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what kind of people omega watches is suiwatches for ?

In the classification of clocks and watches, omega belongs to a class of second-class watches.Is probably what concept, rolex is a kind of wait.Omega belongs to a class of second-class.That is, the positioning of omega is lower than rolex slightly a little.

Omega constellation series in the famous series, series of butterfly fly, are all very good design.But the two more formal style, suiwatches for older people.Or wear a suit, or office wear. Another omega movement is also very much, super series.Series of hippocampus and so on, it is very suiwatches for young people to choose to wear.

It is worthy mentioning that when americans on the moon using watches which is a piece of super series omega watch, so that omega is the first piece of moon watches, the performance of strong.I still remember the omega moon set limit to, dial is made of the meteorites grinding on the moon, very expensive.

Omega I personally think that more give prize is the coaxial escapement technology, cleverly improves the accuracy of walking movement. Omega coaxial escapement movement is take charge of the “8500, many styles, good movement performance.

Of course, with coaxial escapement movement in the 2500 movement 2012 years ago in a few styles came a certain
probability of steal phenomenon.But in early in 2012 batches of type a, b and c of the 2500 movement, improved
after 2012, the use of three layer 2500 d type of escapement movement already do not have this situation, can
be at ease buy.

Personally think that, of course, buying omega watches should be controlled within 100000, because the omega watch, even carry 8500 movement, also is only tens of thousands of dollars can buy to, the design of more than 100000 or 100000, and there is no essential difference between, just use a lot of precious metals and
diamonds, movement of ascension is not high, higher than 100000 could see a better brand. Omega’s wisdom is not let the flood of industrialization to the TAB’s each link, but will keep watch the end of the procedure done by hand, which makes it still can be very confident to flaunt their “refused to batch production,
adhering to the traditional handmade Swiss watchmakers”.