 18 weight farmar screw.

With time (central), small seconds (eccentric), stop seconds, phases of profit and loss and power storage display function. Phases of the moon and display at 10 o ‘clock position, delicate phases of the moon disk by he’s original pforzheim watch factory located in Germany and independent production. Dynamic storage display at 2 o ‘clock position, with German letters “AUF” and “AB”, representing the full string and dynamic running out of state.
Senator, he’s original phases of the moon hollow out wrist watch is tie-in a 21 mm dark blue Louisiana crocodile leather strap and buckle folding table 18 k platinum, further highlights the hollow out of thousands of elegant demeanor.

Omega launch two new Vintage BR Aeronavale wrist watch

Since the brand creation, alex Omega has been enthusiastic about military history and values. As far as possible in the process of the pursuit of excellence, no matter design or technology.Aviation instrument all have become the main source of inspiration.Cypress alex this is alex’s wrist watch can meet Omega pilots and professional clock instrument user functionality and ergonomics requirements. New Vintage BR Aeronavale cheap omega watches in naval aviation officers uniforms for inspiration, and traditional symbol of military excellence.

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Rafale fighter cockpit, a naval air force pilots in uniform, both practical and comforwatches. At the official ceremony, the change of dress show the prestige of the army. Blue is reminiscent of the sea, while gold badges, buttons, and decorative convey the sedate, noble and beliefs of the victory. Blue gold combination also appeared in the omega seamaster 300  wrist watch, a new wristwatch decorated with all the symbols and patterns on naval uniform.

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Omega for alex’s Vintage BR Aeronavale series to add two new models: timing clock (BR126) and small three stitches wrist watch (BR123). 43 mm polished stainless steel case and restoring ancient ways is chic, navy blue sun wen gold-plated dial with hollow out the minute hand in contrast, clear, legible and clear. Vintage BR Aeronavale timing clock designed for pilots, will combine functionality and elegance. The watch with blue anodic alumina watches, watches ring decorated with 60 minutes on scale, disk at 3 and 9 o ‘clock position of a volute pattern timed lap.

The watch should be arc sapphirine crystal, highlight watches classic style and strong personality. Omega watches Uk store is famous for its reliability and precision of the Swiss manufacture automatic winding machine, through the end of sapphire crystal watches, visible movement precision operations. Two wrist watch has a frosted blue calfskin strap (light yellow stitching) or dark blue crocodile watches (blue suture), with pin type clasp

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Omega Marine universe “of the deep black” wrist watch to Bangkok

Omega series Marine universe “sea of black watches arrived in southeast Asia.The central Bangkok gallery of modern architectural environment provides a perfect new chronometer background. In the past, YenakArt Villa are used much appreciate the interesting and attractive chronometer.Now, they can try in person, feel the omega tabulation art.

Salute to the entire series of omega brand of advanced technology. Each style wrist watch all pass to reaches observatory certification.The withstand up to 15000 gauss of strong magnetic field.It applied to a variety of innovative materials, such as ceramic, rubber, Liquidmetal ®, 18 k Sedna ™ gold and omega Ceragold ™.
“Deep black” wrist watch is the star of the launch event. The combination of diving and GMT functions by YenakArt Villa guests a warm welcome. The next few months, a new generation of wrist watch will be listed on the cheap omega watches on sale.

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Why Omega hippocampal series are so popular

One of the ten taming watches of Switzerland, Uk’s most prosperous wrist watch.It is the first piece of wrist watch with the astronauts into space. Wear omega wrist watch, represents the achievement and improvement, omega watch industry and advertising industry are famous name comes from the Greek letter (omega.Began in 1848, by chewing people be fond of, is the top of the Smith watches category. Constantly since omega forward position of watchmaking world, laying a proud achievement. In terms of technology and plan.Omega is not only has numerous records correctly, and plans, first built in the first place in the world the tourbillon wristwatch. In omega, only high quality superior wrist watch may be shown in more than one hundred and thirty countries, a senior in the window, celebrities more proud of this.

Ancestors of hippocampal series machine 10007 James Bond wrist limited release, any models more than they have ever been James? Bond characteristics. It inherited the classic series plan – and the difference of hippocampus watchcase watches ear shape. Arc and punishment for the smooth and forging surface treated form appearance of violent match, match with James Bond watch exclusive circle of blue watches and carriage (have dark look dish optional) at the same time.

Wrist watch not only eye-catching shape hale and hearty, high specifications and acceptance of the accurate and reliable movement.This is James Bond wrist watch traditional style.It is James Bond highlights of their own. Hollow out the hour hand and minute hand painted with luminous coating.The tip of the second hand is also decorated with red. The exquisite float protruding degree and 3 as a child when the position of date window. guaranteeing the queen his majesty queen of the heroic agents can be a utilitarian YongMing regularly. Course the counter-attack arc arch abrasion sapphirine crystal light treatment of punishment.It is highly clear, easy to read. 41 mm diameter all steel watches device 2824-2 on the active chain machine, equipped with more than 40 hours of dynamic storage.

Initial acceptance on activity type wrist watch OMEGA proprietary OMEGA hippocampal movement, the friction between machine components to reduce.To provide a more permanent reliability and validity. No card degrees within the movement balance spring balance wheel, It can make fine adjustment, further promote the performance of the wrist watch. Literally relief a 007 gun form tag. Other, hippocampus, James? Bond limited edition watch equipped with smooth surface and forging surface treatment of all steel strap of the punishment, and engraved with 007 mark in the buckle in peace.

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