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Omega Seamaster series: global the first big brand

Wear omega wrist watch, represents the achievement and improvement.Omega watch industry and advertising industry are famous name comes from the Greek letter (omega).It began in 1848 and was chewing people be fond of. Omega in windsurfing, track and field, swimming and so on day junior tournament play time scale. and often sponsored by the European golf tournament, specified timer of 31 times won the Olympic Games. Omega more inviting some celebrities as image ambassador, such as we are familiar with the formula one racing champion Michael schumacher.Format of skating champion Chen lu, Swiss number one tennis player Cindy.Sail racer Sir Peter Blake, golfers an ace, peel brosnan, Cindy crawford, Simon yam, kiki and other top professionals from all walks of life.

Omega as a global the first big brand.This series has four of the classic items.Omega constellation series, but when it comes to couple watches, almost every designer watch is sweethearts series.Everything other series such as super omega, coaxial series have a couple.But there is no doubt the most classic and most reception is sign watches.In the United States nearly 10 couples have 7 on preferred constellation statistics watches, especially in some particularly miss day section about mu, constellation watches is the most time out of stock, broad, constellation preferred; And itself boyfriend girlfriend probably share belongs to the time of itself, it must be high to enjoy oh.

There’s a phrase: “man is a good watch, will not let the beloved woman waiting”. In other words, the woman also is such a time; Omega 007 series of hippocampus (bond 007 wear, make it more splendid infinite); Become 007 movie inside pattern of king James, fashion classic collection watches; Omega disc fly coaxial escapement series, due to its unique classic plan is deep workers and white-collar people be fond of, a third of people in the United States wear this watches series; Omega super series: super men’s wrist watch came out in 1957, at a time when all scientists and live a right timing. And arrange to NASA Apollo mission was anonymous to purchase different brands and harsh hour meter of the test, the effect of omega super wrist watch is the only can probably by NASA extremely harsh test, was identified as appropriate with the astronauts gate-crashers celebrated the hour meter of space.

Until now, it is the world only one by one, only have landed on the moon’s wrist.It is also the U.S.space agency (NASA) and the Soviet union (now Russia) NASA astronauts blasted plan specifies the chronometer.Michael schumacher is truly the celebrity ambassador of omega super series.He follows on the circuit, as well as super  omega seamaster 300 series wrist watch, came out, incomparable.