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Replica Omega super series 38mm watches

As one of the most recognizable timing wrist, super series replica omega  watches is famous in the world.The OMEGA will launch a new super series of 38 mm wrist, renew brand timing wrist extraordinary saga. The new gauge has always retained the inner essence and appearance, iconic based on meaningful lasting charming design into many simple and novel aesthetic design elements.

replica omega watches

New super series 38 mm watch series provides a rich selection watches can meet the different needs of men and women, including this young “cappuccino” wrist watch for its new color is particularly captivating. Wrist watch case with stainless steel and 18 k Sedna gold, collocation of grey brown leather strap, all show delicate contemporary feeling.

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Diamond bezel lets watch a bright, speed dial is present on the inside of the circle of brown aluminum watches. Unique dual bezel design of diamond shining luster and super prototype watch the sports spirit of perfect fusion.

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New watches equipped with double color dial, oval brown dial design more chic. Under scrutiny, the small dial design has the same effect with omega brand identity. Dial 6 position with elliptical calendar window, bar the pointer and scale hours Sedna with 18 k gold, both times add texture for dial.
Omega super series 38 mm watch

Wrist unit back relief have brand trademark super series of hippocampal insignia, internal carry omega 3330 coaxial machine core, with silicon material balance wheel balance spring. New super series 38 mm watch as extraordinary precise and reliable, omega with up to four years of after-sales service.

After the time change, from the first omega super wrist watch for 60 years, the advent of the timing wrist watch is still a watch design a great source of inspiration. New omega watch of wrist of super series 38 mm in super series core ideas at the same time on the watch of wrist of contracted design, size and colour collocation has brought a lot of innovation.

What is the difference between orignal and replica omega watches?

Omega is the international famous tabulation enterprise and brand. Many people go to buy omega watches but again afraid to buy fake goods.They can’t distinguish the watch of true and false.It is exactly where omega watches the authenticity of the difference? Below small make up just like you to explain.

1, The use of advanced equipment, high quality materials manufacturing. Reached the processing precision, high finish. Really watch, no matter work, writing is very sophisticated.It has a perfect feel.This is an important aspect of identify true bogus.

2, Really feel some heavy fact, false much lighter (note: but some fake also add a copper coil inside). Real general from new to old gold quality, color, counterfeits have 14 K gold or a lower K gold or 18 K gold plated, but over time.It will be back to primary colors.
3, Really fine movement part, basic lines clear, false movement is coarser.
4, General watches have watchcase model and the movement model, production of high-grade watches should have table number, machine core production serial number and strap, inside and outside of the tags on the back cover. In addition, some tables of earmuffs strap inside and outside has number.

Article 5, normal watches should be easy. Turn the article on the head, first feel loose, gradually, more and more tightly. If the rotation handle head article, “the abnormal sound of trees, or produce the phenomenon such as top tooth slippage, the article description on the institutions have fault.