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The revival of the omega machinery tabulation of legend

In the last two second jamie had never someone “heart” of mechanical watches.Escapement devices have had a major improvement. The inventor and master clock George invented in the 1980 s, and Dr Daniel was omega carry forward the coaxial escapement system is an exception.Cheap Omega Seamaster 300 Watches

In the early 1980 s, inventor and master clock Dr George Daniel (Dr. George Daniels) invented a new type of escapement system design is clever. Only when the coaxial escapement systems was installed in the independent inventor prototype sample list. In the past two second part jamie had almost no watchmaker of mechanical
watches “heart” – escapement devices have had significant improvement. Daniel’s wish is all table fans to have
a revolutionary invention.

Omega is the only known to the coaxial escapement system in the future potential of the brand. It has set up a task force to industrial production. Launched in 1999, omega device with coaxial to longitudinal system 2500 movement, the whole machinery of watchmaking watches. Wrist movement omega coaxial device in the vertical system is two and a half century since the first application performance of new type of escapement system.
This system can reduce the escapement friction between system components and energy consumption, and with no card degree balance spring balance wheel, keep the accuracy and stability of the operation of the machine for a long time and watch almost don’t need to add the lubricating oil. Thus, with a coaxial longitudinal system omega 2500 movement also become mechanical watches industry one of the important inventions in the 20th

In simple terms, the escapement device is the heart of the mechanical watch.It makes the wrist adjusting
device – balance wheel sustained oscillation. And omega coaxial escapement system device to reduce the friction between energy transfer to other components, from the basic movement for the need of maintenance, the most important, to ensure that the wrist watch high precision maintain long-term stability. So George
Daniel also called omega coaxial to longitudinal system is the 18th century Thomas jose (Thomas Mudge)
invented the lever escapement system in the first two and a half centuries practical new type of escapement