Vaporesso e-cigs

1.USB Charging of Vaporesso e-cigs:

Screw Vaporesso e-cigs the battery into USB charger and plug into mains adaptor or laptop. Ensure power supply is on. The indicator of battery will show that the red LED indicator stay light; indicating that charging is taking place.

Vaporesso e-cigs

Pictures below Vaporesso e-cigs:

Remark: Normal charges will take about 2-3 hours. The green LED indicator of battery will stay bright reminding the battery is fully charged. It supports pass through Vaporesso e-cigs vaping.

USB Charging : Vaporesso e-cigs LED indicator 

Status of USB charging 1 Connecting the USB, charging The red LED indicator will stay bright.
2 Disconnecting the USB The LED indicator will turn off.
3 Full charge indicator The green LED indicator will stay bright.
4 Charging current 500mA


2.Vaporesso e-cigs Thread charging : Unscrew the atomizer from the battery, connecting the thread charger with battery, and plug into mains adaptor or laptop. The indicator of USB charger is on, meanwhile the white Vaporesso e-cigs LED indicator will fast flashing in 3 times, then the light will turn off , and enter into charging status Vaporesso e-cigs.


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