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omega seamaster professional the third generation


London network – – London daily Wasn’t content to a third generation by the line, “XiuBiaoJiang” seven years ago, “omega seamaster 300” omega seamaster professional struggled to arise, fashioned out of the positioning of tourist souvenirs “gulangyu” brand omega seamaster professional. This year, after years of ups and downs, omega seamaster professional regroup, plans to launch the second generation “gulangyu” brand omega seamaster professional.

New features
A small dial “record” gulangyu island
Ca. 3 cm in diameter of the dial, on a few pen capable of line, the outline of gulangyu has impressively molding, add a few pen, beautiful scenery on the island also “all eyes now” – go clockwise, “4 o ‘clock” to “eight o ‘clock” area, belong to “lujiang”, “wave”, “ship”, “the fence”. At 8 o ‘clock to 4 o ‘clock “area is left to the” gulangyu island “, “hill”, “bright moon garden”, “the gossip floor”, “beans village garden”… The island of scene was absent; At 12 o ‘clock position, “GULANGYU” pinyin characters very eye-catching – which is omega seamaster professional design of the first generation “GULANGYU” brand omega seamaster professional.
“This is a few omega seamaster 300s, 1 I’ve come to stay. Before, depending on the strap material and dial pattern distinguish between 12 styles, produced a total of 2800 pieces of omega seamaster 300, have already sold out.” omega seamaster professional told reporters that in 2008, the last 800 omega seamaster professional production comes out, he has no extra energy to r&d and extension of “gulangyu” brand omega seamaster professional, had to suspend.

Now accepting heart omega seamaster professional decision, the development of the second generation of omega seamaster professionales, and ready to be placed in the National Day this year, on the counter. “I’m going to use radiation protection material for omega seamaster professionales to help the wearer ‘block’ part of the daily radiation. Therefore, I also went to Japan for a while before and after the New Year’s day, learn the techniques of radiation protection. In addition, the dial design in addition to the style of the original, I have some new design, the draft has been completed,” omega seamaster professional said, “because the omega seamaster professional the initial positioning is’ tourist souvenirs, so in the second generation, I plan to launch a suit, first do kung fu from the outer packing, and then in a suit with two or three sample gadgets related to tourism, dial will be different.”

Get the Omega seamaster series with USD 500 budget

Attention loving family for a long time, has never been diving, in many senior posts have a lot of harvest, the purchase of a new Omega seamaster 300 has to be back not.


At the age of 18 in the first month’s salary to buy Tissot prc200 is now already old, Omega seamaster 300 circle scarred, every day also to slow a few seconds the, the punctual I simply can not tolerate, and 5 years should also change.
USD 500 budget is joking, after all, old Tissot also 4000 not.


Look at the beginning of the Navy pioneer, just the United States spent, a check online, a lot of problems, aware of during the love family Omega seamaster 300, the Omega seamaster 300. Then, there is no then… From the Navy pioneer to the Mingjiang, to the inheritance 61887, brand is not so popular is the product control, simply direct again on a grade, budget 3W. Finally, Mark locked up seventeen, Breitling blackbird reconnaissance aircraft, it forces pilots, finally is at8USD 500.

Mark seventeen look good, the brand is hard, the price is appropriate, ETA with all the nations of the grinding is also very good, but not back through… BREITLING low-key luxury connotation, blue glass surface beauty is not like, but not through the back… True force, too big, but not back through… So far, I do not understand why the pilot class of the Omega seamaster 300 are rarely back through (that is, I like the movement, although it is on the back, can occasionally pick off a large piece of steel cover how ugly ah)

Finally understand to 8USD 500, luminous, 8USD 500 self-produced core, 60 hours of power, antimagnetic, high back thoroughly, good movement, excellent brand, it! Personally think that 8USD 500 is one of 3W like most worth buying watches, had intended to recent trip to Europe, but couldn’t go counter to the several times, up to a maximum of 9 fold, and psychological expectations differ too big, Jingdong not IWS, then to the universal x treasure for DG, and ultimately to the appropriate price of, because after the sale of the Omega in the city, so there is time to measure the time, in each big forum are identified before and to make work, share joy with you

Waiting for a month and got the omega bright blue finally

“The man should have a belongs to own love watch” friends of the words aroused my desire to purchase omega seamaster 300, began to bubble BBS everyday, choose omega seamaster 300, see the dazzling, I want to buy this again, and want to buy that piece of, finally see in stores the omega bright blue after the poisoning, it is said that 8500 movement is OK, then contact my relatives in Hong Kong, may not be channels, discount is not big, so start looking for of DG, finally found a in Ma Yungu, after a month the watch hand, immediately contact the inspection, after all so expensive things, said the master. “, I immediately tear protective film to wear, then go to the friends to show off, ha ha!!! The only shortcoming is that there is no luminous, 2 calibration to right, then the second hand and the minute hand or second hand 12 o ‘clock position, the minute hand not on the integral point scale.

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