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The world’s first electric equation championship Omega seamaster official timing wrist watch

Swiss watchmakers pioneer Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster today officially signed a contract with the FIA’s international motor sports association to be on September 13, 2016, the Formula of E global the first electric equation tournament official watches, technology founding partners and Chinese team’s official wrist watch. Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster China brand director Xue Hongxia, Formula E holding company’s chief executive, Alejandro Agag, China automobile joint games, vice chairman and secretary general peace, Liu Yu Formula E China President, opened the home page of the tournament.

The Chinese team Formula E official car
Conference also announced that the Chinese team formally signed two drivers: the small Nelson Piquet (Nelson Piquet Jr.) and the Omega seamaster tiger China rider, Omega seamaster brand friend dong immediately (Ho – Pin Tung), they will be on behalf of the Chinese team played the first electric equation is the global first swiss games.

Over the years, the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster is committed to the development of China’s motorsport and focus on cultivating potential race car driver, since 2010 all the sponsorship in the history of the first Chinese F1 driver dong immediately today. Conference on the same day as the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster brand friend and the formula of electric team driver dong immediately made connection with conference and said: to become China’s electric formula racing team driver I very happy, especially to the game in swiss, the first stop. Since five years ago to participate in the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster Odyssey pioneer activity driving the TESLA electric sports car, I began to interested in the electric. I believe that the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster’s passion for racing, the history of my lover, and to focus to contribute to the cause of environmental protection a match made in heaven. At the same time I also thank you very much for the Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster years of support and trust to me. Formula “E” is for the future of the car, in swiss on September 13, hope can have perfect performance. ”
Chinese team drivers dong immediately (Ho – Pin Tung) and small Nelson Piquet (Nelson Piquet Jr.)

The Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster draw technology, design and techniques from a professional racing inspiration, and manufacturing of the world’s most precise and reliable timing products. The cooperation with the world’s top electric motor racing Formula E underscores the Omega seamaster tiger development direction: after the Omega seamaster with our car and traditional investment in sustainable development, remain committed to the car’s enthusiasm. Are because we have the same values: innovation, performance, and sustainable development. And for the world’s most rapid movement of deep and lasting love. “Omega seamaster Omega seamaster brand director Xue Hongxia said,” since the beginning of founding brand, strong passion on automobile has been to our injection energy technology innovation and performance. With motor sports origin can be traced back to the last century, the brand in the 1970 s, signed a contract with ferrari F1 became the first “non-technical” partners, and in 1985 with McLaren continues to this day. Through these and other partnerships – including the Indy 500, Audi in France’s le mans Sports, world championship endurance and legendary F1’s Monaco grand prix – we constantly break time accurate records.

The Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster for many years also committed to the development of environmental protection industry, for example in the brand in the Swiss tabulation workshop roof laying supply solar power. And Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and green cross international ecological advocacy organizations have continued partnership. In 2010, we organized together with TESLSA tesla’s 100% of the world’s first electric car world tour and sign an electric go-kart masters in 2011. So Formula E and Omega seamaster Omega seamaster is a match made in heaven. ”

“There is no doubt that the Omega seamaster Omega seamaster Formula is the FIA FIA Formula E new world championship tournament of the perfect partner, and we also is a great pleasure to have such a prestige, excellence, and professional to join our brand in the founding stage,” Alejandro Agag said, “Omega seamaster Omega seamaster after for motor sport for a long time of passion can be traced back to 150 years ago, their pursuit of technology and the best performance as a microcosm of our tournament. As a founding partner, they will bring our global communication platform and around the world champion for the team, the best service, the media and the car fan.”
Omega seamaster Omega seamaster professional timing, it is the Omega seamaster tiger elegant the famous Swiss brand below a timing branch company, it will provide Formula E equation championships 2016 season all the time, will in the game held in global 10 street circuit, including London, Rome, Los Angeles, Miami, Rio DE janeiro, Buenos Aires and swiss. Omega seamaster tiger Omega seamaster will be all over the world the only one of the city track in the track mark watch brand.
Inspired by the car, challenge the highest difficulty – Carrera laila series
In 1887, Edward ・ Omega seamaster (Edouard Heuer) the motion of the invention gear innovation history. In 1963, Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) launched the legendary event “Mexican pan road race” (Carrera Panamericana) the name of Carrera laila series (card). He conceived of a trademark design: open, easy-to-read dial and enough to rough pavement seismic resistance, waterproof watch case. A legendary series was born. In 2010, the Carrera Lyra (card) in the case using oscillating gear design of homemade Calibre 1887 timer clock. Tabulation community in this exciting shock to half a century later, the eternal, Lyra series is still a Omega seamaster tiger elegant unsurpassed tabulation lineage and racing in the traditional leaders.
As the Omega seamaster’s oldest design most classic series, Carrera continues the consistent elegant, pure and easy to read and elegant colors. Open the dial design brings a strong visual impact feeling, striking Omega seamaster 300 edge satin polished according to the torque meter calibration, and senior processing to form the best proportion of the black dial, instantaneous can feel this series of noble descent. Carrera Calibre 1887 timing clock in Geneva in 2010, on the clock is great reward, crossing the exquisite technology and design of barriers, enlivens as in 1963, the first card, Leila, classic fashion, elegant all show.
The Omega seamaster Carrera Calibre 1887 timing clock (43 mm)

About the FIA Formula E championship:
Formula E is a new world motor sport federation of the FIA’s championship, to enter the race all cars must be powered by electricity. It represents the future for automotive industry over the next decades. These events will be held in the centre of the world’s major cities, the circuit will be around the landmark of the city. A total of 10 racing team and 20 drivers in the competition. Formula E hoping to raise public awareness of sustainable development. It also bear to electric car research and development institutions and enhance the role of the public electric vehicles private interest. Through the game to encourage related company of battery, motor and transmission, electronic control, battery quick charge technology, safety aspects such as technology development and progress. The concept of sustainable development to promote clean energy vehicles.
swiss station choose electric equation championship held in the national stadium (bird’s nest), the track with a total length of 3.44 km (2.13 miles), a total of 20 curves, including four chicanes and two linear acceleration circuit.