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The spirit of the Germanic nation deduce, original factory line

Before leaving for dresden, having a meal as usual about his father. Told that I will go to visit trip he’s Original Glashutte (the Original) in case he town Omega seamaster 300 factory, he was very excited. A year ago, in the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping watch shop when he chooses eccentric 90 white flour (model: 1-2-32-90-02-4-05), want to buy for me. “You media should have a discount, you buy a white or blue face wore this time, avoid the customs.” With this sentence, I came to the presents he town.


Located in the southeast Germany Saxon state, he said, and in a couple of centuries ago, or mainly mining (mainly in the el and the mountains of mining silver, copper, lead, iron ore, and processing). At the beginning of the 19th century, as the mineral reserves are depleted, local residents started looking for new alternative industries.

In 1845, a group of entrepreneurs and innovators in Saxony state dresden he moved to grid town, began wrist watch in local production. In case he town set up a complete supply system clock, and professional provide all kinds of clocks and watches accessories suppliers work together, common heart type wrist watch.
From the elbe river has the reputation of “north German Florence” dresden, eastlands after an hour, finally set foot on the Omega seamaster 300’s birthplace, he town. March east mountain, mountain breeze mingled with the wet air, blowing on my face and some cool. Encircled by town quiet habiOmega seamaster 300, let a person it is difficult to think of this peaceful town, about 2500 residents had already has 170 years of history TAB.
Case he’s original Omega seamaster 300 factory is located in the centre of the town, and lundgren and closed. Factory has produced from machine parts and complete tabulation of all watch parts. If you make an appointment to visit the factory, all of the tabulation steps with mechanical equipment, you can see, “he said, is one of the few have such a complete original equipment top brand TAB.

Neat and modern tabulation building, in my mind the Omega seamaster 300s in the factory should be more or less retains some of the old color. So, only by the inside of the building appearance alone, it’s hard to think of it is a tabulation enterprise with a history of more than 170 years, is about more than 300 master of tabulation methodical work here.

As he’s original main production base, the professional tabulation factory by movement design, tool manufacturing, parts production, electroplating, parts inspection, grinding, assembly, quality inspection and other major departments. Here every master of tabulation in the workshop in strictly perform their own process. Tabulation chefs are from in case he’s original own watch-making school, through strict selection may become a member of the factory.
Walked into a thick doors of entrance card, he has officially entered the lattice, the inside of the original factory. Chinese proverb said “there is no diamond, don’t pull porcelain live”, refers to no suiOmega seamaster 300 tools or no professional technology, don’t want to do professional things. Any piece of high quality products, if you don’t have the professional technology and suiOmega seamaster 300 for the matching of the tool is impossible, watches and clocks, too.

Independent research and development for movement 100%; He and independent production of major parts of up to 95% of the lattice’s original, such a high percentage of independent manufacturing, tool is more important. Sometimes in order to make some distinctive brand original parts, you need to first production some tools needed in the production process. To do this, he’s set up his own original tools manufacturing department, the department is responsible for the development and production clock needed all special tools and instruments. The tabulation tools are made by precision instruments, to ensure the highest accuracy.
Have a good tool to better production of clocks and watches. Case he’s original factory in order to realize the parts that is adopted to achieve the accuracy requirement of CNC numerical control machine tool production, production control completely with computer. Material is the basis of these parts is brass, the heat resistant material can minimize deformation and scratches in the machining process.
In the CNC numerical control machine tool workshop, ware was installed in a CNC numerical control machine tray (up to 30 to 49) ware. Through the computer control of machine tools will pick up a series of cutting tools from the machine tool spindle (up to 90 kinds of cutting tools is optional), and by performing a complicated process to produce the motherboard, plywood or bridge plate. After temperature monitoring of oil make all the components to keep cool, remove the waste in the process.

When it comes to the characteristics of the German type tabulation, the first thought may be the gooseneck fine-tuning, its unique shape, strip shape with curved radian, like the neck of the swan, the difficult of three-dimensional parts requirements for precision is very high, it is how to make?
In the edm cutting workshop, the workers are install the metal bar on a base plate and screws, a diameter of 0.05 to 0.1 mm of tungsten alloy wire wear into the hole “starting”, will close the machine filling of deionized water to act as a dielectric, and then through the computer to open. Then the metal ribbons in the 220 v voltage in the error of cutting to affected area not more than 5/1000 mm, not cause any burr at the same time. The cutting technology to avoid the punching technology bar parts produced by stress ware not average, the disadvantages of easy deformation, but high production and less cost. Edm cutting workshop is also the case he’s original factory line the only one can enter the workshop (the rest is dust-free workshop, visitors are not allowed to enter).

An electric spark cutting machine, a day can cut about 120 gooseneck fine-tuning ware.
Removal of CNC numerical control machine tool made larger parts, movement of bearings, small gears, pipe, pin gear and spring lock ware is made in cutting department.
First of all the parts on the slitting and automatic lathe turning. Flexible chuck survives on lathe several 2 to 3 meters long metal rods, they have been spinning and cutting, cutting tool by CAM control or computer control.
All gears, bearings and spring locking devices are equipped with tusk. Tusk is cut by milling. A multiple layer upon layer overlay, ware and gear and other flat parts together on a processing. With all the other parts (tusk) are processed separately. Installation and removal is done by hand, the actual processing are done by machine.
Each in the CNC numerical control machine tools, edm cutting and cutting department to produce the components by strict examination. First of all, through the outline of the optical projector to the outline of parts from the initial tests, to ensure that all got comply with the specifications.
Through a video measurement device to detect the surface coordinates. Gooseneck fine-tuning, for example, need to measure in four points, three points above is qualified to use, do not meet the requirements of the parts will be rework or scrap.

Drilling and milling depth is using special measuring device (gauge) test by hand.
In all parts of the production and testing process, brought to my attention the most is he’s original all steel parts after the cut made, will again after high temperature calcine to strengthen hardness. An inert gas hardening furnace in heat treatment workshop, at temperatures as high as 900 degrees Celsius, after quenching parts rapid cooling (in oil), and then again for heat treatment (temper under the high temperature as high as 300 degrees Celsius). The quenching and tempering process, can reduce the tension of material from within, improving the structure of the material, and eventually make stronger steel parts. I only heard of this technique in some brand only in very few parts, in case he’s original factory each steel parts must be so.
After testing the fully qualified will accept the adornment of the manual machine core parts, to ensure that each machine is a unique work of art. Splint pearl lines and rib polishing. Gear the sun wen polished, and each tiny screw goes through, he’s original tabulation artisans with great patience and agility by manual polishing into the surface of the extremely rich luster. A gooseneck fine-tuning of polishing alone need an hour and a half, not to mention the edge grinding chamfering and polishing processing.
And more excellent manual sculpture art, its essence is not with ornamental engraving template is carved out of decorative pattern. Carver only effort to remove a large number of materials, to ensure that no damage, and parts of technical functions are not affected. This craft highly demanding, talent, passion and years of experience are short of one cannot.

In the electroplating workshop, pendulum and balance cock way by electrolytic plating nickel and gold or rhodium. He’s original signature automatically tuo double-color GO sign is done here, first of all, nickel plating, and then gold plated. Double G and sag of the sculpture is coated with a protective varnish, made by hand under the microscope. The second layer coated with rhodium pendulum or balance cock to bring a bright silver. After removing varnish, present a golden double G and sculpture.
Polishing and electroplating is the movement of parts have been sent to the assembly area, to assemble the machine in accordance with the principle of clear division of labor. Related necessary parts after sorting in advance group assigned to the assembly, and install in the sub assembly system. A relatively “simple” institutions consist of more than 200 separate parts. Single is assembly needs 10 to 12 hours.

After completion of the assembly, to have loaded the crust movement to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Internal testing mainly carried out in accordance with the standard observatory, the need for five test, waterproof sealing test, and test at different temperatures. The final test power reserve. The test took two weeks. Only after the full test, a case he’s original meter can register listed on the main register.
While some difficult complex movement depends on art studio master watchmaker assembly. For example: eccentric automatic timing wrist watch, lawmakers log wrist fly or take the tourbillon movement. Each complex movement will be done by a master watchmaker, working the whole machine assembly. Watchmaker, after the completion of will to do rigorous testing machine core, a complex machine core test time take a few weeks.