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Five details of the identification of true and false OMEGA

Identification of Omega watch authenticity is not difficult.As long as the check mark, production number, a pointer, a dial plate, ensure the card and so on several aspects.The first step to identify the authenticity. The following is a common method for identification of the authenticity of the OMEGA watch:

Five details to teach you to identify true and false OMEGA Tags.
Whether the mark is clear and deep? Omega watches, especially K gold watch, case identification, such as balance pattern, 18K or 750 mark, St.

Bonaventure dog or “Lord Protector goddess” woman head tag, these markers are stamping is very small and clear.Fake watches are often rough and fuzzy.
Is the production sequence number consistent? Each child OMEGA watch has a unique “identity card”.It is also the case of serial production. It is usually stamped on the watch on the back cover, or behind a watch shell claw a 8 bit digital. If it is a mechanical watch, the 8-bit digital production number will appear on the edge of the splint movement, watchcase production number and movement is consistent.
Five details to teach you to identify true and false OMEGA watches in the poster
Authentic watches production number is engraved, very deep and very clear.If it is carved in the watches on the back cover. It also and the rear arc consistent, that is, the figures also showed circular arc arrangement, while the false watches are generally straight row of horizontal.

Current production of the Omega watch production number is engraved in a shell jaw position behind the numbers are carved very small and dense, the approach now off the watches is not imitate.
Is the pointer smooth and bright? The weakness in counterfeit watches pointer, don’t look at small things, but it is not easy to do like. Omega watches pointer plating surface is very bright, very smooth, regular shape and slender (especially the second) needle on the luminous and the dial on the color is consistent. If you can make a comparison, it is not difficult to find their differences.
Five details to teach you to identify true and false OMEGA watches
.The watchband logo is clear? If it is metal strap, strap at the discount will engraved with the logo, must have a strap number, ID of fake watches tend to have relatively large relatively shallow and relatively rough, this process can be bad to do, leave the watches often here betrayed. If K gold watch and strap ring buckle must also be K gold, must also be engraved with the gold of the logo, not is gold-plated, recently found some belts of omega watches, in this place was a problem, so that at least it is not the first wife of the strap.
Are the characters of the dial and the paint printed? Dial character should also be very neat and bright surface, if it is word drill, first of all, it should is a natural diamond, while the false watches usually use “diamond”, and than watches is really big. The dial on the paint printing, including those letters and lane, should is very clear very shiny, leave the watches than bleak and blurred. The words of MADE SWISS should be at the top of the dial 6 points, and the aperture of the glass next to the tight, false watches this line of letters are printed on the comparison.