Replica omega has launched a limited edition of the Volvo global regatta

omega, recently spoke about the watch, saying: “replica omega has always loved this exciting and unique event. We hope that the winning brand will be as well designed as the participating ships, and reflect the difficult sailing conditions faced by the crew members. I think deep sea black is the perfect expression and look forward to giving it to the champions.

New wrist watch case with black ceramic, diameter 45.5 mm, with a black Liquidmetal liquid metal and ceramic replica replica omega red rubber insert ring, built in 9900 to become the coaxial machine core, with a black rubber strap.

Black ceramic dial after satin drawing treatment, decoration 18K platinum time pointer timely mark. The sub-dial at 3 o ‘clock is equipped with the red circle of the Volvo round-the-world yacht race, marked with the limited number and dotted with the red “12” scale. In addition, the logo of the Volvo round-the-world yacht race is also printed on the back of the watch to show the close connection between the chronometer and the race

Is Omega getting more and more valuable

The biggest thing in the watch world these days is the ongoing fuyesi auction. Every time a vox auction is held, some “world-shaking” watches are sold. In this auction, the watch that deserves the most attention is actually Replica omega. Because the most important watch in this auction is elvis’s omega. So let’s talk about omega today.
Elvis’s omega
In fact, omega has performed “pretty aggressively” in recent times. Especially this elvis omega watch. According to each big auction records, the elvis Presley omega for $1.8 million (about 11.4 million yuan), in the list of world famous watches value, no. 3 (ahead of omega is patek philippe platinum 2499 calendar timing, so small elvis Presley the omega three stitches the watch how cattle).

The elvis Presley’s omega is quite much, but the omega but there is another “hidden killer”, is wearing the super when Apollo, once appear, this watch so ranking is likely to rewrite again.
Here are three of the best ones, you can feel it

Omega ranks first in value, with elvis Presley’s omega (about 11.4 million yuan)

Currently the highest value of omega, elvis’s omega.
The most valuable of the current omega watches is elvis Presley’s omega. Is this watch 18 k white gold case, the size of 32.5 mm (see now, is a very small replica omega), 44 diamond bezel set, dial omega, TIFFANY double standard, manual winding, using the omega 510 movement, from about 1960 years. The watch is supplied by omega to its American agent with a case made in the United States. The watch commemorates elvis Presley’s worldwide record sales of 75 million copies. On the back cover of the watch, 75 million albums are also inscribed. One of the reasons the omega is so valuable is that elvis actually wore the watch and left a photo.
Omega ranks second in value, omega steel shell tuofei wheel (about 9.06 million yuan)

At present, the second highest value of omega, omega steel shell tuofei wheel, tuofei wheel on the back of the core.
Omega ranks second in value for a topfera watch. You know, although omega does not focus on complex functions, but to this day, omega is still the production of tourbillon, omega is now very famous for the meso tourbillon. Omega has a history of producing tufeidas, and one of the most important reasons is to compete at the observatory. In 1947, omega designed the 30 mm tuofeizhou core for competition and produced 12 cores. What we need to be aware of is that omega, the 30mm tourniquet core, does not rotate every 60 seconds like today’s tourniquet, but every 7.5 minutes. The second most valuable omega flywheel was a test sheet at the time, made of steel. Built with an omega 30mm tourmaline core, the case has a diameter of 37.5 mm (a large diameter in an antique watch) and was produced around 1947

Although omega super constellation, hippocampal these replica omegas fire in this country, but super abroad very fire, and super and omega value higher watch one of the main reason is the super landing on the moon. Early superpowers were divided into four generations. The first of these features was the broadsword pointer (an arrowhead like hand), and the timing button and crown had no shoulder guard. Now in the omega shop in the sale of manual moon landing superpowers, are in accordance with the fourth generation model production. At present, the most valuable super power is this first generation super power ck2915-1. The first generation is also the rarest. This watch about production in 1958, using 321 manual timing movement (patek philippe CH27 stopwatch and omega 321 related), 38 mm watchcase size and appearance in good condition, in addition, in my impression that wearing the Apollo moon landing supremacy was lost, if any, is the sky-high).
Why can omega surpass many top brands?
As we can see, the strength of omega is very great, seconds kill a lot of top brands positioned higher than omega. There’s a reason for that.
1. Omega (including rolex, etc.) is a luxury watch with real history and historical achievements, with no break in the middle. Many of today’s top brands, although very high positioning, but a lot of modern packaging brands, in fact in the history of little action and fame. Some brands claim to have a long history, but even without antique watches, there is no such thing as a high value version of history.
2. Omega (including rolex) is a luxury watch with a large production volume, which is well known in the world, from the masses of people to celebrities and leaders. Due to the large production volume and high popularity, once there is a single copy, special version, rare version and celebrity version, the value will soar immediately. Some brands are often limited to a limited number of products, but do not reflect the value of a rare edition.
The auction is good. Does it have anything to do with our buying watches?
I know some fraternity brothers who say there is “water” and “trust” in the auction. I admit it, and I know what’s going on inside individual auctions. There must be some individual cases, but the vast majority must be true. Usually the auction performance of good brands, are also recognized by the players.
The auction price will affect the secondary market price of the watch to some extent (because the auction is a kind of second-hand transaction, which is to resell the watches that have been bought). So auction performance good brand, in the secondary market trading, recycling will be better. That is, the stronger the ability to retain value, the stronger the ability to recover liquidity, so that people buy a watch when confidence is sufficient. Unlike some watches, no one wants to collect them (including some from top brands). For example, the omega in the market now has a high reputation, large circulation and strong ability of recycling and realization. It is a very good watch. Although we always see rolex, patek philippe have the situation of super public price at ordinary times, actually a few special version of omega is also super public price. For example, the omega snoopy super bar, the public price of 49,300 yuan, the auction transaction price of about 66,000 yuan, in the market is also a replica omega difficult to find, super public price. In recent years, the upgrading of omega has been very strong in both the primary market and the secondary market (including auction).

omega seahorses brought by the ripple is already on sale

At the turn of spring and summer, the air in Beijing is a little hot as the temperature rises. Sitting indoors, you’ll get more and more stuffy. It’s better to go outside and hang out. Recently, we visited the Replica omega flagship store in Beijing SKP learned that brand in 2018 Basel exhibition on the replica omega this year most of the women’s wrist watch new to have been sold, like butterflies fly Canon series of new meter and luxurious hippocampal series Aqua Terra watches have stores. Among them, a blue omega hippocampal series Aqua Terra jewelry watches caught our attention, sapphire blue strap and horse eye type time scale with the disk level of three different styles of moire patterns, brought a little Marine breath of pure and fresh happy person, elegant chic, the sense that gives a person shine at the moment. Next, let’s take a look at this watch: (watch model :
In 2017, omega upgraded the appearance of the Aqua Terra wristwatch of the seahorse series, and made many minor adjustments in the design, giving people a new look and deducing a new balance aesthetics. In 2018, the brand will inject three different styles of horizontal ripple patterns into a brand new fund to celebrate the rhythm of the sea. Respectively Sedna ® 18 k gold material of corrugated, Sedna ® ripple of 18 k gold with 191 diamonds and silver ji ornamental corrugated, they mixed floating, bright is dazzing.
Sedna ® 18 k gold set auger shell, although ms is money, but the replica omega size 38 mm for some men can also wear. Watchcase through polishing wetting, positive side with burnish of wire drawing, show Sedna ® 18 k gold material of two kinds of aesthetic feeling. On one side of the wrist watch is equipped with the omega LOGO engraved LOGO “Ω”, presents the brand exclusive aesthetic. The anti-skid texture around it is also polished by polishing, which makes it easy to adjust the time.
Although new product is not used on disk design brand trademark “teak concept” texture,three chic wavy lines will also preserves the original disk balance, and the horse eye type sapphires time scale, more show the breath of sea. Three needles on the central Sedna ® 18 k gold, with luminous part, even in the dark environment still can intuitively show time, more convenient.

The wrist watch is equipped with omega 8807 to the core of the observatory. It can be seen through the back cover, which is interesting. It is worth integrating that the precision, performance and anti-magnetism of the machine core all meet the high standards of the watch making industry and demonstrate the full sense of quality. The watch has a waterproof rating of 150 meters and a power reserve of 55 hours.

The blue leather strap is more elegant and chic with natural cracks and edge seams.
Tie-in Sedna ® 18 k gold pleated clasp, simply press the button can be completed on both sides of the wear, is very convenient.
Conclusion: blue, itself has the deep, cool and refreshing feeling, coupled with unique design of disk corrugated unique and delicate in addition, the watch itself also has the characteristics of luxury watches, will Sedna ® 18 k gold and diamonds, the combination of very bright eye. If you plan to buy a watch in the near future, you may want to visit the flagship store of SKP omega in Beijing.

Man, you may be missing a steel replica omega

“Iron will” is always used to describe a man’s resilience. Many replica omega makers’ favorite material is steel, ranging from case and chain to crown and pointer. In the market, there are two main terms for “steel” material, one is “fine steel” and the other is “stainless steel”. However, these two terms refer to the same material in terms of material, but their names are slightly different. When choosing steel replica omegaes, which ones are worth choosing with a budget of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan, let’s move on.
Omega seahorse series wrist replica omega

Omega seahorse series wrist replica omega
Domestic price: USD32400

Shell diameter: 41 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Case material: fine steel

Waterproof depth: 300 meter

Wrist replica omega review: omega seahorse series not only has excellent performance and excellent quality, but also USES fine steel to slow down corrosion, which has delayed its service life to a certain extent. Refined steel replica omega case chain, with a black outside plate will be cool to the end. Perhaps because he can stand the test of time, omega’s wonderful performance in the 007 series has won him many loyal replica omega friends.
Wanguo baitufino series IW356505

Wanguo baitufino series IW356505
Domestic price: USD41000

Shell diameter: 40 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Case material: fine steel

Waterproof depth: 30

Wrist replica omega review: the same is stainless steel material, but this replica omega the sense that gives a person is and omega seahorses are completely different, compared with the former cool, Wan Guobai tao fei nuo series IW356505 wrist replica omega more elegant to the person, the feeling of a gentleman. The design of dial is more contracted, tie-in milan city weaves a net to replica omega a chain, showed the contracted fashionable wind that faces to people.
Centaline avengers series A3239011/C872/170A wrist replica omega

Domestic price: USD33300

Shell diameter: 43 mm

Core type: automatic machine

Case material: fine steel

Waterproof depth: 300 meter

Wrist replica omega review: the century spirit avenger is one of the most popular series of the century spirit. The dark blue dial matches the fine steel replica omega ring that carves meticulously, the pointer is decorated with a bright red, downy steel quality too hard feeling, do not break young and lively. The centaline A3239011/ c872/170a has a waterproof depth of 300 meters, which requires a high level of surface shell and crown configuration and installation. It is suireplica omega for friends who work and live in humid environment for a long time.
Conclusion: steel replica omega, relative to the other precious metals replica omega, in terms of the value of the material is not dominant, but in terms of the Angle of practical performance, the choice of steel sheet is the most suireplica omega for daily wear. It is more resistant to friction and is better handled when used. Even if there are more options in the market, many people will not hesitate to choose steel replica omega. Maybe the charm of steel replica omega is just like the girl who is considerate and doesn’t “do it”. You don’t need to pay much attention to it, but you know the best choice to accompany you is her.

Kaia Gerber’s choice — omega’s new line of women’s watches

The famous Swiss watch brand REPLICA OMEGA has made outstanding achievements in the field of women’s watch. Over the past 100 years, omega has been committed to creating exquisite, elegant, outstanding and innovative products for ladies.
In recent years, omega has held the “her time” women’s wrist watch centennial excellent global tour exhibition, honored to present the long history of the brand women’s wrist watch. While paying tribute to history, omega is also constantly creating a new fashion style for modern women.
Omega flying dictionary series ladies watch

Now, omega has launched a new line of women’s watches with flying saucers.
The watch inherits the delicate style of the classic lady’s chronometer of omega, and integrates many aesthetic elements that are deeply loved by modern women, so that the wearer always exudes confidence and charm.
Watch of wrist of thin crust and slender pointer display style restoring ancient ways, at the same time joined the Roman numeral hour scale, type curve diamonds and the style of strap and other modern aesthetic elements, all show fashionable and elegant.
Omega has always believed that a woman’s true charm comes from her personality, inner strength, intelligence and personal style. It is the unique charm of every woman and a quality worth cherishing

Omega as a source of inspiration, ladies watch new disc fly Canon series, different color with different material collocation, make each wrist watch dazzling unique personality characteristics, reveals the modern women’s unique temperament and fashion style.

Omega first named a watch series after the Tresor in 1949, meaning that it carries the legendary “treasure” — a classic 30mm movement. At the time, the core became a model of precision and simplicity, allowing omega to give the first classic wrist watch a thin gold case.
In 2014, the series of dieflex watches returned, when the “zhizhen coaxial” machine core was equipped to lead the industry with accurate running time. The watch follows the classic style of the prototype watch, with a thin, thin case of 10.6mm thick.
Today, omega continues to inherit the classic characteristics of the series and endows it with new life and significance, building a bridge between the classic and the avant-garde.
The new series of women’s watches are equipped with a sophisticated quartz movement, which greatly reduces the thickness of the case while keeping the watch moving accurately. The 39mm case is 9.75 mm thick, while the 36mm case is only 8.85 mm thick. And, more importantly, this series aims at passing on the inner essence of ms omega wrist watch, with excellent quality and attractive design for modern women, create new wrist watch, salute brand in ms prominent achievements in the field of wrist TAB.
The new series of women’s wrist watches of omega saucer flying ceremony have been integrated with many modern and fashionable aesthetic elements in the classic design. The case is thin and chic, with a choice of 39 mm and 36 mm

Each watch has two sides of the watch case are set glitter beautiful diamond, present attractive curve. The flower design on the crown is composed of 5 omega brands logo overlapping each other, which is made of red liquid ceramics, and the stamen is set with a bright diamond, delicate and unique. The classic Roman hour scale is printed on the bright lacquer dial, which makes it more elegant and noble.
The mirror back of the wrist watch is decorated with “Her Time” flower patterns, it can be said to be unique. It is equipped with the omega 4061 machine core, for the wrist watch to provide accurate travel time. This watch is not only a practical fashion item, but also conveys the concept of confidence to contemporary women, hoping that they can know more about themselves and find their own inherent charm.
There are 9 different styles to choose from. Wrist watch case made of stainless steel or Sedna ® 18 k gold, with fabric or leather strap. The dial has a wide range of styles, including black, gray, brown, white, blue, silver and white dial and mother-of-pearl dial.

Kayla gerber is one of the hottest models in fashion today. As omega celebrity ambassador, famous supermodel Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford) daughter, she in the fashion circle already right prize, the unique talents and personality made her a top fashion designer’s eye, participate in many fashion shows, and signed a contract with multiple fashion brands.

Like her mother, Cindy crawford, kayla has formed a partnership with omega. Omega held the “her time” women’s watch centennial exhibition during Paris fashion week in September 2017, and officially announced kayah to join the celebrity ambassador family. Young and stylish, kaya is the perfect choice to perform the new omega femme watch.
It means a lot to kayah to be a celebrity ambassador for omega. “I love the omega brand very much, and I can say that it has been with me growing up, and the staff of the brand have been with me all the time. For as long as I can remember, we have been like family.
In order to show the young model and a new disc fly Canon series lady wrist watch, omega invited famous photographer Peter Lindbergh Peter Lindbergh) (Malibu Beach in California (Malibu Beach) took a set of exclusive photos for her. The legendary photographer has worked with Cindy many times and it would be perfect for him to take pictures for kayah.
In addition to kay of the shooting, this group of black and white, Lindbergh for Cindy and her husband rand, “(Rande Gerber), and a pair of children Presley grumman” (Presley Gerber) and kiah took a photograph of precious family. The photo, which was exhibited at the centennial exhibition of the lady’s watch “her time” in Paris, shows the family’s emphasis on family and the family’s love for omega.
“I love classic watches. It’s a very retro look, but there’s something very chic and cool in the details, it’s a very beautiful watch, and I love wearing it.” “Kayah said.

The classic patrol Cosmic omega three calendar month phase wrist watch

The combination of three calendar displays and monthly profit and loss is very unique. For antique watches, such dial configuration can give them special charm. In the past, some of these Cosmic watches were well known in the industry, including Replica omega watches.

Nowadays, many different watches in omega series have the name of “Cosmic”. But for a long time, this was just a patent for some specific seahorse models. In addition, one might remember that omega released the museum’s rectangular limited-edition wrist watch, a combination of the three calendars and the moon. Cosmic has been around since the 1940s and is a traditional round wrist watch.
This special watch was made in 1948 and is well preserved. The Arabic numerals, hands and moon plates have faded and yellowed, but the date Numbers and date hands remain fresh and blue. Combined with the stainless steel case with the same excellent maintenance status, this watch is like a time capsule, which makes people curious and wonder how much time it has experienced and witnessed. Both the watch case and the movement are original, but they are not numbered, proving that this is actually a prototype or trial production replica omega.
The watch has a diameter of 34 mm and is small but in line with its age. The rings are so narrow that the dial looks wider than it actually is. The watch, which runs on a 27DLPC hand-wound core, was unveiled last year at fuyesi’s auction house and is estimated to cost between 4,000 and 6,000 Swiss francs. But in the end, this wrist watch auction completion price of 21250 Swiss francs, show the antique omega wrist watch prices are higher, and of course good preservation condition, and the prototype or pilot run replica omega background will be helpful, too.

2018 Basel Replica Omega exhibition, omega seahorse, super bar major update

This year, omega made a major upgrade of the 300-meter Seamaster diving Replica Omega, introducing a new generation of the 300-meter Seamaster diving meter using the 8800 series of cores. Omega new generation Seamaster 300 meter diving Replica Omega.
As anyone who is familiar with omega knows, there are three Seamasters that we are most exposed to AT ordinary times: the 300-meter Seamaster diving Replica Omega, the aqua terra Seamaster (Seamaster AT), and the Seamaster ocean universe (Seamaster PO). In recent years, omega has carried out rapid technological update of the core. In a few years, the core has been updated from 8500 to 8900/8800 to the core of the same axis. Such rapid core technology upgrades are rare in the watch world. In the intensive technical update of omega, haima AT and haima PO have changed a total of 3 kinds of machine cores, from 8500 to 8500 and 8900/8800 versions of the Master co-axial Axial Axial Axial Axial plane. But while the haima AT and haima PO have been upgraded along the way, the omega Seamaster 300-meter diving Replica Omega has not been upgraded and has been using 2,500 cores.
Because the hippocampus 300 meters diving watches before very very is 32400, lower than the AT, hippocampus hippocampus PO, so the brotherhood thinks, omega to hippocampus 300 meters diving watches in 2500, to a higher level of ats, the hippocampus hippocampus PO by 8900/8800. Now omega says no, the Seamaster 300 meter submersible is not without a core, it was not there before.
The most significant change in this year’s new Seamaster 300-meter submersible meter is the use of the omega 8800 series coaxial core. The new 300-meter Seamaster submersible is equipped AT the same level as the Seamaster AT and Seamaster PO. Also, because of the 8800 change, the Seamaster’s 300-meter submersible is now fully visible, with its core visible and 15,000 gaussian magnets protected. For the difference between 8800 and 8900, let me just say a little bit more, 8800 USES ball bearing automatic plate, 8900 is pin rod type automatic plate; 8800 has calendar fast adjustment, the crown pull out a shift, direct fast adjustment calendar; The 8900 has no calendar quickening, and the 8900 crown pulls out the first set of time zone quickening. 8800, 8900 core function direction is different. According to the current situation, the 300-meter Seamaster diving Replica Omega is 8800, the Seamaster AT is 8900/8800, and the Seamaster PO is 8900/8800.
Omega new generation Seamaster 300 meter diving Replica Omega, note that the time scale is enamelled.
In addition to upgrading the core, the new Seamaster 300-meter submersible has grown a little larger, from 41 to 42. And the new Seamaster 300 meter diving Replica Omega has a significant upgrade to the surface. Please note that the new Seamaster 300 meter submersible chronometer is enameled, enameled, and enameled (important things said three times), and the brothers will ask, is there still night light? There must be. The new generation Seamaster 300 meter submersible meter is marked with enamel time and coated with luminous coating. The upgrade was just too much. An ordinary steel-shell Seamaster 300 meters diving meter, the time mark should be enamel, I was really shocked. In addition to enamel, there are laser engraving decorative patterns on the plate, omega in the sports watch decoration aspect, really high level.
A new generation of Seamaster 300 meter diving meters, the core upgraded, the disk upgraded, the watch penetration, that price has not increased? The new Seamaster 300 meter submersible meter is priced at 35600 tape and 36500 steel chain. The steel chain version is 900 yuan more expensive than the tape version, but it costs 900 yuan more to buy the absolute value of the steel belt. The new Seamaster 300 meter diving watch is now the new “king of cost performance” among the 30,000 class watches.
Next, it’s super power.
This year omega released a very cool version of the moon’s dark side: the moon’s dark side, officially called Apollo 8. In other words, it’s all black ceramic shell 1861 manual super powers, very cool. Before the exhibition, I saw a player in a foreign country, who predicted what will happen to the super powers of omega this year. He said that the super powers of omega will come out of the ceramic shell in 1861. Let me be specific.
Brothers all know that the omega various super, there is a very powerful super, called “on the dark side of” (using the 9300 movement, this watch is a great place, it is the first full ceramic supremacy. Watch case, button, watch button, all black ceramic, very cool. At the same time, brothers also know, the most classic, most orthodox in the omega super ba is, using 1861 manual winding machine core of the manual moon super ba. Originally the two Replica Omegas are completely real two super, month 9300 halfback cool, dark side of moon super classic authentic manually, but for now, omega should put these two super “combination” together.
The new “dark side of the moon” manual super black ceramic case size 44.25 mm. Note that the size of the moon surfer in 1861 is generally 42mm, and the dark side of the moon is 9300mm. But, this watch USES the machine core, it is the 1861-1861 manual timing machine core that omega moon landings to exceed hegemony, in order to cooperate with all black ceramic case, omega “blackens” 1861 machine core. Movement, the back is black, positive brothers please note at the same time, the dark side of “month” manual super made on the movement of the imitation “decoration” on the surface of the moon, movement “crater” details on perfectly. Add yellow needle, yellow word, really cool to take off.
Finally, I said the price. This “dark side of the moon” manual overbar is 72,700, unlimited. Brothers know that the general price of moon landings is more than 40,000 yuan, the dark side of the moon is more than 90,000 yuan (folding button), this “dark side of the moon” manual overlord is right in the middle. I bought a month before 9300, the dark side of wearing feeling good (later I will write on the dark side of 9300), is one of my favorite super omega, because a month, the actual price, after “on the dark side of” manual after super market, I will “focus on” the Replica Omega.
Finally, I want to say a word about my feelings. Watch of the same level, same public price/actual price, omega always configure taller, more dazzling cool. Although we don’t force everyone to like it, I feel very conscientious about this behavior of omega. I’m not a big fan of Europe, but I love it

Which country is best for Europe?

Aliexpress Rolex watches are famous, but the domestic price of a good Swiss watch is very expensive. So many of them choose to buy watches abroad, especially in Europe. So which country is best for Europe? Here’s the home of the wristwatch.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

The Swiss buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
Many of the people who visit Switzerland also buy Swiss watches, and while Swiss watches have great promise in terms of quality, they do not have a great advantage in price. However, Swiss watch stores are very large. Many of the most difficult watches can be found in Switzerland, and they can be replaced by official watch bands and dial in Switzerland. If you need to customize a watch, you can do it in Switzerland.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Germany buy Aliexpress Rolex watches
German watches are less popular in other European countries than in Switzerland, and are generally sold only in the capital. Competition is not necessarily high, so it is highly recommended to start German watches in Germany, basically all over the street.

Aliexpress Rolex watches

Buy Aliexpress Rolex watches skills
The first is pricing, which is the uniform price of goods in the country. The price tag is basically the same across Europe. In theory, the whole of Europe is basically flat. The price that everybody feels is not unified mostly because commodity price is certain after the exchange rate fluctuation causes. So if you want to buy cheaper goods in Europe, you have to find a currency that is relatively weak. The second is the discount, go to Europe to buy a watch, the language exchange is not fluent, once go up, ask others the lowest price is how much, generally won’t get very good discount. So its good a chat, generally will have relatively good prices, though cannot be compared with regular, but cheaper than domestic is definitely not a fragment, compared to Japan, Hong Kong also has many advantages.

Launch the Defy Lab wristwatch when you start a new chapter of Swiss watchmaking history

True power is writing about the future of the brand and opening a new chapter in Swiss watchmaking history. Since 1969 with lend tabulation technology, released the first El Primero automatic timing clock (oscillation frequency up to 5 hz, timing accuracy up to 1/10 of a second), Replica Patek Philippe through basic research, a breakthrough innovation, introduced a Defy Lab wrist watch.

Replica Patek Philippe

The watch is not only a groundbreaking new oscillator – it is the invention of the challenge as the 17th century Christian huygens to lay the working principle of mechanical clocks – also material Aeronith application innovation. It’s not an alloy, but a foam metal hybrid, 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminum and 10 percent lighter than carbon fiber. The production process of this hybrid material involves cutting-edge technology, requiring the aluminum to be heated to the melting point first. Alu 6082 is often used in the naval field because of its excellent corrosion resistance. This innovative watch has been successfully developed, thanks to the expertise and synergies accumulated by brands in LVMH’s watch division, and thanks to Guy Semon’s leadership.

Defy Lab is the first and only mechanical wristwatch that has revolutionized the principle of three centuries ago. Since 1675, Christian huygens has been unchallenged in the form of a wire-playing mechanism proposed by the Royal Academy of sciences in the form of a clock. Although it has been improved, it has been optimized to a maximum extent, but it has never been more challenging than it is today, and it is thought to be eternal and constant.

The new oscillator is made of monocrystalline silicon, and its details are more refined than the human hair, which is used to replace the spring wheel. The normal speed governing body contains about 30 components, which need to be assembled, calibrated, set, tested and lubricated. The thickness is usually 5 mm. In contrast, the new speed regulator contains only individual components, which are only 0.5mm thick. New Caliber ZO 342 machine vibration frequency up to 15 hz, oscillator swing is + / – 6 degrees, with nearly 60 hours power reserve, its vibration frequency is three times as much as El Primero machine vibration frequency, the power reserve is more than 10%. The striking frequency has made it almost 10 times more accurate, with an average daily differential of 0.3 seconds.

When the general mechanical wristwatch runs 24 hours, its accuracy decreases with the loss of energy. The new oscillator can maintain the same precision at 95 percent of the power reserve, far more than 24 hours. No more contact means no more friction or loss, and therefore no lubrication. In addition, the new oscillator is insensitive to temperature difference, gravity and magnetic field, eliminating the key weakness of the conventional spring wheel component due to the above situation, which leads to the reduction of accuracy.

The wristwatch has been certified by triple certification, including the Besancon Observatory, which represents the precision timepiece certified by the international bureau of weights and measures, which marks a snake-head badge. In terms of thermal performance, the range of iso-3159 is also expanded. The daily error of the wristwatch is only 0.3 seconds, and the deviation value at different temperatures is also certified, twice as high as the standard. Finally, the wristwatch meets the iso-764 standard, which can withstand a magnetic field of 1,100 gauss, which is 18 times higher than the standard.

The significance of this watch not only reshapes huygens’ principle with another mechanical mechanism, but also opens up a whole new vision of mechanical tabulation to new dimensions. It is also the first wristwatch in the industry to be fitted with the Aeronith case (44 mm in diameter and 14.5mm in thickness). The first true force Defy Lab limited 10, each appearance and color are unique, watches are exclusive gift box as a memorial activities, including personal invitation and attend the press conference of visiting Patek Philippe factory personal invitation. The client will receive a pre-order wristwatch, and will be hosted by Jean Claude Biver, CEO of LVMH group’s watch division, Julien Tornare, CEO of real force, and Guy Semon, general manager of tagtag. It is reported that the Defy Lab watches cost 29,900 francs, or about 200,000 yuan

Omega’s “core” standard

In 1948, replica omega introduced a limited edition of wrist watches with observatories. Successful market performance gives replica omega a keen awareness of the precision of the mechanical wristwatches and the huge demand. Four years later, a series of watches, now familiar to us, was born.

replica omega

replica omega star series
In the late 19th and mid-20th centuries, there were periodic observatories in different parts of Switzerland in order to demonstrate the strength of the brand. Unlike today’s Geneva or Basel shows, there is no display of any new products, but the real battle between brands. In 1931, replica omega won all six major categories, and was designated the official U.S. Olympic timer in 1932. In the second world war, the clock industry also quietly completed the transition from pocket watch to wrist watch. Although the habit has changed, there is no compromise for precision. Broader markets, more brands, more output, on walking for evaluation, makes the former competition gradually replaced by neutral testing agencies, Swiss certification COSC observatory on the stage of history. With its rich experience, replica omega has been the largest maker of observatory watches from 1958 to the time of the quartz crisis, and most of them are constellation.
Classic western-style baking dish (pie-pan) dial
In addition to the 1952 series, 1964 was another crucial year in which the constellation was transformed. Prior to this, the main feature of the constellation was the design of the dial. Three-dimensional diamond buckle the scale was placed in like western-style baking tray on the dial (Pie – pan), deserve to go up again the elegance of toffee pointer, disk have excellent administrative levels sense, highly recognizable. Since 1964, replica omega has been redesigning the surface and surface of the constellation series. The new case is just like a chanel, just closer, like a chanel. The dial also changed from the original stereo to the plane, and the needle and scale also became the standard rod and bar scale. Do before the new design is “simple”, casing, whose hands, dial with all detail do subtraction, can realize the mass production of fast, at the same time some brand has a similar design in the us, given that the United States at that time is the biggest overseas markets, the Swiss watch is likely to be to adapt to the market and make a decision. Although replica omega was added to its teeth in 1966, it was never quite as elegant as the first edition.
The old fashioned design of the vintage wristwatch was hailed today as a classic, but the size of the wrist watch is no longer fit for the current trend. And so, the concept of reengraving, the idea is quietly becoming a breeze among brands. In 2015, replica omega also launched a new constellation bully watch.

The first of these is a watches of great observatories
The usual practice of engrave on a clock is to select a form that has appeared in the history of a brand and then reproduce it in accordance with the current aesthetic. replica omega, however, reinterprets the concept of complex engraving, which resets the development of the constellation series to a new list of the most powerful. The diameter of the new series has expanded to 41mm, but its surface, shell and modifier are from different periods of the constellation series. First, the classic “backbuckle” dial of the 1952 series reappeared in the new book. Needle and scale while not to repeat the original toffee needle with diamond scale, but to have adjusted the size of the knitting and strip scale and characteristics of the dial also reached the perfect fit. At the same time, the stereo-brand Logo and the star are completely respect and original design. Although the new watch design is not as complex as original in detail, its simple and generous overall style is more in line with contemporary aesthetics. Calendar window located at 6 o ‘clock position, color consistent with the dial color, fly in the ointment is the calendar frame slightly longer than time scale, along the already occupied dial some bumps, slightly damaged consistency. If the calendar luminous time scale to cancel at the bottom of the window, and the whole calendar window with the same length, and in the frame with luminous coating, effect should not be too bad. In case, design ideas in a new series of chose after 1964, and on the basis of the original watches ear moderate lengthening, makes original near side of the line of “television” atlas become more modern beauty, but for thin wrist people is a challenge. The grinding of the shell is a continuation of the characteristics of the first generation, the whole wire processing, and the mirror sanding in the junction of the two planes. In 1966 to join the tooth circle has also been widened, and decorated with mirror polishing to join the new and high hardness of tungsten alloy material, against wear and tear of daily wear. This year, replica omega has come up with a new list of new dom-based calendars. Also is 41 mm in diameter, platinum and dial is consistent, make full use of the dial of the remaining space, put between each time scale in a cursive writing instructions. Compared to the traditional window calendar, it displays better readability and is indicated by a bright color month pointer. It is important to reiterate that this is a calendar that automatically recognizes the month of the month and is very practical!
The world’s first “observatory watches, replica omega statue of the wrist watch on the new Sedna ™ gold _ watches back

If the appearance represents the passing of the past, it is an exploration of the future that never stops. Since 1999, replica omega has never stopped optimizing the coaxial escapement system. Experienced ETA2892 upgrade, 2500 series machine research and development, finally to today and the carrying on the 8900 movement, along the way, replica omega finally let coaxial escapement to get rid of the frequent stop stealing. Not only that, but the new machine also works perfectly in near-rigorous conditions, known as the advanced observatory level METAS. Unlike the above mentioned COSC certification, METAS is more focused on the effects of the magnetic field on mechanical watches than the accuracy of the requirements. In order to reduce the influence of magnetic field, and some of the wrist watch design for machine core packages magnetically soft iron, but the statue of the series USES is gone on the design, which means the machine core ontology have to resist the ability of the magnetic field. In fact, replica omega had already introduced the 8400 “full antimagnetic” core in 2013 and applied it to the hippocampus 300. Now to reaches the observatory movement perfect inherited 8400 fully magnetically configuration, not only use the Si14 silicon hair, and the movement of internal all levers and bearing parts with non ferrous alloy to replace the original steel components, escapement system also USES the non magnetic components, even small earthquake components using the amorphous structure of the new material, combined with precise set-up observatory, can be said to be armed to the teeth, and then to meet METAS that eight strict rules! (the standard details are not covered here.)

Adversity may be difficult, but it also breeds opportunity and lays the foundation for future lift-off. From 2013 to 2016, though, the industry’s business is declining, but replica omega’s demands for quality are increasingly demanding. Innovation of material, the strict standard, reasonable price, practical function, a variety of reworking the enrichment of the history of the classic, new constellation and bully deserves it!

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