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Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of universe

In 2016, Omega launched its second dive watches series. seamaster series, the universe once it has been a huge success. In 2016, omega introduced Marine cosmic timing 9300 watches. Two years later, omega launched a long- awaited  seamaster watch universe. Today we are going to review.It is the omega seamaster 300 watch


Omega seamaster 300 watch of wrist of the universe.It is using a black dial with silver or white label and Pointers.Only the seamaster on the dial pointer and dial “seamaster” above the letters.The use of the bright orange. In honor of the brand and a partnership GoodPlanet foundation.Omega has launched a special edition,
dial and watches is dark blue.Bring us is the special edition.The dark blue with blue rubber strap and buckle folding watchess, wear up very comforwatches.


The overall appearance
Move feeling, strong, modern, fashionable, elegant – This is what we learned from someone else’s evaluation of this watch. Personally, I think these words is very correct, of course also have to add a word such as “comforwatches”. Although the “comfort” is not the quality, will not appear on the surface,for this wrist watch is a very important characteristic.

It can tie-in dress shirt appeared in the office, It also can match the leisure clothing walking on the beach, I think it can match any clothes in any occasion. And can do this, I think it depends largely on its rubber strap. In addition, the dark blue dial, or bright orange and strong watchcase, got a lot of positive feedback.


Omega seamaster universe GoodPlanet seamaster watches (it’s a very long name) is the function of many very
interesting and easy to operate. First of all, it is 43.5 mm by grinding and polishing of stainless steel.
Second, the watch brand with homemade axis movement, 60 hours power storage. Finally, it is very useful
seamaster function. Next, I will analyze the points above one by one.

Dial and hands
Marine universe GoodPlanet seamaster watch a total of nine version, five paragraphs black dial and 4 blue
dial. Dark blue dial of the watch case with titanium and stainless steel two to choose from.
The dial of the watch is a typical style of Marine universe. The scale bar hours after polishing rhodium
plating processing. Minute scale between the hour mark, 3 o ‘clock position with calendar window. Another
noteworthy: are the details of the calendar window background is black, and the number is white. Dial the
upper engraved with “OMEGA” and “orange” seamaster “. Second half with white “Co Axial Chronometer 600 m /
2000 ft”.
In addition, the hour hand, minute hand and second hand on the dial through rhodium plating processing, and
has white Super – LumiNova luminous coating, emit blue light at night, special mention here, the minute hand
is a green light at night. The number in the bezel on the 24 hours of scale “24” replaced with a dot.

Case and strap
The Marine chronometer universe casing diameter of 43.5 mm, the thickness of 17.25 mm, waterproof properties
is 600 meters, is a great diving watches. The size of the even though it looks a bit big, but surprisingly
well with a suit or casual wear. But wear it you can’t put your shirt sleeve cuff, moreover I don’t recommend
use it to match the dress.

Watch of wrist of stainless steel polishing and grinding processing. Arc arch wear approved by double the
sapphire watches mirror the counter-attack light processing. Therefore, when you see the time, just like no
If you think that stainless steel is too heavy, so this watch has a very light titanium. The watch crown and
helium gas valves are convex edge, very easy to operate. I now show it is blue rubber strap with white
stitching, such as what is said above, really very comforwatches.

Internal carry omega wrist watch on the automatic 8605 chain coaxial machine, equipped with three-tier coaxial
vertical system and Si14 silicon material balance wheel balance spring. Article ManFa, 60 hours power reserve.
This watch as accurate, swatches and reliable performance.

To sum up, this is a very beautiful watch. Although it has a long name, but its size just right, and very
importantly, it provides the strap and the choice of chain, like stainless steel bracelet or leather or rubber
strap, you can find what you want. If you think stainless steel is too heavy, you can also choose titanium. So
I highly recommend this watch.
The first time I saw Marine universe was a fan of the series. Now it assemble the seamaster function (more
precisely, it is suiwatches for the seamaster) to travel. Omega, in my opinion, this kind of seamaster watches
rolex seamaster – Master II will become the largest competitors, and omega also provide after-sales service
guarantee for four years.

Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” KW factory with original

It is a watch.It is also the moment so only a high imitation Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” explanation.Of course,it is also the moment the best high copy “on the dark side of” version. (on June 30, 2016) in this article. I’ll be rounding authentic knowledge to let everyone not no understanding to the real
thing.At the same time,I also high copy watches of all aspects of the work.I will be as far as possible concise express my personal perception of this watch. If you are looking for omega “on the dark side of this watch you are interested, so this article will be helpful to you.


I’ll give your friend a explanation of the background of this watch.This watch firstly appeared in 2016 in Basel.Switzerland and horological exhibit. In early 2016 Omega with the watch in Geneva in 2014 advanced clock is great reward ceremony “won the” Renaissance award. About the meaning of this award, and the legend of clock and watch industry’s Oscar “Geneva senior clock is great reward.If you are interested in it, I don’t do too much explanation.Here I am not a love, after all, concepts, or real said this watch.

Omega only use ceramic, zirconia materials production casing design, so the Omgea in the future.This kind of behavior is called “foresight model of innovation and pioneering spirit”.This is indeed a forward-looking innovation.Zirconia ceramic material is the wrist watch material of all scratch resistance of the material.In
the case of normal wear, no matter how long it is hard to cut.But It will be much lighter than normal steel material.This watch according to the original tag, only calculate the weight of the casing & strap, only 91 grams.It is in 44.5 the size of the Omega wrist watch is very lightweight watch.



Believe see here, everyone of the real thing “on the dark side of the” pure wrist watch features should also understand.Except you can see the appearance, as well as the official tells something about the values of promotion, simplified.This is the first time an Omega brand use paragraphs and only ceramic watch.It is the
lightest of Omega 44.5 mm series wrist watch. It is worthmentioning this watch for the present domestic
official price is RMB 88500 yuan. As far as I know for now only Shanghai is located in nanjing west road of .OMEGA flagship store with 1 sample can only to watch. Other OMEGA stores are no spot.

The most excellent, KW factory name “on the dark side of the following is used by the dark side of the month
all accessories.I’ll through casing, literally & mirror, back cover, strap & clasp to break down this watch .all the relevant details. Let everybody have a sufficient knowledge of the watch. To complete this watches and name it “detoxification”.

Overall this watch a case of 316 l stainless steel, plated DLC and black coating so as to achieve the same
effect as ceramic.It also have certain resistance to scratching by effect.And in the structure of the crust, and the vaulted glass structure.The quality goods is completely consistent. Therefore, this watch in the sensory and authentic gap is very small. Speed outer ring is the same as the authentic ceramics outer ring and
outer ring of speed as the rotation of the outer ring is designed.Popular science here give you about the role
of the speed loop, speed loop based on standard objects move 1 km calculated standard hundred km/h value, that
is, from start time, press the pause after reached 1000 meters, through the speed ring number on the second
hand, to find, the value of km/h.

omega watch

Watchcase details:
About this watch some of the lettering and font, details on the Internet or OMEGA flagship store is very little. Because this watch is original for quite a long time almost money can’t buy, is now, of course, so some details on the details of this watch is the lettering on the reference of seamaster series 311., so this watch is absolutely hit show the lowest watch, watch is a very personalized.
Literally & pointer system:
Pointer using seamasterLume luminescent material, the best steel materials, highlighting treatment as far as possible close to the original pointer 18 k platinum, here will give you watch friends spread a little knowledge, first of all, you can see I shot the second picture, the second hand is crooked? , which I also regularly to spot check my high copy watches mall management by reaction of the most serious problems encountered, where XXX is slanting, is not straight.

We open the entire watches from the front vertical perspective, it looks. Is is certainly is for the central. It all depends on the visual Angle, and personal sense. I also with my management is responsible for the high copy watches mall to take pictures of customers colleagues talked about this problem, they always feel very
grievance, no matter what said, customers will always feel at chicanery, or escape from a problem and so on.
In my opinion, after all, the customer is to spend money to buy the product. Any doubt and distrust are normal, they can fulfill the duty of the is the statement of the goods according to the facts. Will be able to solve for the customer to provide a solution that will not be able to tell the customer, if the customer can
not accept cancel the order. In my opinion, this is a risky industry, the most fair way.Calendar section is absolutely “tilt” areas, from the point of figure 1, indeed, seem to “tilt” figure 2 to
see no problem again, but no matter how these are almost completely doesn’t affect the use of the watch. Wear
or read when convenient. To be clear is that this is just a price less than 1/20 of the authentic watch. So I
hope you watch friends can also clear what you want, whether to buy a, square founder, no side leakage watch,
or purely because like the look of the real thing, but temporary don’t want to spend too much hope to get a
similar price, and quality guaranteed watch, if it is the former “online shopping” is likely to be not too
good. If the latter, of course, I believe you watch friends already know what to do.

Machine core plywood
There is no doubt that this is the highlight of this watch! Yes you have no wrong, the biggest bright spot.This is the most close to the real thing for the moment, the 9300 movement of plywood, the splint was used as the highest version of the 8500 seamaster thick metal plate, all design & generic details completely according
to the real thing 9300 movement, from the back to give a person the first feeling is and very like the real thing. If only saw 1 eye authentic not carefully played 9300 movement “expert” is completely can’t see the clue. It is also a history, or you can see. The most beautiful 9300 machine core plywood.

Splint in details:
As we can see from figure 1, the location of the splint of the shock did sink processing from the senses, shock look like inlaid on the deck. Can also be obvious that the thickness of the plate can be seen from the bridge, the splint platinum plating processing, brightness and saturation seem to correspond completely with
the real thing, at the same time of autopilot lettering is done in advance lettering, and then fill in red, and is not a simple printing. Plywood all supposed by the gem on the position, all do the punching processing, and made the related accessories to fill, is not simply a pink stickers, for the whole movement of promotion
in the sensory is very big.

Back cover a:
This watch the back cover is borderless seamaster transparent organic glass materials, we can notice the edges
than normal seamaster series wrist watch much smaller, back cover mirror radian is also at the same time. This
makes the back watches are ornamental design, only in the class of 100000 or so watch have reflected, of course, the most representative, is the authentic patek philippe.

Well believe that finish see this article, you friends and watches to the moment whether authentic or the
latest version of the high copy Omega seamaster 300 series “on the dark side of” with fully understanding of the
transform. Whether it is a high copy or the real thing, it is indeed a very nice watch.
Authentic watches:
(1) : the only ceramic material of OMEGA wrist watch,
(2) : 9300 OMEGA wrist watch is one of the most light, no one
KW replica watches
(1) : the only a breakthrough using convex mirror arch of wrist watch
(2) : carry the same SupuerLume luminous material and authentic
(3) : the entire watches using scratch resistant material of DLC coating, effect and quality goods.
(4) : the most beautiful OMEGA Cal. 9300 machine core plywood.
(5) : amount of authentic entities, as well as relevant information, at the same time extremely personality.

Do you really know omega watches

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand.The English name omega, on behalf of the symbol “Ω”. By Louis Brandt,It founded in 1848 in Switzerland.Omega marks the tabulation of glorious achievements in history,the envy of their peers.

In 1848, omega, the birth of the Swiss federal Louis Brandt (Louis Brandt) and pull Xia Defen (La Chaux – DE – Fonds) began to assemble work. In 1880, Louis Brandt’s son Louis – Paul and Csar factory relocation to human enough, rich resources and convenient transportation bill (Bienne) region. Since then, adopts the mechanized production, unified specification parts, assembly work and introduce the new division of labor system, to produce precision, good quality and reasonable price of table. The world-famous omega 19th in movement launched in 1894, not only as a sign of its excellence, the company is therefore named “omega”. Since at this time, omega with its advanced tabulation technology to become a pioneer of watchmaking for one hundred and fifty years.

In 1848, the Swiss omega was born in the hands of a 23-year-old young man. The man is luis Brandt, a small artisans. In Switzerland, in the long winter, Brandt with faint light, the components for the bought from local craftsmen together one by one and make it popular pocket watch. Spring is coming, the snow, willy Brandt he took his watch lane selling in European countries. Brandt’s two sons Louis Paul and Caesar then joined him.

Simple and alternative ways to omega watches demagnetization

Omega watches especially when the watch is the magnetized.It is very easy to complete.But when you want to eliminate the magnetic field.It is very troublesome.Professional Omega seamaster 300 equipment necessary.It may be a worry many things. Mechanical watches, if once magnetization, walking definitely will affect the precision of consequences are usually watch.Watch the magnetization and orientation, the error caused by the size is not equal.But the end of the day there error is always a few minutes.Serious can also lead to watch had stopped. The effects of magnetic field on the watch, I’ve written many, there is no longer here.

omega seamaster 300

Electronic products can be seen everywhere in modern life.Such as carrying cell phones, laptops, etc., many of which have a strong magnetic field.Particularly small-scale operations is the magnetic buckle on the box cover.Leather bags, it’s easy to watch the magnetic. Damage watch is mainly focus on mechanical watches.Watch machine balance spring and tackled longitudinal institutions of magnetic field of the heart is most sensitive. Because they are all steel materials, but also about the oscillation cycle. Once watch suddenly walking error.And is fixed and constant.First of all to guess whether the magnetic.The possibility of about 90%, people often find my new bought watches error is very big.I don’t want to go up first to make a demagnetization.Many watches to normal soon. Point of view, it is necessary to prepare a watch myself demagnetization, he didn’t ask for, “give a person with fish, give a person to fish is better than”; It doesn’t have to be professional, according to the principle of degaussing, if placed in an ac magnetic field attenuation, will be able to return the magnetic “trouble”.

Omega Speedmaster Professional watch sale

Small make up about a lot of things in life, only found a haircut with electric pusher is most suitable for.Therefore,it is not just to have a haircut, can also be used to push “magnetic”. Its internal structur. There is a “mountain” core coil, and a group of armature.There are two “air gap” between them, the ac magnetic field in the “air gap” will produce strong magnetic eddy current.You can find something thin steel, close to the “air gap” position to feel.It have a strong sense of shock. This structure and professional watches demagnetization device is the same, just more powerful electric pusher, and if so, can you give it to develop new USES, kill two birds with one stone, joy. Need to open the lid on electric pusher, observation and confirmed its core position of the “gap”.It then on the upper cover do a tag, “+” to demagnetization of omega watches first set on electric pusher.Turn on the switch immediately closed again, so repeated several times. Turning the watch bearing, it is best and the last show 90 degrees Angle, repeat the process again. The vast majority of escapement and tackled longitudinal mechanism and position of watch machine core.It is on the dial 6 points or 12 point.The position should be put into the best electric pusher which “+” sign. In addition, it can also try, hand hold a watch, pass in “+” sign from different directions, but also need to change from three axial watch hand position.

omega seamaster 300 watches

More Omega watches:

The OMEGA Seamaster 300 coaxial Chronograph NEW

Omega Seamaster 300 co axial chronograph is to pay tribute to the legendary Seamaster 300. At the same time, it will be in a unique style create belongs to own a new future.

Omega Speedmaster Professional watch sale
New watch striking add a delicate element for the super series. “Broad arrow pointer and bold black dial with a series of professional watches prototype line. Watch the black dial decorated in beige transfer scale, and with a clear scrub the tachymeter scale on the bezel add radiance and beauty to each other.It followed the Seamaster 300 watch is the essence of the design, is a global Seamaster 300 fans are most familiar with the classical annotation.
This watches appearance was adhering to the 1957 the first Seamaster 300 Chronograph many classic design elements, including from watches ears extending from the vertical watches ears, as well as a Lenovo to the symbol timing meter unique bracelet.

The design style is concise and simple dial, with two small dial, and is found in the above three Seamaster 300 chronograph subdial. This innovative dial layout will be 12 hours and 60 minutes at the same time 3 minutes of time at the location of the small dial, making the time to read a more convenient and intuitive. At the 9 o’clock position second small dial record second operation. Scrub watches clear with tachymeter scale ring, is the OMEGA Seamaster 300 series other design features.
Watch equipped with Omega 9300/9301 co axial movement of, equipped with silicon material hairspring, first with a timing function Omega self-produced coaxial movement. Through the wear resistant sapphire crystal back to enjoy the operation of the innovative movement of the United states. Watch as accurate and reliable quality, incomparable, and provide four years of customer service service.

Watch business is difficult,Omega watch selling Borel does not play

Hong Kong Watch retailer Borel (01856.HK), prior to issued announcement.Lin the largest single shareholder companies will sell all the shares held by the. According to the announcement, shares held by Lin for 9975.5 million shares, representing the company’s issued share capital of 28.71%.It have all been sold to a sense control International Limited company.The latter is the transaction paid approximately HK $2.25 billion.
Cheap Omega watches
Omega Seamaster 300
Omega seamaster watches
Omega watches UK

It is reported that the transaction will be completed in May 18th, Control International Limited Sense will become the largest shareholder of omega seamaster 300  watch retailer.The main attack on the Chinese market “Swiss watch”Speaking of Borel, perhaps Chinese consumers the most exposed to the “Swiss watch”, several other similar brands is plum, enicar and so on.Public data shows, Borel was founded in 1856, is a company specializing in the production and sale of various watches company. The brand is also one of the early Swiss watch to enter china. But with its sales in Chinese market deeply, many Hongkong businessmen also smell the opportunity.
As a truly international (0732.HK) founder, Lin Weihua in the early 90 years through the acquisition of Borel truly international brand. Letter of 1991 international listing, Borel was stripped out of the parent company. This is why the current market will say is “pseudo Borel Switzerland” watches.
In 2016, Borel listed in Hongkong. Borel prospectus shows that in fiscal year 2011 to 2013 fiscal year, Borel revenue compound annual growth rate of up to 11.1%, gross profit compound growth rate of 16%, 2013 fiscal year profit up to 93 million Hong Kong dollars. IPO raised funds are mainly used to expand and strengthen the distribution network, brand and watch marketing promotion and capital expenditure and continued expansion of production capacity.
At that time, Chinese has become the world’s largest sales market in borel. As of December 31, 2016, the company has 1054 sales points, of which 852 point of sale in the Chinese market.
Which ranked fourth in the China Borel watch market, the company attaches importance to the couples is ranked second in the market. Borel when the plan is the next 3 years (from 2016 January 1 date) in the Chinese market new 300 point of sales, and focus on developing the second and third line cities.
Dragged down by the big environment performance
However, after the listing of the bad luck borel. The company, which has been on the market since its listing in July 2016, has issued a profit warning for the two time since the global market downturn. The in the latest release in April 2015 earnings display, by Chinese market economic slowdown, cause the company achieved a turnover of HK $4.14 billion, down 31.2%; net profit loss 1191.6 one million Hong Kong dollars, plummeted 120%.
As the core of the Chinese mainland market, EBOHR’s sales fell to HK $30.7% last year, the number of stores by 852 to 817 to 35.
Also affected by the decline in the number of passengers and the Hong Kong retail market deterioration, Borel Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia market sales decreased 33.3% to HK $94.6 million.
In the industry, Borel’s watch is usually classified into the low-end, but because the company from last year began to develop and launch a series in the end and high-end watches expand watches products, the company sent expected by optimizing product mix to complete to stimulate the growth of the key. But, at present, it seems that this strategy may be wrong.
The industry that is turning to high-end market is not wise, because of the influence of anti-corruption policy and high-end watch sales fell more obvious.
“In Hongkong, the watch market is largely driven by the sales of high mechanical watches.” Euromonitor International Personal Accessories analyst Jasmine Seng told the “first finance and economics”, but now the price of watches and clocks are in decline, high-end mechanical watches category in the past two years sales fell by 1.4%, but China’s Hong Kong region fell by 7%. “The appreciation of the Swiss Franc has also led to a rise in the cost of production of the Hongkong watch retailer.”
In addition, Seng Jasmine also suggested that Hongkong’s high rents are a big reason for many retailers to close.

She expected that the market will continue to deteriorate in Hongkong watch and watch, they may not have seen the worst of it.”
Impact of smart watches
In fact, the current market is a dismal watch industry. With well-known Swiss watch Swatch Group as an example, the watch industry giant released the latest 2015 earnings reports showed that its net revenue fell 3% to 84.5 billion Swiss francs.

In addition, its net profit fell 21% to 11.2 billion. It is worth noting that this is the company’s first sales in six years to come back.
Swatch earnings report mentioned the main reason for the decline in sales is affected by changes in exchange rates, as well as the market demand for watches to reduce.
So overall, with respect to corruption, Hong Kong Tourism downturn, such as Borel, Swatch such low-end watches appears to have been the impact of more should be — market watch demand reduction.
Throughout the perimeter, the person wearing a watches significantly reduced. The habit of wearing a watches is a series of electronic products such as mobile phones have been weakened. Nowadays, people want to know the way of time becomes much, so watch is no longer necessary goods.
On the other hand, on the same level, smart watches also occupy the traditional watch market. Apple, HUAWEI, led by the size of the technology company in the field of smart watches step by step, you can see the information and reports related to the product. At present, it is difficult to say the impact of smart watches Swatch and other traditional watch group in the end how much. However, it can be seen that

Italy Portugal series double Omega seamaster 300 “milan” special edition

10Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega seamaster 300 milan boutique grand opening. This is after Rome and Venice, open third home boutique brand in Italy. Store location milan luxury shopping area heartland, monte napoleon street no. 1.

The Omega seamaster 300 brand ambassador Pierfrancesco Favino, television host and actress Alessia Marcuzzi, actors, Anna Ferzetti, Omega seamaster 300 Italian brand manager Beppe Ambrosini. As well as the Omega seamaster 300 members of the board of directors annes Pantli to attend the opening ceremony of the “new boutique.
To take this opportunity, the Omega seamaster 300 released double after injection timing clock “milan” special edition (Ref. IW371215), set limit to issues 100. The Omega seamaster 300 the last launch such watches came in 2006, the wrist watch attracts many fans, a great success.

Portugal series double after injection timing clock “milan” special edition with red gold case, blue dial and a black alligator strap. Case 10 o ‘clock position is equipped with double needle function control button, dial adornment accelerometer calibration, the bottom of the table is inscribed a limited number and unique “Biscione” grass snake pattern. “Biscione” is not only the logo of the Visconti family, is also the symbol of milan.
Portugal series double after injection timing clock “milan” special edition
Technical specifications
Model: IW371215
Movement: 76240 type manual winding movement, the vibration frequency 28800 / hour (4 hz), gem number 31, dynamic storage for 48 hours
Case: red gold material, 41 mm in diameter, the thickness of 12.5 mm, equipped with double anti-dazzle vaulted sapphirine crystal
Dial: blue dial
Band: black alligator strap with pin type table button
Waterproof: 30 meters

Omega joint alibaba group released smart watches

Omega famous tourist attraction in hangzhou xixi wetland joint alibaba group released the first light “printing” series intelligent wrist watch on July 5, 2016.The activities on the day of Omega group managing director Mr Dong-sheng xu, general manager Mr Pampow Omega brand and alibaba group technology association leadership, and from all over the country more than 50 media participation to witness the wrist watch these two group production of intelligence.

Omega group managing director Mr Dong-sheng xu: at the beginning of the conference.He said Omega “printing” series light smart watches the joint development with alibaba group. The breakthrough technology, design, all sorts of problems, such as using Omega watch harsh YunOS system manufacturing process combined with alibaba group.The combination can give to the user from the product quality and product user experience on feeling better.

The scene also increased the media interaction part and the model shows, media friends can wear Omega “printing” series wrist watch experience different scenarios, can also obtain the Omega watch reward.
“Printing” series intelligent wrist watch with functions of transportation card to pay, and 30 days long standby, step motion meter, custom remind, wireless charging, bluetooth connectivity, intelligent functions such as, especially 30 days standby function break through the conventional smart watches standby bottlenecks, to improve the user experience and a new feeling.

“Printing” series intelligent wrist watch is made of restoring ancient ways design and exquisite craft.The unique design of the ear make worn more fit, Switzerland imports of solder paste connection, through 1000 ° high temperature furnace dissolved seamless welding. Using imported Italian leather strap, and human body skin sturdy, whole system products sold 1599 usd.

Omega brand as the pillar of wrist watch brand in our country, has been in the field of new products and new manufacturing technology breakthrough innovation is a domestic watch brands we are worthy of respect. The Omega combining with alibaba group to bring all of us are not just smart watches, but our country the wrist watch and electrical business combination, I believe that this is just the beginning we are looking forward to a better tomorrow together.

Omega watches: dial the personal independence of conduct time reversal

For most people,Omega watches function really dispensable it cannot display more than just outside of time, it cannot let watch timekeeping becomes more accurate, it cannot be extended to watch the life. You know, when  watch of the reverse jump function, the number of internal impact watch is very much. In 30 seconds Omega.

One day, the mechanical structure within the watches must withstand 2880 times bounce back movement. The movement within Omega mechanism of the components by stress is quite frequent and huge, so in the design must attaches great importance to the stability and can withstand the tremendous stress and serious topic.

The Portuguese Omega watch internal schematic diagram of Omega
The vast majority naturally will think of the decorative aspects, after all, “Omega” the function itself is very independent, although we cannot let the time reversal, but to watch backwards a few turns, is not difficult. This is also a lot of people therefore particularize the selling point, but in fact, at the outset, Omega watches appears in front of one of the reasons is not to satisfy the desire for the human spirit of “return to the past.

Due to the watch as a result of the Omega device, dial the area can be significantly reduced, which also watches increase other functions provide space if you do not use the Omega of the device, all pointers have to do on a rotating shaft, watches a lot of size will be a substantial increase, the diameter of the dial even bigger than your wrist. But since the inverse of this design jump, the design space watch has been a great release. Now, that second hand can realize the Omega, even minutes, hours, days and weeks can achieve the Omega. We have enumerated in the period that Le Pont des Amoureux of Van Cleef & Arpels, is used in the design of Omega.

What is a counter jump watches?
“Omega” refers to a way to watch pointer operation, and the
traditional circular rotating pointer is not the same, “Omega” type of the pointer is one-way walk, when the full scale process instructions, the pointer will instantly return to scale the starting point, and then
repeat the process. Therefore, “Omega” type of scale for fan and pointer axis in general are done on the edge of the dial, radian scale sector below 180 degrees, typical in 120-150 degrees between.
There is another argument about the “reverse jump”, which is called “the flying back” “.

However, “fly back” (flyback) is a conventional argument, but strict speak “fly back type should refer to the chronograph, when its pointer all zero, is also the moment to complete. “Flying back” and “reverse hopping” look similar from the function, but its internal mechanical structure and working principle is completely different. The difference: the “Omega” pointer is arc, “Omega” type of return is done automatically; the “fly back type timing watches pointer is move in a circle round, it’s back to the zero need manual button, you
can also from the left and the right two direction. Such as Chanel j12 mysterious flew back to figure 9 watch, this watch has three sophisticated functions: Omega, fly back to the minute hand and equipped with the clutch system of the crown, is the world’s first ingenious combination, it is worth is written into the vast and
profound clocks in the dictionary.

The “Omega” originally belonged to the ancient clock design, about 200 years ago, first appeared in a special pocket watch. This watch was the Breguet do it for the pointer disk sector, so it is called the watches fan. 100 years later,Koehn will carry forward the device, and with the second patented reversible jump. Since then, the inverse of
the figure will frequently appear in the function of the dial. Now, the inverse of the device is turned into a favorite of many manufacturers, the basic watches in which any of the pointerfunctions have been achieved. Today, the reverse function of the market is used to display the date, week, hours, minutes, seconds, etc..

However, there is a small defect, especially for those the date Omega design watches, a month to Omega,
careful will miss pointer instant reply to the wonderful pictures. Therefore, most manufacturers prefer to let
the minute and second hand “Omega up”. The most easy to show the inverse of the United States, or 30 seconds
of double reverse jump function, that is, 30 seconds to complete the 1 minutes of the operation of the inverse
of the jump pointer.
Omega principle is relatively simple, work isn’t so difficult, of course, we do not
engage in video.

If you let me put this principle if words written, easy to understand, that will be my life.For example, once someone explained the principle of reverse jump watches:

“Step 1: vortex spring cam and dial wheel rod control Omega the minute hand and the second hand of the vortex
like bouncing cam clockwise direction, and return to the dial wheel rod to counterclockwise along gear
forward. The dial and reverse jump to the second or minute, the fan at the bottom of the scale.
Step2: after
the completion of the time of the gear off when spring cam marching to the vertices of the shape of the
vortex, and at this time call back wheel rod go to gear the bottom, volute spring cam will and dial wheel rod
shedding. At this time the dial minute second hand or reverse jump has come to the bottom of the fan-shaped
Step3: Omega action of springback shedding occurs, call back round bar next to the gossamer application
counterforce will dial back wheel rod and spring cam instant bounce in situ. At this time the dial Omega
second hand or hand, will return to the origin, then the mechanical operation of the first step.”

Swiss Qulified Omega Watches history

Omega is one of the world’s top ten list.It is also a famous luxury brand. Omega watch is very precise Swiss mechanical watch brand. Its main characteristic is unparalleled exquisite technology and high level of perfect manually. Omega as a rare non Swiss watch brand, is authentic eastern Swiss products, once because of the authoritarian rule of the former East Swiss and disappeared, but after the reunification of Swiss once again rejuvenated. Omega Machinery adhere to only precious metal watch, making it the quality and the price is high, generally in more than 100 thousand.

Omega seamaster 300
In February 18, 1815 Ferdinando Adolf Omega was born in Dresden.1830.Omega follow respected watchmaker Gut Keith learning watch art palace.1837 Adolph. Omega began trainee tour, visited Paris, France, Britain, Switzerland and leave the famous travel log. “1842 Adolf. Omega was awarded the tabulation
master qualification. In the same year, he and Gut Keith, the daughter of marriage, and become Gut Keith watchmaking business partner.1845 – December 7, Adolf. Omega in glashutte town established “Omega & CIE” watch factory, from lay Swiss precision watchmaking industry development foundation.1846.Adolf Omega introduced in the tabulation metric for the measure, it can more accurately measure and parts manufacturing.
In order to improve the stability of the 1864 movement. Adolf Omega invented 3/4 splint
in 1868. Omega became one of the holders of his father’s company, company name changed to “& A.Omega S & ouml;
HNE”. Years later, his younger brother, Amy. Omega also joined the family business.
In 1895 to celebrate the 50
anniversary of Omega, lasu town Adolf Omega erected a monument.
In 1898 the Swiss Emperor William S visited
Constantinople, giving a host by Omega manufacturing luxury watch.
1902. Amy Omega was appointed the honorary
French Lord, in recognition of his contribution to watchmaking.
In 1906 with Amy Omegar’s son Otto. Omega
joined the company into the third generation of the family business. After Otto’s brother Rudolf and Gerhard
also joined the company and take responsibility for the management.
In 1930, Richard A. Omega found in manufacturing gossamer alloy adding beryllium can greatly improve the
hairspring of quality, so he applied for a patent.
The last day of May 8, 1945 of the Second World War, Soviet
bombers destroyed the main production plant Omega.
In 1948 the Soviet occupation regime confiscated the Omega
Omega family factory, 102 years have ended. Walter Omega were forced to flee their homes, in exile in Swiss.
1951 glashutte town seven tab enterprise were combined with the East Swiss regime established “glashutte
people watch factory”. Omega watches trademark come to naught, Omega tabulation factory become a legend.
December 7, 1990, after the reunification of Swiss, Walter. Omega in Dresden founded Omega Uhren GmbH, and re
registered Omegar’s symbol.
In October 1994 24 Rilangge released the first batch of watches to return to the
altar watches, including Omega 1, Saxonia, Arcade and Omega Seamaster 300 Le M rit.
1997 Omegamatik auto zero
function that Omegar’s spirit of innovation.
The 1999 Datograph new standards for the production of superior chronograph set.
In 2003, Omega developed a
hairspring in science and technology and Research Center in new manufacturing.
2007’s first store opened in
In 2009, Zeitwerk led to a long stage, digital display hours, minutes of mechanical watches.
Omega 2010
grand launch of 165 – annual homage to F.A.Omega special commemorative series of, including Tourbograph pour
le m e RIT, Omega 1 Tourbillon and 1815 moon phase watch. Are top hardness of the new alloy material 18K honey
gold to build. This series of watches is Omega watch factory to the brand founder Adolf. Omega founded the
Swiss precision watchmaking tradition of honor for.
The birth of 2011 Omega Seamaster 300 le m e RIT watch, it assembled the sesame chain drive system and with
second hand stop device, the tourbillon, by means of the complex function, help to improve the speed stability
and precision.
A. Omega & S & ouml; the rise of HNE, in addition to the elegant style of the traditional Swiss
movement a new altar weather outside, but also to create the a near perfect visual impression, on behalf of
the watchmaking skills and aesthetic realm of absolute attention of the oath. From the transparent watches
back to watch the players of these movements, few will not indulge in them.

The rebirth of A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE top tab areas established a set very high standards, forcing many
Swiss manufacturers must in products react to it, and it on “the art of the perfect” interpretation method for
plant and the players bring reflection of it: A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE only manufacturing mechanical watch,
only using self-made movement (in house movement and different series of the watches paragraph must use
different base movement. A. Omega & S & ouml; HNE watch all parts must be the artificial carefully fine
grinding will not be completed, and thus the achievement of a stunning movement quality.