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Omega quartz watches

An overview of the Omega quartz watches, Omega quartz watches) is short for quartz electronic watches and clocks, is also called the quartz clocks and watches, it consists of Omega quartz watches and quartz clock. Omega quartz watches is using quartz crystal is made in electric drive and produce the principle of the law of vibration, it is thin than the traditional mechanical, precision, at the same time to avoid the use of mechanical watch need wind-up trival, by popularity. The first Omega quartz watches first emerged in 1969, in this year, Japan’s seiko company discovered how to make the quartz tuning fork, for the human concept of time and social life bring about change. The application of quartz crystal watch can mass production, production speed much faster than before, not only the price. By 2010, the world can produce up to 500 million watches each year, enough to supply used around the world.


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Omega quartz watches can be divided into digital Omega quartz watches, automatic pointer Omega quartz watches, Omega quartz watches and optical kinetic energy watches.
1, digital quartz electronic watches
The piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and the combination of polar tube type liquid crystal display watch, its function fully completed by electronic components.
2, the pointer type Omega quartz watches
Omega quartz watches silver button cell energy from oxidation, silver oxide button cell provide integrated circuit with a specific voltage, make through the oscillating circuit and quartz resonator quartz vibrator vibration, form oscillation circuit source. Formation of alternating two-way pulse signals, thus driving a stepper motor for intermittent rotation! Further drive the transmission gear train, make the clock accurately show the time.
3, automatic Omega quartz watches
Integrating the strongpoint of automatic mechanical watch and Omega quartz watches. It without battery, the wearer can choose manual on the chain, also can choose automatic charging. Its operation principle is to use the arm of the dancing turns in the watch of pendulum tuo and generate energy to promote internal micro motor is converted into energy, and thus provide sufficient electricity for quartz devices within the watch, and extra power by the micro capacitance stored for later use.
Display mode
1, the pointer Omega quartz watches is also called the analog Omega quartz watches. A traditional mechanical watches pointer watch disk. According to the need, or two can be made into three needle, can add a single or double calendar. Is a kind of popular Omega quartz watches.
2, digital Omega quartz watcheses without pointer but with digital display time. There are two display mode.
(1), light emitting diode display (LED). Due to large power consumption, is no longer used;
(2), liquid crystal display (LCD). For now, most of the digital Omega quartz watches. Its power consumption is small, simple structure, low cost. But LCD belong to passive shine in the darkness to have illumination in the watch to see Numbers, at the same time the LCD Angle is smaller.
(3), double Omega quartz watches. Taking advantages of the above two kinds of Omega quartz watches. It is a combination of analog Omega quartz watches pointer, digital display, the function is all ready.
The characteristics of
1, when the second hand Omega quartz watches is a lattice, walking is very accurate, general requirements on difference within 15 seconds, and two three needle, using integrated circuit in the movement, many structure is relatively simple mechanical watch machine core, assembly is very simple.
2, Omega quartz watches, easy to use, wear no wound, a battery available generally 2-3 years. But some of the Omega quartz watches with lithium batteries, long service life and available 7-8 years.
3, its relative price is much cheaper than mechanical watch (of the same brand and model), but some of the high-grade brand Omega quartz watches is expensive because of the brand is good, good appearance materials (18 k gold or diamonds or precious metals), exterior design, led some Omega quartz watches is value is much higher than general machinery.
The principle of
Quartz is a kind of oxide, composition of silica (SiO2), quartz vibrate in the oscillation circuit, under certain conditions, it will have its own frequency to the circuit, if apply this feature to quartz movement, through the quartz oscillators electrical energy can be transformed into kinetic energy, the use of mechanized mass production circuit board equipment, combined with resistance and capacitance, watch accurate travel time.