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A large number of around 2000 boom in tabulation is trying to make a lot of money to speed up the money in the field Since 2008, and 2009 .people finally understand  high-grade Omega Seamaster 300 making is impossible to use as the fast pace of the fashion industry management methods, attractive new products each year. Even so, catering to even take the initiative to help from fashion to motivate consumers to buy, but it is the most Omega Seamaster 300 brands including those high-end brands to adopt the strategy of ineviOmega Seamaster 300 – the reason is very simple, Omega Seamaster 300es and clocks is already not the necessities of people’s life, must be to make people have more to buy can overcome those cars, high-tech kitchen, modern household items, such as too expensive, but seems to be more “essential”, in different fields of success “gold”. This year’s Basel although many eye-catching products less than usual, but each secretly for consumers and use strategies may be good than ever before.

It should be said that the more ancient high-grade brand over the years, the face the swing between fashion and stick to the traditional dilemma, while someone is able to balance the two, but most people still continue to go on the way of exploration. This year, let a person shine at the moment is the symbol of the Swiss high-grade tabulation, rolex. This year, the brand new SKY – DWELLER lists because the dial is full of the archdiocese a “hole”, but it is really a breakthrough in technology, in addition many adopted has rainbow colored gems decorative products such as color Omega Seamaster 300 circle DAYTONA and balance between traditional and trendy combined with more and more precise “brother” emperor the rudder of the new product, is to adapt to the new fashion pressure on the rolex winners. , in contrast, after last year and this year with “ladies first” as the slogan for the whole system had a great many style combing patek philippe is probably trying to find the correct development of facing the future, and how much to separated in exploration.

However, in contrast, was originally started with fashion brand, chanel camellia with diamond on the tourbillon Omega Seamaster 300, dior would continue to “diamond lace” even a feather on the dial, hermes, golden eagle and enamel easily made both fashion and technology more and more. Easily find out the facing the high-end consumer fashion path, and under the same brand and other luxury echo each other, let the traditional professional factory never underestimate its power. In the next few years, it seems, from the original fashion brand pressure will be more and more big, the traditional brand especially to be careful to deal with, so people also is not hard to understand why in recent years, some traditional tabulation connoisseur will appear in succession “male menopause syndrome, unwilling to change fashionistas.

Earlier, in contrast, some transition or relatively successful in the pioneer of the strides already completely into their own pace, the most typical example is backed by powerful sOmega Seamaster 300 group support omega with tissot. Colour dense classic series, such as the main body, with a series of technical characteristics, elegant style and special female Omega Seamaster 300 and other products, they have almost reached the point of not compared with others. Based on this, even if is unpopular move, such as the tissot plans to roll out of the four seasons since music pocket Omega Seamaster 300, also has its own expert loudly applauded.

Find suits own pace of development, it may be a few years in the future the industry will be so, who can quickly transition, who will be in the current increasingly serious situation, take the lead a good life.

OMEGA seamaster 300 latest hippocampus Planet

Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches, carried a diamond-encrusted ceramics with sapphire crystal, for the first time for brand’s innovative spirit and contemporary advanced wristband technology, adding to the luxurious luster! The watch USES a complex, precision of the world’s cutting-edge technology – on a hard ceramic with sapphire crystal diamonds!

The hippocampus wrist watch which elegant unsurpassed, at present the global only limited only 8.

In order to ensure that set the precision and shape of hole, the first step of the Mosaic technology, is the use of unique 5 axis laser engraving in hard objects. Then an exclusive 850 grade platinum liquid metal (Liquidmatel?) Alloy pour into the mouth, and in the polishing before removing redundant alloy; To use traditional diamond, diamond to 850 grade platinum liquid metal (Liquidmatel?) Alloy, the final results, it is incredibly hard material, perfect the dazzling diamonds.

The 43.50 mm seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches, pioneered in the breathtaking innovations, their level of polishing grinding case is 950 platinum, with 24 hours GMT two-way rotating OMEGA seamaster 300 circle; Case set with 69 trapezoidal bevel edge cut diamonds; Polished black ceramic bezel GMT calibration, 12 long step cut diamond decoration, and 24 hours triangle sign Mosaic of the beauty of a bright type cutting; Sapphire crystal bottom lid of OMEGA seamaster 300 brand, 31 bright type cut diamonds.

Whole seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches Shared by as many as 113 diamonds, total 2.69 -carat diamond!

Beneath the arc resistance to wear and tear sapphirine crystal, with 18 k platinum scale, digital and polished black pottery and porcelain dial pointer. OMEGA seamaster 300 with 8615 coaxial escapement movement is responsible for driving this OMEGA seamaster 300, this machine is equipped with Si14 silicon crystal balance spring, and have to track the other temporary area of practical dual time zone GMT complex function of time.
OMEGA seamaster 300 seahorse Planet Ocean set auger ceramic platinum watches waterproof depth of up to 60 (600 metres / 2000 feet), and equipped with platinum suture and carrying 950 grade platinum folding buckle black leather strap, more with a black rubber strap and special tools required by the replacement strap. The distinguished luxury watch warranty period for four years, and equipped with a special wooden box.

Real power selection when romantic regards to Omega seamaster 300 

Someone says: love is a continuation of previous lives lay dying emotion, before this life cycle is the same promise. Back at the past, from meet, know to be together, time under the moist of love has a meaning, love to eternity in the test of time. Wedding season is late autumn, the Zenith really force when two special selection of romantic only beautiful wedding on the Omega seamaster 300, gives the most sweet and memorable wedding witness.

The meihua type open core overture
True force flagship series of happy big calendar watch, when the market price: 227000 yuan
Real power sincerity recommended colorful happy rose gold on the Omega seamaster 300, commitment to this life together in the life the most beautiful moment. True force flagship series of happy big calendar wristwatch with legendary El Primero star type 4047 timer movement, time display can be accurate to 1/10th of a second, and at the age of 9 position, minutes, and when a small seconds, according to the 2 position set consists of two concentric circles wheel drive big date window, 6 location also has the real power Omega seamaster 300 factory is famous for its practical with poetic moon phase display. This reveals the features of the sun and the moon orbit through two overlapping disc and implementation.

Real power star series wrist watch happy, when the market price: 194000 yuan
When matching with the true force star series wrist watch happy, original pillow appearance, through ten o ‘clock position of the window also can catch a glimpse of legendary El Primero star type 4062 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, strong expressive force is love at first sight. Rhodium plating processing of facet Pointers and blue Roman numerals time scale, with elegant dark blue convex circle sapphirine crown perfect echo. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 with rose gold material with luxuriant open “core” design, rendering the meihua petticoats, tribute to the wedding.

Keep the ritual The covenant of pure
True force commander series of ultra-thin men’s watch, when the market price: 37000 yuan
Real power was especially chosen commander series of classical thin the Omega seamaster 300 implies pure love, present the beauty of the eternal zhi long love. Inheritance series of ultra-thin men’s watch with a diameter of 40 mm ultrathin crust, pick up the Elite of perfect fit on 681 type ultra-thin automatic chain machine, inherited the brand tradition of excellence mechanical movement and the classic design, double arc put with dazzling sapphire crystal watches more clear and easy to read, low-key simple but elegant white paint dial.
True force commander series of ultra-thin ladies watch, when the market price: 30600 yuan
Commander series of ultra-thin women’s watches with technology and elegant beauty, carrying the world on 679 type automatic chain machine, soft and chic, lines through the sapphire watch back can see gear train and place thallium plate emblazoned with a picture of the Geneva corrugated, while white matte dial can get a moment of time. Most stylish chain strap makes this watch classic implicative, meaningful and attractive products. This money on the Omega seamaster 300 adopts the classical Roman numeral timing, very simple but elegant all show silent love, silent love.

Beloved watch running string?

Running string assembly and repair in wrist, main purpose is to check, whether the axle reliable into the shaft, the gear counterpoint in eyes and meshing state, eye axis lubrication, gear face beat axial radial clearance, shaft, gear wheel sharp concentric city, the sensitivity of gear train transmission, etc., all of these can run through string in a short period of time was observed.
On the surface of the dial assembly gear train, also includes additional instructions such as calendar, week calendar function related gear, their speed is slow, through running string can also quickly check whether the working state and reliable. Running string should be in the spring under the weak moment, and fill the omega seamaster 300, all the key points to note.


There’s a saying: when running after the string process, if have the right amount of escape wheel or second round, good speaks of gear train transmission; Personally, I think a second round of cyclotron, heart or extension structure, usually is partial center drive, and big box of male omega seamaster 300 machine hearts prone to wiggle, that’s because a box of wheel in the process of running string, produce a inertia, after the clockwork net string, it continues to rush forward, resulting in a clockwork core reverse deformation, this will lead to produce a small rebound in the moment.

As long as one of the most important is to a spring on a string, transmission gear train began to spin, this movement can maintain at least the center wheel (second round) can rotate with a week, keep running string constant wind gently; Run string even if the condition of normal is good, also does not represent the assembly after the machine working condition of heart, this is because when spring once, after being filled with all the radial clearance of gear train has changed, especially the box of round and second round, the more close to the prime mover, shaft tenon is the greater the pressure. The running string can also test a clockwork in calendar calendar institutions under low energy reliability, it quite work have to leave for real.
Running string is divided into two categories: (1) the pure state of mind, heart (2) the machine has been put on a plate of the needle, and is assembled into the watch case. The second state is more important, because a lot of watches are packed in casing, only matter back cover when there is a problem, a typical machine heart omega seamaster 300 is the cause of the hole of the casing head tube handle different heart, also organic heart some kind of pressure, lead to splint oppressed, parts clearance loss.

Pay particular attention to whether find gear train running string with periodic block, the change of rotating speed, the rotation of the fast and slow, and even have the phenomenon of caton, according to the gear transmission ratio or their respective spin cycle, to determine the location of the problem may occur, the purpose of this is to be run string.

Assembly problems can also be through the running string to check, especially the gaps between the clock, the clock and dial the operator or other identification of clearance, the clearance between the sheet glass and second hand, etc. Such as a wrist watch, when the running string found its second hand always stop when dial 35-45 operator position, omega seamaster 300 glass slightly curved, wrist and thin, the tip of the second hand has touched the omega seamaster 300 the inside of the glass, severe shock and vibration can make the second hand deformation, especially the long thin that second hand.

Whose hands are installed on the respective needle shaft, vertical degree of needle wheel, radial clearance can be reflected through the needlepoint highly significantly, pointer length is larger, the more so, it’s like an amplifier, an old watch shaft and corresponding drilling will be wear and tear, especially the center round eyes, its performance is full of a pointer on the dial the 3-6-9-12 high from the dial of several places, there are differences, thin wrist watch there will be the second hand rub the glass. Know and see, it is for this reason.

Strategy for purchase omega seamaster 300 at Hong Kong

In the water before the demons I have brought the omega seamaster 300 is very simple, the shape of the hand, durable, eye catching and easy to match.

Orange circle at that time is Hong Kong Oriental omega seamaster 300 rows acquaintances to buy, the price of the first 3 years after folding probably around 39 XXX port to force, I was not around BBS, they want good, so the price has no understanding.

Orange circle of hippocampus after his birthday party last year lost fragment, wine woke up the next day completely can’t find the memory of last night, also can only be counted as encompassed in disaster; And after 3 months friends colleagues highly recommended on BBS to know more information, on the BBS after 2 months and find a good minds from BBS “omega – water ghost king”. (after drink before put the valuables to home)

omega, the ghost king – 44 mm diameter is in the family of the most wide, but compared with the Omega hippocampal orange circle 46 mm diameter is relatively narrow, and compared in terms of strap, people will feel Omega watch band slightly wider than omega, Omega hippocampus is back from the aspects of bottom cover, omega is the seal; From high school in grade one of gangster pheasant took the chan ho-nam gold fish, eason chan omega endless to a few years ago, just like the woman in the eyes of: diamonds are forever, forever. (more than purely personal opinion, I hope you watch friends mind)

Water until the demons of the us and Canada, Asia, Australia, the friend ask price, are common in seed around 60 XXX; So eventually he made himself went to the HK acquaintances channels there, just met a new goods left again, finally pour phase modulation with 66 XXX port into the cost force around people seed 52 XXX.

But also very coincidence of the watch almost is the prince of the devils, certainly in high spirits.
Finally took it to SH new world pack to force!
The younger brother writing is bad, I hope love.

Let the time temperature is more charity and wrist watch

On June 14, 2016, CCTV, marks the end of the third “CCTV charity night”, it was held at China central television (CCTV), large-scale public welfare propaganda activity every year, the party will elect ten “CCTV annual charity figures”, relative to the current social environment, this is a kind of encouragement, is also a kind of recognition. In the last two session of the party, CCTV, elect the including li yapeng, cao has, chao, deng fei, and so on 20 charity figures, this time of the party, with “precise poverty alleviation” as the theme, chosen charity figures, not only entrepreneurs such as xu wei, and ordinary people such as Deng Yingxiang, journalists from grassroots xue-mei sun, artist Wang Kuan and shu-rong wang couples, chari Omega seamaster 300 foundation director yao and Xue Fang, etc., all charity is the responsibility of the whole society.

At home doing charity, the past is always in a circle, because some scandals, led to the people who really do charity voiceless, the public philanthropy also become no longer trust, because there are many entrepreneurs even with the aid of charity to hold high, caused the entire circle of charity are shrouded in a layer of ash haze. However, charity seems more like a religion, a kind of social responsibility, and entrepreneurs, stars, and even ordinary people, never stop to join the charity, spontaneous to help others. Jet li’s “one foundation”, yao yao fund, han hong, Chen Yidan, star and entrepreneur’s quick action, first of all, let us see the power of the charity, with the establishment of the remote mountains of hope primary school, against poverty project launched, many with contemporary social disconnect between regions and people, get material and spiritual help.

We need to admit that most of the people’s trip to the heart of the charity and charity, are creating benefit for the society, and charity, big or small, is not voluntary donations can be more moral (almost no free charity actually experience, at least you won the identity). I think, a lot of people know that a man gave a lot of positive energy charity, jiang yan, she claimed to be “crawler jiang”, in her words, we can feel a lot of exquisite feelings, and she herself, quietly doing public welfare, for chariOmega seamaster 300 donations, also creates the educational foundation, media reports in 2014.

Clocks and watches for a charity world charity auction – Only Watch
And many products the wrist WATCH, by contrast, is an exquisite feelings and the humanities, many entrepreneurs make wrist, is also keen to charity, I think the senior Omega seamaster 300 fan, must know WATCH world the most glorious charity auction, ONLY WATCH. Only Watch is a biennial charity auction, starting in 2005, the auction will get the money donated to Monaco muscular dystrophy association for the study, research funding as duchenne muscular dystrophy. Each a brands participate in the auction, will make a world that’s a wrist watch, often, this watch will make a high price, even refresh record. In 2015, Only 44 Wtch took 44 on total brand wrist watch, a total of 11.16 million Swiss francs, or about 80 million yuan. This is the whole industry, the only time that so many brands do charity together. Although there are, of course, improve the brand influence considerations, but at least people buy money, sell out of the Omega seamaster 300, the association have the funds to support.

Universal donor Anthony ・ st YiXiu foundation in hk
Doing charity watch brands, and famous of all nations, all the nations and Lawrence sports public foundation, starting in 2005, continues to this day, all the nations to do too much limited wrist watch, and will be part of the sales income, as a foundation of sports public project funds. In addition, is also starting from 2005, the nations and Anthony ・ YiXiu leagues in the foundation, support charity foundation, also introduced a lot of set limit to watch at the same time, including the now famous wrist watch the little prince, part of the income of these wrist watch, also will be donated to the foundation for charity. At the same time, the nations also provide donations for a little-known scientific research center, Darwin foundation set up by the scientific research station in order to protect the ecological environment of the Galapagos islands, requires a lot of cost and labor, and all the nations provides grants for many years.

Treasure pearl “the heart sea” advocate protect Marine ecology
In fact, some of the famous Swiss watch brand, have more or less done charity, of course, and the domestic big wave of charity, the comparison of their chariOmega seamaster 300 do targeted, such as “intellectual wei slightly lottery” rolex is a charity projects, but the project is not released to social institutions directly, but through certain procedures, rewards to individuals, to help them complete their ideal, let them can not restricted by funding issues. Because many brands and stars have cooperative relations, and many stars often do charity itself, so the brand will also help to do charity together, such as watch and kobe Bryant. The watch itself is also a philanthropist, watch and the WWF cooperation, is a giant panda protection project. Bao Po for the protection of the Marine ecology, but also help many, either directly or in Marine conservation projects, bao Po are in continuous efforts, and launched a limited edition watch, buyers will receive a certificate of donation, to thank the through the wrist of choose and buy, and support for treasure pearl Marine conservation project.

Fiyta chariOmega seamaster 300 actions
Louis koo attend fiyta charity event
In public welfare star, there are many more brand spokesperson, take the domestic famous film star, gao and Louis koo are very famous charity star, is also the Omega seamaster 300 fiyta spokesman. Gao and Louis koo’s charity, and a lot of star, compared to do is relatively low, and often do, so have a good image in the public mind. Jackie chan do charity, is also known as things, although everyone poking fun at chan promoted so-and-so is the curse of bankruptcy, but Richard miller, but are in fashion now, although chan did not sign endorsements, but Richard miller is designed as a Omega seamaster 300 for a Jackie chan, Jackie chan also often take the RM wrist watch, and also do not have what difference. Very well-known domestic foundation “one foundation” founder li, who is that watch watch brand ambassador. Gong gong of “emperor” is the count of global brand spokesman, is also one of the famous charity, the earl of this high luxury jewelry watch brands, also didn’t do less chariOmega seamaster 300. Product brand ambassador zhao wei, there is a legend, all the way from “princess huanzhu” grow up to be a female BOSS, now is the value N million rich, product family and zhao wei, have positive contribution in the aspect of charity. So there are plenty of examples, it is these charity, give a lot of sunshine.
Charity, let the time temperature is more, the charity itself is a tender feeling, whether or not mixed with the flavor of other, at least the people who get help, get changed, have more hope for the future.

Deeply loves the life men’s first choice

In January this year’s Geneva is advanced and horological exhibit, Omega seamaster 300 debut of Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch left a deep impression on me. Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series is a new man watches series of Omega seamaster 300, the senior and horological exhibit to Geneva is also the first time, it is new, but its elegant and retro pillow shape, but memorable.

Hold to savor this series of wrist watch in hand, besides its unique pincushion case, you’ll also find another feature of this series, all the dial watches are decorated with car radiator grille design carved lines, with small seconds at 6 o ‘clock position, the table mirror convex circle uplift, chain crown on the bolt shape, its creative inspiration from the classic cars.

And, of course, if you are a tough on wrist watch is decorated with senior watch aficionados the watch still can meet your requirements, watchcase lateral to satin polishing processing, front and back after polishing grinding polishing. Satin effect with sedate sense, while polishing effect reveal exquisite beauty. Overall watchcase contracted exquisite line design, modern and elegant temperament, perfect deduce the Omega seamaster 300’s unique style.

Like Omega seamaster 300 other series, Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series of choice, also has a lot of its eight wrist watch case with rose K gold or stainless steel, with white and grey dial, tie-in Omega seamaster 300 classic Roman numerals timing pointer and sword.
Omega seamaster 300 and chang again hand in hand, to launch new micro movie “hand”. A picture of a beautiful, chang to narrate his story leisurely manner, and metamorphosis – reassuring look in the eyes, calm and charm, its wear Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch hands – this time chang, show a pure and powerful than ever before. “Push me forward, is that his heart forever.” Chang meaningfully and his dialogue, wrist Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 watches, reveal the Drive men keen, independent, elegant style.

As Omega seamaster 300 honor to love life of men’s masculine, new Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch disruptive innovation design, deduce the feeling of art life in detail place, self-confident elegance, exalt continue, and the future is always the pursuit of a better self. Precipitation in the show business chang for many years, experience the seemingly free, but composed temperament of the collect inside; Whether it is v, he follow only inner Drive, to achievement on art, wore today and Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 affinity, is follow.
In Edward Yang under the lens of a brighter spoony xiao-hu luo in the street, the young, “crouching tiger, hidden dragon”, “best years” in junior iii’s lover, the grand master boxer in sight and bear comparison with chess saint “wu”, in the micro film, chang finally go back to her, deduce a story of a “hand”. Through one’s hands, can tell a person’s all. Young thought that “a good actor is not how to be myself, but to how to better for others” : play a rebellious young teens, they took the knife, that time can’t distinguish reality or movie, they tremble in grief and anger; Historical figures, they will pick up the historical biography, turning up, read in; In order to act in this matter, these hands have learned many things, scuba diving, play chess, it took a long time, they also learned techniques and kung fu. But with the passing years honing, mature, open hands he finally realized that “back to the heart, is more important than playing others”, because only the return to yourself, you’ll know how to control the direction, the power of these hands have also become more leisurely.

As Drive man the best interpretation of the micro movie is both the chang of the journey, but also a declaration: with Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 follow inner strength, and control their own life. “Only to follow the inner drive to perfection in her art.” Chang said, “as I Drive DE Omega seamaster 300, remind me, only respect and follow your heart, can control the heart by.”

Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch five of the eight “chapters have starting in May, and includes a carry 9452 MC type floating the tourbillon movement of the advanced TAB, was named” Poincon DE Geneve “quality mark (Geneva); The other four Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 watches carry 1904 – PS MC machine core, have time display, small second hand and date display function. Drive DE Omega seamaster 300 watches series is bound to become a Omega seamaster 300 man modelling wrist watch another classic.

Good omega seamaster 300 not only the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland

Red omega seamaster 300, there is no doubt has become people’s minds the most profound, but the “Swiss Made” do not have all the poison of love omega seamaster 300. Located in the north of Germany, Switzerland, also is the birthplace of traditional tabulation. Talked about the “made in Germany”, maybe you will also stay impression on ashkenazi car, actually watch has opened another legend of German type process, lundgren, he said, Nomos is proof of that. German omega seamaster 300 don’t like red omega seamaster 300 pay attention to the visual design of wrist watch, but based on the concise and practical, and germans, the rigorous work attitude as a fundamental, made considerable DE type is the soul of the traditional process.

Review of Germany has a long history TAB
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German TAB From left: ferdinando adolf lundgren, Julius assmann, mo Liz grossman
In most people, the Swiss watch is not Germany so deeply, but also has a long history TAB. German tabulation history goes back to the 15th century, when the nuremberg locksmith PeterHenlein produced the world’s first pocket watch, only in the sixteenth century German tabulation industry began to flourish, then Saxon kingdom rich mineral to be make full use of, gather resources in dresden to vigorously develop science and watch industry. Began in 1778, dresden, formed a salon, gather and technical personnel, Keith (Gutkaes) was the first watchmaker salon, the well-respected royal court watchmaker to Germany watchmaking is far-reaching, a mainstay of the German watchmaking ferdinando, Adolf lundgren (Ferdinand Adolph Lange) and also be like he’s watch industry master mo Liz grossman (Moritz Grossmann) and history of Adolf DE resistance (Adolf Schneider) have been instructed to him, the ancient, Keith encouraged his disciples to travel around the world, to understand the watchmaking outside of Saxony, lundgren in 1837-1841 learned advanced tabulation skills, to Germany later made a significant contribution of watchmaking. In 1845, the first hour meter production workshop in case he established. In the 19th century, the area of producing fine timing tool to fame, all kinds of luxury and pocket watch, timing tool by case he sold to everywhere. , however, the arrival of the second world war to German history of wrist watch a significant turning point, once the tabulation town because of the war, many once brilliant on the dial name also so gradually dim, in spite of Germany in world war ii watchmaking is devastating, but the stubborn Germanic peoples will eventually tabulation lineages survived. After the war, he belong to east, the ruling ordered the remaining seven omega seamaster 300 factory merged into a state-owned enterprise, after 40 years, watchmaking has been bad, until after the reunification, this situation is changing. In 1990, he said the town appeared three representatives of ashkenazi wrist watch brand, is now, we are very familiar with lundgren, he and Nomos, this a few big brand symbol is the soul of ashkenazi wrist watch, so to speak.
German type wrist watch to follow the wind restoring ancient ways
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German omega seamaster 300 design style with omega seamaster 300 there is a big difference, the German omega seamaster 300 mostly simple, low-key, approximate streamlined appearance, this idea may be adhering to the German low-key style of doing things. Although the minimalist appearance, the processing of detail is very demanding and rigorous, every time watching Germany omega seamaster 300, can experience a kind of unprecedented ease and calm. German omega seamaster 300 always have unique 3/4 clamp design, the use of German silver, the reappearance of ancient technology and movement of the unique style of German type tabulation fine polishing, etc. Tabulation history in one hundred, experienced watchmaker always classic German type wind restoring ancient ways, as the soul of wrist watch, blend in contemporary fresh elements, create omega seamaster 300 with distinct meter when the wrist.
The classic German mark
1. Three quarters of plywood
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
German omega seamaster 300 not only has the appearance of the quiet inside collect, movement also has the unique aesthetic feeling, the emergence of 3/4 splint overturns the traditional watch machine core design, this kind of structure to improve the stability of movement, not only reduce the wheelbase tolerance of gear, also make the movement more fight corrupt, and this design greatly promotes the aesthetic of the wrist watch, can actually feel subtle innards movement, but also can feel the master the pure manual polishing process of movement.
2. The German silver
Germany omega seamaster 300 silver made in Germany, the so-called German silver and not real silver metal, but a kind of copper, zinc and nickel alloys, brass strong than is commonly used for plywood and bridge plate, the metal after years of hone, can present a like a silver sheen, with the simple sense of precious metals at the same time, thus became the German watch of wrist of a representative of the mark.
3. The gooseneck fine-tuning
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Adopted by the German watch gooseneck micro-tensioning system for omega seamaster 300 fan is a kind of irresistible beauty, is also a important representative symbol of ashkenazi omega seamaster 300, this structure is a popular traditional process, the middle of the 19th century shaped like a goose neck, graceful curve. Gooseneck fine-tuning the combination of innovation lies in (and no card degree, and adjust into detailed steps, to avoid the big deviation (regulation. At present the appreciation of the gooseneck fine-tuning has been greatly beyond its use value, and the German omega seamaster 300 match the unique 3/4 splint, beautiful and generous.
4. Gold sleeve
Gold sleeve of purely aesthetic feeling and long tradition become another symbol of German type wrist watch, gold sleeve the application in the wrist watch is unusual, but Germany TAB is still in the continuation of this tradition and classical design. About the function of gold sleeve in this don’t do too much introduction, interested friends can reference.
5. Blue steel screw
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
The emergence of blue steel screws added incomparable beauty for movement, although only a tiny screw, but in the process is quite complicated. This is the result of the 16th century “bluing technology”, has been until now, in addition to now baking temperature is controlled by electronic rather than experience, all programs doesn’t make any changes. Screw in blue treatment, must be carefully to stainless steel screw slowly heated to 300 ° C, the metal surface will produce a thin layer of chrysanthemum bright blue magnetite, generated a blue steel screws that we see in the wrist watch, so the germans to adhere to the traditional process.
Bear a person to enjoy in retrospect Germany tabulation process, each a wrist watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also a practical art, here to show you Germany’s three major brands of wrist watch, different style, different ideas, once again to taste only belongs to the German technology.
Lundgren pocket Lange 1 series 720.048 wrist watch
Lundgren is a very accurate mechanical clock and watch brand of Germany, it is the main features of unparalleled consummate technology and a high standard of perfect manual craft. A Swiss watch brand, it is the wrist watch with authentic east German descent, had gone away by authoritarian rule of the former east Germany, but the bloom again after unification. Today, lundgren again, create many unique meter when the wrist.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Diameter of 41.9 mm, wrist omega seamaster 300 950 platinum and platinum design all kinds of precious metals mutual confluence, conspicuous. Dial to solid white 18 k gold, combined the technology of rare Tremblage vulture act the role ofing and relief, all the details of the handmade meticulously, and wrist watch is lundgren in hand-painted way, for the first time writing big blue digital display the calendar. Watchmaker to each calendar display skillfully arranged on the periphery of the time display, and attached the patent in the outer ring, date, week, month, leap year and phases of the moon shows at a glance. Watch of wrist of another important design, that is, all calendar display all can boost, these show the structure dial in perfect harmony, has repeatedly scan can unearth the clock epic complex technology, in order to ensure the wrist watch clear and easy to read, elaborate the tourbillon device and patent second stop function only can be seen from the bottom side.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Wrist watch carrying lundgren omega seamaster 300 factory homemade L082.1 type automatic chain machine, meet the most stringent quality standards, long movement by a watchmaker, carefully refined and assembly, plywood and bridge plate made from untreated German silver, 21 k gold chain on the one-way automatic turnomega seamaster 300 components and platinum 950 centrifugal wheel, hand relief automatic turnomega seamaster 300, the tourbillon and middle wheel splint.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
The adornment of the movement fully shows the heart type tabulation of exquisite craft, in contrast to the traditional decoration with the new machine design. Relief the tourbillon and middle splint attached to build the entire patent second stop function of the tourbillon device, manual sculpture technology is also used as a decoration in the automatic turnomega seamaster 300 and centrifugal wheel, three gear train bridge plate is decorated with a sun at the same time, the tourbillon frame at the top of the black surface polishing is a hallmark of quality, long sleeve and the four screws gold stone bearing a tourbillon diamond end, more is lundgren finale of “Handwerkskunst” design, unparalleled. Watchcase lundgren logo on the bottom cover and version number all carved by hand.
“He said, the 90-02-4-32-05 2 wrist watch
He said she had more than 160 years of history, and keep the tradition of German tabulation technology, complete each a watch to achieve high standards. “He said of the patents is relish, watchmaking to lay the foundation for Germany, but the precise model of watch industry, is the most important contemporary TAB of the center, keep pace with the Swiss watchmaking.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
, he said, the 90-02-4-32-05 2 watches can say is a model of German tabulation, it full of DE on the appearance of the design style, concise and easy reveal a strong smell. Function also inherited the German watchmaking the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, turned into a wrist watch is both practical and durable. Wrist watch white circular dial adopted its unique asymmetric layout, eccentric present a unique visual effect, the layout of the dial to follow for many artists, musicians, architects, fascinated by the golden section proportion. Dial in and dial to the left of the position of the small second hand dial, two-thirds of the space center vertical alignment occupies the dial, scale and blue steel lawrencium silver plated hour hour hand, minute hand and second hand bring out the best in each other, constitute the tonal collocation is very beautiful. At 2 o ‘clock direction of the moon and the date of the 4 o ‘clock direction display mutual echo, occupying the right part of the dial, and the silver on the blue sky the moon will be the most beautiful beautiful scenery on the dial.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Wrist movement for carrying by Cal. 90-02 automatic mechanical movement on the chain, he said it is a by the grid to produce movement, movement on simple and practical function to increase a lot of art. Movement with embedded 47 gem in the service of wrist of power transmission system, reduces the power transfer in the process of wear and tear of the parts, can prolong the service life of machine very well. Due to this watch design omega seamaster 300 back to back, so its movement is through a lot of art, such as he decorated with lattice three-quarters of the classic thread clamp, 21 k gold hollow out steering, blue steel screw, hand-carved balance cock and double gooseneck fine-tuning, etc., all under the sapphire crystal glass back through present in sight.
NOMOS Ludwig series 231 watches
Nomos derived from east Germany, omega seamaster 300 factory is located in case he, this is a one hundred – year – tabulation history town, here the watchmaker to the craft of wonderful artical excelling nature, creating excellent quality and unique design of manual mechanical watches. Nomos watch not only the continuation of the traditional German technology, but also has very unique contracted temperament. Over the years, Nomos adhering to the German type tabulation create numerous traditional precise timing on wrist.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Nomos watch of wrist of Ludwig series 231 is the taste of real disk, look from whole disk, its contracted everywhere. When white silver dial with black label and logo, the most simple and classic black and white style. Straight line pointer dealt with “green” technology, for the blue steel quality, compared with common brand USES a pointer, the pointer is simple, but also takes on a young, fashion and classic beauty, therefore is considered to be concise design classic. Small seconds plate located above 6 o ‘clock position, scale, simple pointer thin thin, same as simply enough, Roman scale, time scale calibration and orbital minutes are classic elements, calendar display window is only 6 o ‘clock position, feeling a little away from the whole disk fault.
Good omega seamaster 300 not only is love at first sight the heart type of tabulation technology in Switzerland
Nomos besides appearance extremely brief creed style, also have a good achievement in movement. Wrist watch machine core code use the Greek alphabet, different Greek alphabet code has a different meaning. Nomos watch of wrist of Ludwig series 231 USES a beta machine core, with a 32.15 mm in diameter and 2.8 mm thickness of movement, only 2.8 mm less than the thickness of the two is one yuan coin, on the hand chain movement in belongs to the category of thin, what’s more, it also has a calendar module. The balance spring for movement Nivacourbe balance spring, on the balance wheel used for gabriel shock shock, recorded by gabriel shock for suspension device used in one of the most, is also in use today’s oldest shock absorbers. Is good, overall performance should be a Nomos manual movement on the chains can achieve differential 10 s.
Nomos Ludwig type series 231 wrist watch shows the elegant demeanour of contracted to acme, simple and smooth linear blue steel needle, 316 l highly polished watchcase, sapphire glass omega seamaster 300 and cover and tray bread house design style, the overall form is unmatched simplicity and elegant style, with the Nomos adept at capturing the connotation and the essence of the minimalist style has a close relationship.
Conclusion: master in Germany has always been adhering to the incomparable perfect craftsmanship and high level of manual process, create an unforgetomega seamaster 300 wrist, no matter from any Angle can feel pure German tabulation technology. Unique art not only represent the heart type TAB on wrist of feelings, the compass of the soul is the germans.

How to know it is ture OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch movement or not

Play a lot of OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches friends all know that 8200 movement is a famous OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 movement. But it is said that only say only tuo is a gilded is true. Can also have a friend to buy watches, 8200 movement tuo is steel. Then the 8200 movement is false? The home of wrist watch is to tell you!

OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches automatic double calendar model, using the 8200 movement, most of production is very large, it is 21 drilling, 21600 a/H pendulum frequency, incense coil spring type shock absorbers, one-way self winding, but usable hand strings. As early as more than 30 years ago has the movement, so it is a “grandmother” level of the old machine, it is also a large number of exports, but automatic tuo not dozen OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification, and play MIYOTA, movement nor the gilded, including OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches all kinds of quartz movement is also one of the rules.
This movement also has the imitation, domestic work more rough, widely used in the cheap watches. Thirty years ago, OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches work can also, including all the appearance of the parts are all Japan’s origin. Now “populist” class watch as early instead of fine, belong to “weasel whelping, a home is a nest”, nature price has gone up a lot of, feel OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches now main direction is kinetic energy and light waves watches, high-grade watch with complex function and some partial.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches fake watch, most have, now do false craft level is raised, whose hands and strap watchcase, dial, do fine, so you can’t like before, only from the appearance of the production of precision to judge its authenticity.
OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches as early as the authenticity of a given decision method, the main also watch machine core identification, all inside the watch is equipped with MIYOTA mark, will be considered a fake watch. But now fake ones to make a OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 identification automatically tuo, surface plating gold again that is easy, so it not make.
Increase some sign, so, the Japanese shrouded in secrecy to used to distinguish and identify, it is on the back of the automatic tuo stamp mark, usually a small circle with Numbers or letters, also saw a graphic, is a rectangular box, full of XXXX.
8200 machine automatic tuo appearance is not the same heart, face shape is the earliest of tuo, tuo face used as suspension arm slot), later changed to “mountain” glyph tuo, is along the downward tuo tuo shaft hole, look up a positive and tuo surface of MIYOTA letters, are printed with black paint, careful to distinguish, including automatic tuo rotating direction of the arrow position and letters are not standard in the direction of the watch is or the opposite.
Computer repair maintenance man, also points of “card” and “element” level, it can from the decomposed parts, observe, before the 8200 movement, its shockproof spring shock absorbers are gold-plated, gold-plated basic don’t now; Spring is also one of the most important parts in watch movement, the characteristics of Japanese watches are sealed the clockwork box to make, just don’t let you open, and be good at using a black on automatic component or a clockwork of lubricating oil, the name is “molybdenum disulfide.
In Japan is OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watch, the Swiss watch is the tissot, is mess, you get the watch to a manufacturer or merchant’s office, they can only see machine whether conform to the characteristics of a heart, a bit of a “false do really really also false” awkward situation.
Also have a large number of authorized domestic assembly, such as jiuxianqiao have OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 watches assembly plant in Beijing, the rest of the fake or underground workshop estimates more, lead to this situation, the root cause lies in the factory, to prevent counterfeit and not as anti-counterfeiting measures.

What brand is best for office workers

Watch is not just a simple timing tool, but also can reflect the identity and taste a kind of accessories. As a white-collar, not a decent watch is absolutely no good. But some white-collar because income is limited, don’t know what to buy. Home of the wrist watch is to tell you white-collar watch what brand is good!
White-collar workers buy OMEGA SEAMASTER 300, in fact as long as pay attention to the following at 3 o ‘clock!
1, his favorite style
Watch mainly wear at work, but too formal will give people the impression that the square old, now many watch joined the movement when the design elements, and not entirely sports watches, such design lets a person feel energetic.
2, watch the material of choice
Watch can make you look more mature, but don’t be too mature, leather strap for more than 30 professionals, the other leather strap do not absorb sweat, breathable in the summer, there are a lot of trouble. Is now the popular trend of metal bracelet, rose gold for Asian skin tone, gold between the heat of the popular for many years now is undimmed, and rubber strap also stood in popular, you can choose according to their own acceptance.
3, purchase budget is reasonable
First pay little, buy a swatch or casio reward yourself? Not to say that the two bad, they are very tide, but is not suiOMEGA SEAMASTER 300 for formal occasions to wear, unless you are a master of mashup, you can be in dating party with all have no problem, but don’t at work.
White-collar workers, the in the mind of the price is 1000 yuan or so, if your budget is enough, more than thousand is no problem.