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The signs of the polar Explore nature of Omega seamaster 300

Nroth Flag emblem wrist watch
Clock and watch, is to let people know accurate time, services in daily life, because of the special functional need consummate technology to achieve, clocks and watches for a long time represents the forefront of scientific achievements. Thanks to European countries for astronomy, mathematics, physics and so on positive exploration, precision clock rapid rise in European countries, and as the outstanding achievement of mechanical science and external display, Omega seamaster 300 clock gradually popular with people at the same time, the function and durability of the clock is particularly urgent. In the early 20th century, rolex founder Hans Wells from operating clock business start, to make watches and clocks, thus a rolex and emperor rudder the two extremely important watch brands today. Although the two brands in at that time, after twists and turns, but always maintained a feature, is the emphasis on clock is practical and functional.

In 2015, emperor rudder in Basel international clocks jewelry exhibition released a brand new research and development — North Flag (signs) and Pelagos wrist watch (pilot), the two watch respectively carry brand landmark autonomous movement MT5621 and MT5612 for cheap omega watches. North Flag is a brand for precise and reliable, and polar explorers needed tools and instrument is able to meter equipped with expedition into the leaker, obviously, North Flag will face severe challenges, need to withstand harsh and changeful external environment.

The signs of the polar
Traditionally, the most can reflect the reliability of the wrist, is necessarily an extreme environment. In history, all popular watches, possess the basic qualities that a reliable and durable. In the 1950 s, is a fast recovery period of postwar Europe, when there is a team, came to Britain in the north of Greenland, this study lasted for 2 years, members of 30 people, including professors and students, scholars, glacier activities from climate to geological scholars and so on. Greenland is tough polar environment, the temperature can be from minus 50 degrees Celsius have been to more than 20 degrees Celsius, cause a lot of electronic equipment is not easy to use, great temperature difference at a time when the mechanical clock, only a handful of tabulation factory can produce wrist watch against extreme environments.

Worn by the British Greenland, the northern expedition of 7809 emperor rudder wrist watch
Before this, rolex has challenge introduced a durable exploration of wrist watch, also is the forerunner, the explorer series at this point, the emperor rudder also choose the challenge task for each team member provides a emperor rudder OYSTER PRINCE watches, models for Ref. 7809. This wrist watch combines a rolex components and the third party movement, able to withstand the polar environment’s biggest enemy, great difference in temperature and bottom temperature. Since then, the emperor rudder has continued to provide watches for the expedition to Greenland, including the early 1960 s, derived from the rolex explorer rudder explorers wrist watch series of Oyster Prince Ranger is provided in the Omega seamaster 300 of the columns.

Emperor of the 1970 s rudder OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ⅱ wrist watch
Since then, the emperor rudder wrist watch the image of a solid and durable, and since then. After the emperor of the rudder, followed the development of the rolex watch of wrist of adventure, launched many can sOmega seamaster 300 use wrist watch in the changeable environment, such as OYSTER PRINCE RANGER and OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ⅱ and so on.
In 2015, emperor rudder jing North Flag pole signs of all series wrist watch, carrying emperor rudder first sell machine, it can be said to be emperor rudder landmark change for many years, further shaping the modern image of the emperor rudder, and legs in the same price the consumer market. The watch is also a tribute for exploring spirit, its unique design of atlas, dial scale, Pointers are reflected the traditional explored wrist watch some characteristic elements, especially in the history of the emperor rudder OYSTER PRINCE RANGER and the second generation wrist watch. This is not simply to extol the classic of history, more representative for polar environments and the challenge again.

Precision instrument to explore nature
Nature is always full of good and bad environment, can see the mammoth in polar and the majestic snow beauty, also can feel the power of nature. In the process of exploring nature, there is no doubt you will be faced with complicated external environment, in such circumstances, in order to ensure the safety of life and take their various tools must be in good condition, and as the tool of display time, precision mechanical watch has shouldered. Some people say that electronic watch more reliable, is the fact that electronic components under ultra-low temperature is often failure.

The emperor rudder North Flag design is simple, clear at 9 o ‘clock position shows the status of the power storage, display date at 3 o ‘clock position, therefore had the hour meter is the most basic factors of time display. Interestingly, uphold the traditional explored the design concept of wrist watch, wrist watch dynamic storage and second hand are designed to yellow, scientifically confirmed that yellow is easy to identify in weak light color one, such as car tail lights, traffic lights, such as using the yellow, even in the heavy fog weather also can see. In addition, the wrist watch is equipped with night-light display, help to changeable environment to improve the readability of the time.

Watch of wrist of middle crust use 316 l stainless steel materials, along with the Omega seamaster 300 a integrated and casting solid crust structure. Give up using the traditional welding type independent Omega seamaster 300 ear or hotlist ears, the emperor of rudder North Flag pole signs wrist application without Omega seamaster 300 ear middle crust structure, strap or bracelet can be directly connected by shaft in the crust. Watchcase surface after grinding processing, improve the wear resistance performance of wrist watch, and build a strong visual effect. Omega seamaster 300 lap is a special production of double layer structure, the upper of 316 l steel, the lower for ceramic materials, a durable, a fragile but abrasion, this combination in addition to a sense of science and technology, also have a lot of effect in actual use, such as side can prevent wear and maintain appearance texture, it can knock against, protect the ceramic material.

North Flag noctilucent phantom of the opera
This brand new watch equipped with two strap material, a metal chain, a leather strap, are all very fit instrument of the spirit of the wrist watch reveal.
Science and technology makes good quality
The appearance of good design, and can meet the demand of wearing the watch case of model, for the wrist watch added a solid security, and under the special environment, to determine whether wrist watch reliable elements, is whether the machine can sOmega seamaster 300 operation. The core parts of the machine core lies in the balance wheel balance spring system, the influence factors of daily walking affect movement, balance wheel balance spring is also considered in the first place. Due to the limitation of material properties, a lot of material is not suiOmega seamaster 300 for adventure wrist watch, therefore, we can see most used in polar wristwatch, use special materials, such as rolex blue niobium balance spring and the widespread use of silicon. MT5621 balance spring is silicon material, silicon with magnetic resistance and temperature resistance, thus can still work normally under low temperature.

Emperor rudder MT5621 movement
Emperor rudder MT5621 automatically on the watch chain, was not decorated very beautifully polished, but use, is a very simple but elegant decorative effect of sandblasting, as group for the movement of manufacturing concept. Movement of torsion pendulum using four arms and four screw fine-tuning escapements, Incabloc shock, no card balance spring, capture and longitudinal institutions Swiss lever, vibration frequency is 28800 times per hour. But from a balance wheel balance spring and shock absorber system, and have seen a lot of senior brand chooses precision machine core structure. Machine core thickness of 6.5 mm, 33.8 mm in diameter, ETA 2824 thickness of 4.6 mm, 25.6 mm in diameter, suggests that the produced movement than emperor rudder idiomatic ETA movement is much big and thick, means that it has more space, component size can do more, performance is relatively easy to ascend.

Interestingly, the emperor rudder MT5621 also has some other features, such as two-way automatic chain, Switzerland COSC attestation observatory, just switch instantaneous jump calendar, second hand suspension tuning, power storage, and 70 hours of power storage, which is now almost educated based machine core standard.
Since late last year, emperor rudder listed North Flag, the hour meter with emperor rudder new brand spirit is popular, people like to appreciate its details, like its fine precision, preference it simple and clear and full of adventure traditional dial is designed. Emperor rudder Nroth Flag has become necessary in people’s mind and a wrist watch, it inherits the spirit of exploration of nature, timing, and mechanical properties of precision and have gone to show their first machinery products, become the focus of 2015 wrist watch