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Omega Mechanical watch

An overview of the Mechanical watch watch when one of the most common and special types, it relies on pure mechanical components and principle of walking to drive the pointer precision, provided by wind energy, oscillation system to provide the frequency output, is one of human perfection for mechanical use reflect.
species Mechanical watch is usually divided into the following two kinds: manual chain and AUTOMATIC chain on the watch (AUTOMATIC) two kinds. The two mechanical power source is powered by movement within the clockwork, drive gear, in turn, promote the clock, just a way of power source is different.
Manual mechanical watch is driven by manually wind the watch, the thickness of the movement is generally self-winding watch some thin, relatively watches is light in weight.
Manual mechanical watch, usually by rotating the crown/tap to tighten the spring in the Omega watch, through the spring system can release out to start the watch timing functions, all of these processes are done by mechanical principle and structure. On spring usually walk about 40 hours can make watches, long up to eight days or more (powered by two groups spring).
Automatic mechanical watch is manual mechanical watch an improved, joined a pendulum tuo in Omega watch form; When the wear, Omega watch put tuo can for wrist activity and rotation, and to achieve the effect of wound. But the thickness of the watch relatively wind-up watch a few bigger than the hand.
The general automatic mechanical watch still manually wound, in other words can still turn the crown to wind-up, only some of the more cheap automatic mechanical movement, such as seiko 7 s26, 2842, 7 s36 and ETA to omit this feature. And because the wrist activity will be maintained for the watch wound, so the automatic mechanical watch have the function of prevent wound too tight, in order to avoid damage of spring. But the emergence of automatic mechanical watch, did not completely replace manual mechanical watch, only now automatic mechanical watch products more manual mechanical watch. S of the 20th century, automatic mechanical watch has a lot of improvement, such as seiko Kinetic people move power watches, its principle is still wrist activity lead to put tuo spin and power generation.
Mechanical watches as the timing precision machinery equipment, and decorative items, must have practical with adornment sex at the same time. Good quality Omega watch as accurate, easy to use, exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, walking on foot wound can be continuous more than 36 hours, durable, also has some watch waterproof, shockproof, anti magnetic.
The advantages of mechanical watches
1, through the regular maintenance of wash oil, can be used for a long time;
2, don’t need to replace the battery;
1, the error of a quartz watch is big, because of the production quality is high and low and the inside of the Omega watch movement vulnerable to the effects of gravity and produce error. The error of mechanical watch is usually sent how many seconds to calculate a day, and the error of the quartz watch is sent how many seconds to calculate a month.
2, when error is easily affected by environmental factors, the structure of quartz is much more vulnerable than mechanical structure.