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Omega movement omega watches number

U1 k) d omega before 98 is a single omega watches number system, that is to say whether three needle movement or manual chain timing stopwatch, FP, quartz movement and the third needle movement in the manual are mixed number, so in 98 before the omega seamaster 300 watches is in the chart above order.

After 98, he began to junior needle movement; On the manual timing chain movement; FP movement (simple point is 33 xx series machine, because this time xx movement to stop using the old 32); ETA7750/7751 movement, women movement, quartz movement numbered separately. Below is the number principle:
1, manual chain on timing movement, 861/863186, 861/863186/1866), 1999-2000 using 48 xxyyyy number, this number should be the movement of the 861 series. In 1999, 1861 omega watchess out of the movement, all is limited, the “770 x, movement watch out of the 1866, 2000, no. Is 770 x. 77 xxyyyy dampened, super have so far. Years behind the difference is that a 77 number, year of roughly only on. It is 770 x 2000 omega watchess, the latest seen 775 x.

2 and all the women in the mechanical movement watches, quartz watches, and use ETA7750/7751 based on movement of super 1152, 1151 movement, with the 3220 movement ETA2892 + timing component design from 56 in 98 to begin to continue to use until 59 xx xx, 03, 04 years with 90 xx, 10 years to 91 xx. In super watch money, 1164 series movement as three needle movement with number, 84 x 85 x 81 x. 03, 04 years after the 3220 movement supremacy, with “90”.

3, FP movement, this is to use Piguet 1285 movement based on the movement of 33 xx series. Starting is 3301/3303, now is 3313/3603/3612. Use 78 xxyyyy for numbering, XX is also a year. 3301, 3303 movement starting is roughly 2001 to 2001 movement, 3301 movement as Jane version, will come out later. Roughly in 08, change into a coaxial 3313 movement. Same year analogy with “77”.
4, except the above other men of the mechanical watch, should be described here is based on theory of movement. Is about 1120, 2500, 8500 and derivative movement, there are three needles, there are small three stitches. The serial number of roughly as follows:
1999 = 598 x; 2000 = 61 xx. 2001 = 65 xx. 2002 = 655 x
2003 = 68 xx. 2004 = 70 xx. 2005 = 72 xx. 2006 = 78 xx
2007 = 81 xx. 2008 = 84 xx. 2011 = 85 xx

The numbering I found there are many wrong place, explained below:
There is a 60 x number of 60 “life is very short, only is a short period of time between 99-00.
80 x number, personally think that were used in 2000 to 2500 had just appear to use machine omega watches, 60 “x” in the same year 1120 movement is to use.
Individuals are not seen 61 xx, 65 “xx”, 68, xx, xx, 72, 70 “xx” omega watch.
After 01, 1120 movement and 2500 movement began to mix 80 “x”. Here you can know is 2500 stopwatch in 03 years ago is the use of 2500 b, before beginning to use 2500 c movement.
81 “x”, is man saw 81 xx number first appeared once lay a piece of the sign of the 1120 movement, 810 x, buying time is December 6 years. So this number use time limit is estimated at the end of 06. 81 “x” is divided into two segments, 815 x should be in ’07, 08-819 x 815 x is in the omega watches, the movement is a mixture of 1120 and 2500. 1120 movement, that is, at the end of 07 is no longer in use.
82 “x”. This section should be launched 8500 machine specially used to ’07, enable the time should be 08 8500 movement AT hippocampus. Later introduced with movement of the disc fly, 8500 x 82 “gives the dish for fly. The hippocampus is no longer use this digit.” To disc fly some memorial today still use 82 x “. Like bright blue also took 82 of the “x”.
84 “x”, should be used at the beginning of the 08. Estimated start time for years, in the same year first half of the time, there are 818, 819, “sales.
June 12, 86 “x”.


China’s economy a sneeze,Swiss omega seamaster 300 price is cold

From the annual senior clock is great reward in Geneva (SIHH) only three days, tabulating event is about to kick off, the exhibition brand gaining momentum, eagerly anticipated by his global omega seamaster 300 prices fan. 2016 the bell ringing, with lightsome pace, wish health, wealth and happiness. Desire is always a good thing, but gloomy situation for the pray that casts a shadow. First 11 months of 2015 the Swiss omega seamaster 300 price exports fell 3.8% year-on-year, on this basis, considering the declining trend in the fourth quarter of observers believe that 2015 Swiss wristomega seamaster 300 price overall shipments fell 4% to 4%. 2009 subprime mortgage crisis, the Swiss omega seamaster 300 price exports fell 22.3%, as the global economic situation improves, an uptick in exports, now, Swiss omega seamaster 300 price will witness the fate of the reverse again.

Another bad news
omega seamaster 300 pricemaker calm makes sense to be cautious, but this time the situation was steep, Swiss omega seamaster 300 price four of five major export markets around the world (China Hong Kong, the United States, China and Japan) are recorded down data. Last January 15, the SNB abandoned rate limit, and to have the whole year, it is a means of promoting trade with the European Union, but disrupted its omega seamaster 300 pricemaking original growth rhythm. Before a strong currency, profits will slump, Switzerland export industries suffer bludgeoning. However, severe turbulence far from calm, may cause greater harm storm is brewing. As Chopin co-president Karl – Friedrich Scheufele recently against the “times” said: “another bad news, obviously, is China’s Hong Kong. Hong Kong will continue to be one of the main hub, but Beijing and Shanghai will be more and more be taken seriously, the former will be lost in the past decade dominated the dominance of.”
From January to November 2015 in Switzerland the twelve largest export market and corresponding trends (unit: million Swiss francs) compared to the same.
Again, the data prove everything. Between January and November 2015, the factory price is higher than 1500 Swiss francs omega seamaster 300 pricees products exports to Hong Kong and mainland China fell by 25% and 10% respectively. As early as last spring, omega seamaster 300 price industry association of Hong Kong has pressed the emergency button in the panic. In letter sent to the Swiss omega seamaster 300 price manufacturers, dealers said Hong Kong (2015) in the first quarter sales decline of 40%. Letter words even using the “profound crisis” (a serious crisis). Hong Kong omega seamaster 300 price industry association, said some specific brand of inventory backlog “without number, for the amount of” six to ten months. Because of this, Hong Kong dealer request Swiss omega seamaster 300 price makers adjust pricing strategy, allow at a discount. Since then, the situation did not improve almost, reason is very good also, China’s economic development, each bumble shake will spread to the global market. Say simply, Swiss omega seamaster 300 price soared over the years, largely relying on the help Chinese dragon fly. So, when the dragon from roar to whisper, the industry also can stop and take a breath.
Swiss omega seamaster 300 price global exports in 2009-2014 (the latter two, respectively in 2014 and 2015 from January to November data units: millions of francs)
Unsomega omega seamaster 300 pricees equilibrium
The consequences believe nobody likes immersed aftertaste, in recent months we see hear too much cutting wood announcements. Is not only a tabulation giants, including suppliers, as well as vertically integrated enterprise, the orders dried up, they bear the brunt. The next few months, trend of massive destocking period, but no help to illuminate the way forward. Early January’s accelerated depreciation, a fatal blow, deep refers to the Shanghai composite index fell lost, in addition to adjust, the Chinese authorities have no other choice. At the same time, the United States began to pursue a tight monetary policy, limit the money into the economy, avoid the arrival of a second great depression.

From January to November 2015 in Switzerland export markets of the world’s continents and corresponding change trend and compared to the same share (unit: million Swiss francs)
For the Swiss omega seamaster 300 price, the current situation is no longer the sun is shining, but not completely gathering clouds. Vacheron constantin’s chief executive, Juan Carlos – Torres said: “do not deny that reduction in exports to Hong Kong, but we need to explain the cause of the Numbers change, namely originally plan to Hong Kong consumer customers in China, now more inclined to to other parts of the world implement purchasing power.” Van cleef President Nicolas Bos pointed out: “the Asian and Hong Kong is still a wonderful omega seamaster 300 price and jewelry market. Since China to open up the market, we have witnessed many years long growth. Now, we have a mature, somega omega seamaster 300 pricees, more moderate growth stage in the end.” Chopin wristomega seamaster 300 price sales stalled in 2015, but Karl – Friedrich Scheufele but said: “jewelry sales is making progress. It is a growing market, and Chopin is not the only beneficiaries.” In early 2016, the Swiss omega seamaster 300 price industry federation President Jean – Daniel Pasche exports to tabulation industry as a whole has made the forecast of “relatively somega omega seamaster 300 pricees”. But given the current balance is not somega omega seamaster 300 pricees, things could be worse.