V2 E cigs

V2 E cigs

Remark: V2 E cigs Normal charges will take about 2~3 hours. The green LED indicator will stay bright V2  E cigs when the battery is fully charged.  And it will enter into over-temperature protection when the temperature is too high ,V2E cigs  then stop working, and the white LED indicator will slowly flashing 15 times.

V2 E cigs

Charging : LED indicator

V2 Storm E cigs Status of Charging 1 Connecting the USB The red LED indicator will stay bright .
2 Disconnecting the USB The indicator will turn off
3 Full charging indicator The green LED indicator will stay bright .
4 Charging  current 600mA


VII、V2  E cigs Cautionary notes     


  • Be sure to use your V2 Storm E cigs e-cigarette in accordance with the instructions in this manual.
  • Please use accessories matched.
  • Keep the battery and charger away from high temperatures whilst charging.
  • The USB cable should only be used with V2 Storm E cigs  e-cigarette and not for any other purpose.
  • If your V2  E cigs e-cigarette is not to be used for a prolonged period of time, remove the battery from the device or charger. Fully charged batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place
  • If your battery should give off any smells or vapours whilst charging, or gets very hot, switch off immediately
  • In the unlikely event of leakage from a battery, avoid contact with eyes and wash hands thoroughly.



  • V2 Storm E cigs  e-cigarette is designed for:
  • Long-term habitual smokers who want a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes.
  • Those wishing to “smoke” in no-smoking areas.
  • Those who wish to create a healthier atmosphere than that associated with traditional cigarettes.

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